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vouring to avoid “ a great evil." No penal enactment, how. ver, has been the sufferer by this proceeding; and, upon the whole, I am inclined to hope, that nothing material will be found to have been omitted or abridged. Where clauses are abridged, they are included in brackets; the other enactments remain word for word as they stand in Mr. Ruthead's Edition of the Statutes at Large; except that occasionally, for reasons which will be obvious to the reader, the word “ and” is omitted at the beginning of a section.

The arrangement of the work, though utterly unscientifick, will, I trust, be found conducive to the main object which I have had in view,-namely, practical utility and convenience.

With regard to the notes, I have nothing further to observe, than that the general plan of each note is, first, to point out such alterations in the criminal law as may have been effected by the statute to which it is annexed; secondly, to state the general rules, as to the indictment for the offence comprised in that statute; and, thirdly, to give a general view of the circumstances necessary to complete the offence. I have not, however, adhered rigidly to these rules, where manifest couvenience invited me to adopt a different course.

Such is the general outline of a work to which I have devoted considerable time and trouble. Whether it will be useful in its generation, is a point for others to decide, and for time and experience to demonstrate.

I cannot conclude these observations without returning my best thanks to those friends who have lent me their valuable assistance in drawing up the Index, and passing the book through the press.

ou Square, Lincoln's Inn,

July 14, 1828.


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PAGE 9 Hen. 3, c. 15. Making of Bridges and Banks

· 454 3 Ed. 1, c. 3. No Penalty for an Escape before it be adjudged

121 3 Ed. 1, c. 9. All Men shall be ready to pursue Felons - 386 3 Ed. 1, c. 25. None shall commit Champerty, to have Part of the Thing in Question

49 13 Ed. 1, st. 1, c. 30. The Authority of Justices of Nisi

Prius ; Adjournment of Suits ; Certain Writs that be determinable in their proper Counties ; a Jury may give their Verdict at large; none but which were summoned shall be put in Assizes or Juries

264 13 Ed. 1, c. 49. The Penalty for buying the Title of Land

depending in Suit; a Remedy for Suits where the Law faileth

50 27 Ed. 1, st. 1, c. 3. Justices of Assize shall be of Gaol

Delivery, who shall punish Officers bailing such as are not bailable

265 28 Ed. 1, st. 3, c. 11. Nothing shall be taken to maintain any Matter in Suit

50 28 Ed. 1, st. 3, c. 20. Vessels of Gold shall be essayed,

touched, and marked; the King's Prerogative shall be saved

55 33 Ed. 1, st. 3. The Punishment of such as commit Cham. perty

51 1 Ed. 2, st. 2. In what case it is Felony to break Prison, in what not

510 1 Ed. 3, st. 2, c. 16. Who shall be assigned Justices and Keepers of the Peace

- 273 2 Ed. 3, c. 2. In what Cases only Pardon of Felony shall be granted; who shall be Justices of Assize, &c.

266 2 Ed. 3, c. 3. No man shall come before the Justices or go or ride armed

4 4 Ed. 3, c. 2. The Authority of Justices of Assize, Gaol Delivery, and of the Peace

267 5 Ed. 3, c. 8. The Marsbals of the King's Bench shall not bail Felons

121 18 Ed. 3, st. 2, c. 2. Justices of Peace shall be appointed, and their Authority




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20 Ed. 3, c. 3. Justices of Gaol Delivery, &c. and their As-

sociates, shall take an Oath


20 Ed. 3, c. 6. Justices of Assize shall inquire of and punish

the Misdemeanor of Officers and other Offenders


25 Ed. 3, st. 5, c. 2. A Declaration which Offences shall be

adjudged Treason


25 Ed. 3. st. 5, c. 3. No Indictor shall be put upon the In-

quest of the Party indicted


25 Ed. 3, st. 5, c. 4.

None shall be condemned upon Sug.

gestion, without lawful Presentment


25 Ed. 3, st. 5, c. 14. What Process shall be awarded against

him that is indicted of Felony


31 Ed. 3, c. 14. How Escapes of Felons, Chattels of Felons

and Fugitives, shall be levied


34 Ed. 3, c. 1. What sort of Persons shall be Justices of
Peace, and what Authority they shall have


5 Ric. 2, st. 1, c. 8. The Penalty where any doth enter into

Lands where it is not lawful, or with Force


6 Ric. 2, st. 1, c. 5. Justices of Assize, &c., shall hold their

Sessions in principal Towns


7 Ric. 2, c. 13. No Man shall ride in Harness within the

Realm, nor with Lancegays

8 Ric. 2, c. 2. No Man of Law sball be Justice of Assize, or

Gaol-Delivery, in his own County


11 Ric. 2, c. 11. The keeping of Assizes in good Towns,

referred to the consideration of the Chancellor and Jus-

tices, &c.


12 Ric. 2, c. 2. None shall obtain Offices by Suit, or for
Reward, but upon Desert -


13 Ric. 2, st. 1, c.7. What Sort of Persons shall be Justices

of Peace, and what their Charge is to do


15 Ric. 2, c. 2. The Duty of Justices of Peace, when any

forcible Entry is made into Lands


15 Ric, 2, c. 3. In what Places the Admiral's Jurisdiction

doth lie


17 Ric. 2, c, 10. Two learned Men in the Law shall be in

Commission of Gaol-Delivery


20 Ric. 2, e. 1. No Man shall ride or go armed ; Launcegays

shall be put out


20 Ric. 2, c. 3. No man shall sit upon the Bench with the

Justices of Assize


4 Hen. 4, c. 5. Every Sheriff shall in Person continue his

Bailiwick, and shall not let it


1 Hen. 5,0.5. In which Original Writs

, Additions of the

Defendant's Names shall be put


2 Hen. 5, st. 1, c. 4. What Justices of the Peace must be re-

sident in the same Shire ; and at what Times they must

hold their Quarter Sessions


2 Hen. 5, st. 2, c. 1. What sorts of Men shall be Justices of

the Peace


6 Hen. 6, c. 1. Within what Time a Capius awarded against


any Person indicted in the King's Bench shall be return-


8 Hen. 6, c. 9. The Duty of Justices of Peace, where Land

is entered upon or detained with Force


8 Hen. 6, c. 10. Process awarded against those wbich, dwell.

ing in Foreign Countries, be indicted or appealed


10 Hen. 6, c. 6. What Process shall be awarded upon an

Indictment removed into the King's Bench


14 Hen. 6, c. 1. Justices of Nisi Prius may give Judgment of

a Man attainted or acquitted of Felony


9 Hen. 7, c. 1. The Authority of the Court of Star Chamber;

where One Inquest sball inquire of the concealment of
another; a Coroner's Duty after a Murder committed ;
a Justice of Peace shall certify his Recognizances, &c.

. 386

22 Hen. 8, c. 5. For Bridges and Highways


23 Hen. 8, c. 13. An Act for Trial of Murderers in Cities and



26 Hen. 8, c. 4. For Jurors in Wales

- 284

26 Hen. 8, c. 6. The Bill concerning Councils in Wales - 573

27 Hen. 8, c. 24. An Act for recontinuing Liberties in the



28 Hen. 8, c. 15. For Pirates


32 Hen. 8, c. 9. The Bill of Bracery and Buying of Titles 51-365

23 Hen. 8, c. 9. The Bill for the Maintaining Artillery, and

the Debarring of unlawful Games


35 Hen. 8, c. 2. An Act for the Trial of Treasons committed
out of the King's Dominions

37 Hen. 8, c. 8. The Act that any Indictment lacking these
words, vi et armis, shall be good

1 Ed. 6, c. 1. An Act against such as shall unreverently

speak against the Sacrament of the Altar, and of the Re.
ceiving thereof under both Kinds

1 Ed. 6, č. 7. The Continuation of Actions after the Death of
any King

1 Ed. 6, c. 12. An Act for the Repeal of certain Statutes con-
cerning Treasons and Felonies

58 6 Ed. 6, c. 11. An Act for the Punishment of divers
Kinds of Treason


58 6 Ed. 6, c. 16. Against buying and selling Offices 85

58 6 Ed. 6, c. 19. An Act touching the Exchange of Gold

and Silver


1 Mary, sess. 1, c. 1. An Act repealing and taking away cer.
tain Treasons, Felonies, and Cases of Premunire

1 Mary, sess. 2, c. 3. An Act against Offenders of Preachers
and other Ministers in the Church

· 259
1 Mary, sess. 2, c. 6. An Act, that the counterfeiting of

strange Coins, being current within this Realm, the Queen's
Highness Sign Manual, Signet, or Prviy Seal, to be ad-
judged Treason

18 2 P. & M. c. 10. An Act whereby certain Offences be

made Treasons, and also for the Government of the King's
and Queen's Majesties' Issue





1 P.8 M. c. 11. An Act for the Punishment of the bringing

in of the Counterfeit Coins of Foreign Realms, being cur.

rent within this Realm


1 Elis. c. 2. An Act for the Uniformity of Common Prayer
and Service in the Church, and Administration of the Sa-

5 Eliz. c. 1. An Act for the Assurance of the Queen's

Royal Power over all Estates aad Subjects within her


5 Eliz. c. 9. An Act for Punishment of such as shall procure


5 Elis. c. 11. An Act against the Chipping, Washing, Round.

ing, and Filing of Coins


5 Eliz. c. 14. An Act against Forgers of false Deeds and

14 Elit. c. 3. An Act against the Forging and Counterfeiting
of Foreign Coin, being not current within this Realm


18 Eliz. c. 1. An Act against the diminishing and impairing

of the Queen's Majesty's Coin, and other Coins current

within this Realm


18 Eliz, c. 5. An Act to redress Disorders in Common In-



23 Eliz. c. 1. An Act to retain the Queen's Majesty's Sub-
jects in their due Obedience

31 Eliz. c. 3. An Act for the avoiding of privy and secret
Outlawries of the Queen's Subjects

31 Eliz. c. 5. An Act concerning Informers

31 Eliz. c. 11. An Act of Explanation or Declaration of the

Statute of Octavo Regis, H. 6, concerning forcible Entries;
the Indictments thereupon found

3 Jac. 1, c. 4. An Act for the better discovering and repress-
ing of Popish Recusants


3 Jac. 1, c. 10. An Act for the rating and levying of the

Charges for conveying Malefactors and Offenders to the



21 Jac. 1, c. 8. An Act to prevent and punish the Abuses in

procuring Process and Supersedeas of the Peace and good

Behaviour, and of his Majesty's Courts at Westminster,

and to prevent the Abuses in procuring Writs of Certiorari

out of the said Courts, for the removing of Indictments

found before Justices of the Peace in their General Ses-



21 Jac. 1, c. 15. An Act to enable Judges and Justices of

the Peace to give Restitution of Possession in certain Cases 140
21 Juc. 1, c. 26. An Act against such as shall levy any Fine,

suffer any Recovery, acknowledge any Statute, Recogni-
zance, Bail, or Judgment, in the Name of any other Person
or Persons not being privy and censenting thereto

i Car. 1, c. 1. An Act for punishing divers Abuses committed
on the Lord's Day, called Sunday

3 Car. 1, c. 1. An Act for the further Reformation of sundry

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