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tions to the date of the statute which formed the first edition of this work.

An immense extension of this law has been effected by the present act, which brings all Joint Stock Companies (with very few exceptions) under its provisions; introduces the novelty of limitation by guarantee; and further extends its machinery for winding up to all partnerships and associations whatever, provided they consist of seven members.

Another new statute, nearly allied to the general Law of Joint Stock Companies, and which expressly enacts that the winding-up provisions of "The Companies Act, 1862," shall be applied to the associations to which it refers, is The Industrial and Provident Societies Act (25 & 26 Vict. c. 87). I have, therefore, added this statute, as now forming a part-and not the least important part ―of the Law of Joint Stock Companies.

In the Introductory Treatise a variety of instructions have been ventured upon, as suggested by experience, for the formation and management of a Joint Stock Company. These, I am informed, were accounted a useful feature of the former editions.

The contents have been so arranged that any rules and orders of Court hereafter issued, or new

statutes passed, may be added to the volume without disturbance of the paging. The Digest of Decisions has been printed with the same purpose, its alphabetical arrangement rendering reference by the page unnecessary; and this, too, will be supplemented periodically, so that the latest law may always be found within the volume by those who choose to make the necessary additions.

1, Essex Court, Temple,

October 1862.


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