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SODOR, derivation of, 98.

SOLDANI, Don, his obí, on the Nautilic

and ammonitic earths of Tuscany 310.
SPANIARDS vindicated from the charge

of cruelty in their treatment of the
Americans, 309.

SPORTSMAN, a cruel being, 217.
SPOTS in the Sun, new hypothefis of,

STANZA, poetical, uniformity and di-

verity of, critically difcuffed, 14
STORIA della litteratura Italiana, 308. "
STORY of a Pagan tyrant and a Chrif-
tian hero, 391.

SULZER, M. Eulogy of, 510. His tra-

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TILLET, M. his mem, on the revivifi
cation of copper. 484.


on the fandard of gold, &c.

TIME-keeper, made by Mudge, account
of the going of, 346.

TIN, exper. concerning the calcination
of, &c. 140.

-, exper. to afcertain whether this
meral is hurtful in culinary or other
family ules, 458.

TIRABOSCHI, Abté, his hiftory of Ita-
lian interature, Vol Vili. 308.
TRANSACTIONS of the Academy of Sci-
ences at S enna, 464.

TRES, in St. James's Park, obf. on the
fudden decay of feveral, 265.
TUNE, critically difcuffed, 437.



ANDERSTIEG, M. his inquiries
concerning the small-pax, and in-
ocolation in Batavia, 541.

VAN Iperen, M. his Jav nefe history,
542. His defcription of a white Ne-
gro, 543

VAN SWINDEN, M. his letter concern-
ing a wonderful production of unaliifted
genius, 150.

UBER die Reformation, 465.
VEGETABLES, voifenous, obf. on, 157.
VERSES relative to tome Graces lately
paffed at Cambridge. 314.

for the vafe at Bath Eafton, 315.
on caftles in the air, 384.
by Mr. Keate, 387.
alluding to Lady Augufta Camp-
bell, 388.

in compliment to the late Lord
Chefterfield, 410.

defcriptive of a library, 423.
alluding to the destruction of the

world, 426.


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from the Brothers, an eclogue,


from the American War, a poem,


from the Gentle Shepherd, 470.
See alto BRUCE, ODI, and

VICQ, M. du, his mem. on the analogy
between the uses and structure of the
human body, &c. 139. On the ana
tomy of birds, 141.
VILLENCOUR, M. de, his difcourfe con-
cerning languages, 462.
VILLOISON, M. de, fuccefs of his re-
fearches in St. Mark's library at Ve
nice, 509. His account of a curious
MS, of the Iliad, ib. Alfo of a Greek

verfion of feveral parts of the Bible, WATER, method of preferving at sea,

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ERRATA in this Volume.

P. 78. Price of the Proteftant Preacher, 123. bound. -138. par. 2, 1. 8. for Sigau, read Sigaud.


– 336. par. 3. l. 3. read, “ build my church."

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