London Medical Gazette: Or, Journal of Practical Medicine, 26. köide

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Page 398 - Que diable! toujours de l'argent! Il semble qu'ils n'aient rien autre chose à dire; de l'argent! de l'argent! de l'argent! Ah! ils n'ont que ce mot à la bouche, de l'argent! Toujours parler d'argent! Voilà leur épée de chevet, de l'argent!"•
Page 444 - justices of the peace in petty sessions assembled, and for every such offence shall, upon conviction, be imprisoned in the common gaol or house of correction, with or without hard labour as to
Page 12 - that there should be comfort to the prisoners, shelter to the poor, visitation to the sick, food to the hungry, drink to the thirsty, clothes to the naked, and sepulture to the dead administered there;
Page 36 - The. Theory of Horticulture; or an attempt to explain the ', principal Operations of Gardening upon Physiological Principles. By JOHN
Page 40 - what it will, the city repairs its loss of inhabitants within two years ; which observation lessens the objection made against the value of houses in London, as if they were liable to great prejudice through the loss of inhabitants by the plague*.
Page 192 - from one person to another, time alone can determine. That which I am now employing has been in use nearly eight months, and not the least change is perceptible in its mode of action either locally or constitutionally. There is, therefore, every reason to expect
Page 19 - differs little from the male pulse during the first seven years of life, but after seven years of age the mean pulse of the female exceeds that of the male by from 6 to 14 beats, the average excess being 9 beats,
Page 278 - Amongst other ridiculous statements circulated, the peasantry fully believed that all the bread was poisoned, and the only cause for giving it instead of money was the facility it afforded for destroying the paupers; that all the children beyond three in a family were to be killed ; that all young children and women under eighteen were to be spayed ; that if they touched
Page 383 - figure, slightly flattened, one inch and a half in length, rather better than an inch in thickness, and about an inch and a quarter in breadth ; but, being broken in this direction, its exact measurement could not be ascertained. It readily yielded to the knife, and the cut surface
Page 400 - service, once in three years, for such of the said Students as may be considered worthy of these honourable distinctions. The President and Council have also the pleasure to announce, that, with the view of rendering the prizes granted by the College more worthy of competition amongst their younger members,

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