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to be made by inspectors to Board of Trade, 68
to be evidence, 69

of meeting to be made by liquidators to registrar on voluntary
winding-up, 177

to be made by auditors to members, 257, pl. (94)

form of, by chairman of result of meeting of creditors or con-
tributories, 349


of contributories or creditors may be appointed by judge, 314

shares in, may be sold for benefit of bankrupt's creditors, 89
prevented by transfer of shares, when, 89

when shares are not in bankrupt's, 90

notice of transfer of shares requisite to prevent, 91


form of, to invest cash in government stock or exchequer bills,


may be set aside by directors, 254, pl. (74)


of foreign companies, 459, 460


definition of special, 53

declaration of chairman of meeting as to when binding, 54

special, to be registered, 56

to be annexed to articles of association, 57

copy of, to be sent to members, when, 57

for winding-up company, 99

for voluntary winding-up, 170

extraordinary, 170

notice of, to be given, 171

for adopting scheme of liquidation, 183

when to be valid, 185

declaration by chairman as to, when evidence, 249, pl. (42)
requisite on registration of existing company under new act, 220


liability of, to contribute to assets of company, 45, 388


eligible for re-election, 444


provisions as to, of directors, 252, 253, 363


reference to parliamentary, as to joint stock companies, 219
to be made by banking companies governed by 7 Geo. 4, c. 46,
to the stamp office, 279

to be verified on oath, 279

form of, 280

required to be made by other companies, 280

when evidence of party being a shareholder of banking com-
pany, 287

correctness of, how triable, 289

to be made of grant of letters patent and style of the company,

of persons ceasing to be members, when, 397

of repayment of money advanced, 398

how to be signed and verified, 399

of names of members, &c., not to be rendered invalid by unin-
tentional error, 399

to what office to be made, 400

by whom to be registered, 400

certified copy of, to be evidence, 401

regulations as to forms of, 401

forms of returns to be made by companies formed by letters
patent, 407-411


may be made by Lord Chancellor in England, 209

by Court of Session in Scotland, 209

by Vice-Warden as to Stannaries, 210

and practice of superior courts may be adopted in Stannaries, 211
may be made by Lord Chancellor in Ireland, 211

of the Court of Chancery to regulate mode of proceeding under
Companies Act, 1862..295-319

forms annexed to, 320-354

of industrial, &c., society to contain provisions in schedule, 384
the schedule, 390




of shares, what essential to validity of, 136

consideration for, may be shares accepted by liquidators, 184
of property, how to be made, 304

price on sale of dissentient member's interest may be settled by
arbitration, 186


of property by official manager, 185



property of company, how to be effected, 304


not necessarily a banking company, 257


general, for liquidation of debts of company may be sanctioned,



what land may be held by company formed for promoting, 30

proceedings for obtaining to be by, for obtaining execution, 286
what to be shown on application for leave to issue, 286, 288
may be issued against former members, when, 287
what is evidence of party being shareholder, 287
when obtained by party having a collateral security, 288
mode of proceeding to execution upon, 289
correctness of return may be tried upon, 289

to repeal charter of the crown, 391

Lord Chancellor has no jurisdiction to stay execution on
judgment for, 393

against member of company formed by letters patent, 402


affidavits before whom to be sworn in, 169

law of, as to actions against directors, 9

court may order the examination of persons in, 168
rules may be made by the Court of Session in, 209
contributories in, may be ordered to pay calls, 163
order made in England may be enforced in, 164
who to act as registrar in, 214

banking company in, when to be deemed to be incorporated by
act of parliament, 226

jurisdiction in, as to industrial, &c., societies, 389

returns as to companies formed by letters patent, where to be
made in, 400


proof of debt by, 182

power of, to admit debt, 444


for costs, when to be required, 74

of inquiry by inspectors, 67

when to be given by official liquidator, 110

rules as to, 299


against effects of company when to be void, 188


of notices on company, 69

rules as to, by letters, 69, 70

upon contributories and creditors of summonses, notices, &c.,


not to be invalid on account of errors, 315

of notice on company formed by letters patent, 404
of notice by such company, 404

of notice as to contributories, when invalid, 114


certain misdemeanors not to be tried at, 380


plea of, in action for calls, 74

member's share in capital of banking company not to be set off
against their demand upon him, 283

of money due to member from company, 46, pl. (7)


by what acts parties become, 25

cases as to amending the register of, 40, 41

when assignees of bankrupt become, 87

cannot dispute validity of shares, 415

withdrawal of, from company, 136

liability of, under Winding-up Act, 1856..82

liable as contributories notwithstanding incorrect description in
register, 125

although not entered on list of, 125

induced by fraud to become, not contributories, 128

become contributories by payment of deposit without signature
of deed, 128, 141, 142

in extremis may transfer shares absolutely, 134

who liable to payment of calls after death of, 425
where shares are specifically bequeathed, 426

regulations as to votes of, 250, 267, 361

suits by some, on behalf of all, 445

when bound by acquiescence, 437, xlvii


when to be numbered, 31, 228

to be personal estate, 31

number and amount of, to be stated in memorandum of asso-
ciation, 14

in articles of association, 21

annual summary to be made respecting, 33

issue of new, and alteration of amount, 19, 247, 359, pl. (21)
conversion of, into stock, 246

notice to be given to registrar of conversion and consolidation of,

power of directors to bind, 437


what amounts to contract to take, 6

specific performance of agreement to take, when granted, 26,



acceptance of, by letter, when sufficient, 356
effect of conversion of, into stock, 35

injunction to restrain transfer of, by trustee, 35
are within the Trustee Act, 36

right to, by survivorship, 36

interest of bankrupt in, passes to his assignees, 87
of bankrupt subject to existing lien, 88
subject to reputed ownership, 89


lien on, deposited by bankrupt, 95
operation of equitable assignment of, 96
liability in respect of free shares, 126
paid-up shares, 126

case as to cancellation of, 135

dealings as to paid-up shares, 135, 417, 418
taking, but refusing to sign deed, 127

what essential to validity of sale of, 136

effect of relinquishment of, 137

of shares by retiring director, when void, 442

former mode of transfer of, preserved, 219

in public companies belonging to the debtor and standing in
his own name, may be charged by judge's order, 292

what are public companies with reference to that provi-
sion, 293

purchaser of, takes subject to liabilities, 414

forfeiture of, 139, 418

when set aside, 423


bequest of, when valid, 432, 433

allotment of new, 424

right to bonus in respect of, 429

priority of payment of dividends on preference, 430


judicial notice to be taken of signatures of certain officers, 167
of the seal, signature or stamp of certain courts and per-
sons, 169

forging, of certain documents, when to be felony, 217


may be appointed by official liquidator, 113
call not made for payment of bill of, 145

what proceedings to be conducted by, 316

entitled to what fees, 316

duties of, of official liquidator, 316


what to be deemed, 248, pl. (36)

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