La Revue legale, 13. köide

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Page 153 - Direct taxation within the province in order to the raising of a revenue for provincial purposes; 3.
Page 163 - The tax on Government stock is thought by this court to be a tax on the contract, a tax on the power to borrow money on the credit of the United States, and consequently to be repugnant to the Constitution.
Page 150 - And any Matter coming within any of the Classes of Subjects enumerated in this Section shall not be deemed to come within the Class of Matters of a local or private Nature comprised in the Enumeration of the Classes of Subjects by this Act assigned exclusively to the Legislature of the Provinces.
Page 220 - A direct tax is one which is demanded from the very persons who, it is intended or desired, should pay it. Indirect taxes are those which are demanded from one person in the expectation and intention that he shall indemnify himself at the expense of another : such as the excise or customs.
Page 201 - Provinces; and for greater Certainty, but not so as to restrict the Generality of the foregoing Terms of this Section, it is hereby declared that (notwithstanding anything in this Act) the exclusive Legislative Authority of the Parliament of Canada extends to all matters coming within the Classes of subjects next hereinafter enumerated; that is to say: 1.
Page 235 - Dominion under the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, with a Constitution similar in principle to that of the United Kingdom : And whereas such a Union would conduce to the welfare of the Provinces and promote the Interests of the British Empire: And whereas on the establishment of the Union by authority of Parliament it is expedient, not only that the Constitution of the Legislative authority in the Dominion be provided for, but also that the nature of the Executive Government...
Page 72 - ... L'assemblée législative d'Ontario sera composée de quatre-vingtdeux députés, qui devront représenter les quatre-vingt-deux districts électoraux énumérés dans la première annexe du présent acte 8. 2. Québec. 71. Il y aura, pour Québec, une Législature composée du lieutenantgouverneur et de deux chambres, appelées le conseil législatif de Québec et l'assemblée législative de Québec.
Page 170 - We think then, that the act under which the plaintiffs in error were indicted, is repugnant to that article of the constitution which declares, that " no State shall lay any impost or duties on imports or exports.
Page 559 - Cour casse et annuite le dit jugement du sept avril mil huit cent quatre-vingt quatre, et procédant à rendre le jugement que la dite Cour de première instance aurait dû rendre, cette Cour...
Page 82 - Indies ; except only such duties as it may be expedient to impose for the Regulation of Commerce : the net produce of such duties to be always paid and applied to and for the use of the Colony...

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