A Sketch of Modern France: In a Series of Letters to a Lady of Fashion. Written in the Years 1796 and 1797, During a Tour Through France

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Christopher Lake Moody
T. Cadell jun. and W. Davies, 1798 - 518 pages

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Page 469 - Long-sounding aisles, and intermingled graves, Black Melancholy sits, and round her throws A death-like silence., and a dread repose: Her gloomy presence saddens all the scene, Shades ev'ry flow'r, and darkens ev'ry green, Deepens the murmur of the falling floods, And breathes a browner horror on the woods.
Page 154 - ... not less than 600, including cavalry and infantry. Now, my friend, what say you to this ? Does it not savour a little of the pomp and state of the ancient regime ? and may we not infer from ' hence that a considerable degree of fear and suspicion pervade the rulers of this government ?
Page 154 - ... degree of fear and fufpicion pervade the rulers of this government ? As the hour of admittance drew nigh, we found the concourfe of people much greater than we had expected ; but this, we were told, was only what was...
Page 158 - As foon as he prefented himfelf, the men uncovered, and a kind of filent refpect feemed to diffufe itfelf round the room ; which could fcarcely have been carried to greater lengths in the old regime ; the appearance of ftate and the number of the military difperfed in various parts of the apartments, may probably, in fome degree, influence the minds of the people. Splendor and magnificence commonly produce this effect, and hence refults the propriety of a magiflrate wearing an appropriate dignified...
Page 194 - Tbuilleries from the Place du Caroufel, and is held in one of the rooms ci-devant called Salon des Machines, from having ferved in 1764 as a workfhop to the artifts belonging to the opera, and fince, as a concert room, it being there where the much admired concert fpirituel was performed..
Page 159 - Carnot. the the fame perfon, in fcarlet robes trimmed with ermine, and in a brown coat, bobwig, and dirty boots, would be very different* The petitioners draw near the Director, and are prefented by the principal huiffier, one by one.
Page 159 - ... one by one. He takes the petitions, reads a part, inquires into the caufe of their grievances ; and the anfwer, a week after, is found in an office erected for that purpofe at the bottom of the grand ftaircafe, called V Office des Renfeignemens*.
Page 186 - ¿reit and coté gande f amongft them, the members draw for their places, and confequently feat themfelves according to the number thus drawn, by which means the commotions of party, that for a time raged with fuch violence, are at prefent avoided. The tribunes for ftrangers are oppofite to the prefident, at the oiher extremity, and arc divided into three compartments, each forming as many rows or galleries.
Page 188 - Л fain queue. Once admitted within the council chamber, the auditors are expected to uncover, and behave with decorum ; but if remifs, or wanting in any one particular, they are called to order, and obliged to conform, by the fergeant at arms, of which there are feveral, here called huijjîen. Befides thefe, we perceived that the different avenues are guarded by grenadier...

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