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emergency, order that one or more of the constables should be so armed; and the chief constable shall, on each occasion of giving any such order, report the same, and the reasons for such order, to any two justices of the peace for the county as soon afterwards as is practicable.


The chief constable will cause a charge sheet, according to the annexed Form A, to be kept by the constables under his orders; and will take care that the constables enter thereon the name, offence, and other particulars of every person apprehended by them, and lay the same before the magistrates by whom the charges are to be heard. And when all the cases entered thereon have been disposed of by the magistrates, the chief constable will cause the charge sheet to be sent to him, or to be kept safely by one of his subordinate officers.

The chief constable will also cause the constables to enter in a charge sheet, made according to the annexed Form B, the particulars relating to every person against whom a charge is made, which is not taken by the constable; and at the expiration of every three months, the chief constable will transmit the charge sheets A and B to the clerk of the peace of the county, who will dispose of them as may be directed by the justices at sessions.

The chief constable will make an immediate report to two justices of the peace of any serious disturbance of the public peace that has taken place or is apprehended, and of any crimes of an aggravated nature committed, for which the parties charged or suspected have not been apprehended; and in order that further arrangements, if required, may be made without delay, he will immediately transmit duplicates of such information to the Secretary of State for the Home Department, so as to ensure the earliest communication to the proper authorities of any matter affecting the public peace.

The chief constable will, subject to the approval of the justices, frame all such orders and regulations as he shall deem expedient for the government of the force, and shall submit to the justices at every quarter sessions copies of all regulations and general orders made by him since the preceding sessions,

The chief constable will make a report in writing to the justices assembled at every quarter sessions of the peace for the county of the amount and effective state and operation of the force, and shall append thereto a statement of the distribution of the force, of the number of persons apprehended by the police, the nature of the charges against them, and the result of the proceedings, the number of offences reported to the police, and any other particulars which may tend to show the state of crime in the county. Immediately after the termination of the sessions, the chief constable shall transmit a copy of this report to the Secretary of State for the Home Department, with a copy of any note or minute made thereon by the justices. But the chief constable need not transmit with such report the statement appended thereto, unless directed to do so by the justices.

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CIRCULARS issued by the SECRETARY OF STATE regulating the Con

DITIONS under which the Government CONTRIBUTIONS-IN-AID

will be payable. CIRCULAR.

50,127. SIR,

Whitehall, 24th March, 1876. The attention of the Secretary of State having been called to the question of the salary and allowances of chief constables and other officers of the county and borough police forces, I am directed by Mr. Secretary Cross to acquaint you, for the information of

that no claim for the Government grant will in future be admitted on any sums intended to meet travelling expenses, horse keep, &c., whether allowed under the name of salary, or as extra allowances in addition to salary. I am therefore to request that you will move the

to cause the Secretary of State to be furnished with a return showing the salary and allowances of the chief officer and other officers of the police force

who receive such allowance, specifying the amount of

of your

each, and explaining in those cases where no special allowance is made for travelling expenses, what they amount to and in what manner they are provided for.

I am, Sir, your obedient Servant,



19,502. SIR,

Whitehall, 24th March, 1876. I am directed by Mr. Secretary Cross to call your attention to the serious inconvenience arising from applications for increase of pay, numbers, or clothing of county and borough police forces, involving a contribution from Government, being received by the Secretary of State at periods after the annual estimates have been prepared and submitted to the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury.

Mr. Cross is anxious to avoid as far as possible the necessity of Supplementary Estimates for the future, and to bring these changes in the police service under an uniform system.

He would therefore suggest, for the consideration of the that, whenever practicable, all such proposals should be considered at the October Quarter Sessions in each year, so that they may, if sanctioned by the

be forwarded for the approval of the Secretary of State, in sufficient time to admit, if approved of by him, of their incorporation in the regular estimates, thus enabling the Board of Treasury to calculate with some certainty the charges for the year.

I am, Sir, your obedient Servant,



19,502. SIR,

Whitehall, 4th September, 1876. I am directed by Mr. Secretary Cross to transmit to you, to be laid before the

the accompanying printed copy of a Minute of the Board of Treasury, dated the 7th of August, 1876, containing regulations for the administration of the vote for police expenses; and I am to request that the attention of the

may be especially directed to the conditions laid down in the Minute under which alone the Government Contribution in aid of the expenses of the police forces maintained in the counties and boroughs in Great Britain will in future be granted.

Å form of estimate is enclosed in duplicate, of which I am to request that one copy may be filled up and returned to this department not later than the 15th of November next, in order that the probable amount required to meet the Government Contribution towards your police expenditure for the year 1876–77 may be more accurately ascertained than heretofore, and may be included in the Estimate to be submitted to Parliament.

The other copy may be retained.

This estimate must not be considered to supersede the separate application to the Secretary of State for his sanction to any contemplated increase in the pay and members of a police force.

Any such change should, as pointed out in the Circular from this department of the 24th of March

last, be submitted to the Secretary of State as soon after the October Quarter Sessions as practicable, as a separate proposal showing in each case the grounds which render such increase necessary or desirable.

I am, Sir, your obedient Servant,


COPY of TREASURY MINUTE, dated 7th August, 1876. My lords read the Police Expenses Act Continuance Bill, 1876, and the Regulations for the Administration of the Grant in aid of Police Expenses, proposed by the Secretary of State for the Home Department.

My lords approve of the said Regulations.


Regulations as to Additional Contribution. 1. The additional contribution intended to be made during the current financial year towards the expense of any such police force as is referred to in the said Bill (beyond the contribution that would be made if such Bill were not to pass), is a sum not exceeding one-fourth part of the charge incurred for the pay and clothing of such force during the year.

2. Every county or borough police authority desirous of obtaining a contribution out of the money provided by Parliament, shall send to the Secretary of State an account of the expenses incurred by it in respect of the pay and clothing of its police force, and the account shall be accompanied by such vouchers, and shall be examined in such manner, as the Secretary of State may require.

3. A contribution shall not be payable out of the moneys provided by Parliament towards the expenses of the police force maintained by any county or borough police authority during the police year, unless and until the Secretary of State has given a certificate, in respect of such force, that the number of men belonging thereto, in respect of whom the contribution is required, has not been in excess of the number required for the maintenance of the peace within the district of such authority, and that the scale of pay awarded to such police, and the cost of their clothing, is reasonable and proper; and has further given such certificate as to the state of efficiency in point of numbers and discipline, of such police force during the police year as is required, as to England by the sixteenth section of the County and Borough Police Act, 1856, and as to Scotland by the sixty-sixth section of the Police (Scotland) Act, 1857.

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