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For this edition of Sir Joseph Arnould's valuable treatise the text has been revised, supplemented, and modified in accordance with the latest authorities.

It had become necessary for the preservation and usefulness of the work to alter the arrangement of Part I. The Editor embraced that opportunity at the same time to collect and compact the work upon the main points of the subject, with a view to the light which parts in their natural order and connexion mutually reflect one upon another. Further to facilitate perusal and reference, he has studied compression by rejecting verbiage, repetitions, and loose observations, whilst preserving everything that was in any way. pertinent; he has also prefixed to each chapter an analysis of its contents, and prefaced the whole work with a summary view (P. I. c. 1) of the contract of Insurance in its principles and parts, as it is developed and considered in the subsequent pages.



9th December, 1865.


To make a text-book of practical utility and ready reference for English lawyers has been the first object aimed at in this compilation : to this end the matter has been much subdivided and copiously indexed, marginal notes have been added, and an endeavour made to present a methodized arrangement of the body of English Jurisprudence, on the subject of which it treats. To accomplish this point, without either unnecessary diffuseness, or unsatisfactory generality, seems to form the chief difficulty in these undertakings, especially where, as in the present case, almost the whole law on the subject treated of is judge-made law, and the value of previous decisions, as precedents, depends on the application of rather refined principles to frequently complicated states of fact. Could I hope that I had overcome this difficulty as completely as I have felt it, I should submit this work to the profession with much more confidence than is at present the case.

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