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same, and the carnal desires

of S Brethren, that this Child is hy

thou hast vouchsafed to call us

Minister. to the knowledge of thy grace: When thoa theoly obediently and faith in thee; this keep God's will knowledge, and confirm this faith commandments, and walk in the in us evermore. Give thy holy same all the days of thy life? Spirit to this Infant, that he, be- Answer, I will. ing born again, and being made an heir of everlasting salvation, through our Lord Jesus Christ,

Then the Priest shall say, may continue thy servant, and attain thy promise ; through the WE receive this Child into

the congregation of Christ's same our Lord Jesus Christ thy

flock, * and do Son, who liveth and reigneth * Here the Priest sign him with with thee and the Holy Spirit, shall make a cross the sign of the now and for ever. Amen.

upon the Child's forehead.

Cross, in token

that hereafter he Then shall the Priest demand shall not be ashamed to confess the Name of the Child; which the faith of Christ crucified, and being by the Godfathers and God. manfully to fight under his banmothers pronounced, the Minister shall say,

ner, against sin, the world, and

the devil; and to continue Christ's DOST

OST thou, in the name of faithful soldier and servant unto

this Child, renounce the de- his life's end. Amen. vil and all his works, the vain pomp and glory of this world, Then shall the Priest say,

EEING now, beloved the flesh, so that thou wilt not Baptism regenerate, and grafted follow, nor be led by them?

into the body of Christ's Church, Answer. I renounce them all. let us give thanks unto Almighty

God for these benefits; and with Minister.

one accord make our prayers

unto him, that he may lead the DOS

OST thou believe in God the rest of his life according to this

Father Almighty, Maker of beginning. heaven and earth?

And in Jesus Christ his only- Then shall the Priest say, begotten ? that he was conceived by the Whanks, most merciful Fa

thee most Holy Ghost; born of the Virgin ther, that it hath pleased thee to Mary, that he suffered under regenerate this Infant with thy Pontius Pilate, was crucified, holy Spirit, to receive him for dead, and buried; that he went thine own Child by adoption, and down into hell, and also did rise to incorporate him into thy holy again the third day; that he as

Church. And humbly we beseech cended into heaven, and sitteth at the right hand of God the Fa- unto sin, and living unto right

thee to grant, that he being dead ther Almighty; and from thence shall come again at the end of Christ in his death, may crucify

eousness, and being buried with the world, to judge the quick and

the old man, and utterly abolish the dead?

the whole body of sin; and that, And dost thou believe in the Holy Ghost; the holy Catholick death of thy Son, he may also be

as he is made partaker of the Church ; the Communion of

partaker of his resurrection; so Saints; the Remission of sins; the Resurrection of the flesh; thy holy Church, he may be an

that finally, with the residue of and everlasting life after death?

inheritor of thine_everlasting Answer. All this I stedfastly kingdom; through Jesus Christ believe.

our Lord. Amen.

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? Then, all standing up, the Min- example of our Saviour Christ, ister shall make this Erhorta. and to be made like unto him; tion to the Godfathers and God- that, as he died, and rose again mothers.

for us, so should we, who are as hath promised by you his again unto righteousness ; consureties to renounce the devil tinually mortifying all our evil and all his works, to believe in and corrupt affections, and daily God, and to serve him; ye must proceeding in all virtue and godremember, that it is your parts liness of living. and duties to see that this Infant be taught, so soon as he shall be But if they which bring the able to learn, what a solemn

In fant to the Church do make

such uncertain answers to the vow, promise, and profession he hath made by you. And that he

Priest's questions, as that it

cannot appear that the Child may know these things the bet

was baptized with Water, In ter, ye shall call upon him to the Name of the Father, and of hearSermons; and chiefly ye the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, shall provide, that he may learn (which are essential parts of the Creed, the Lord's Prayer, Baptism,) then let the Priest and the Ten Commandments, in baptize it in the form before the vulgar tongue, and all other appointed for Publick Baptism things which a Christian ought of Infants ; saring that at the to know and believe to his soul's

dipping of ihe Child in the Font, health ; and that this Child may

he shall use this form of words.

F be virtuously brought up to lead I thou art not already bap

a ; tized, I membering alway, that Baptism the Name of the Father, and of doth represent unto us our pro- the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. fession;

which is, to follow the Amen.

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When any such persons, as are of riper years, are to be baptized, timely notice shall be given to the Bishop, or whom he shall appoint for that purpose, a week before at the least, by the Parents, or some other discreet persons; that so due care may be taken for their Examination, whether they be sufficiently instructed in the Princi. ples of the Christian Religion; and that they may be exhorted to prepare themselves with Prayers and Fasting for the receiving of this holy Sacrament. And if they shall be found fit, then the Godfathers and Godmothers (the people being assembled upon the Sunday or Holy day appointed) shall be ready to present them at the Font immediately after the second Lesson, either at Morning or Evening Prayer, as the Curate in his discretion shall think fit. And standing there, the Priest shall ask, whether any of the persons here presented be baptized, or no: If they shall answer, No; then shall the Priest say thus,

beloved, forasmuch LMIGHTY everlasting born in sin, (and that which is didst save Noah and his family in born of the flesh is flesh,) and the ark from perishing by water; they that are in the flesh can- and also didst safely lead the chil. not please God, but live in sin, dren of Israel thy people through committing many actual trans- the Red Sea, figuring thereby gressions; and that our Saviour thy holy Baptism; and by the Christ saith, None can enter in- Baptism of thy well-beloved Son to the kingdom of God, except Jesus Christ, in the river Jorhe be regenerate and born anew dan, didst sanctify the element of Water and of the holy Ghost; of water to the mystical washing I beseech you to call upon God away of sin; We beseech thee, the Father, through our Lord for thine infinite mercies, that. Jesus Christ, that of his boun- thou wilt mercifully look upon teous goodness he will grant to these thy servants, wash them these persons that which by na- and sanctify them with the holy ture they cannot have; that they Ghost, that they, being delivered may be baptized with water from thy wrath, may be received and the holy Ghost, and received into the ark of Christ's Church ; into Christ's holy Church, and and being stedfast in faith, joybe made lively members of the ful through hope, and rooted in

charity, may so pass the waves

of this troublesome world, that Then shall the Priest say, finally they may come to the land

of everlasting life, there to reign

with thee world without end ; (9 And here all the Congregation through Jesus Christ our Lord. shall kneel.)



Let us pray.


LMIGHTY and immortal est the sound thereof; but canst

, , the helper of all that flee to thee whither it goeth: so is every one for succour, the life of them that that is born of the Spirit. believe, and the resurrection of the dead; We call upon thee for ? After which he shall say this these persons, that they, coming

Exhortation following: to thy holy Baptism, may receive BE

ELOVED, ye hear in this of their

Gospel the express words of tual regeneration. Receive them, our Saviour Christ, that except O Lord, as thou hast promised a man be born of water and of by thy well-beloved Son, saying, the Spirit, he cannot enter into Ask, and ye shall receive; seek, the kingdom of God. Whereby and ye shall find; knock, and it ye may perceive the great necesshall be opened unto you: So sity of this Sacrament, where it give now unto us that ask; let may be had. Likewise, immedius that seek find; open the gate ately before his ascension into unto us that knock; that these heaven, (as we read in the last persons may enjoy the everlast- Chapter of Saint Mark's Gospel,) ing benediction of thy heavenly he gave command to his disciwashing, and may come to the ples, saying, Go ye into all the eternal kingdom which thou hast world, and preach the Gospel to promised by Christ our Lord. A- every creature. He that believmen.

eth and is baptized shall be sav.

ed; but he that believeth not Then shall the people stand up, shall be damned. Which, also

and the Priest shall say, sheweth unto us the great beneHear the words of the Gospel, cause Saint Peter the Apostle,

fit we reap thereby. For which written by Saint John, in the when upon his first preaching of third Chapter, beginning at the the Gospel many were pricked at first Verse.

the heart, and said to him and Pharisees, named Nicode- and brethren, what shall we do? mus, a ruler of the Jews. The replied and said unto them, Resame came to Jesus by night, pent, and be baptized every one and said unto him, Rabbi, we of you for the remission of sins, know that thou art a teacher and ye shall receive the gift of come from God; for no man can the Holy Ghost. For the prodo these miracles that thou do- mise is to you and your children, est, except God be with him. Je- and to all that are afar off, even sus answered and said unto him, as many as the Lord our God Verily, verily I say unto thee, shall call. And with many other Except a man be born again, he words exhorted he them, saying, cannot see the kingdom of God. Save yourselves from this untoNicodemus saith unto him, How ward generation. For (as the can a man be born when he is

same Apostle testifieth in anold? Can he enter the second other place) even Baptism doth time into his mother's womb, also now save us, (not the putand be born? Jesus answered, ting away of the filth of the flesh, Verily, verily. I say unto thee, but the answer of a good conExcept a man be born of water science towards God,) by the reand of the Spirit, he cannot en- surrection of Jesus Christ. Doubt ter into the kingdom of God. ye not therefore, but earnestly That which is born of the flesh believe, that he will favourably is flesh; and that which is born receive these present persons, truly of the Spirit is spirit. Marvel not repenting, and coming unto him that I said unto thee, Ye must by faith; that he will grant them be born again. The wind bloweth remission of their sins, and bewhere it listeth, and thou hear- stow upon them the holy Ghost; that he will give them the bless

Question. ing of eternal life, and make them Do

OST thou renounce the devil partakers of his everlasting king- and all his works, the vain dom.

pomp and glory of the world, Wherefore we being thus per- with all covetous desires of the suaded of the good will of our same, and the carnal desires of heavenly Father towards these the flesh, so that thou wilt not persons, declared by his Son Je- follow, nor be led by them? sus Christ; let us faithfully and Answer. I renounce them all. devoutly give thanks to him, and

OST believe in God the

ALMIGHTY and everlasting Dosather Imighty, Maker of

heaven and earth? give thee humble thanks, for that And in Jesus Christ his only. thou hast vouchsafed to call us begotten Son our Lord ? And to the knowledge of thy grace, that he was conceived by the and faith in thee: Increase this Holy Ghost; born of the Virgin knowledge, and confirm this faith Mary; that he suffered under in us evermore. Give thy holy Pontius Pilate, was crucified, Spirit to these persons, that they dead, and buried; that he went may be born again, and be made down into hell, and also did rise heirs of everlasting salvation ; again the third day; that he asthrough our Lord Jesus Christ, cended into heaven, and sitteth who liveth and reigneth with at the right hand of God the Fathee and the Holy Spirit, now ther Almighty; and from thence and for ever. Amen.

shall come again at the end of Then the Priest shall speak to

the world, to judge the quick the persons to be baptized on

and the dead? this wise:

And dost thou believe in the WELL-BELOVED, who are Holy Ghost; the

holy Cathocome hither desiring to re

lick Church; the Communion of ceive holy Baptism, ye have heard Saints; the Remission of sins ; how the congregation hath pray

the Resurrection of the flesh; ed, that our Lord Jesus Christ and everlasting life after death ?' would vouchsafe to receive

Answer. All this I stedfastly you

believe. and bless you, to release you of your sins, to give you the king

Question. dom of heaven, and everlasting WILT thou be baptized in

this faith? life. Ye have heard also, that our Lord Jesus Christ hath promised

Answer. That is my desire. in his holy Word to grant all

Question. those things that we have prayed WILT thou, then obediently for

keep God's holy part, will most surely keep and commandments, and walk in the perform.

same all the days of thy life? Wherefore, after this promise Answer. I will endeavour so made by Christ, ye must also to do, God being my helper. faithfully, for your part, promise in the presence of these your

Then shall the Priest say, Witnesses, and this whole con

O gregation, that ye will renounce that the old Adam in these the devil and all his works, and persons may be so buried, that constantly believe God's holy the new man may be raised up Word, and obediently keep his in them. Amen. commandments.

Grant that all carnal affections I Then shall the Priest demand may die in them, and that all of each of the persons to be bap things belonging to the Spirit tized, severally, these Questions may live and grow in them. following:


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