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kindly sympathetic manner, it was as if he placed his hand on the forehead of a symbolic sick child and said, "We will not let you suffer; we will prevent your pain and suffering, now and forever."

In a letter I received from him on April 8 of this year, he said: “You will be astonished to learn that for 2 or 3 years I have had it in mind to write a book on Education for Character. As chairman of the Senate Committee on Crime, I became imbued with the idea that America's greatest social problem is juvenile delinquency. Of course, if the home and the church can do the right kind of a job we would not have to leave the solution of the problem to the public school. As it is, however, that seems to me to be about the only place to look for relief,” and after a personal request, he writes, “What I am seeking is to find an individual church that is helping the kids to stay in the straight and narrow way. What can you tell me?" I completed the study of the problem he asked of me, and the results were mailed the day the announcement was made over the radio that Senator COPELAND had come suddenly to the dusk of his days.

Apparently firm in health, honorable in his dealings, having no petty quarrels with his brethren, not envious of the success of others, uniting courtesy with independence, determined, but not bigoted, he worked hard in the field of endeavor, made large by his own broad interests a field in which he gave of himself so vigorously that he was stricken down before his time; yet in sight of multitudes of men he still is living in their praise. "Glory of warrior, glory of orator, glory of song,

Paid with a breath flying by to be lost on endless sea;
Glory of virtue to fight, to struggle, to right the wrong-

Nay but he aimed not at glory, no lover of glory he:
Give him the glory of going on and still to be.”

53 West Eighty-third Street, New York City

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