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The “Blue-light Elder" knows 'em well ;
Says he, “That 's Bank's—he 's fond of shell;
Lord save his soul! we'll give him— " well!

That's “Stonewall Jackson's way.”

Silence! ground arms! kneel all! caps off!

old Blue Light's goin' to pray. Strangle the fool that dares to scoff!

Attention! it's his way. Appealing from his native sod, In forma pauperäs to God : Lay bare Thine arm ; stretch forth Thy rod !

Amen!” That's “Stonewall's way.

He's in the saddle now. Fall in !

Steady! the whole brigade ! Hill 's at the ford, cut off; we 'll win

His way out, ball and blade! What matter if our shoes are worn ? What matter if our feet are torn ? “Quick step! we 're with him before morn!”

That's “Stonewall Jackson's way.

The sun's bright lances rout the mists

Of morning, and, by George ! Here's Longstreet, struggling in the lists,

Hemmed in an ugly gorge.

Stonewall Jackson's Way


Pope and his Dutchmen, whipped before ;
“Bay'nets and grape!” hear Stonewall roar;
Charge, Stuart! Pay off Ashby's score !

In “Stonewall Jackson's way.”

Ah ! Maiden, wait and watch and yearn

For news of Stonewall's band !
Ah! Widow, read, with eyes that burn,

That ring upon thy hand.
Ah ! Wife, sew on, pray on, hope on;
Thy life shall not be all forlorn ;
The foe had better ne'er been born

That gets in “Stonewall's way.” [Southern.]

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[During the Civil War this song was frequently sung upon the march by the soldiers of the Army of the Potomac. Except“When this Cruel War is Over” and the doggerel about “John Brown's Body," there was scarcely any song so often heard. The name of the leader was changed, from time to time, to accord with the facts. -EDITOR.]

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"HE army is gathering from near and from far ;

The trumpet is sounding the call for the war ; McClellan 's our leader, he 's gallant and strong; We'll gird on our armor and be marching along.

Chorus.—Marching along, we are marching along,

Gird on the armor and be marching along ;
McClellan's our leader, he's gallant and strong;
For God and our country we are marching along.

Marcbing Along


The foe is before us in battle array,
But let us not waver, or turn from the way ;
The Lord is our strength, and the Union's our song ;
With courage and faith we are marching along.
Chorus.—Marching along, etc.

Our wives and our children we leave in your care ;
We feel you will help them with sorrow to bear :
'T is hard thus to part, but we hope 't won't be long :
We'll keep up our heart as we ’re marching along.
Chorus.—Marching along, etc.

We sigh for our country, we mourn for our dead; For them now our last drop of blood we will shed ; Our cause is the right one-our foe's in the wrong ; Then gladly we ’ll sing as we ’re marching along. Chorus.—Marching along, etc.

The flag of our country is floating on high ;
We 'll stand by that flag till we conquer or die ;
McClellan 's our leader, he's gallant and strong ;
We 'll gird on our armor and be marching along.
Chorus.—Marching along, etc.

Vol. II.

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[Captain Latané, of Stuart's Confederate cavalry was killed during the Pamunkey expedition in 1862. He was buried by a company of women, one of whom read the service for the dead, while a little girl strewed flowers on the grave.—EDITOR.]


THE combat raged not long, but ours the day ;

And, through the hosts that compassed us around, Our little band rode proudly on its way, Leaving one gallant comrade, glory-crowned, Unburied on the field he died to gainSingle of all his men, amid the hostile slain.

One moment on the battle's edge he stood-
Hope's halo, like a helmet, round his hair ;
The next beheld him, dabbled in his blood,
Prostrate in death-and yet, in death how fair !
Even thus he passed through the red gates of strife,
From earthly crowns and palms, to an immortal life.

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