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W. H. PLATT, D. D., LL. D.

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In the summer of the year 1880, GEORGE A. Jarvis of Brooklyn, N. Y., moved by his sense of the great good which might thereby accrue to the cause of Christ and to the Church, of which he was an ever grateful member, gave to the General Theological Seminary of the Protestant Episcopal Church certain securities exceeding in value eleven thousand dollars for the foundation and maintenance of a Lectureship in said Seminary.

Out of love to a former Pastor and enduring friend, the Rt. Rev. Benjamin Henry Paddock, D.D., Bishop of Massachusetts, he named his Foundation “The Bishop PADDOCK LECTURESHIP.”

The deed of trust declares that:

The subjects of the Lectures shall be such as appertain to the defence of the religion of Jesus Christ, as revealed in the Holy Bible and illustrated in the Book of Common Prayer against the varying errors of the day, whether materialistic, rationalistic, or professedly religious, and also to its defence and confirmation in respect of such central truths as the Trinity, the Atonement, Justification and the Inspiration of the Word of God and of such centrai facts as the Church's Divine Order and Sacraments, her historical Reformation and her rights and powers as a pure and National Church. And other subjects may be chosen if unanimously approved by the Board of Appointment as being both timely and also within the true intent of this Lectureship.”

Under the appointment of the Board created by the Trust, viz., the Dean of the General Theological Seminary and the Bishops respectively of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Long Island, the Rev. W. H. Platt, D.D., LL. D., Rector of St. Paul's Church, Rochester, N. Y., delivered the Lectures for the year 1886, contained in this volume.

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