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A TREATISE upon the CUSTOMARY LAW of FOREIGN ATTACHMENT, and the PRACTICE of the MAYOR'S COURT of the CITY OF LONDON therein. With Forms of Procedure. By WOODTHORPE BRANDON, Esq., of the Middle Temple, Barrister-at-Law. 8vo. 14s. cloth.

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WHAT IS CONTRABAND OF WAR AND WHAT IS NOT. A Treatise comprising all the American and English Authorities on the Subject. By JOSEPH MOSELEY, Esq., B.C.L., Barrister at Law. Post 8vo. 5s. cloth.

"The method pursued by the author in the construction of this Treatise is an exceedingly good one."-Solicitors' Journal.

"The law on this subject will be found very ably, succinctly and readably set forth in the lile book before us."-Athenæum.

"This valuable little book has evidently been written with much care and after a great deal of well directed research."Economist.

"The authorities are fully set forth and the principles stated in Mr. Moseley's

pages. All the Fnglish and American authorities are cited."-Law Times,

"This manual will be found to be of considerable practical value, inasmuch as it seems to be sufficiently exhaustive of the branch of the maritime public law of which it treats. We think this manual, which contains a good table of contents, will be found to possess practical merit, and seldom to necessitate a reference to the more learned authorities."-Law Magazine and Review.


THE LAW relating to the PROBATE, LEGACY and SUCCESSION DUTIES in ENGLAND, IRELAND and SCOTLAND, including all the Statutes and the Decisions on those Subjects with Forms and Official Regulations. By LEONARD SHELFORD, Esq., of the Middle Temple, Barrister at Law. The Second Edition, with many Alterations and Additions.

"The book is written mainly for solicitors. Mr. Shelford has accordingly planned his work with careful regard to its practical utility and daily use."-Solicitors' Journal.

"The treatise before us on the charges which the State levies on the devolution of property by death has been one of the most useful and popular of his productions, and being now the text book on the subject

12mo. 16s. cloth.

nothing remains but to make known its appearance to our readers. Its merits have been already tested by most of them."— Law Times.

"The work, although called a new edition, is in great part entirely new. On the whole Mr. Shelford's book appears to us to be the best and most complete work on this extremely intricate subject."-Law Magazine.

COOTE'S PROBATE COURT PRACTICE.-Fourth Edition. The PRACTICE of the COURT of PROBATE in COMMON FORM BUSINESS, by HENRY CHARLES COOTE, F.S.A., Proctor in Doctors' Commons, Author of "The Practice of the Ecclesiastical Courts, &c." Also a TREATISE on the PRACTICE of the COURT in CONTENTIOUS BUSINESS, by THOMAS H. TRISTRAM, D.C.L., Advocate in Doctors' Commons, and of the Inner Temple. Fourth Edition, Enlarged and Improved. 8vo., 21s. cloth.

"When we say that Mr. Coote has done his work well, we only reiterate the recorded verdict of the profession. In this fourth edition Mr. Coote has made such additions to the original text as were rendered necessary by the issuing of a new and consolidated set of Rules and Fees for the Court of Probate by the special practice arising out of the 24 & 25 Vict. c. 114. and by the recent decisions of the learned Judge of the Court. After a careful perusal of the revised edition, we are able to say that Mr. Coote has spared no trouble to make his valuable work still more useful to the profession. Mr. Coote has found a worthy coadjutor in Dr. Tristram. The practice of the Court in contentious business has been treated by him in an able and concise manner."-Law Magazine and Review.

"This will probably be the text work on the ubject for some years to come."-Law Times.

"There cannot be doubt that the Work of Messrs. Coote and Tristram is the Work on its peculiar and importaut branch of the Law."-Law Chronicle.

"The fact that an entire Edition of a Work has been sold in the course of a year is the best recommendation of its merits. The Second Edition of the Work, the title of which is given above, was pub lished only last year, and it is well known to the Profession as a very compendious and reliable Manual of the Practice of the Court of Probate. Both gent emen have accomplished their task in the New Edition in a manner altogether satisfactory."Solicitors' Journal.


EXAMPLES of ADMINISTRATION BONDS for the COURT of PROBATE; exhibiting the principle of various Grants of Administration, and the correct mode of preparing the Bonds in respect thereof; also Directions for preparing the Oaths and full Examples of Oath in some particular Cases; arranged for practical utility. With Extracts from Statutes, Rules and Orders; also various Forms of Affirmation prescribed by Acts of Parliament. By SAMUEL CHADWICK, One of the Principal Clerks of Seats of Her Majesty's Court of Probate. Royal 8vo. 12s. cloth.

"We undertake to say that the possession of this volume by practitioners will prevent many a hitch and awkward delay, provok ing to the lawyer himself and difficult to be satisfactorily explained to the clients." -Law Magazine and Review.

"The work is principally designed to save the profession the necessity of obtaining at the registries information as to the preparing or filling up of bonds, and to prevent grants of administration and administration with the will annexed being delayed

on account of the defective filling up of such instruments."-Solicitors' Jurnal.

"Mr. Chadwick's volume will be a necessary part of the law library of the practi tioner, for he has collected precedents that are in constant requirement. This is purely a book of practice, but therefore the more valuable. It tells the reader what to do, and that is the information most required after a lawyer begins to practise."-Law Times.


by Shelford.

CRABB'S COMPLETE SERIES of PRECEDENTS in CONVEYANCING and of COMMON and COMMERCIAL FORMS in Alphabetical Order, adapted to the Present State of the Law and the Practice of Conveyancing; with copious Prefaces, Observations and Notes on the several Deeds. By J. T. CHRISTIE, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. The Fifth Edition, with numerous Corrections and Additions, by LEONARD SHELFORD, Esq., of the Middle Temple, Barrister-at-Law. Two vols. royal 8vo, 3l. cloth.

The Law of Property Amendment and Relief of Trustees Acts, 1859 and 1860, have been added to the present edition.

"In carefulness we have in him a second Crabb, in erudition Crabb's superior; and the result is a work of which the original author would have been proud, could it have appeared under his own auspices. It is not a book to be quoted, nor indeed could its merits be exhibited by quotation. It is essentially a book of practice, which can only be described in rude outline and dismissed with applause, and a recommendation of it to the notice of those for whose service it has been so laboriously compiled."-Law Times.

"Mr. Shelford has proved himself in this task to be not unworthy of his former reputation. To those familiar with his other works it will be a sufficient recommendation of this work that Mr. Shelford's name appears on the title-page; if there be any who are not well acquainted with them, we venture to recommend to such the work before us, as the most generally useful and convenient collection of precedents in conveyancing, and of commercial forms for ordinary use, which are to be had in the English language."-Solicitors' Journal and Reporter.

"Those who have been in the habit of using Crabb's work will allow that his 'Prefaces' contain practical observations of considerable utility to the professional man. The flow of time carrying with it many changes, and some reforms in the law relative to conveyancing, have imposed the obligation upon Mr. Shelford of care. fully revising all, and in many instances has rendered it expedient for him to re-write not a small portion of some of these Prefaces. Mr. Shelford has also had to exer

cise, and we doubt not with correct judgment has exercised, his discretion as to where he should reject Forms which he deemed it advisable to omit, and where he should revise them or introduce new ones, to meet the modern exigencies and characteristics of conveyancing. To this important part of his duty-the remodelling and perfecting of the Forms-even with the examination which we have already been able to afford this work, we are able to affirm, that the learned editor has been eminently successful and effected valuable improvements."-Law Magazine and Re


"It possesses one distinctive feature in devoting more attention than usual in Such works to forms of a commercial nature. We are satisfied from an examination of the present with the immediately preceding edition that Mr. Shelford has very considerably improved the character of the work, both in the prefaces and in the forms. The two volumes contain several hundred pages of additional matter, and both the latest cases and decisions appear to be noticed in the prefaces. Indeed it is evident that Mr. Shelford has modernized the whole work, and thus given it an additional value. On the whole the two volumes of Crabb's Precedents, as edited by Mr. Leonard Shelford, will be found extremely useful in a solicitor's office, presenting a large amount of real property learning, with very numerous precedents: indeed we know of no book so justly entitled to the appellation of handy' as the fifth edition of Mr. Crabb's Precedents."-Law Chronicle.

STEPHEN'S COMMON LAW PROCEDURE ACT, 1860. THE COMMON LAW PROCEDURE. ACT, 1860, 23 & 24 Vict. c. 126; with Notes and an Introduction. By JAMES STEPHEN, LL.D., Recorder of Poole. Editor of "Lush's Practice" and of " Mr. Serjeant Stephen's Commentaries." 5s. cloth.

** This Work is so printed and arranged as to form a convenient SUPPLEMENT TO STEPHEN'S LUSH'S PRACTICE."

"We recommend this edition of the Act as being carefully and well done."-Solicitors' Journal.

"The Notes, on which the chief value of the Volume depends, appear to us to be very satisfactory. A good Index makes reference to the appropriate subjects very easy."-Law Chronicle.

"A necessary Supplement to Mr. Stephen's Edition of Lush's Practice, the value of which will be appreciated by all acquainted with the learning and industry which the Author has bestowed on his previous labours in legal literature."-Law Times.

STEPHEN'S LUSH'S COMMON LAW PRACTICE. LUSH'S PRACTICE of the SUPERIOR COURTS of COMMON LAW at WESTMINSTER, in Actions and Proceedings connected therewith over which they have a common Jurisdiction, with Forms: also Introductory Treatises respecting Parties to Actions, Attornies and Town Agents; Suing in Person, by Attorney or in Formâ Pauperis, &c.; and an Appendix, containing the General Rules, the authorised Table of Costs, Fees, &c. Second Edition, corrected down to the date of publication. By JAMES STEPHEN, LL.D. of the Middle Temple, Barrister at Law, and Professor of English Law and Jurisprudence at King's College, London. 8vo. 42s. cloth.

"An examination of the work enables us to pronounce a very favourable opinion on the manner in which Mr. Stephen has executed his laborious task. Mr. Stephen's editorship has not been of the ordinary kind."-Law Magazine.

"We have no hesitation in pronouncing this to be by far the best Practice' that has yet appeared, and that Mr. Stephen has fully maintained the reputation achieved by Mr. Lush."-Law Times.

"It is not too much to say that the work fully accomplishes its objects, and must necessarily become not only a standard authority, but a recognized manual in the matters which it so ably and lucidly treats." Morning Chronicle.

"Mr. Lush has been fortunate in his editor. Painstaking, methodical and conscientiously cautious, Mr. Stephen has executed a most laborious task in a manner eminently useful and satisfactory."-Daily News.

A work which is a complete text-book of the actual Practice, and is invaluable to the Practitioner and the Student. Indeed, we know not where the latter could find so readable a book on subjects ordinarily so little inviting as points of Practice; at the

same time that the work furnishes all that the busiest Practitioner could desire."Law Chronicle.

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The duty of remodelling Mr. Lush's Common Law Practice has been assigned by the publishers to Mr. James Stephen, and the result of his labours leaves them no ground to regret their selection. Nothing has been omitted which was necessary to complete the work of renovation."-Morn ing Advertiser.

A careful examination of its contents has satisfied us that it combines in a remarkable degree the qualities of accuracy and conciseness."-Morning Post.

"We have compared it with the first edition, and we have no hesitation in saying that the work itself will be a permanent monument_of the industry of the learned editor."-Legal Observer.

"We predict that it will be the standard authority on the Common Law Practice. Its author has not adopted the plan pursued in other modern practice books, and to which we have adverted; but he has bestowed an earnest diligence and appropriate care on his subject, the result is a masterly treatise exhibiting due accuracy."-Legu leian.


A TREATISE on the LAW of MINES and MINERALS. By WILLIAM BAINBRIDGE, Esq., F.G.S., of the Inner Temple, Barrister at Law. Second Edition, carefully revised, and much enlarged by additional matter relating to manorial rights-rights of way and water and other mining easements-the sale of mines and shares--the construction of leases-cost book and general partnerships-injuries from undermining and inundations — barriers and working out of bounds. With an Appendix of Forms and Customs and a Glossary of English Mining Terms. 8vo., 21s. cloth.


A MANUAL of the PRACTICE and EVIDENCE in ACTIONS and other Proceedings in the County Courts; with the Statutes and Rules. Second Edition, with a Supplement, containing the Practice under the Statute 19 & 20 Vict. cap. 108, and the New Rules and Orders, &c.; together with a new and complete Index to the entire Work. By JAMES EDWARD DAVIS, Esq., of the Middle Temple, Barrister at Law. Second Edition. Post 8vo. 24s. cloth.

**This is the only work on the County Courts which treats fully on the Law and Evidence in Actions and other Proceedings in these Courts.


An ELEMENTARY VIEW of the PRACTICE of CONVEYANCING in SOLICITORS' OFFICES, with an Outline of the Proceedings under the Transfer of Land and Declaration of Title Acts, 1862, for the use of Articled Clerks. By EDMUND SMITH, B.A., late of Pembroke Coll. Cambridge, Attorney and Solicitor. Post 8vo. 6s. cloth.

"This little work will be found very useful to beginners in Conveyancing. The writer has the moral courage to commence at the very beginning, and to avoid a parade of learning which would be entirely useless to articled clerks in their noviciate. The account given by him of the proceedings in solicitors' offices, in purchases,

sales, mortgages, leases, settlements and wills, is very simple and intelligible, while at the same time it is so accurate and complete that even old practitioners may read it with advantage. It is on the whole a highly creditable performance for a country solicitor."-Solicitors' Journal and Reporter.

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