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THE ORDER FOR EVENING PRAYER. The Hymn appointed to be used at an eminent measure of exemplary Morning Prayer instead of Venite ex. patience, meekness, and charity, beultemus shall here also be used before fore the face of his cruel enemics. the Proper Psalms.

And albeit thou didst suffer them Righteous art thou, O Lord, &c. to proceed to such an height of vioProper Psalms. lxxix, xciv, lxxxv. possession of his Throne ; yet didst

lence, as to kill him, and to take Proper Lessons.

ihou in great mercy preserve his Son, The First, Jer. xii. or Dan. ix. to whose right it was, and at length ver. 22.

by a wonderful providence bring The Second, Hebr. xi. ver. 32. and him back, and set him thereon, to xii. to ver. 7.

restore thy true Religion, and to

settle peace amongst us: For these Instead of the first Collect at Evening thy great mercies we glorify thy Prayer shall these two which neat fol- Name, through Jesus Christ our low be used.

blessed Saviour. Amen. ALMIGHTY Lord God, who

by thy wisdom not only guid. Immediately after the Collect [Lightest and orderest all things most

en our darkness, fc.) shall these ihree suitably to thinc own justice; but

nert following be used. also performest thy pleasure in such O Lord, we beseech &e. a manner, that we cannot but ac- O most mighty God, fc. knowledge thee to be righteous in Turn thou us, fc. all thy ways, and holy in all thy works: We thy sinful people do

[As before at Morning Prayer.) here fall down before thee, confess- Immediately before the Prayer of Saint ing that thy judgements were right, Chrysostom shall this Collect which next in permitting cruel men, sons of folluneth be used. Belial, (as on this day) to imbrue their hands in the blood of thino

LMIGHTY and everlasting A

God, whose righteousness is Anointed; we having drawn down like the strong inountains, and thy the same upon ourselves, by the judgements like the great deep; and great and long provocations of our who, by that Larbarous murder (as sins against thce. For which we on this day) committed upon thoi do therefore here humble ourselves sacred Person of thine Anointed, before thee; beseeching thee to de- hast taught us, that neither thé liver this Nation from blood-guilti- greatest of Kings, nor the best of ness, (that of this day especially,) men, are more secure from violence and to turn from us and our poste- than from natural death : Teach us rity all those judgements, which we also hereby so to number our days, by our sins have worthily deserved : that we may apply our hearts unto Grant this, for the all-sufficient me- wisdom. And grant, that neither rits of thy Son our Saviour Jesus the splendor of any thing that is Christ. Amen.

great, nor the conceit of any thing ful, who didst permit thy dear our from looking ourServant, our dread Sovereign King selves as sinful dust and ashes; but Charles the First, to be (as upon this that, according to the example of day) given up to the violent out- this thy blessed Martyr, we may rages of wicked men, to be despite- | press forward to the prize of the fully used, and at the last murder-high calling that is before us, in ed by them : Though we cannot re- faith and patience, humility and flect upon so foul an act, but with meekness, mortification and selfhorror and astonishment; yet do we denial, charity and constant persemost gratefully commemorate the verance unto the end : And all this glories of thy grace, which then for thy Son our Lord Jesus Christ shined forth in thine Anointed ; his sake; to whom with thee and whom thou wast pleased, even at the Holy Ghost be all honour and the hour of death, to endue with | glory, world without end. Amen.

BLESSED Giacot just and power that is good in us may with draw


TO ALMIGHTY GOD, For having put an end to the Great Rebellion, by the Restitution of

the King and Royal Family, and the Restoration of the Government after many years' interruption; which unspeakable Mercies were wonderfully completed upon the Twenty-ninth of May, in the Year 1660. And in Memory thereof that Day in every Year is by Act of Parlia ment appointed to be for ever kept holy.

Tibe Inad our God belong mer:

The Act of Parliament made in the Twelfth, and confirmed in the Thirteenth Year of King Charles the Second, for the Observation of the Twenty-ninth Day of May yearly, as a Day of Publick Thanksgiving, is to be read publickly in all Churches at Morning Prayer, immediately after the Nicene Creed, on the Lord's Day next before every such Twenty-ninth of May, and notice to be given for the due Observation of the said Day. The Service shall be the same with the usual Office for Holy-days; except where it is in this Office otherwise appointed. 1 If this Day shall happen to be Ascension-day, or Whit-Sunday, the Collects of this

Office are to be added to the Offices of those Festivals in their proper places: if it be Monday or Tuesday in Whitsun-week, or Trinity-Sunday, the Proper Psalms appointed for this Day, instead of those of ordinary Course, shall be also used, and the Collects added as before; and in all these cases the rest of this Office shall be omitted : But if it shali happen to be any other Sunday, this whole office shall be used, as it followeth, entirely. And what Festival soever shall happen to fall upon this solemn Day of Thanksgiving, the following Hymn, appointed instead of Venite exultemus, shall be constantly used. Morning Prayer shall begin with these

The Lord executeth righteous. Sentences.

ness and judgement : for all them

that are oppressed with wrong cies and forgivenesses, though Psalm ciii. 6. we have rebelled against him : nei.

For he will not alway be chid. ther have we obeyed the voice of ing : neither keepeth he his anger the Lord our God, to walk in his

. laws which he set before us. Dan.

He hath not dealt with us after ix. 9, 10.

our sins : nor rewarded us accord. It is of the Lord's mercies that

ing to our wickedness. Ver. 10. We were not consumed : because his

For look how high the heaven is compassions fail not. Lam. iii. 22.

in comparison of the earth : so great

is bis mercy toward them that fear Instead of Venite exultemus shall be him. Ver. II. sung or said this Hymn following; one Yea, like as a father pitieth his Verse by the Priest, and another by the own children : even so is the Lord Clerk and people.

merciful unto them that fear him. Y song shall be alway of the Ver. 13.

Thou, O God, hast proved us : with my mouth will I ever be shew- thou also hast tried us, even as sil. ing forth his truth from one genera

ver is tried. Psalm lxvi. 9. tion to another. Psalm lxxxix. 1. Thou sufferedst men to ride over

The merciful and gracious Lord our heads, we went through fire hath so done his marvellous works: and water' : but thou hast brought that they ought to be had in remem- us out into a wealthy place. Ver. brance. Psalm cxi. 4.

11. Who can express the noble acts O how great troubles and adver. of the Lord : or shew forth all his sities hast thou shewed us! and yet praise? Psalm cvi. 2.

didst thou turn and refresh us: yea The works of the Lord are great: and broughtest us from the deep of sought out of all them that have the earth again. Psalm lxxi. 18. pleasure therein. Psalm cxi. 2.

Thou didst remember us in our The Lord setteth up the meek : low estate, and redeem us from our and bringeth the ungodly down to enemies : for thy mercy endureth the ground. Psalm cxlvii. 6. for ever. Psalm cxxxvi. 23, 24.

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Lord, thou art become gracious

Proper Lessons. unto thy land : thou hast turned

The First, 2 Sam. xix. ver. 9. or away the captivity of Jacob. Psalm lxxxv. I.

Numb. xvi. God hath shewed us his goodness

Te Deum. plenteously : and God hath let us see our desire upon our enemies.

The Second, The Epistle of St.

Psalm lix. 10.
They are brought down and fall.

Jubilate Deo.
en : but we are risen and stand
upright. Psalm xx. 8.

The Suffrages next after the Creed There are they fallen, all that

shall stand thus. work wickedness : they are cast Priest. O Lord, shew thy mercy down, and shall not be able to

upon us. stand. Psalm xxxvi. 12.

Answer. And grant us thy salThe Lord hath been mindful of vation. us, and he shall bless us : even he Priest. O Lord, save the Queen; shall bless the house of Israel, he Answer. Who putteth her trust shall bless the house of Aaron. in thee. Psalm cxv. 12.

Priest. Send her help from thy He shall bless them that fear holy place. the Lord : both small and great. Answer. And evermore mightily Ver. 13.

defend her. O that men would therefore praise Priest. Let her enemies have no the Lord for his goodness : and de- advantage against her. clare the wonders that he doeth for Answer. Let not the wicked apthe children of men! Psalm cvii. proach to hurt her. 21.

Priest. Endue thy Ministers with That they would offer unto him righteousness. the sacrifice of thanksgiving : and Answer. And make thy chosen tell out his works with gladness! people joyful. Ver. 22.

Priest. Give peace in our time, And not hide them from the chil. O Lord. dren of the generations to come: but Answer. Because there is none shew the honour of the Lord, his other that tighteth for us, but only mighty and wonderful works that thou, O God. he hath done! Psalm lxxviii. 4. Priest. Be unto us, O Lord, a

That our posterity may also know strong tower, them, and the children that are yet Answer. From the face of our unborn : and not be as their fore- enemies. fathers a faithless and stubborn ge- Priest. O Lord, hear our prayer. neration. Ver. 6, 9.

Answer. And let our cry come Give thanks, ó Israel, unto God unto thee. the Lord in the congregations : from the ground of the heart. Psalm

Instead of the first Collect at Morning Ixviii. 26.

Prayer shall these two which follow be Praised be the Lord daily : even

used. the hood when helpeth us, and pour- O Strong HOTY God het hoe artta his benefits upon . . 19.

tower of defence unto O let the wickedness of the wick. thy servants against the face of ed come to an end : but establish their enemies; We yield thee praise thou the righteous. Psalm vii. 9. and thanksgiving for the wonderful

Let all those that seek thee be deliverance of these Kingdoms from joyful and glad in thee : and let all THE GREAT REBELLION, and such as love thy salvation say al- all the Miseries and Cppressions way, The Lord be praised. Psalm consequcnt thereupon, under which xl. 19.

they had so long groaned. We acGlory be to the Father, and to the knowledge it thy goodness, that we

were not utterly delivered over as Son : and to the Holy Ghost; As it was in the beginning, is

a prey unto them; beseeching thee now, and ever shall be : world towards us, that all the world may

stíll to continuo such thy mercies without end. Amen.

know that thou art our Saviour Proper Psalms. cxxiv, cxxvi, cxxix, and mighty Deliverer ; through Jecxviii.

sus Christ our Lord. Amen.


who hast been exceedingly gra- both, from the unnatural Rebel. cious unto this land, and by thy lion, Usurpation, and Tyranny of miraculous providence didst deliver ungodly and cruel men, and from us out of our miserable confusions; the sad confusions and ruin there. by restoring to us, and to his own upon ensuing. From all these, o just and undoubted Rights, our gracious and merciful Lord God, then most gracious Sovereign Lord, not our merit, but thy mercy; not King. Charles the Second, notwith our foresight, but thy Providence; standing all the power and malice not our own arm, but thy right of his enemies; and, by placing him hand, and thine arm, did rescue on the Throne of these Kingdoms, and deliver us. And therefore, not didst restore also unto us the publick unto us, O Lord, not unto us, but and free profession of thy true Re- unto thy Name be ascribed all Ho. ligion and Worship, together with nour, and Glory, and Praise, with our former Peace and Prosperity, to most humble and hearty thanks, the great comfort and joy of our in all Churches of the Saints: Even hearts: We are here now before so blessed be the Lord our God, who thee, with all due thankfulness, alone doeth wondrous things, and to acknowlodge thine unspeakable blessed be the Name of his Majesty goodness herein, as upon this Day for ever; through Jesus Christ our shewed unto us, and to offer unto Lord and only Saviour. Amen. thee our sacrifice of praise for the same; humbly beseeching thee to In the Communion Service, immediate

ly before the reading of the Epistle, accept this our unfeigned, though unworthy oblation of ourselves; vow

shall these two Collects be used, instead

of the Collect for the Queen and the Col. ing all holy obedience in thought,

lect of the Day word and work, unto thy Divine Majesty; and promising all loyal O Almighty God, fc. and dutiful Allegiance to thine An- O Lord God of our salvation, fe. ointed Servant now set over us, and [As before at Morning Prayer.] to her Heirs after her; whom we beseech thee to bless with all in. The Epistle. 1 St. Pet. ii. 11.

EARLY I you ness, in this world, and to crown her with immortality and glory in stain from fleshly lusts, which war the world to come, for Jesus Christ against the soul ; having your conhis sake our only Lord and Saviour.

versation honest among the GenAmen.

tiles : that, whereas they speak a.

gainst you as evil-doers, they may, In the end of the Litany (which shall always this Day be used) after the Col

by your good works which they lect (We humbly beseech thee, O Fa

shall behold, glorify God in the day ther, fc.] shall this be said which next

of visitation. Submit yourselves followeth.

to every ordinance of man for the

Lord's sake; whether it be to the LMIGHTY God, who hast in King, as supreme; or unto Governand mercy in the miraculous and him for the punishment of evilgracious deliverances of thy Church, doers, and for the praise of them and in the protection of righteous that do well. For so is the will of and religious Kings and States, pro-God, that with well-doing ye may fessing thy holy and eternal truth,

put to silence the ignorance of fool. from the malicious Conspiracies and ish men: as free, and not using wicked Practices of all their ene

your liberty for a cloke of mali. mies; We yield unto thee our un. ciousness, but as the servants of feigned thanks and praise, as for God. Honour all men. Love the thy many other great and publick brotherhood. Fear God. Honour mercies, so especially for that signal the King. and wonderful Deliverance, by thy wise and good Providence as upon

The Gospel. St. Matth. xxii. 16. this Day completed, and vouchsafed to our then most gracious Sovereign 4 ND they sent out unto him

their disciples, with the He. King Charles the Second, and all rodians, saying, Master, we know the Royal Family, and in them, to that thou art true, and teachest the this whole Church and State, and way of God in truth, neither carest

crease of grace, honour and happin D Eus Btrangers and pilgrims, ab


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thou for any man; for thou regard | As we do this day most heartily and est not the person of men. Tell us devoutly adore and magnify thy therefore, What thinkest thou? Is glorious Name for this thine infi. it lawful to give tribute unto Cæ- nite goodness already vouchsafed to sar, or not? But Jesus perceived us; so do we most humbly beseech their wickedness, and said, Why thee to continue thy grace and fatempt ye me, ye hypocrites? Shew vour towards us, that no such disme the tribute-money. And they mal calamity may ever again fall brought unto him a peny. And upon us. Infatuate and defeat all he saith unto them, Whose is this the secret counsels of deceitful and image and superscription? They wicked men against us: Abate their say unto him, Cæsar's. Then saith pride, asswage their malice, and he unto them, Render therefore confound their devices. Strengthen unto Cæsar the things which are the hands of our gracious Sovereign Cæsar's; and unto God the things Queen VICTORIA, and all that are that are God's. When they had put in authority under her, with heard these words, they marvelled, judgement and justice to cut off all and left him, and went their way. such workers of iniquity, as turn

Religion into Rebellion, and Faith In the offertory shall this Sentence be into Faction; that they may never read,

again prevail against us, nor triCOT every one that saith unto umph in the ruin of the Monarchy

Prointo the kingdom of heaven: but tect and defend our Sovereign Lady he that doeth the will of my Fa- the Queen, with the whole Royal ther which is in heaven. St. Matt. Family, from all Treasons and Convii. 21.

spiracies. Be unto her an helmet

of salvation, and a strong tower of After the Prayer (For the whole state defence against the face of all her of Christ's Church &c.] this Collect enemies; clothe them with shame following shall be used.

and confusion, but upon Herself Father, who, of thine infinite ever flourish. So we thy people, and unspeakable goodness towards and the sheep of thy pasture, will us, didst in a most extraordinary give thee thanks for ever, and will and wonderful manner disappoint always be shewing forth thy praise and overthrow the wicked designs from generation to generation; of those traiterous, heady, and through Jesus Christ our only Sahigh-minded men, who, under the viour and Redeemer, to whom, with pretence of Religion and thy most thee, O Father, and the Holy Ghost, holy Name, had contrived, and be glory in the Church through well-nigh effected the utter destruc- out all ages, world without end. tion of this Church and Kingdom: Amen.

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