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favourable in a worldly point of view, and unsafe in regard to the prejudices of their repealed religion. To place one's self in the position of danger, perhaps, from them whom we are endeavouring to benefit;—to risk one's life, perhaps, as has been done in former time, for the sake of declaring to the Remnant of Israel the truth ;-should at least awaken the consideration, in them who are conscious that their benefit was the sole object,—that the men, who thus would be of service to them at so much risk every way, are entitled, by every law, human and divine, to the warmest thanks of those whose welfare had been so disinterestedly pursued. There can be no divine law to return evil for good; and you could not enter on so wrong a resolve, in such case, without incurring divine displeasure : no matter what nation it is, O man, to which you belong.

The natural Remnant of Israel may be assured, that I have been forewarned of the danger of this attempt: but as one, whom they as yet know not, stood by me to help, I cannot shrink from any danger with which they, or any other people, may blindly threaten me, for any of the arguments advanced to them in the following Chapters: especially Moses' thirteenth chapter of Deuteronomy is, in a legal sense, applicable only to their own present estranged condition.

With respect to Christians, I have to say, that no real Christian can take of. fence at my alluding to the symbolical teachings of the book of the Revelations of St. John, which denounce evil ; because such denunciations can be applicable to none but to men, of all ages to which they refer; who, in the love of filthy lucre and worldly advan

tage, barter away their souls. Now, it is universally admitted, that such characters are by no means confined to any particular, professing religious class; but have showed themselves as real tares, sown, and springing up, among the wheat, in each succeeding age. Already do the various professing sects and denominations of the British Isles feel the want of that unity which is strength: for their lack of which, the “ powers of darkness ” have place for a short time. But I would say to them, let them all with one accord seek out the old paths of the apostles; and unite under the doctrines, and all the doctrines, of “the Christian Congregations as at the first.” Or, I would ask them, are you waiting for the Remnant of Israel to step in before you—into the apostles’ paths, and to at last shame many of you into a life from the dead? In addressing

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