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though they may be more in number than the hairs on the good man's head.

This is the Christian's hope his only hope, before God-He is sensible, that were God to mark only his involuntary errors, and to punish his sins of ignorance upon him, he must perish. But glory to God, there is forgiveness with him.* All who love and serve him, though with much infirmity, all who believe and obey the gospel, will find mercy with him, and be kept to his kingdom.

Every sincere Christian builds for heaven on the Christ, the

If such enter

sure foundation. tain mistakes and build with improper materials, the fire which is to try every man's work, will destroy theirs, and they will suffer the loss, yet themselves will be saved, though it may be so as by fire.t-It is interesting therefore to know the truth, that we may build with proper materials, that our works may abide the fire, and we receive the reward.-If this is neglected, we may be scarcely saved, and the least in the kingdom of heaven.-May God give us understanding, for Christ's sake.-AMEN.



In reporting their Proceedings during the twelfth year, your Committee find it difficult to comprise within the ordinary limits of a Report, the great mass of Intelligence which they have received from the various Associations and Individuals connected with the British and Foreign Bible Society; they will, how ever, endeavour to exhibit such a brief, but comprehensive view of the most material Facts and Occurrences as may enable the Members of the Institution to form a judgment of its progress, and at the same time confirm their opinion of its character and efficiency.

To the Foreign Department, the first place will, as usual, be assigned.

*Psalm cxxx. 4.

In Holland, many of the Societies (the principal of which were visited by Dr. Steinkopff) had collected considerable sums, and had commenced a distribution of the Scriptures; but the embarrassments occasioned by the political state of affairs during the beginning and middle of the year, together with a difference of opinion respecting the fittest situation for a Central or National Institution, had in some degree retarded their operations.

Your Committee have now the satisfaction to report, that this important point was decided at a General Meeting in Amsterdam in November last, when it was finally determined that the Seat of the Netherlands Bible Society should be established in

+1 Cor. iii. 13.

that city. Under this general head, upwards of forty Societies are comprised, and the direction of their combined energies is intrusted to a Committee in Amsterdam. Of this National Confederation His Royal Highness the Prince of Orange is the Patron. Many Bible Associations have also been formed, and are in a state of progressive advancement. In Amsterdam alone, they amount to twentyfour, and are already in a state of active operation. .

To encourage and assist the proceedings of the Netherlands Bible Society, a large assortment of the Scriptures in various languages has been consigned, in equal proportions, to the cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

The Grand Duchy of Berg Bible Society has exhibited proofs of the most laudable activity, and promises to become one of the most useful in Germany.

The Prussian Bible Society, formed (as it will be recollected) under the auspices of His Prussian Majesty, and with the patronage of the first Officers of State, entered upon its operations by a pious and animating address to the publick; and the vigour and success of its proceedings have corresponded with the expectations which it had excited. In less than a year after its establishment twelve Auxiliaries were instituted in different parts of the Prussian dominions. In how great a degree their assistance is wanted, may be conceived by the following circumstance, among many

others of a similar import, stated in the First Report of the Prussian Bible Society: That among 18,000 German, 7,800 Polish, and 7,000 Lithuanian families in Lithuania, not a single Bible was to be found. It ought to be added, that the disposition to relieve these wants was no less promptly and liberally manifested.

Your Committee have lately assisted this Institution with a donation of 300l. for its Silesian Auxiliaries at Breslau, Leignitz, and Bunzlau.

The Hanoverian Bible Society is diligently engaged in obtaining accurate information respecting the want of the Scriptures, in preparing a large edition of them for distribution, and in organizing Auxiliary Societies through the Kingdom.

The Duchy of Brunswick Bible Society was established on the memorable 18th of June, two days subsequent to the death of the late much lamented Duke, who had signified his intention to become its Patron. The Society is supported by persons of the highest classes, and of the most respectable characters.

The proceedings of the Würtemburg Bible Society have displayed great zeal and activity. A very particular inquiry has been instituted by its Committee into the want of the Scriptures throughout the various Parishes of the Kingdom. These wants having been found to exceed the supply afforded by a very large edition of the Bible then nearly completed, it was immediately and unanimously resolved to un

dertake a second impression on standing types.

Your Committee have agreed to assist this work by a donation of 3001.

Among the Catholick popula tion of this kingdom, about 7000 copies of the New Testament have been distributed, with the special sanction of the Episcopal Authority at Elwangen, by the Rev. Leander Van Ess, Catholick Professor of Divinity in the University of Marburg.

Of the zeal manifested by this learned, pious indefatigable Professor, in circulating the Scriptures in the Catholick provinces of Germany, it is impossible to speak but in terms of the highest admiration.

More than 60,000 copies of the New Testament have been printed by his exertions, and fresh editions are in the press.

Professor Van Ess has exhibited, in his own example, a striking proof of a candid and unprejudiced mind, by devoting part of the fund, furnished by this Society, to the supplying of poor Protestants in Hesse Cassel and Hesse Darmstadt with Luther's Version of the Scriptures.

The estimation in which he is held by many, both Catholicks and Protestants in Germany, with whom he carries on a very extensive correspondence, is deservedly high.

A similar tribute of commendation is due to the Catholick Pastor, and President of the Catholick Bible Society, at Ratisbon, Regens Wittmann, whom Dr. Steinkopff justly designates as the Father of the Fatherless, and a Friend to the Destitute. Vol. IV. No, 11.


The edition of the New Testament printed by Regens Wittmann, has proved very acceptable in some parts of Catholick Germany, where that of Professor Van Ess has not been received. More than 10,000 copies of a former edition have been circulated; and the present demands are so great, that an impression of 20,000 copies will scarcely be sufficient to supply them.

To these names your Committee will add that of the Rev. John Gossner, of Munich, who has printed and circulated 10,000 copies of the New Testament among the German Catholicks, 5,000 of which were disposed of in less than six weeks.

Your Committee, anxious to encourage the labours of these respectable men, of whose integrity, zeal, and activity, they have received the most satisfactory proofs, have granted to the Rev. Leander Van Ess the sum of 5007. in addition to their former grants; to Regens Wittmann 2001. to promote the circulation of his New-Testament; and to the Rev. John Gossner, to whom Dr. Steinkopff had presented 100%. an additional 2007. for the purpose of enabling him to print a second edition of the New Testament.

The Institution at Bremen was assisted by Dr. Steinkopff with a grant of 50l. as the poor inhabitants, destitute of the Bible, were found to be more numerous than had been at first supposed.

During the course of his journey through Germany, Dr. Steinkopff had the satisfaction to

assist at the formation of the six following Bible Societies:

1. One for the town and circe of Cleve, containing a population of about 60,000 persons. 2. The Osnaburg Bible Society, in connexion with that for the Kingdom of Hanover.

3. Koenigsfeld Bible Society. 4. Nassau Homburg Bible Society.

5. Frankfort Bible Society. 6. A Bible Society for the Principalities of Neuwied and Wied Runkel, containing a population of about 35,000.

To the above is to be added a Branch Society at Wesel, formed previously to Dr. Steinkopff's arrival there, in connexion with the Prussian Bible Society.

To assist the proceedings of these several Institutions, the following sums were allotted:

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in consideration of the great field opened for the exertions of the last of these, in Germany, Swit zerland, Alsace, and Italy.

At a very numerous Meeting of the Eâsle Bible Society in October last, it is a remarkable fact, that several Jews attended, and became subscribers.

Dr. Steinkopff had also the pleasure to succeed in procuring the establishment of a distinct Bible Society at Bern; and your Committee have, on his recommendation, presented to it 2007.

The information respecting the state and progress of the three remaining Bible Societies in Switzerland-those of Chur, Lausanne, and Geneva, is equally favourable.

The Geneva Bible Society has opened a correspondence with Protestant Clergymen in France, and by their assistance has been enabled to supply many of the Protestants in that kingdom with copies of the Scriptures, at the charge of the British and Foreign Bible Society,

A Society has also been established for the Principality of Neufchatel, under the sanction of the Civil and Ecclesiastical Authorities, which promises to become a useful Ally to the Societies at Lausanne and Geneva; and, chiefly through the exertions and liberality of the former, a similar Society has been provisionally organized among the Waldenses inhabiting the vallies of Piedmont. To the Society at Neufchatel your Committee

have presented a donation of 100%. and to that of the Waldenses, (or Valais,) in consideration of their particular circumstances, the sum of 2001.

It is proper to add, in this place, a Grant to the Protestant Consistory at Vienna in Bohemian, Polish and German Bibles and Testaments, to the amount of 300l. as well as a donation of 500l. made to the Hungarian Bible Institution at Presburg, in consequence of the great poverty of Protestants in that country.

Your Committee regret the necessity of omitting much interesting information obtained by Dr. Steinkopff, during the course of his journey, comprising a distance of nearly 5000 miles.

The political arrangements of the continent, without abating the zeal of the Saxon Bible Society, have materially diminished the sphere of its operations. Many Branch and Auxiliary Societies still, however, remain connected with it, and display great activity within their respective departments.

Your Committee have had real pleasure in assisting this Institution with a donation of 2001.

North of Europe.

Your Committee have now to report the substance of the most material information received by them relative to the proceedings in the North of Europe, beginning with Denmark.

Two years have elapsed since the establishment of the Danish Bible Society; but its organization was not fully completed before November last, when His Excellency Count Schimmelman was elected President, and the venerable Bishop Münter, and the President and First Deputy of the Chancery were nominated Vice-Presidents. The Committee then entered upon their operations, resolving to assemble every fortnight, and to begin the organization of Auxiliary Societies.

As one among other results of these measures, an Auxiliary Society has been established in Sleswick Holstein, with the sanction of his Danish Majesty. To this Auxiliary a donation of 300l. has been presented.

The information communicated in former Reports respecting Iceland, renders it unnecessary to enter into minute details, on the present occasion. It will be recollected that the Rev. E. Henderson proceeded to that country. with the sanction of the Com

The Thuringian Bible Society, at Erfurt, has obtained the formal sanction of the Government; it has planted an Auxil-mittee, for the purpose of superiary at Eisenach; and its proceedings in general meet with great encouragement, both from Consistories, and persons of rank and influence.

A similar Society has also been established at Eichsfeld, with a Branch at Nordhausen.

intending the distribution of the Icelandick Scriptures, printed at the expense of the British and Foreign Bible Society. This commission, in the discharge of which he was exposed to many perils, has been executed, in a manner most satisfactory to his

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