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ROUSE'S COPYHOLD ENFRANCHISEMENT MANUAL. Second edition, re-written and greatly extended. Division 1. Giving the Law. 2. The Practice and Practical Suggestions. 3. The Mathematical Consideration of the Subject, with Rules, Tables and Examples prepared expressly for this Edition, and enabling any Lord, Steward, Copyholder or Valuer to estimate with Mathematical accuracy, and with ease, the Value of the Lord's several Rights. 4. Numerous Forms; and 5. The Statutes, including that of 1858, and Notes. By ROLLA ROUSE, Esq., of the Middle Temple, Barrister at Law. 12mo. 10s. cloth.


The LAW of BANKING; BANKER and CUSTOMER; BANKER and CORRESPONDENT; PRIVATE BANKS; BANKING CO-PARTNERSHIPS and JOINT-STOCK BANKS: comprising the Rights and Liabilities, and the Remedies of and against Directors, Managers, Clerks, Shareholders, &c.: the rules as to Cheques, Orders, Bills payable at Bankers, Accountable Receipts, Bank Notes, Deposits of Securities, Guarantees, &c. By JAMES GRANT, Esq., M.A., of the Middle Temple, Barrister at Law, Author of "The Law of Corporations in General." In one vol., post 8vo., 18s. cloth.

"This is a well-designed and well-executed work."-Legal Observer.

"The learning and industry which were so conspicuous in Mr. Grant's former work are equally apparent in this. The book supplies a real want, which has long been felt both by the Profession and by the public at large."-Jurist.

"The object of the Author has been to give an entirely practical exposition of the law as it stands according to statutory enactment, and as it has been developed, ascertained and explained by judicial decisions."-Times.

"This is a very able work, the appearance of which is especially to be welcomed at the present time. Fully illustrated with cases, and well indexed, his book will be

not only helpful to the lawyer, for whose use it is immediately designed, but will be consulted with advantage by many who belong to the large community of bankers' customers, while it will be of most obvious service to directors and shareholders of Joint-Stock Banks."-Examiner.

"For such a task, industry and accuracy are the qualities which are principally required: and the Author appears to possess them in a high degree. His work is moreover well arranged and clearly expressed." -Athenæum.

"We recommend the work as one exceedingly convenient and useful to all persons interested, or in any way connected with the subjects on which it treats." Bankers' Circular.

DAVIS'S CRIMINAL LAW CONSOLIDATION ACTS. THE CRIMINAL LAW CONSOLIDATION ACTS, 1861; with an Introduction and practical Notes, illustrated by a copious reference to Cases decided by the Court of Criminal Appeal. Together with alphabetical Tables of Offences, as well those punishable upon Summary Conviction as upon Indictment, and including the Offences under the New Bankruptcy Act, so arranged as to present at one view the particular Offence, the Old or New Statute upon which it is founded, and the Limits of Punishment; and full Index. By JAMES EDWARD DAVIS, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. 12mo. 10s. cloth.

"This work is one of a class almost indispensable to every practitioner in the existing state of the law. We can speak favorably of the labours of Mr. Davis. Between the body of the work and the index are two useful tables, of which no notice is found in the title page."-Jurist.

"This is a carefully prepared edition of the New Criminal Law Consolidation Acts, and will be found extremely useful for practical purposes. The name of Mr.

Davis will be a sufficient guarantee that the work has been done in a lawyer-like manner. There can be no doubt that Mr. Davis's edition of the New Criminal Statutes will prove very serviceable both to magistrates and the profession." Law Magazine and Review.

In the edition before us the public are provided with the Acts themselves, in a convenient form, with an index."-Solicitors' Journal.


A SELECTION of LEADING CASES on the LAW relating to REAL PROPERTY, CONVEYANCING, and the CONSTRUCTION of WILLS and DEEDS; with Notes. By OWEN DAVIES TUDOR, Esq., of the Middle Temple, Barrister at Law, Author of "Leading Cases in Equity." 36s. cloth.

"It is a work which will repay perusal, and we would recommend those of our readers who are anxious for instruction on some of the most abstruse points of the Law of Real Property, to purchase and carefully read the volume of Mr. Tudor, and then we are satisfied that they will recognize the utility of the labours of the Annotator, and find themselves much improved thereby."-Law Chronicle.

Mr. Tudor has done a substantial service to the Profession. The plan adopted is the same as in the Equity Cases. Mr. Tudor has exhibited his usual knowledge and clearness in the conveying of it to his readers, and his volume should be studied by the student, and will be useful for reference to the practitioner."-Law Times.

"The selection of cases in the volume before us has been judiciously made and the notes are the result of much learning and industry. Mr. Tudor is also entitled to praise for having kept the notes within

One thick vol., royal 8vo.,

moderate dimensions, and for not having over-burthened them with cases; he has done that which requires much greater mental labour, as well as mental capacity, namely, deduced principles from the decisions of our Courts, citing only the chief authorities in support of his positions."Jurist.

"Mr. Tudor's Selection of Leading Cases in Equity is well known, and has acquired a deserved reputation. The field which Mr. Tudor has chosen for the present Selection is a tolerable wide one, embracing Real Property, Conveyancing,, and the Construction of Wills and Deeds. As to the way in which Mr. Tudor has executed his task, within the limits which he has marked out for himself in the present volume, we are able to speak of it in terms of the highest commendation. The work will doubtless be a valuable addition to the library of the working lawyer as well as that of the student."-Legal Observer.



THE AMENDMENT ACT, 1862; with an Introductory Analysis; an Appendix containing the Statute and incorporated Provisions of antecedent Acts; a Digest of Cases of Salvage and Collision, with reference to the newly-extended Jurisdiction; Practical Forms and a copious Index. By JAMES O'DOWD, Esq., of the Middle Temple, Barrister-at-Law, and Assistant Solicitor for the Merchant Shipping Department of Her Majesty's Customs. 12mo. 7s. 6d. cloth.

"Mr. O'Dowd's experience as Assistant Solicitor of the Merchant Shipping Depart ment of her Majesty's Customs is a good guarantee for the eminently practical character of his work. The Salvage digest will make the book invaluable for lawyers." -Solicitors' Journal.

"A more fit man than Mr. O'Dowd to send forth an edition of the Merchant Shipping Amendment Act, with an ex

planation of its various provisions, could not have been found."-Law Times.

"The portions of Mr. O'Dowd's book which will be found especially valuable are those which relate to the Law of Wreck and Salvage. It will, if we mistake not, prove as valuable to the legal profession as to the shipping interest generally."Shipping and Mercantile Gazette.


THE LAW of RAILWAYS, including the Three General Consolidation Acts, 1845, and the other General Acts for regulating Railways in England and Ireland, with copious Notes of Decided Cases on their Construction, including the Rights and Liabilities of Shareholders, Allottees of Shares, and Provisional Committee-men, with Forms, &c. By LEONARD SHELFORD, Esq., of the Middle Temple, Barrister at Law. Third Edition. Royal 12mo. 30s. cloth.

"Mr. Shelford has long since established implicit confidence in the accuracy, fulness and practical utility of every book to which his name is attached. His Law of Railways has long been among the best of his performances, and a careful examination of this edition will fully warrant his announcement that the new matter is important and extensive."-Law Magazine.

Mr. Shelford was one of the first to reduce this new law to the form of a treatise, and that his labours have found favour with those who are most competent to judge of their value is proved by the fact that already it has attained to the dignity of a Third Edition. It is not necessary now to describe a book that must be so well known to all our readers,-enough to state that this New Edition embodies the very latest Law, all the New Statutes and the multitudinous Decisions, so that the Volume

presents, in a form conveniently arranged for reference, the entire Law of Railways as it is at this moment."-Law Times.

"We can readily indorse Mr. Shelford's assertion, that the new matter introduced into this edition is extensive and important. This, added to the number of forms, of considerable importance, and cases, of which there are some 1,200, an ample table of contents and a very copious index, conduce to make the work all that could be desired. Those who are interested in the law on which it treats may refer to it not merely with a certainty of being able to find what they are looking for, but of finding the general law on the subject carefully collected, explained and illustrated, by a reference to almost every decision which bears upon the point at issue." -Justice of the Peace.


THE LAW of CHARITABLE TRUSTS; with the Statutes, including those of 1862, the Orders, Regulations and Instructions issued pursuant thereto, and a Selection of Schemes, with Notes. By OWEN DAVIES TUDOR, Esq., of the Middle Temple, Barrister-atLaw, Author of 'Leading Cases in Equity.' Second Edition, containing all the recent Statutes and Decisions. Post 8vo. 18s. cloth.

"Mr. Tudor in the present edition of his work has struck out beyond his original intention, and has made it a complete compendium of the law of charities. In carrying out this intention his object appears to have been to produce a practical and concise summary of this branch of the law. No living writer is more capable than Mr. Tudor of producing such a work: his Leading Cases in Equity, and also on the Law of Real Property, have deservedly earned for him the highest reputation as a learned, careful and judicious text-writer. main feature of the work is the manner in which Mr. Tudor has dealt with all the recent statutes relating to this subject: we have only to add that the index is very carefully compiled."-Solicitors' Journal.


Mr. Tudor's excellent little book on Charitable Trusts. It is indeed no longer a little book but a bulky one of some 650 pages Mr. Tudor however is a singularly painstaking author; his books, as the profession well knows, are models of industry and care, and hence their popularity. This second edition has collected the cases decided since the issue of the first, and their number is surprising-upwards of one thousand. Mr Tudor has made his work complete by the introduction of several schemes

for the settlement of charities, so that it is in all respects the text-book for the lawyer as well as a hand-book for reference by trustees and others engaged in the management of charities."-Law Times.

"The account of the Law of Mortmain and the statutes respecting charitable bequests in their bearing on the different religious orders is full and definite, and the duties of trustees are explained in a clear and straightforward way. Altogether this work must be exceedingly useful, not to say indispensable, to all persons who are connected with charitable trusts, whether as founders, managers or trustees."-English Churchman.

"To this second edition large additions are made, and it is now a complete compendium of the Law of Charities."-Clerical


"To all who have occasion to look into the nature and origin of these trusts, together with the several acts of parlia ment which affect or govern them, Mr. Tudor's work will be found of great value -more especially as in this second and improved edition all the more recent cases have been carefully collated."-Bell's Messenger.


A HISTORY of EDUCATION for the ENGLISH BAR, with SUGGESTIONS as to SUBJECTS and METHODS of STUDY. By PHILIP ANSTIE SMITH, Esq., M.A., LL.B., Barrister at Law. 8vo., 9s. cloth.

"This work is one of great interest in the present day. It evidently emanates from the pen of a thoughtful man."-Law Magazine.

"This work is instructive and suggestive. The author passes in review almost all the branches of a liberal education, and points out how each, in their several spheres, may become useful, not only as strengthening the intellectual powers, but as valuable in the actual experience of a practising barrister."-Literary Gazette.

"The most useful treatise yet extant on the subject of legal education."-Spectator.

"The information on the course pursued in the education for the Bar in modern times is most extensive, and the suggestions most valuable as to the advantage to be derived from following the plans marked out by the eminent men whose histories are given. We therefore commend the work most heartily to the reader's attention."-Justice of the Peace.

"We recommend this little volume of Mr. Smith's to the careful reading of all young men who are studying with a view to admission to the English Bar."-Bell's Messenger.


The MAGISTERIAL SYNOPSIS: a Practical Guide for Magistrates, their Clerks, Attornies, and Constables, in all Matters out of Quarter Sessions; containing Summary Convictions and Indictable Offences, with their Penalties, Punishment, Procedure, &c. Tabularly arranged. By GEORGE C. OKE, Assistant Clerk to the Lord Mayor of London, Author of "The Magisterial Formulist," "The Law of Turnpike Roads," &c. Eighth Edition, enlarged and improved, and brought down to the close of the Session of 1862. 1 very thick vol. 8vo. 50s. cloth.

"I am aware that the Lord Mayor has at present an able assistant in the person of a gentleman of the name of Oke, author of the Magisterial Synopsis,' a very enterprising, able and learned man."-Lord Chancellor Campbell, in the House of Lords.

"Oke has fairly superseded Archbold. Nobody acquainted with the books of both, and having occasion to use them, will hesitate to indorse this assertion. * ** It is now as complete as such a work can be. It needs not description, for it must be well known to all engaged in Magistrates' Courts. For us remains only the easy and agreeable task of recording its appearance

as among the legal intelligence of the time, and congratulating Mr. Oke on the welldeserved success that has attended his ingenious labours, and the reward so well earned by his advancement to an important office through the fame achieved by this work."-Law Times.

"The Magisterial Synopsis is a Work of which Mr. Oke may justly be proud, and Magistrates and their Clerks, and those who have to practise before Magistrates, must be very ungrateful indeed if they do not recognize the ability of the bulky volume, which is truly a monument of Mr. Oke's industry and skill of arrangement."-Law Chronicle.


The MAGISTERIAL FORMULIST: being a complete collection of Forms and Precedents for practical use in all Cases out of Quarter Sessions, and in Parochial Matters, by Magistrates, their Clerks and Attornies: with an Introduction, Explanatory Directions, Variations and Notes. By GEORGE C. OKE, Assistant Clerk to the Lord Mayor of London, Author of "The Magisterial Synopsis" and "The Law of Turnpike Roads," &c. &c. Third Edition, enlarged and revised: with Supplement, containing a Collection of New Forms under the Criminal Law Consolidation Acts, 1861. 8vo., 35s. cloth. The Supplement, to complete copies not containing the same, may be had separately, price 2s. 6d. sewed.


Being a gentleman of very great experience and learning in such matters, Mr. Oke's Formulist has been found extremely useful as a companion volume to the Synopsis. The two volumes together constitute a complete library for Magistrates, and are indispensable for their clerks, and for attorneys practising before Magistrates." -Solicitors' Journal.

"A new edition of a work of established authority. *** This volume is a necessary Supplement to Oke's Synopsis 'at least with magistrates, their clerks and parish officers. The compiler is entitled to say that it will be found the most comprehensive body of forms in magisterial practice that has been published, and many more than the number comprised in all the published works on the subject. Its value is increased by its excellent arrange

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