Mechanics' Magazine, 57. köide

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Knight & Lacey, 1852

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Page 307 - ... ut pueris olim dant crustula blandi doctores, elementa velint ut discere prima...
Page 18 - Act shall, within fourteen days next after the same shall be so appointed, allowed, or granted respectively, be laid before both Houses of Parliament, if Parliament be then sitting, or if Parliament be not then sitting, then within fourteen days after the next meeting of Parliament.
Page 11 - ... this provision, such invention may be used and published without prejudice to any letters patent to be granted for the same...
Page 18 - ... shall, after the passing of this Act, be appointed to any office or place of emolument under the provisions of this Act, or in the public service, then and in every such case the amount of such yearly sum shall in every year be...
Page 494 - An Act to substitute stamp duties for fees on passing letters patent for inventions, and to provide for the purchase for the public use of certain indexes of specifications.
Page 17 - On taxation of costs regard shall be had to the particulars delivered by the plaintiff and by the defendant ; and they respectively shall not be allowed any costs in respect of any particular delivered by them unless the same is certified by the court or a judge to have been proven or to have been reasonable and proper, without regard to the general costs of the case.
Page 397 - The advancement of the fine arts and of practical science will be readily recognized by you as worthy of the attention of a great and enlightened nation. I have directed that a comprehensive scheme shall be laid before you, having in view the promotion of these objects, towards which I invite your aid and co-operation.
Page 10 - ... instruments and copies proceeding from the office of the commissioners, and all courts, judges, and other persons whomsoever shall take notice of such seal, and receive impressions thereof in evidence, in like manner as impressions of the Great Seal are received in evidence, and shall also take notice of and receive in evidence, without further proof...
Page 17 - Court shall otherwise direct, but otherwise nothing shall affect the jurisdiction and forms of process of the Courts in Scotland in such an action or in any action or proceeding respecting a patent hitherto competent to those Courts. For the purposes of this section " Court of Appeal " shall mean any Court to which such action is appealed.
Page 411 - In any Action in any of Her Majesty's Superior Courts of Record at Westminster and in Dublin, for the Infringement of any such Copyright as aforesaid, it shall be lawful for the Court in which such Action is pending, if the Court be then sitting, or if the Court be not sitting then for a Judge of such Court, on the Application of the Plaintiff or Defendant respectively, to make such Order for an Injunction, Inspection, or Account, aiid to give such Direction respecting such Action, Injunction, Inspection,...

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