Merry Drollery Compleat Being Jovial Poems, Merry Songs, &c

Front Cover
Joseph Woodfall Ebsworth
R. Roberts, 1875 - 408 pages

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Page 371 - Not as the conqueror comes, They, the true-hearted came ; Not with the roll of the stirring drums, And the trumpet that sings of fame. Not as the flying come, In silence and in fear ; They shook the depths of the desert gloom With their hymns of lofty cheer.
Page 92 - Where the nation live so free, And so merry as do we ? Be it peace, or be it war, Here at liberty we are, And enjoy our ease and rest: To the field we are not pressed; Nor are called into the town, To be troubled with the gown.
Page 22 - The thirsty earth soaks up the rain, And drinks, and gapes for drink again, The plants suck in the earth, and are With constant drinking fresh and fair.
Page 110 - But may be term'd the worst of all the three ? Domestic cares afflict the husband's bed, Or pains his head : Those that live single, take it for a curse, Or do things worse...
Page 366 - The hunt is up, the hunt is up, And it is well nigh day; And Harry our king is gone hunting, To bring his deer to bay.
Page 103 - Her feet beneath her petticoat Like little mice stole in and out, As if they feared the light: But, oh ! she dances such a way— No sun upon an Easter day Is half so fine a sight.
Page 172 - Ah what a trembling I feel when I venture, Ah what a Trembling does usher my joy! When, with a Sigh, she accords me the blessing, And her Eyes twinkle 'twixt pleasure and pain; Ah what a joy 'tis, beyond all Expressing, Ah what a joy to hear, shall we again...
Page 105 - twas nam'd another's health, Perhaps he made it hers by stealth: (And who could help it, Dick?) O' th' sudden up they rise and dance; Then sit again, and sigh, and glance; Then dance again and kiss: Thus several ways the time did pass, Whilst ev'ry woman wish'd her place, And ev'ry man wish'd his.
Page 102 - twould undo him, Should he go still so drest. At Course-a-Park, without all doubt, He should have first been taken out By all the maids i' th' town : Though lusty Roger there had been, Or little George upon the Green, Or Vincent of the Crown. But wot you what ? the youth was going To make an end of all his wooing ; The parson for him...

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