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trates the people speak highly, attributing to them the tranquillity of Savoy, and the few horrors committed in it, compared with other parts of France, during the time of Robespierre and his party. Even at this moment, this department may be regarded as one where juftice is tolerably adminiftered, and a confiderable share of humanity displayed.


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Grenoble, Dauphiny, Feb. 21, 1797.

A FEW days after I had dispatched my laft, Monf. M-received the expected anfwer from his friend at Paris, which to our extreme fatisfaction included a permiffion from the minifter of police for obtaining a passport according to our wish, from the department of Mont Blanc. On the receipt of this, le bon Veilliard haftened to us, to impart its contents; adding, with good humour," As I perceive you

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begin to be weary of Chamberry, I "must first take you to the ci-devant

Maifon de Ville, where the municipality "holds its fittings, from whom you must procure a petition to be prefented to the "prefident of the department, in which "must be ftated, that on the refponfibi

"lity of two well known individuals


entitled to a paffport."


Seeing me fmile at the mention of the form we were to go through, he replied, "Be thankful it is no worfe, for had you "been total ftrangers, and incapable of

procuring perfons who would have an"fwered for you, you must either have "been detained here a length of time, or "fent back to Paris: however, for you, "this is perfectly out of the queftion, I

being ready to be one of the fureties, and "in order to fave time and trouble, your " hoft fhall be the other."

This preliminary adjusted, we accompanied Monf. M to the municipality, then to the office of the department, held in the ci-devant royal chateau defcribed in my laft, and where the prefident (who knew us by fight, having met us at fome of the parties) immediately acceded to our request, not, however, neglecting the ftated rules and formalities.

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With the kind affiftance of our good Mentor, we were foon relieved from our perplexities, and to our aftonishment found the whole of this business transacted, as at Paris, gratis, timbres or ftamps excepted; these being at present one of the most productive fources of revenue throughout the republic, fince no act whatever is valid, unless on paper regularly ftamped for that purpose.

I muft alfo acquaint you, that the prefident of every department is confidered. in a most respectable light, and the chief of that department, it being his province to keep up a regular correfpondence with the Directory, the two councils, and the minifters; and alfo to receive dispatches from them relative to the affairs of his particular department.

From the chateau, we rambled to the ci-devant royal garden, nearly contiguous to it, and where improvements and alterations are making to transform it into a


national botanic one; which when completed, is to be under the care of a profeffor in that line, it being at Chamberry where the école centrale of the department of Mont Blanc is to be placed. In this public inftitution great attention is to be paid to the education of youths, profeffors being already appointed, to whom government is to pay from 100 to 150 pounds fterling per annum, exclufive of lodging. For this, they are to lecture gratis, not only on the dead and living languages, but also the different branches of the mathematics, of philofophy, natural history, &c. &c. Should this establishment be once regularly fettled, and filled by perfons as well qualified as thofe at Paris, it will be extremely useful and advantageous to the community at large, and worthy of being inftituted in more countries than this.

* Central school,-a kind of univerfity.

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