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Abelard. Par Charles de Remusat, 257;
his dialectics, 260; nominalists and
realists, 262; beauty of Heloise, 263;
Abelard's behaviour, 266; sacrifices
of Heloise, 269; Introductio ad Theo-
logiam, 273; condemnation for he-
resy, 274; character of Heloise, 291.
Accession of Louis Philippe, Europe
since the, 437.

Aculco, Battle of, 51.

Adalbert von Chamisso's Werke, 412.
Adventures in the Pacific, with Obser-
vations on the Natural Productions,
Manners and Customs of the Natives
of the various Islands, &c., &c. By
John Coulter, M.D., 512.

Age of the Revolution, History of the,

Alcala-Galiano's Romancero Castel-
lano, 508.

Ali Merden Khan, 209.
Alison's History of Europe, 1.
Alte hoch und niederdeutsche Volks-
lieder, mit Abhandlung und Anmer-
kungen, herausgegehen von Ludwig
Uhland. (Old High and Low-Ger-
man Ballads, with an Essay and
Notes, by Ludwig Uhland) 508.
American and Indian Cotton, 316.
Amirs of Scinde, 488.
Ampère's Chamisso, 412.
Anachronisms, 36.

Anglo-Indian Passages Homeward and
Ŏutward; or, a Čard for the Over-
land Traveller from Southampton to
Bombay, Madras, and Calcutta, &c.,
&c. By David Leicester Richard-
son, 511.


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Bade's Napoleon in the year 1813, 1.
Balzac's Petits Manéges d'une Femme
Vertueuse, 232.
Battle of Aculco, 51.
Battle of Culm, 29.
Battle of Dresden, 27.
Battle of Lützen, 10.

Battle of the Katzbach, 25.
Bazaar of Mirzapore, 314.
Beggar and his Dog, 431.
Bengal Hurkaru, 486.

Beranger's songs, Chamisso's transla-
tion of, 434.
Bernier, 201.

Beroalde de Verville's Moyen de Par-
venir, 142.

Bestimmung des Menschen (Destination
of Man), 128.

Biographie Universelle des Musiciens
et Bibliographie Générale de la Mu-
sique. Par F. G. Fétis, 389.
Biography of the late King of Prussia,

[blocks in formation]

Bonaventure de Periers, Cymbalum
Mundi et autres Œuvres, de 142.
Bonaventure de Periers, les Contes, ou
des Nouvelles Récréations et Joyeux
Devis, de, 142.

Boncourt, Chateau de, 413.

Booke of Christmas Carols; illuminated
from MSS. in the British Museum,
&c., 506.

Bopp's Comparative Grammar, 512.
Bridges over the Jelam, 220.

Bullock's Six Months' Residence and
Travels in Mexico, 40.

Bunsen's Constitution of the Church of
the Future, 509.


Calcutta Englishman, 306.

Calcutta to Mirzapore, Railway from,


Calderon de la Barca's (Madame) Life
in Mexico, 40.

Calleja, 50.

Campaign of 1813, 3 & 137.
Capefigue's Europe since the Accession

of Louis Philippe, 437; French cha-
racter, 440; perfidious Albion, 443;
French ignorance of England, 444;
French patriotism, 447; the three
days, 448; La Fayette, 449; Dupont
de l'Eure, 457; trial of the Ex-mi-
nisters, 460; French glory, 462; Tal-
leyrand, 495.

Card for the Overland Traveller from
Southampton to Bombay, Madras,
and Calcutta, &c., &c. By David
Leicester Richardson, 511.
Carlyle's History of the French Revo-
lution, 372.

Carnot, 380.

Causes of the French Revolution, 384.
Cecil, 292.

Cent Nouvelles Nouvelles. Par de Roux
de Lincy, 142.

Central military position, 20.
Chamisso's Werke (Adalbert von).
Chamisso, par M. J. J. Ampère, 412;
Chateau de Boncourt, 413; Cha-
misso's mastery of the German lan-
guage, 415; his friends-Green Book,
416; military career, 417; Madame
de Stael, 418; Peter Schlemihl, 421;
Tragische Geschichte, 422; Salas y
Gomez, 423; Chamisso's marriage,
429; die Sterbende,-the Beggar and
his Dog, 431; Havai Grammar,-
translation of Beranger's songs, 434:
Hitzig's account of Chamisso, 435;
the Old Washerwoman, 436.
Chapman's (Jane Frances) King René's
Daughter, 238.

Character (Napoleon's) of Frederick
William III., 365.

Character of Heloise, 291.

Character of Mozart's music, 410.
Charakterzüge aus dem Leben des Kö-
nigs von Preusien Friedrich Wilhelm
III. (Traits of Character from the
life of Frederick William III., King
of Prussia.) Founded on Personal
Observations, by Fr. Eylert, Evan-
gelical Bishop and Court Preacher,

Chasteler, 237.

Chateau de Boncourt, 413.
Childhood of Fichte, 112.
Childhood of Mozart, 393.

Chefs d'œuvres des Auteurs Comiques,

Christmas Carols, Booke of, 506.
Chronicle of the Boot, 189.
Chusan, 501.

Citizen of Prague. Translated by Mary
Howitt, 511.

Climate of Kashmir, 212.
Climate of Mexico, 44.

Comic and Satirical Literature of the
Middle Ages, 142; satires on the Ro-
mish Church, 143; Walter de Mapes,
145; Golias Episcopus, 149; song of
the Old Courtier, 151; metamorpho-
ses of the Tailors, 153; Reynard the
Fox, 154; first English satires, 155:
visions of Piers Ploughman, 157; the
saint Truth, 158; Lollards, 159; St.
Nemo, 163; Decameron of Boccaccio,
161; Pasquil, 163; Epistolæ Obscu-
rorum Virorum, 164.
Comparative Grammar of the Sanscrit,
Zend, Greek, Latin, Lithuanian,
Gothic, German, and Sclavonic Lan-
guages. By Professor Bopp. Trans-
lated from the German, principally
by Lieutenant Eastwick, 512.
Compendium of Modern Civil Law. By
Ferdinand Mackaldey. Edited by
Philip Ignatius Kaufmann, 510.
Conspiracy of Metternich, 175.
Constitution, late King of Prussia's pro-
mises of a, 369.

Constitution of the Church of the Fu-
ture, 509.

Contes, ou des Nouvelles Récréations et
Joyeux Devis de Bonaventure des
Periers. Par Charles Nodier, 142.
Cotton, American and Indian, 316.
Coulter's Adventures in the Pacific,

Criticism on poetry, 337.
Culm, battle of, 29.
Cura's ball, 89.


Cymbalum Mundi, et autres Euvres de
Bonaventure des Periers. Par Paul
L. Jacob, Bibliophile, 142.


Dahlmann's History of the French Re
volution up to the establishment of
the Republic, 371.
Dal of Kashmir, 216.
Dante, 338.

Death of Fichte, 140.

Decameron of Boccaccio, 161.
Dekkan Railways, 319.
Delhi Gazette, 486.

Depping's Romancero Castellano, 503.
Der Rechte, 292.

Destination of Man, 128.

Deux Mondes (Revue des), 70.
Dialectics of Abelard, 260.
Dresden, battle of, 27.

Dupont de l'Eure, 457.


Eastern Europe and the Emperor Ni-
cholas. By the author of "Revela-
tions of Russia," &c., 513.

East Indian Railway Company, 309.
Eastwick's translation of Bopp's Com-
parative Grammar. 512.
Elsleben (Baron von), 300.
England, French ignorance of, 444.
English, French pictures of the, 474.
English Resident's Revelations of Spain,


Epistola Obscurorum Virorum, 164.
Espagne en 1843 et 1844. Lettres sur
les Mœurs, Politiques, et sur la
dernière Revolution de ce Pays. Par
J. Tanski, Ancien Capitaine de la
Légion Etrangère au service de
France et d'Espagne, 74.
Essai sur les Légendes Pieuses du
Moyen Age, 324.

Essay of a Faithful Description of the
Republic of Mexico, 40.
Eugene Sue, 386.

Europe depuis l'Avènement du Roi
Louis Philippe. Par M. Capefigue.
Pour faire suite à l'Histoire de la
Restauration du même Auteur, 437.
Europe, History of. By Archibald

Alison, 1.

Eylert's Traits of Character from the
Life of Frederick William III., King
of Prussia, 354.


Fain's Manuscrit de 1813, 1.
Fakir of the Mountains, 205.

Fall of Napoleon. By Colonel Mitchell,


Faustina (Grafin), 292.

Fetis' Biographie Universelle des Mu-


siciens et Bibliographie Générale de
la Musique, 389.

Fichte's Sämmtliche Werke. Neue
Ausgabe. Herausgegeben von J. H.
Fichte. (Complete works of J. G.
Fichte), 108; birth-place of Fichte,
110; his childhood, 112; Schulpforte,
115; Fichte a tutor, 118; Kant, 120;
Fichte's student life, 122; M. Thierry,
122; Kritik aller Offenbarung, 123;
professorship at Jena, 125; Fichte's
Lectures, 127; Bestimmung des
Menschen, 128; campaign of 1813,
137; Fichte's death, 140; transcen-
dental idealists, 141.

Financial causes for the French Revo-
lution, 378.

Floating gardens of Kashmir, 217.
Ford's Handbook for Travellers in
Spain, 74.

France, new classic Drama in, 32.
Frederick William III., King of Prussia,

Freedom in modern Germany, absence
of, 176.

French character, 440.
French finance, 379.

French glory, 462.

French ignorance of England, 444.
French literary journals, 70; Revue des
Deux Mondes, 70; Revue Independ-
ante, 71; Revue de Paris, 71; Revue
Nouvelle, 72.

French patriotism, 447.

French pictures of the English, 474.
French Revolution, histories of the
371; causes of the, 384.
Friend of India, 306 & 486.

Ganges, navigation of the, 313.
Generalisations, 476.

Geographical position of Mexico, 41.
George Sand, 34.

German Anthology. A series of Trans-
lations from the most popular Ger-
man poets. By James Clarence
Mangan, 238.

German language, Chamisso's mastery
of the, 415.

German people, political rights of the,


Germans, practical and speculative,

Geschichte der Französischen Revolu-

tion bis auf die Stifting der Repub-
lick. (History of the French Revo-
lution up to the establishment of the
Republic). By F. C. Dahlmann, 371.
Geschichte des Deutschen Freiheits-
kriegs. (History of the German

Liberation War from 1813 to 1815).
By Doctor Frederick Richter, 1.
Geschichte des Zeitalters der Revolu-
tion; Vorlesungen an der Universität
zu Bonn, im Sommer 1829, gehalten
von B. G. Niebuhr. (History of the
Age of the Revolution, a course of
Lectures delivered at the University
of Bonn, 1829, 371.
Girondists, 381.
Gluck, 407.

Golias Episcopus, 149.

Green Book of Chamisso, 416.
Guichard's Propos Rustiques, Baliver-
neries, Contes et Discours d'Eutrapel,
par Noel du Fail, 142.

[blocks in formation]

ter-Cecil-Gräfin Faustine-Zwei
Frauen (Two Wives), 292; varieties
of novel-writing, 293; poems of the
Countess Hahn-hahn, 295; Faustine,
296; Count Eustach Sambach, 298;
Baron von Elsleben, 300; ideal cha-
racters, 304.

Hand-book for Travellers in Spain, 74.
Haugwitz, 367.

Havai Grammar, 434.
Hebrew-Reading Lessons; consisting

of the first four Chapters of the Book
of Genesis, and the eighth Chapter
of the Book of Proverbs, with a
Grammatical Praxis and an Interli-
neary Translation, 512.
Heloise, 257; her beauty, 263; her first
acquaintance with Abelard, 265; her
sacrifices, 269; her character, 291.
Heresy of Abelard, 274.
Hertz (Henrik), 238.

Hidalgo's conspiracy, 48.

Himalayan cedar, 221.

Hindu pilgrims, railway travelling of,

[blocks in formation]

Howitt's (Mary) translation of the
Citizen of Prague, 511.

Huegel's travels in Kashmir and the
Panjab, 196.


Ida, Countess of Hahn-Hahn, novels of,
292; poems of, 295.
Ideals in fiction, 304.

Ida von Schoenholm, 292.
Important Documents on the Political
Rights of the German Nation, with
notes by T. L. Klueber. Published
from his papers, with Remarks ex-
planatory and illustrative, by C.
Welcker, 168.

Improvement in the position of artists,

India, Friend of, 306 & 486.
Indian antiquities, 62.
Indian Railways and Indian Press, 306;
East Indian Railway Company, 309;
riggers, 309; line from Calcutta to
Mirzapore, 310; Sir Henry Willcock,
312; navigation of the Ganges, 313;
Mirzapore bazaar, 314; railway tra-
velling of Hindu pilgrims, 315; Ame-
rican and Indian cotton, 316; Asiatic
progress, 318; Dekkan railways, 319,
Madras Railway Company, 320; hos-
tility of Indian journals, 322.
Indians of Mexico, 59.
Inquisition, 86.

Introductio ad Theologiam of Abelard,

[blocks in formation]


[blocks in formation]

Kashmir and the Panjab, 196; Kash-
mir legend, 197; Huegel and Masson,
199: Bernier, 201; the Thanadar,
202; the Fakir, 205; Vampire-shoot-
ing, 206; Pir Panjal, 208; Ali Mer-
den Khan and Lal Gulam, 209; Taht-
i-Suliman, 210; climate of Kashmir,
212; Jacquemont, 213; town of Kash-
mir, 215; Dal, 216; floating gardens,
217; bridges over the Jelam, 220;
Himalayan cedar, 221; Kashmir
shawls, 222; Kashmir paper, leather
and oil, 226; inhabitants, 227; sta-
tistics, 231.

Katzbach, battle of the, 25.

Kaufmann's edition of Ferdinand Mac-
keldey, 510.

Kendall's Narrative of the Texan Santa
Fé Expedition, 40.

King (late) of Prussia, 354; his biogra-
phy, 356; practical and speculative
Germans, 357; love of Truth, 358;
religious intolerance, 362; Napoleon's
portrait of Frederick William, 365;
Lombard and Haugwitz, 367; royal
promises, 369.
King Log, 188.

King René's Daughter. A lyric Drama,
from the Danish of Henrik Hertz.
By Jane Frances Chapman, 238.
Klueber's Important Documents on the
Political Rights of the German Na-
tion, 168.

Knight, investiture of a, 183.
Königliche Wort Friedrich Wilhelm III.,

König von Preussen; eine den Preus-
sischen Standen überreichte Denk-
schrift. (The Royal Word of Fred-
erick William III., King of Prussia;
a Memorial presented to the States
of Prussia.) By Dr. John Jacoby, 354.
Kritik aller Offenbarung. (Critical
Inquiry into all Revelation), 123.

[blocks in formation]


Lectures of Niebuhr on the French Re-
volution, 371.

Legend of Kashmir, 197.
Legends and Miracles of the Middle
Ages, 324.

Leigh Hunt on the Italian Poets, 333;
Ugolino, 334; modern criticism, 337;
Dante, 338; Ariosto, 334; Pulci,
347; Tasso, 348; genius, 353.
Le Roux de Lincy, Cent Nouvelles Nou-
velles par, 142.

Liberation War of Germany, History of
the, 1.

Life in Mexico. By Madame Calderon
de la Barca, 40.

Life of Mozart. By Edward Holmes,


Lives of Frederick William III., King
of Prussia, 354.
Lollards, 159.
Lombard, 367.

Louis Philippe, Europe since the Acces-
sion of, 437; character of, 467.
Lützen, battle of, 10.

Lyon's Journal of a Residence, and
Tour in Mexico, 40.


Mackeldey's Compendium of Modern
Civil Law, 510.

Madras Spectator, 306 & 486.
Madras Railway Company, 320.
Mangan's German Anthology, 238.
Man, Rights of, 385.

Manufactures of Kashmir, 222.
Manuscrit de 1813. Par le Baron
Fain, Secrétaire du Cabinet à cette
Epoque, 1.

Masses (Walter), satires of, 145.
Masson, 199.

Maury's Essai sur les Légendes Pieuses
du Moyen Age, 324.

Melancholy Story, by Chamisso, 422.
Memoirs of the Mexican Revolution.
By William Davis Robinson, 40.
Memorial presented to the States of
Prussia, 354.

Metamorphoses of the Tailors, 153.
Metternich, conspiracy of, 175.
Mexican Revolution, memoirs of the,

Mexico, as it was, and as it is. By
Brantz Meyer, Secretary of the
United States' Legation to that
country in 1841 and 1842, 40.
Mexico. By H. G. Ward, Esq., His
Majesty's Chargé d'Affaires in that
country during the years 1825, 1826,
and part of 1827, 40.

Mexico, Journal of a Residence and
Tour in, 40.

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