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Neither should the reader infer that we suppose he can be equally successful in all pursuits. Such qualities as Lawrence possessed will ensure a degree of success in almost any sphere; but your highest achievement will be made in a business for which you have a taste. Newton, Franklin, Davy, and the whole class of men, whose names appear in this volume, evidently followed avocations for which they were peculiarly adapted. God does not design all persons for the same sphere. One must be a philosopher, another a trader, a third a divine, a fourth a mechanic, and thus on to the last, in order to constitute and preserve a well-ordered society. Hence, men are differently endowed by nature, one having “one talent,” another “two,” another “ three,” and another “ten.” That each person is better fitted to follow one calling than another is proved both by experience and observation. In these pages we have taken for granted that such a one follows the bent of his own mind in the choice of a pursuit.

We have done. Life is before the young man; and, by imitating the examples given in this book, they may crown it with glory and honour. Be wise in season; for “procrastination is the thief of time.” Be true to yourselves and your God. In every difficulty seek divine counsel-and especially in prosperity go to the throne of grace, and seek that blessing which alone maketh rich and bringeth no sorrow; and you may then be assured you have with you the highest elements of success, with which you can be furnished for the battle of life.


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