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Page 55 - The right of action now existing to recover damages for injuries resulting in death, shall never be abrogated; and the amount recoverable shall not be subject to any statutory limitation.
Page 162 - ... no person shall be prosecuted or subjected to any penalty or forfeiture for or on account of any transaction, matter or thing concerning which he may so testify or produce evidence, documentary or otherwise, and no testimony so given or produced shall be received against him upon any criminal action, suit or proceeding, investigation, inquisition or inquiry.
Page 276 - ... the prevailing rate for a day's work in the same trade or occupation in the locality...
Page 291 - It is not that, in any case, negligence can be assumed from the mere fact of an accident and an injury; but in these cases the surrounding circumstances which are necessarily brought into view by showing how the accident occurred contain, without further proof, sufficient evidence of the defendant's duty and of his neglect to perform it. The fact of the casualty and the attendant circumstances may themselves furnish all the proof of negligence that the injured person is able to offer, or that it...
Page 174 - ... for more than eight hours in any one day, or more than six days in any one week.
Page 414 - By reason of any defect in the condition of the ways, works or machinery connected with or used in the business of the employer which arose from or had not been discovered or remedied owing to the negligence of the employer or of any person in the service of the employer and intrusted by him with the duty of seeing that the ways, works or machinery were in proper condition ; 2.
Page 145 - ... without regard to fault as a cause thereof, except where the injury is occasioned by the willful intention of the injured employee to bring about the injury or death of himself or of another, or where the injury results solely from the intoxication of the injured employee while on duty...
Page 163 - ... apparatus or fire extinguishing equipment, or by reason of age or dilapidated condition or for any other cause, is especially liable to fire and which is so situated as to endanger other property...
Page 165 - For the purposes of this act, manufactured articles shall not be held to be explosives when the individual units contain explosives in such limited quantity, of such nature, or in such packing, that it is impossible to produce a simultaneous or a destructive explosion of such units, to the injury of life, limb...
Page 154 - In doubtful cases such physical fitness shall be determined by a medical officer of the board or department of health. Every such employment certificate shall be signed, In the presence of the officer Issuing the same, by the child in whose name it is issued.

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