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Educational Calendar for Upper Canada.

Constructed from the School Laws and Regulations.


The School Year begins. A statutory holiday (Circumcision.) First Monday: First Quarterly Examination at Toronto of candidates for masterships in Grammar Schools.

A statutory holiday in the Education Office (Epiphany.)
Winter term in the County Grammar Schools begins.


Winter Session of the Normal School begins

Second Wednesday: Annual school elections throughout Upper Canada, of which six days previous notice must be given in three public places of each section, ward, &c. Within twenty days after meeting, election com. plaints can be investigated, and set aside or confirmed by the Local Superintendent in townships, and by a County Judge in cities, towns, and incorporated villages.

Grammar School Annual Report to be sent to the Chief Superintendent, by the Board of Trustees.



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Last day: Annual Financial Report of each Sub-Treasurer to be made up and transmitted, with vouchers, to the County Auditors.


County, city, town, and village clerks to transmit to the Chief Superinten. dent the Auditors' account of school moneys, and other information. Supporters of R. C. Separate Schools to give annual notice in writing to,

and receive certificate from, clerk of municipality in which separate school is situated, of such support, on or before this day.

Local Superintendents to transmit their annual reports to the Chief Super





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Common and Roman Catholic Separate School Annual Reports to be sent to the Chief Superintendent by the respective Boards of Trustees in cities, towns, and villages. An abstract of the report is to be published in one or more local newspapers.

Chief Superintendent's Annual Financial Report to Board of Audit.
School Section Annual Report to be sent to the Local Superintendent by
the Trustees, who, after the 31st, are liable to a fine of five dollars for
every week the report is delayed,

Two Grammar School Trustees to retire annually from the board on this
day, and their places to be filled up by the County Council at their first
meeting after the 1st of January.

Wednesday: the Board of Grammar School Trustees to meet annually on this day.


A statutory holiday in the Education Office (Annunciation.)

Annual subscriptions of four dollars to the superanuated common school

teachers fund, due in January, and to be transmitted as early in the year as possible. Should the subscription not be forwarded during the year, the sum of five dollars must be forwarded.

Good Friday is a holiday in the County Grammar and Common Schools and in the Education Office.

In March or April occurs the Easter vacation in the County Grammar and Common Schools. The Spring Term in the Grammar Schools commences on the first Wednesday after Easter.

Education Office.


Moveable: A statutory holiday in the Education Office (Corpus Christi.)
Normal School Winter Session ends.

Last Friday: County Grammar School Spring Term ends with half-yearly exami

Termination of Local Superintendent's annual period of office; after which the new, or re-appointments will have to be reported to the Chief Superintendent by the County Clerk, or by the Board of Trustees in cities, towns, and villages.

Apportionment to Grammar and Common Schools to be notified by the
Chief Superintendent.

Moveable: A statutory holiday in the Education Office (Ascension.)
Queen's birthday: a holiday in the County Grammar Schools and in the


A statutory holiday in the Education Office (St. Peter and St. Paul.)
Half yearly returns to be sent by the Trustees of Grammar (and Roman

Catholic Separate) Schools to the Chief Superintendent, and by the
Trustees of Rural Sections to the Local Superintendents.

Clerks of counties, cities, towns, and villages, to report the name of the
Treasurer to the Chief Superintendent.

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(1) Annual apportionment, payable by the Chief Superintendent of Educa
tion; also the semi-annual apportionment to (2) Grammar and (3)
Roman Catholic Separate Schools; and (4) the half-yearly pension to
superannuated common school teachers.*

Chief Superintendent's Annual Report to the Governor General.
First Monday: Second half-yearly examination of Grammar School Masters.
Legislative school grant to be distributed by Local Superintendents among
the rural Schools from which half-yearly returns have been received.
First Monday: the Common School vacation of two weeks begins.
Second Monday: Summer Term in the County Grammar Schools begins.
Autumn Session of the Normal School begins.








The application of Trustees of rural sections to the Township Council for the imposition of a school-rate to be made before the August meeting, except for the expenses of site and school-house.

Agreements with Common School Teachers, in rural sections, after this
date, not valid, unless signed by those Trustees who remain in office for
at least one year after the following January election.
Summer Term in the County Grammar Schools ends on the Friday next

before the 15th. The Autumn Term begins on the Monday following the
close of the Summer Term.

A statutory holiday in the Education Office (All Saints.)

Common School Trustees to appoint an auditor of school accounts before the 1st of December in each year.

Common and Grammar School County Assessments by law available for the payment of Teachers.

Autumn Session of the Normal School ends.

In case Trustees of Common Schools neglect to call an Auditors' meeting
by the 22nd of December, two electors, or the Local Superintendent,
may call it.
Autumn Term in the County Grammar Schools ends with a public exami-

Christmas holidays in the Grammar and Common Schools commence. A
holiday in the Education Office. (Christmas-Day.)
Alterations in the boundaries of school sections take effect.

Trustees' returns of unpaid school-rates on absentees' lands to be made
before the end of the year to the Township Clerk.

Half-Yearly Returns from Grammar and (Roman Catholic Separate)
School Trustees to be sent to the Chief Superintendent, and from rural
Trustees to the Local Superintendents.

Second half-yearly payments by the Chief Superintendent to (1) Grammar

and (2) Roman Catholic Separate Schools, and balance of year's pension to (3) superannuated common school teachers.

The school year ends. Trustees must keep open a school during at least six months of the year.

II. Periodical Duties for which no specific dates are given.

1. The County Board of Public Instruction shall meet half-yearly, for the examination of common school teachers.

2. There shall be quarterly examinations held in all the common schools, and half-yearly examinations in the grammar schools.

3. Local superintendents shall make two or more official visits to the common schools; "one shall be made some time between the 1st of April and the 1st of October, and the other some time between the 1st of October and the 1st of April." Other visits may be made, as directed by the county council.

4. Local superintendents shall "deliver in each school section, at least once a-year," a public school lecture

5. Local superintendents to be appointed annually by the county council; also the chairman, secretary, and treasurer of each Grammar School Board; the chairman, secretary, and (if necessary) a committee of three persons for each common

*The cheques issued by the Educational Department for these sums are payable at par, at any of the Branch Agencies of the Bank of Montreal. The following is a list of the agencies at present established in Canada; Belleville, Brantford, Brockville, Chatham, Clifton, Cobourg, Cornwall, Elora, Fergus, Goderich, Guelph, Hamilton, Kingston, Lindsay, London, Montreal, head office, Mount Forest, Niagara, Ottawa, Perth, Peterboro', Picton, Quebec, Simcoe, St. Mary's, Stratford, Toronto, Waterloo, and Whibty.

and separate school; the county, city, town, and village auditors of school moneys; and the rural school section auditors.

6. Rate-bills in common and separate schools are payable monthly, quarterly, or yearly, in advance.

7. Abstract of city, town, and village school report to be published annually in one or more local newspapers. In rural sections it is to be read at the annual meeting.

8. Collectors of school-rates in rural school sections, shall collect the rate within ten days from the date of their warrant; and in ease of refusal of payment, shall, within fourteen days after demand being made, proceed to seize and sell the goods and chattels of the defaulter. He shall give notice of sale in three public places, at least six days before the sale by auction.

9. A general meeting of school visitors may be held at any time. They should attend the quarterly examinations of the schools.

10. Estimates of sums necessary to be raised for the Board of School Trustees, to be laid before the city, town, or village council any time during the year. The annual estimate should be laid before the council early in the year.

11. County, city, and village clerks to transmit to the Chief Superintendent, immediately after the meetings of the council, a report of all proceedings relating to education; the appointment and post-office address of each local superintendant, &c. In cities, towns, and villages, this latter duty should be performed by the secretary to the Board of Trustees.

12. Grammar, common, and Roman Catholic separate school trustees, elected to fill a vacancy, to hold office only during the unexpired term.

13. A Meteorological Journal to be regularly kept by the head master of each senior county grammar school.

14. The Chief Superintendent to present his annual financial report to the legislature "at each sitting thereof."

15. Inspector to visit each of the grammar schools in the course of a year.

16. Defaulting secretary-treasurer to deliver up books, moneys, papers, &c., " by a certain day, to be named by the County Judge," or to be imprisoned "until the Judge shall be satisfied" that delivery is made.

17. A School Register and the Journal of Education to be procured annually by the trustees, the former from the local and the latter from the Chief Superintendent.








(With which is incorporated the School Law Amendment Act of 1860, 23 Victoria, chap. 49.)


ER MAJESTY, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Council and Assembly of Canada, enacts as follows: Existing School Organization continued.

1. All common school sections or other common school divisions, together with all elections and appointments to office, all agreements, contracts, assessments, and rate-bills, heretofore duly made in relation to common schools, and existing when this Act comes into force, shall continue, subject to the provisions of this Act.

2. The term for which each school trustee who holds office at the time this Act takes effect, shall continue as if such term had commenced by virtue of an election under this Act; and on the second Wednesday in January next after this Act takes effect, the trustee or trustees whose term of office then expires, shall retire from office, but may, with his or their own consent, be re-elected under the provisions of this Act.

Annual Election on the Second Wednesday in January.

3. The annual meetings for the election of school trustees, as hereinafter provided, shall be held in all the cities, towns, townships, and villages of Upper Canada, on the second Wednesday in January, in each year, commencing at the hour of ten of the clock in the forenoon. When the Poll at School Elections shall close.

[31. The School Law Amendment Act of 1860 further enacts, that: 4. The poll at every election of a school trustee or trustees shall not close before eleven of the clock in the forenoon, and shall not be kept open later than four of the clock in the afternoon.* In [rural] school sections the poll shall close on the same day the election is commenced; in cities, towns, and incorporated villages, the same time shall be allowed for the election of school trustees which is allowed for the election of municipal councillors.]

The mode of proceeding in closing the poll in ordinary municipal elections is as follows (taken from the seventh clause of the ninety-seventh section of the Upper Canada Consolidated Municipal Institutions Act): The returning officer may close the election one hour after commencing the same, if within that time


Trustees' Term of Office.

4. For each township school section there shall be three trustees, each of whom, after the first election of trustees, shall hold office for three years, and until his successor has been elected.

5. Any trustee elected to fill an occasional vacancy shall hold office only for the unexpired term of the person in whose place he has been elected.

Trustees not to hold certain Offices.

6. And no trustee of a school section shall hold the office of local superintendent or of a teacher, within the section of which he is a trustee.

[6. The School Law Amendment Act of 1860 further enacts as follows: [11.** Nor shall any teacher or local superintendent hold the office of trustee ;

Six Months' Non-residence vacates Office.

And a continuous non-residence of six months from his school section by any trustee, shall cause the vacation of his office.]

Proceedings on the formation of a New Section.

7. Whenever a school section is formed in any township, as provided in the thirty-ninth section of this Act [page 54], the clerk of the township shall give notice to the person appointed to call the first school meeting for the election of trustees, of the description and number of such school section.*

[only one candidate be proposed]; but in case there are more candidates, and a poll is demanded, he shall keep open the election until four of the clock in the afternoon * * * and no longer.

*The form of this notice should be as follows:

Township of

Clerk's Office,


SIR,-I have the honour to inform you, that, in conformity with the eighth section of the Upper Canada Consolidated Common School Act, the Municipal Council of this township has authorized, and hereby requires you, within twenty days after receiving this notice, to appoint the time and place of holding the first school meeting for the election of three trustees for school section No. - in this township, which school section is bounded and may be known as follows: [Here insert a full description of it.] Copies of your notice are to be posted in at least three public places in the school section above described, not less than six days before the time of holding such meeting.- -I am, sir, your obedient servant,

A. B., Township Clerk.
To C. D. (appointed to call the first school meeting in Section No. —
Township of

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REMARKS.-In notifying the formation of several school sections, or the formation of parts of sections, the phraseology of the notices should be varied, at the discretion of the township clerk, and in accordance with the proceedings and directions of the council. See thirty-ninth section of the School Act, page 54.

For form of deed for a school site, &c., see page 27.

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