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(b) Subject the boilers to such hydrostatic pressure and
haminer tests as may be necessary to determine the
safe working pressure at which they may be operated;
(c) See that openings for the passage of water and steam
respectively and all pipes and tubes exposed to heat
are of proper dimensions and free from obstruction;
(d) See that the flues are circular in form;

(e) Satisfy themselves that the friction (fire line) of the
furnace is at least two inches below the prescribed
ninimum water line of the boiler;

(f) See that the arrangements for delivering the feed water are such that the boilers cannot be injured thereby ;

(g) Satisfy themselves that such boilers and their steam connections may be safely employed without peril to life;

(h) See that the boilers are provided with lock pop safety valves of proper size and properly placed;

(i) See that the pop safety valve is properly adjusted so as to permit of no greater steam pressure in the boiler than the pressure allowed by the inspection certificate and that the valve is properly locked and sealed;

(j) See that the boiler is provided with a steam gauge of approved make and test and set such gauge so as to agree with standard gauge;

(k) See that the boiler is provided with a sufficient number of gauge cocks and a properly inserted fusible plug so placed as to fuse by the heat of the furnace whenever the water in the boiler falls below its prescribed limits;

() Satisfy themselves that adequate and certain provision has been made for an ample supply of water to feed the boiler at all times so that in high pressure boilers the water shall not be less than four inches above crown of flue sheet in upright boilers;

(m) Satisy themselves that means for blowing out are provided so that mud and sediment may be removed while the boiler is under steam;

(n) See that the boilers are provided with the necessary number of "man holes" of proper size to permit of the inside of boilers being examined and properly cleaned;

(0) See that the setting of stationary boilers is properly constructed so as to prevent accident due to failure of walls or any other parts of such setting. C.O., c. 17, s. 6.

24. In subjecting boilers to hydrostatic pressure inspectors shall assume one hundred and twenty-five pounds to the

square inch as the maximum pressure allowable as a working pressure for new boilers of forty-two inches in diameter made in the best manner of plates one-fourth of an inch thick of good materials and double riveted. C.O., c. 17, s. 10.

25. Inspectors shall rate the working pressure of all boilers Working according to their strength as compared with the standard pressure of provided in the preceding section; but the working pressure allowed in the operation of any boiler shall not exceed threefourths of the hydrostatic test pressure to which such boiler has been subjected at the time of the inspection. C.O., c. 17,

s. 11.

when required

26. In addition to the annual inspection of all boilers Owner to required by this Ordinance it shall be the duty of each repair boiler inspector to examine and inspect at any time any boilers which may be reported to him to be in an unsafe condition and to notify in writing the owner or person using such boiler to make such repairs as he may deem necessary in order to render such boiler serviceable and safe for use. C.O., c. 17, s. 12.



27. Anyone not holding a final or provisional certificate of Operating qualification as an engineer or a permit under this Ordinance without who at any time operates any steam boiler or is in charge of certificates any steam boiler while in operation whether as owner or as engineer shall be liable on summary conviction to a penalty of not less than $5 and not more than $50. C.O., c. 17, s. 20.

persons who

certificates of

28. Any person who holds a certificate of qualification as Certificates to an engineer from any incorporated body authorised to grant hold such certificates of qualification for operating steam boilers qualification and engines or from the Dominion or any Provincial government or from any competent authority in any other portion of the British Empire or the United States shall be entitled upon making application to the commissioner accompanied by such evidence of his qualitication as may be required by the commissioner and upon payment of a fee of $3 to obtain a certificate of qualification as an engineer in the class determined by the commissioner and to be registered under the provisions of this Ordinance. C.O., c. 17, s. 21 (1).


29. Any person who prior to the first day of October, 1901, Provisional has been during two years engaged in the operation of any steam boiler or boilers upon producing a certificate of his uniform good conduct and sobriety from the owner or owners by whom he has been employed (if he be not himself the owner) and also from some responsible person not connected with the business of such owner or owners and a resident in the district in which such boiler or boilers have been so operated may upon making application to the commissioner

Certificates to holders of provisional certificates

Examination of holders of provisional certificates

Examination for certificate

Appeal from inspector

Certificate to be posted

Absence or nonproduction of


Year's service requisite

and upon payment of $3 receive a provisional certificate of qualification for a period not exceeding one year. C.O., c. 17, s. 21 (2).

30. The holder of a provisional certificate of qualification may at any time after the issue of such certificate upon the recommendation of an inspector be granted a final certificate of qualification as an engineer and be registered under the provisions of this Ordinance. C.O., c. 17, s 21 (3).

31. Before issuing a recommendation for the registration of and issue of a final certificate to the holder of any provisional certificate as provided in the preceding section the inspector shall thoroughly examine the holder of such provisional certificate as to his knowledge of the construction, care, and operation of stationary steam boilers and engines and shall satisfy himself of the competency of the holder of such provisional certificate. C.O., c. 17, s. 21 (4).

32. The examination of the holders of the provisional certificates of qualification provided for by section 29 of this Ordinance or of any person desiring to qualify as an engineer as hereinafter provided and the issue of certificates to such candidates as may pass such examination shall be conducted in accordance with such regulations as may from time to time be prescribed by the commissioner; and the commissioner shall prescribe the fees to be paid for such examinations or the issue of certificates to those who pass such examinations. C.O., c. 17, s. 24, in part.

33. Any candidate who considers he has been unfairly dealt with by any inspector may appeal in writing to the commissioner setting forth his grievance; and the commissioner shall at once cause such charge to be investigated and shall give a decision in the matter which shall be final. C.O., c. 17, s. 22.

34. Every person holding a certificate under this Ordinance shall expose it in some conspicuous place in the engine or boiler room in which he is employed or cause it to be attached to the engine or boiler of which he is in charge; and in default shall be liable upon summary conviction to a penalty of not less than $5 and not more than $20.

(2) If such person be employed in charge of a portable engine and boiler he shall produce his certificate for inspection on being required so to do by any inspector..

(3) The absence of such certificate or its nonproduction on demand shall be prima facie evidence that the person operating the engine and boiler has no certificate. C.O., c. 17, s. 23.

35. Any person other than those mentioned in sections 28 and 29 of this Ordinance who may desire to qualify for registration and to obtain a certificate entitling him to operate


steam boilers and engines connected therewith in the Territories shall serve twelve months as assistant to the holder of a final certificate issued in accordance with the provisions of this Ordinance; and at the expiration of such term shall pass an to follow examination before one of the inspectors appointed under this Ordinance to prove that he has the necessary knowledge of the construction, care and operation of stationary steam boilers and engines connected therewith.


(2) Before being entitled to such examination the said Evidence assistant shall file with the inspector satisfactory evidence as to the length and nature of such service. C.O., c. 17, s. 24 in part.

in absence of

36. In case any owner of a steam boiler shows to the satis- Persons acting faction of an inspector that he is unable by reason of some certified unforeseen occurrence to immediately secure the services of a engineer duly qualified person to operate such boiler the inspector may grant a permit to any person producing satisfactory evidence of good conduct and sobriety to operate such boiler for a period of thirty days from the date of such permit and in such case no penalty shall be incurred by reason of the holder of such permit operating such steam boiler during the period covered thereby.

(2) A fee of $3 shall be paid to the inspector for every such Fee for permit permit issued by him. C.O., c. 17, s. 25.


37. Any one who employs a person to operate a steam Operating boiler who has not a certificate or permit under this Ordinance certificate shall be guilty of a breach of the provisions of this Ordinance. or permit C.O., c. 17, s. 9 (4).

38. The commissioner may upon due cause being shown Commissioner cancel any certificate issued under the provisions of this per cancel Ordinance. C.O., c. 17, s. 21 (4).


39. The commissioner may from time to time make such Regulations regulations and prescribe such forms as may be deemed and forms necessary for the proper carrying into effect of the provisions of this Ordinance. C.O., c. 17, s. 26.

40. The fees payable under this Ordinance shall be paid Fees into the general revenue fund. C.O., c. 17, s. 27.

41. Any person guilty of a breach of any of the provisions Penalties of this Ordinance for which no provision is herein made shall on summary conviction thereof be liable to a penalty not exceeding $50. C.O., c. 17, s. 28.

42. Chapter 17 of The Consolidated Ordinances 1898 is Repeal hereby repealed.


An Ordinance to regulate Public Aid to Hospitals.


[Assented to June 12, 1901.]

HE Lieutenant Governor by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of the Territories enacts as follows:


Short title


1. This Ordinance may Ordinance." C.O., c. 20, s. 1.

be cited as "The Hospitals


2. In this Ordinance unless the context otherwise requires1. The expression "commissioner" means the Commissioner sioner" of Agriculture;




Aid to hospitals


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on account from time to time


2. The expression "department" means the Department of Agriculture;

3. The expression "patient" means every person admitted to a hospital for actual treatment and stay upon the order of a duly qualified medical practitioner.

3. Such hospitals in the Territories as the Lieutenant Governor in Council may designate upon complying with the provisions of this Ordinance and of all regulations made thereunder shall receive public aid at the rate of twenty-five cents per day for each day's actual treatment and stay of every patient in such hospital during the calendar year next preceding the year for which such aid is given. C.O., c. 20, ss. 3, 4.

4. The Territorial Treasurer may advance and pay by such periodical payments as the Lieutenant Governor in Council may from time to time fix and determine all sums which any hospital may be entitled to receive under this Ordinance out of any moneys in his hands applicable to general purposes or specially appropriated for the purpose by the Legislative Assembly.

5. The Lieutenant Governor in Council may prescribe regulations respecting the management, maintenance and accommodation of all hospitals receiving public aid under this regulations Ordinance.

Governor in Council



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