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reason why many beleer mission of fins paft p.*
vers are strangers
, to it.

413; 414 p. 439, 431. Some Joy Juftification frees from may be in a Temporary p. the punishment and guilt

393. How to try true too, p. * 418,419, 420. Joy p. *340, Ileans to Justification conjounded

get it. p.*462, 463" by the Papists with late Juftification what it sig i dification, p. 472. nifies p. * 396. How the the difference between Fathers used the word

them, p. 423

*423. *.429. 732 Justification,ore fimo No Justification before

ple act of God,p.* 400 Faith p.* 440 How we are said to be fu. How we are Justified by stified by Faith, and bodo Faith alone, pa 439. by Christs blood, p. 420. Judgment in Scripture

422. Sometime taken for Righa in what Tense we are Ju- teousnese inherentp. * stified by Faith accor

423 ding to Paul and in what How men are deceived in Sense by works according Judging of their spiritu,

P. 43 impossible to be Justified and but by imputed Righteo !

K:129: aufnele po mom to Knowledge one act of

P. 423 Justification, no fins are temitted but those that are past, p. * 411, 417. A twofold Juftification,


"He use of the Law, P: 409

354.* Why a justified person may It is neceffary to be preaund must pray for the reached before the Gospel,

p.80,* 366




Men are under the Law till they come to Christ,p.

N 84, how fearfull a thing

Atural reason not it is to be under the Law,

to be trusted to p. 49 p. 84,85. Too short to convince of the difference between the finihorowly , P: 51 Law, and the Gospel in A1ans condition byNature three particulars,p.86.

described, p. 59. The Love of God twofold, p Natural man deid in fin 415, No temporary belee. p.67. His bez works

ver loves God p. * 396. Can" ut please God, and To be given up to our own why p. 68,69 Lusts a more fearfull

The Curses attending 4 thing, then to be given Natural man in this up to Satan, p. 108, 109 World p. 120,&c.

Two blow's that God gives

a Natural mans soul in M

this life, the one

one senfible Ant of Medita. P: 127, the other insensi. tion causewhy



128. The Curses molt beleevers have folita attending him at Death tle joy in God p.430,431, | ! Mistakes in judging our Spiritwal estates. See Judging.

O Morality too much trufted Chrifas adive Obedio

bence mixed with bis to bring men to heaven pallive,

P. 372. ibid. wherein bis adive Obe

dience consisted, p. 375. &c. wherein his passive

si p. 130,&c.

P: 378 partial


p. 43,&c.

p. 44

PartialObedience a false i Peace p. * 449. glasse to judge our estates Christ is our Peace.p:*454

po 48 Spirit of Prayer what p. To designe only our old

*377,378 · age for God is dishonou. 1. The Importunity and

rable to him, p. 22, 23. efficacie of it, p. * 379, Old age most unfit for Re

380 pentance, p.25, 27 Why a person already ju. Men apt to have too good ftified may and mustPray Opinion of themselves, for the forgivnese of sins

p. 41. The causes of it, past p. 413 414 Men deceived in judging of their estates . by the

R good Opinions of o

Natural Reason. See thers,

To Receive Christ what

P. 399.

what Reformation may Artial Obedience be in a natural man, p.

a See Obedience. Par.

390,392 Gve Obedience.SeeObe. Repentance prevents rudience.


P.7 Peace a fruit of faith p.* Repentance not in our 441 447. Why many own power but in gods christians want the sense gift,p. 13, 14. The fin- . of it, p. * 442, 443 fulnese of deferring it,p.

450,450 The differences between Death.bed Repentance, a true and a false Peace, the hindrances of it,p.30

Not to be trusted to p 31. The Canses of a Carnal

Hard to prove it sound, p. 32

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11, ec,

p.* 448,&c.

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P. 407

P. 28.


Jāpcrficial Repentance is 57. a mark of a sound be

P: 57 | liever, Repentance in what re Self. flattery: See flattery. Spects necesary to justi- self-Love, how it deceives fication, p:*417 men in judging their ea Remiffion of fin.See For states,

p.43 giveness.

Sin continued in, haftens Resting or Relying upon Gods judgements, p.3,4, Cód, a proper Act of Faith, 5. Sin compared to

p. 425 a weight, p. 26. to Cords, Righteousnesse two fold, p.27. Singets strength by

p. 397. * 409 continuance, imputative Righteous. Ihe Sinfulnesle of Sin Set nesse what it is,p.* 402 forth in 6.confiderations,

410. Impossible to be justified without it, and The dreadfull fruits and mby, p. *410,41 consequences of sin.

pollutes the Soul, p.100. It makes men loathsom to

God, p.104. It brings the anctification a distin& Devill into the heart, p.

It calls for wages, tion, p. * 423.p: * 429 Satan. See Devil. The greatness of Sin A difficult thing to be San Anould be no barr" againji

2:53 believing in Christp.401 Sealing a distinct thing 406. No Sip overtops the

from Faith, P *428 value of Christ's blood, The Causes of Security,p.

ibid. 449 Encouragemēts for Sinners Self-Examination, neces to come to Christ, page sary to Conversion, p.39.' 401, &c.






P. 110




Sin not discovered them out of lozie to God, p. sowly but by the spirit, p.

395 * 364. Sin may be caft The sinfulness ofthoughts away, and yet no true

f. 102, 103 Conversion, p.* 392| The end of Gods ThreatSin is only a Privation and nings

P.7. no positive being p.*399 Sins not pardoned before

U they be committed

p UNregenerate Men 403. The guilt and pu- See Natural mishment of Sin taken a. Our unworthiness hould way in Justification p. not keep #s from coming

418, &c. Anto chrift, p.397. Spirit of Bondage what p.

*365 Spirit of Prayer see Pray.


He Will wronght by

God, as well as the

deed, p.* 371 The Will T

more then the Deed 372, Temporary Faith! Hope God takes the Will how far it may go, p. for the Deed

P. 374 *388,&-c. How to know He that hath a Will to re

it from true faith,p. ibid ceivé Christ; kathawar. Temporary beleevers rant to receive hint, p.

desire christ only in af 404. God alone inclines fli&tion P.* 388, 389 the Will to receiveChrift They do but only taft of

ibid. Christ, p.

393. They A wofullthing to be suffedesire mercy but not grace

but not grace red by God to have our p.*394.They do nothing' own Wills in this world




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