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OKE'S TURNPIKE LAWS.-Second Edition.

The LAWS of TURNPIKE ROADS: comprising the whole of the General Acts; the Acts as to the Union of Trusts, for facilitating Arrangements with their Creditors; the interference of Railways and other Public Works with Roads; their Non-repair, and enforcing Contributions from Parishes, (including also the Acts as to South Wales Turnpike Roads,) &c. &c.; practically arranged, with Cases, Notes, Forms, &c. &c. By GEORGE C. OKE, Author of "The Magisterial Synopsis" and "The Magisterial Formulist," &c. Second Edition, with Cases and Statutes to November, 1861. 12mo., 18s. cloth.

"In the Synopsis' Mr. Oke is unique; the plan was perfectly original, and he has no competitor. In the Turnpike Law he is himself a competitor with others, who had previously possession of the field. Nevertheless, so well has he executed his design that his volume has fairly taken precedence in the esteem of the profession, because he has written it with the same

industrious research and painstaking correction which distinguished the synop. sis."-Law Times.

All Mr. Oke's works are well done, and his Turnpike Laws' is an admirable speci. me of the class of books required for the guidance of magistrates and legal practitioners in country districts."-Solicitors' Journal.


A HANDY BOOK of the GAME and FISHERY LAWS; containing all the Acts in force as to Game, Rabbits, Deer, Private and Salmon Fisheries, Dogs and Birds, and the new Licences to kill Game, Deer, &c. Systematically arranged; with useful Forms, Notes, Decisions, &c., and containing the New Salmon Fisheries Act of 1861, and the Game Poaching Prevention Act, 1862. By GEORGE C. OKE, Author of "The Magisterial Synopsis" and "Formulist," &c. &c. Post 8vo., 8s. cloth.

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Game I aws, Mr. Oke's digest and interpretation of the various statutes will prove of great assistance."-Stamford Mercury.

"Mr. Oke makes the laws easily comprehended in all their bearings, so that the person requiring information will find it at once, and that in a condensed form. * * It is a work that every sportsman would find useful, now that the season is before him and he is anxious to know how the law stands under the recent acts of parliameat."-Bell's New Messenger.

"We recommend justices, landlords, and others whom it behoves to be well acquainted with the Game Laws, to supply themselves with a copy of this work; they will find every requisite information in a small space and in an intelligible form."Cambridge Chronicle.

WILLS ON EVIDENCE.-Fourth Edition.

AN ESSAY on the PRINCIPLES of CIRCUMSTAN. TIAL EVIDENCE. Illustrated by numerous Cases. By the late WILLIAM WILLS, Esq. Fourth Edition. Edited by his Son, ALFRED WILLS, Esq., Barrister at Law. 8vo. 10s. cloth.


THE NEW CRIMINAL ACTS, 1861, with the Offences, Punishments and Procedure: whether Punishable Summarily or on Indictment; Alphabetically and Tabularly arranged. By GEORGE C. OKE, Author of the " Magisterial Synopsis." 8vo 6s. cloth.


A CONCISE TREATISE on the Principles of EQUITY PLEADING, with Precedents. By C. STEWART DREWRY, Esq., of the Inner Temple, Barrister at Law. 12mo., 6s. boards.

CONTENTS: What Persons are entitled to sue in Equity, and in what manner to sue. -Of the Modes of instituting a Suit in Equity. Of the Defence of Suits.-Of Pleas. -Of Answers.-Of Amended Bills.-Of Revivor and Supplemental Bills.-Of Interlocutory Applications Of the Proceedings on going into Evidence.-Of Appeals. -Conclusion.-Appendix of Precedents.

"Mr. Drewry will be remembered by many as the author of the very popular and excellent treatise on the Practice in Equity. He has now contributed to the library of the lawyer another work of equal value, written for younger members of the profession and for students, in which

he describes the principles and general rules of Equity Pleading. It will be found of great utility, as introductory to the more elaborate treatises, or to refresh the memory after the study of the larger books."-Law Times.

WILLIAMS ON PLEADING AND PRACTICE. An INTRODUCTION to the PRINCIPLES and PRACTICE of PLEADING in the SUPERIOR COURTS of LAW, embracing an outline of the whole Proceedings in an Action at Law, on Motion, and at Judges' Chambers; together with the Rules of Pleading and Practice, and Forms of all the principal Proceedings. By WATKIN WILLIAMS, of the Inner Temple, Esq., Barrister at Law. 8vo. 12s. cloth.

Mr. Williams has undertaken a work requiring great care in its treatment; but we have no hesitation in saying that he has brought to bear on his task powers of arrangement and clearness of expression of no ordinary character, and has produced a work creditable to himself and useful to the Profession. For the Student especially

the book has features of peculiar value. it is at the same time scientific and prac tical, and throughout the work there is a judicious union of general principles with a practical treatment of the subject, illustrated by forms and examples of the main proceedings."-Jurist.


LECTURES, ELEMENTARY and FAMILIAR, on ENGLISH LAW. By JAMES FRANCILLON, Esq., County Court Judge. Second Series. 8vo., 8s. cloth.

By the same Author,

LECTURES, ELEMENTARY and FAMILIAR, on ENGLISH LAW. First Series. 8vo., 8s. cloth.




TREATISE on COPYHOLD, CUSTOMARY FREEHOLD, and ANCIENT DEMESNE TENURE; with the Jurisdiction of Courts Baron and Courts Leet. Also an Appendix containing Rules for holding Customary Courts, Courts Baron, and Courts Leet; Forms of Court Rolls, Deputations, and Copyhold Assurances, and Extracts from the relative Acts of Parliament. The FOURTH EDITION, embracing


JOHN SCRIVEN, Serjeant at Law. all the authorities to the present period, by HENRY STALMAN, Esq. of the Inner Temple, Barrister at Law. Two Vols. royal 8vo. 27. 10s. boards.


"For this task Mr. Parkinson is eminently qualified."-Jurist.

"It is extremely well calculated for the purpose for which it is intended. So much work is now done in Common Law Chambers by junior clerks that such a little treatise is much wanted. Mr. Parkinson has performed his task skilfully and with care."-Solicitors' Journal.

The practice in Chambers has become sufficiently important to call for a treatise devoted to it, nor could a more competent man for the task have presented himself

than Mr. Parkinson, whose great experience as well as intelligence have long placed him in the position of an authority on all matters appertaining to this peculiar_but very extensive branch of Common Law Practice."-Law Times.

There is much that would prove very useful to the practitioner in Mr. Parkinson's compilation, and which, so far as we are aware, is not to be found in any other book collected with equal conciseness."-Law Magazine and Review.


Now in the course of completion in about 5 vols. Already issued V 1 to 4, in cloth, price 30s. each; and Vol. 5, parts 1 to 4, 5s. sewed. A CONCISE PRACTICAL ABRIDGMENT of th COMMON AND STATUTE LAW, as at present administered the Common Law, Probate, Divorce and Admiralty Courts, excludin all that is obsolete, overruled or superseded: comprising a Series o Condensed Treatises on the different Branches of the Law, with detailed Directions, Forms and Precedents; an Alphabetical Dis tionary of Technical Law Terms and Maxims, and a Collection o Words that have received a Special Judicial Construction; the whole illustrated by References to the principal Cases in Equity, and in the Scotch, American and Irish Reports, and the most eminent text writers. By CHARLES PETERSDORFF, Serjeant-at-Law, assisted by CHARLES W. WOOD, Esq., and WALKER MARSHALL, Esq., Barristersat-Law.

The Parts will continue to be issued Monthly at 5s. until the Work is completed.


A TREATISE on the LAW of HIGHWAYS: containing the whole of the Statute Law and the Decisions of the Courts on the Subject of Highways, Public Bridges and Public Footpaths, including the Act for the better Management of Highways, 25 & 26 Vict. c. 61, the Law of Highways in Districts under Local Government Boards, the South Wales Highway Act, 1860, and an Appendix of Statutes. By W. CUNNINGHAM GLEN, Esq, Barrister

at-Law. 12mo. 10s. 6d. cloth.

"We may safely say that Mr. Glen's Work will be extremely useful to all who have any concern with the Law of Highways."-Law Chronicle.

Those who have need of information on the Law as it is, could not resort to a more trustworthy adviser than this Work of Mr. Glen. It is conveniently arranged and capitally, because copiously, indexed." -Law Times.

"Mr. Glen undertook a Work that was

really required not only by the profession
but by a large class of persons interested
in the Law of Highways, and Mr. Glen's
official position has no doubt qualified him
peculiarly to discharge such a task with
efficiency. Mr. Glen has succeeded in
what he here proposes, and his Treatise
will be indispensable to all practitioners
interested in the Law of Highways "-So-
licitors' Journal.


The LAW relating to the REMOVAL OF NUISANCES injurious to Health, and to the Prevention of Epidemic, Endemic and Contagious Diseases, with the Statutes, including the Public Health Act, 1858, and Tables of Statutes, Cases and Index. By WILLIAM CUNNINGHAM GLEN, Esq., of the Middle Temple, Barrister at Law, and of the Poor Law Board. 12mo. 5s. cloth.

"The Nuisance Removal Law is treated in the same manner as his Public Health and Local Government Law-simply, clearly and minutely so that whatever

information is sought is surely and readily
found. In both works he has embodied all
the decisions to this time, which have been
very numerous."-Law Times.

WIGRAM ON WILLS.-Fourth Edition.

An EXAMINATION of the RULES of LAW respecting the Admission of EXTRINSIC EVIDENCE in Aid of the INTERPRETATION of WILLS. By the Right Hon. Sir JAMES WIGRAM, Knt. The Fourth Edition prepared for the press, with the sanction of the learned Author, by W. KNOX WIGRAM, M.A., of Lincoln's Inn, Esq., Barrister at Law. 8vo. 11s. cloth.

"In the celebrated treatise of Sir James Wigram, the rules of law are stated, discussed and explained in a manner which has excited the admiration of every judge who has had to consult it."-Lord Kingsdown, in a Privy Council Judgment, July 8th, 1858.

"There can be no doubt that the notes of Mr. Knox Wigram have enhanced the value of the work, as affording a ready reference to recent cases on the subjects embraced or arising out of Sir James Wigram's propositions, and which fre

quently give additional support, and in some instances an extension to the original text."-Law Chronicle.

"Understood as general guides, the propositions established by Sir James Wigram's book are of the highest value. But whatever view may be entertained, the book is one which will always be highly prized, and is now presented in a very satisfactory shape, thanks to the industry and intelligence displayed in the notes by the present editor."-Solicitors' Journal and Reporter.

STROUD'S COUNTY COURT PRACTICE IN BANKRUPTCY. COUNTY COURT PRACTICE IN BANKRUPTCY: showing the Jurisdiction of the County Courts and the Powers and Duties of their Officers, and practically stating, for Practitioners, the Procedure for and against the Bankrupt in the County Courts; with an Appendix of Rules and Orders applicable thereto, and official and original Forms, &c. By FREDERICK STROUD. 12mo. 5s. 6d. cloth.

"Of the numerous text books which the Bankruptcy Act of last session has called forth, this is the first which is devoted to the practice in bankruptcy of the County Courts, and we have no hesitation in saying, that, in respect of method and research, it is by far the most creditable of them all. On the whole, we are seldom able to give such unqualified praise as this little manual deserves. It is evidently the careful production of a sound lawyer and skilful writer. Certainly, no book relating to the New Bankruptcy Act which has yet been issued, exhibits so much of good faith and real labour in its authorship as the one now before us, and we have no doubt it will long

remain the book in County Court Practice in Bankruptcy for county practice."-Solicitors' Journal.

A practical little volume designed for the special use of the County Courts. A volume which supplies a requirement in the County Courts, though it must not be considered as a substitute for any formal treatise on the law of bankruptcy; it is only what it is designed to be, a summary of bankruptcy practice in the County Courts: as far as it goes, it is a very creditable and useful production."-Law Times.

"It is a useful practical guide, written with care and knowledge of the subject."Jurist.

FRY'S SPECIFIC PERFORMANCE OF CONTRACTS. A TREATISE on the SPECIFIC PERFORMANCE of CONTRACTS, including those of Public Companies. By EDWARD FRY, B.A., of Lincoln's Inn, Esq, Barrister at Law. 8vo. 16s. cloth.

"Mr. Fry's work presents in a reasonable compass a large quantity of modern learning on the subject of contracts, with reference to the common remedy by specific performance, and will thus be acceptable to the profession generally."-Law Chronicle.

"There is a closeness and clearness in its style, and a latent fulness in the exposition, which not only argue a knowledge

of the law, but of those varying circumstances in human society to which the law has to be applied."-Spectator.

"Mr. Fry's elaborate essay appears to exhaust the subject, on which he has cited and brought to bear, with great diligence, some 1,500 cases, which include those of the latest reports."-Law Magazine and Review.

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