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(7) To do whatever they may judge expedient *

maintaining school libraries.

for establishing and

(11) To prepare from time to time and lay before the municipal council of the city, town, or village, an estimate of the sums which they think requisite. * (e) For the establishment and maintenance of school libraries.*

to appoint a librarian to take charge of school library or libra

(15) * ries when established.

6. School Visitors.

The one hundred and second section (page 96), enacts that school visitors may devise such means as they deem expedient for promoting the establishment of libraries and the diffusion of useful knowledge.

7. Boards of Public Instruction.

The second clause of the ninety eighth section (page 93), empowers county boards of public instruction to adopt all lawful means in their power, as they may judge expedient, to promote the establishment of school libraries, and to diffuse useful knowledge in the county or circuit.

8. Local Superintendents.

The twelfth clause of the ninety-first section, sub-clause (ƒ), (page 91), enacts that it shall be the duty of each local superintendent to prepare and transmit to the Chief Superintendent of Education an annual report, which shall state the number of libraries under his superintendence; their extent, and how estab lished and supported.

9. Public Bodies which can Establish School Libraries.

From the foregoing extracts from the school law, it will be seen that the fol lowing municipalities and school corporations are authorized to provide means for the establishment and support of public school libraries in Upper Canada :†

1. County, City, Town, Township, and Village Councils.

2. Boards of School Trustees in cities, towns, and villages.

3. Trustees of Rural School Sections.

10. Duties of School Authorities in regard to School Libraries. It will also be seen from the above, that it is the official duty and privilege of local superintendents, school visitors, and boards of public instruction, to aid, with their counsel and advice, in the general establishment of Public School Libraries throughout the country.

Where trustees neglect to comply with the library regulations in maintaining the library provided for their section by the municipality, the local superintendent is authorized to withhold the apportionment of the school fund from their section until the regulations are complied with. They likewise subject themselves to the additional penalties, by the twenty third and thirty first sections of the Consolidated Common School Act of Upper Canada. (See pages 18, 48). The property of every public library is exempt from taxation. One hundred per cent. is allowed by the Chief Superintendent on all sums over five dollars remitted to the Department, for library books, maps, apparatus, and prize books. See page


11. General Principles on which Books have been selected for the Public Libraries.

Extracted from the Minutes of the Council of Public Instruction, 2nd
August, 1858.

The Council of Public Instruction for Upper Canada deems it proper to state its principles of proceeding, in performing the important and responsible task of selecting books for these Public School Libraries:

The Board may also raise this money themselves by a direct tax. + See Departmental Notices, on page 147.


1. The Council regards it as imperative, that no works of a licentious, vicious, or immoral tendency, and no works hostile to the Christian religion, should be admitted into the libraries.

2. Nor is it, in the opinion of the Council, compatible with the objects of the public school libraries, to introduce into them controversial works on theology,or works of denominational controversy; although it would not be desirable to exclude all historical and other works in which such topics are referred to and discussed; and it is desirable to include a selection of suitable works on the evidences of natural and revealed religion.

3. In regard to books on ecclesiastical history, the Council agrees in a selection from the most approved works on either side.

4. With these exceptions, and within these limitations it is the opinion of the Council that as wide a selection as possible should be made of useful and entertaining books of permanent value, adapted to popular reading, in the various de partments of human knowledge-leaving each municipality to consult its own taste and exercise, and use its own discretion in selecting books from the general catalogue.

5. The including of any books in the general catalogue is not to be understood as the expression of any opinion by the Council in regard to any sentiments incul cated or combated in such books, but merely as an acquiescence on the part of the Council in the purchase of such books by any municipality, should it think proper to do so.

6. The general catalogue of books for public school libraries may be modified and enlarged from year to year, as circumstances may suggest, and as suitable new works of value may appear.

N. B.-No book mentioned in the general catalogue will be disposed of to any private individual, or for any other purpose than for that of public libraries in Upper Canada. The only exception which can be made is in favour of teachers and local Superintendents, to whom professional works on teaching and education may be supplied.


12. Remarks on the foregoing, by the Chief Superintendent of Education.

In addition to the recognition of these principles, the Chief Superintendent has deemed it essential, in a national system of public school libraries, to provide for the accomplishment of the following objects:

1. The prevention of the expenditure of any part of the library fund in the purchase and circulation of books having a tendency to subvert public morals or vitiate the public taste.

2. The protection of any local parties from imposition, by interested itinerant book vendors, in regard to both the prices and character of books introduced into their libraries.

3. The placing of the remotest municipalities upon an equal footing with those adjoining the metropolis, in regard to the terms and facilities of procuring books, with the single exception of their transmission-which is now becoming safe and easy to all parts of Upper Canada,

4. The selection, procuring, and rendering equally acceptable to all the school municipalities of the land, a large variety of attractive and instructive reading books, and that upon the most economical and advantageous terms.

5. The removal of restrictions upon local exertion, either as to the sums raised or the manner of raising them, whether in a school section, or township, or county, and the encouragement of such exertions, by proportioning in all cases the amount of public aid to the amount raised by local effort.


1. Public Library Books, School Maps, &c. &c.

The Chief Superintendent will add one hundred per cent. to any sum or sums not less than five dollars, transmitted to the Department by Municipal and School Corporations, on behalf of Grammar, Common, and Separate Schools; and forward Public Library Books, Prize Books, Maps, Apparatus, Charts, and Diagrams, to the value of the amount thus augmented, upon receiving a list of the articles required. In all cases it will be necessary for any person acting on behalf of the Municipal or Trustee Corporation, to enclose or present a written authority to do so, verified by the Corporate seal of the Corporation. A selection of Maps, Apparatus, Lib. rary and Prize Books, &c., to be sent, can always be made by the Department, when so desired.

Catalogues and Forms of Application furnished to School authorities on their application.

Form of Application for Public Library Books, Maps, Apparatus, School Prize Books, &c.

[Insert Post Office Address here]. SIR,-The [Trustees, or Board of Trustees, if in Towns, &c.] of the school being anxious to provide [Maps, Library Books, or Prize Books, &c.] for the public schools in the [Section, Town, or Village, &c.] hereby make application for the &c., enumerated in the accompanying list, in terms of the Depart mental Notice relating to for public schools. The selected are bona fide for the ; and the CORPORATION HEREBY PLEDGES ITSELF not to give or dispose of them, nor permit them to be given or disposed of, to the teacher or to any private party, OR FOR ANY PRIVATE PURPOSE WHATSOEVER, but to apply them solely to the purposes above specified in the schools of the


in terms of the Departmental Regulations granting one hundred per cent. on the present remittance. The parcel is to be sent to the Station of the Railway, addressed to ——.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, the Corporation above named, hereto affixes its corporate seal to this application, by the hand of -,* this. day of, 186-.

Amount remitted, $

Trustees must sign their

own names.

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Corporate seal to be placed here.

To the Chief Superintendent of Education, Toronto. NOTE.-Before the trustees can be supplied, it will be necessary for them to have filled up, signed, and sealed WITH A PROPER CORPORATE SEAL, as directed, a copy of the foregoing Form of Application. On its receipt at the Education Office, the one hundred per cent will be added to the remittance, and the order, so far as the stock in the Depository will permit, made up and despatched. Should the trustees have no proper corporate seal, the Department will, on the receipt of $2 additional, have one engraved and sent with the articles ordered.

* If Library and Prize Books be ordered, in addition to Maps and Apparatus, it will BE NECESSARY FOR THE TRUSTEES TO SEND NOT LESS THAN five dollars addi tional for each class of books, &c., with the proper forms of application.

The one hundred per cent. will not be allowed on any sum less than five dollars. Text books cannot be furnished on the terms mentioned above; they must be paid for in full, at the net catalogue prices.

The Trustees of the Section; Chairman and Secretary of the Board of City, Town, or Village Trustees; Warden, Mayor, or Reeve.


Selected by the Department, for Grammar or Common Schools, from the Catalogue, in assorted packages, as follows:

Package No. 1. Books and Cards, 5 cts. to 70cts. each...... $10
(" No. 2. Ditto

5cts. to $1.00 each..
5cts. to $1.25 each..
10cts. to $1.50 each..
10cts. to $1.75 each.
10cts. to $2.00 each.
15cts. to $2.25 each.
15cts. to $2.50 each.
15cts. to $2.75 each.
20cts. to $3.00 each.

20cts, to $3.25 each..
20cts. to $3.50 each..
25cts to $3.75 each..
55cts. to $4.00 each...
25cts. to $4.25 each....
30cts. to $4.50 each....
30cts. to $4.75 each..
30cts. to $5.00 each.
35cts. to $5.25 each.
35cts to $5.50 each.


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No. 3. Ditto

No. 4. Ditto

No. 5. Ditto

No. 6. Ditto

No. 15. Ditto


No. 16. Ditto

66 No. 17. Ditto


No. 7. Ditto

No. 8. Ditto

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No. 9. Ditto

No. 10. Ditto

No. 11. Ditto

No. 12. Ditto

No. 13. Ditto

No 14. Ditto

No. 18. Ditto

No. 19. Ditto

66 No. 20. Ditto

[blocks in formation]

Special Prizes, in handsomely bound books, singly at from $1.05 to $5.50. In sets of from two to six volumes of Standard Literature, at from $3.00 to $10.00 per set. Also Microscopes, Drawing Instruments, Drawing Books, Classical Texts, Atlases, Dictionaries, Small Magic Lanterns, Magnets, Compasses, Cubes, Cones, Blocks, &c.

Trustees are requested to send in their orders for prizes at as early a date as possible, so as to ensure the due despatch of their parcels in time for the examinations, and thus prevent disappointment.

2. School Registers supplied through Local Superintendents.

School Registers are supplied gratuitously, from the Department, to Common and Separate School Trustees in Cities, Towns, Villages, and Townships by the County Clerk-through the local Superiutendents. Application should therefore be made direct to the local Superintendents for them, and not to the Department. Those for Grammar Schools have also been sent to the County Clerk, and will be supplied direct to the head Masters, upon application to the Člerk.

3. Postage Regulation in regard to School Returns.

All official returns which are required by law to be forwarded to the Chief Superintendent, or a Local Superintendent, and which are made upon the printed blank forms furnished by the Educational Department, must be pre-paid, at the rate of one cent, and be open to inspection, so as to entitle them to pass through the post as printed papers. No letters should be enclosed with such returns. neglect to observe this regulation has repeatedly subjected this Department to an unnecessary charge of 14 cts. and 21 cts. on each package, including the Postoffice fine of nearly fifty per cent. for non-payment.




1. Education Office. HEAD OF THE DEPARTMENT.


1844. The Rev. EGERTON RYERSON, D.D., LL.D., Chief Superintendent of Education

Officers of the Department.

1844. John George Hodgins, LL.B., FR.G S., Deputy Superintendent of Education, and Editor of the Journal of Education for U.C. 1854. Alexander Marling, LL.B., Senior Clerk and Accountant. 1852. Alexander Johnstone Williamson, M.D., Clerk of Correspondence. 1856. Francis Joseph Taylor, Clerk of Statistics. 1859. John T. R. Stinson, Assistant Clerk of Statistics. 1863. John Widmer Rolph, Extra Assistant Clerk.

1858. James Moore, Messenger.

Map and Library Depositories Branch. 1853. Samuel Passmore May, M.D., Clerk of Libraries. 1863. William H. Atkinson, Depository Salesman. 1861. Edward Bidwell Cope, Assistant ditto. 1857. Christopher Alderson, Packer and Messenger.

2. Council of Public Instruction.

1846. Hon. Samuel Bealy Harrison, Q.C., Chairman, (Church of England.) 1846. Rev. Egerton Ryerson, D.D., Chief Superintendent of Education.

1863. Right Rev. John Joseph Lynch, D.D., Roman Catholic Bishop of Toronto. 1846. Rev. Henry James Grasett, B.D., Rector of Toronto.

1846. Hon. Mr. Justice Morrison, Presbyterian Church of Canada.

1846. James Scott Howard, Esq, Church of England.

1850. Rev. John Jennings, D.D., United Presbyterian Church.

1850. Rev. Adam Lillie, D.D., Congregational College of B. N. America.

1857. Rev. John Barclay, D. D., Church of Scotland.

1854. Rev. John McCaul, LL D., President of University College, and the Presi dents of the other Colleges affiliated to the University of Toronto. Officio members for Grammar School purposes.


1846. John George Hodgins, LL.B., Recording Clerk.

Inspector of Grammar Schools.

Normal School.

1847. Thomas Jaffray Robertson. M.A., Head Master. 1858. John Herbert Sangster, M.A., Second Master.

1861. Henry Gordon Strachan, Teacher of Book-keeping and Writing.

1864. William Armstrong, C. E., Drawing Master.

1858. Henry Francis Sefton, Music Master.

1852. Henry Goodwin, Teacher of Gymnastics and Calisthenics.

Boys' Model Common School.

1858. James Carlyle, Master of the School. 1858. John Clark Disher, First Assistant. 1859. Alexander Campbell, Second Assistant.

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