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3d Report,

dated 28th Feb.



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Scheme confirmed.

Corporation dissolved, and charity estate vested in


Succession of governors.

Endowed School at Moulton.


An Act for confirming a Scheme of the Charity Commis-
sioners for the Endowed School at Moulton in the County
of Lincoln.
[14th July 1856.]

WHEREAS the Charity Commissioners for England and

Wales, in their Report to Her Majesty of their Proceedings during the Year One thousand eight hundred and fifty-five, have reported that they have provisionally approved and certi'fied (among other Schemes for the Application and Management of Charities) a Scheme for the Endowed School at Moulton in the County of Lincoln founded by the Will of John Harrox, and such Scheme is set out in the Appendix to the said Report, and is also set out in the Schedule to this Act: And whereas it is expedient that the said Scheme should be confirmed: Be it enacted by the Queen's most Excellent Majesty, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the Authority of the same, as follows:


I. The said Scheme shall be confirmed and take effect.




1. The existing incorporation of the above-mentioned school, by the name of "The Preceptor or Master of the Free School of John Harrox in Moulton," or by any other name, is hereby dissolved, and the charity, and the estates and property thereof, shall from and after the establishment of this scheme be under the inanagement and control of governors, to be called "The Governors of the Moulton Endowed Schools." The full number of Governors shall be twelve, of whom the Vicar of Moulton, the Vicar of Whaplode, the Rector of Fleet, and the Vicar of Weston respectively for the time being shall by virtue of their respective offices always be four; and in the first instance the following persons shall be the other eight governors; that is to say, John Tatam of Moulton aforesaid, Esquire; Robert King of the same place, Gentleman; Robert Everard of Fulney House, Spalding, in the same county, Esquire; (being the three present non-official trustees of the charity;) and the Right Honourable Sir John Trollope of Casewick House near Stamford in the same county, Baronet; John Richard Carter of Spalding in the same county, Esquire; Joseph Chamberlain Barker of Holbeach, Esquire; Thomas Cammack of Spalding aforesaid, Esquire, M.D.; and Matthew Clark of Goddard's Hall, Moulton, Esquire.

2. The death, resignation, bankruptcy, insolvency, or removal from residence in the county of Lincoln of any non-official governor, or his refusal or incapacity to act, or neglect for a period of two consecutive years to attend any meeting of the governors, shall respectively create a vacancy in the office of such governor; and


Endowed School at Moulton.

as soon as conveniently may be after the occurrence of any such vacancy, the remaining governors for the time being shall appoint some fit and proper person resident within the said county of Lincoln to fill such vacancy, so as to keep up the full number of eight non-official governors.

3. Every appointment of a governor shall be made at some Appointment general or special meeting of the governors for the time being, and of future shall be forthwith notified by the chairman of the meeting or the governors. clerk to the Charity Commissioners for England and Wales; and no such appointment shall be valid until approved by an order under the official seal of the said commissioners; and a minute or memorandum of every such appointment, when so approved, and of the order of the said commissioners approving thereof, shall be entered in the minute book kept for recording the proceedings of the governors, at the first meeting after the receipt of such order, and shall be signed by the chairman at such meeting; and such minute or memorandum shall be sufficient evidence of the appointment to which it relates.

The governors for the time being during any vacancy or vacancies in the governing body shall be competent to exercise all the authorities hereby vested in the governors.

4. All the real estate, of whatever tenure, now vested in the said corporation, or belonging to or held in trust for the charity, and all rights and privileges belonging to or held in trust for the charity, (subject to any subsisting leases thereof and charges thereon,) and the full benefit of all subsisting covenants, conditions, and securities made or entered into with or reserved to the said corporation, or any person or persons in trust for or for the benefit of the charity, and all the personal estate belonging to the charity, and the right to sue for and recover all choses in action recoverable for the benefit thereof, shall be immediately and shall from time to time vest and continue vested in "The Governors of Moulton Endowed School" for the time being, for the purposes and according to the provisions of this scheme, without any conveyance, assignment, surrender, or assurance; and the right to sue upon or enforce all or any covenants, conditions, or securities made, reserved, or contracted to or with the said corporation before its dissolution, or to or with any preceding governors of the said charity, shall be exerciseable in the name of "The Governors of Moulton Endowed School," as fully and effectually as the same right might be exercised by such corporation if not dissolved, or by such preceding governors if still retaining their office; and in the same manner all contracts and liabilities of the said corporation before its dissolution, or of any preceding governors for the time being of the said charity, may be enforced against the governors thereof for the time being to the extent of the property or assets of the charity, but not against their private estates.

Charity estate vested in governors for the time being.

5. The copyhold lands and hereditaments belonging to or held Copyholds. in trust for the charity may be enfranchised by the governors, with the consent of the person or respective persons who shall for for the time being be in the actual possession or enjoyment of the manor or respective manors of which the same lands and here

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Houses and

buildings to be kept repaired

and insured by


Governors to let and manage the property.

Leases to be executed and

actions brought by any five governors.

Stock committee.

Clerk and receiver.

Endowed School at Moulton.

ditaments respectively shall be held, upon such terms and conditions as shall be approved by the Charity Commissioners for England and Wales; and in the meantime, and until such enfranchisement shall be effected, the lords or owners for the time being of the respective manors of which the same lands and hereditaments respectively shall be held shall be entitled to the same fines, rents, services, and other benefits (if any) in respect of such lands and hereditaments, as they respectively would or might have been legally entitled to if this scheme had not been established.

6. The schoolhouses and masters' residences, with the buildings attached thereto respectively, and the other houses and buildings belonging to the charity, (which shall not be kept repaired and insured by the tenants thereof under any covenant or agreement in that behalf,) shall be kept repaired and insured by the governors out of the income of the charity.

7. The governors shall have the control and management of the charity property, and shall let the same (with the exception of the schoolhouses and premises) at the best annual rents, provided that no lease of the charity property or any part thereof be granted in reversion or for a longer term than fourteen years, without the sanction of the Charity Commissioners for England and Wales, and that every such lease shall contain covenants by the lessees for the payment of rent, the repair and insurance of the houses and buildings comprised in such lease, a proviso for re-entry on nonpayment of rent or nonperformance of the covenants, and all other usual and proper covenants applicable to the property comprised in the lease. No governor shall, either directly or indirectly, become a tenant or occupier of the charity estate or any part thereof, for his own benefit or for the benefit of any other person.

8. Leases and other deeds and instruments for the letting or disposition of the charity estate or any part thereof may be executed and made by any five of the governors for the time being on behalf and as the act of the whole of them, according to any order of the governors made at any meeting, and shall have the same effect as if executed by all the said governors; and the recital of any such order contained in any deed or instrument by which any such lease or other disposition shall be effected shall be primâ facie evidence thereof.

9. The governors shall appoint some four of their number to be the persons into whose names any sums of stock to be purchased from time to time in trust for the charity shall be transferred, and who shall be called the "Stock Committee;" and as often as the number of the Stock Committee shall be reduced by vacancies to two, two other governors shall be appointed in like manner, into whose names the stock shall be transferred jointly with those of the two continuing members of such Stock Committee.

10. The governors shall appoint a clerk and a receiver, who respectively shall be removable by them when and as they may think fit. The offices of clerk and receiver may be combined in one person. A master or assistant master of the Lower School may be appointed as clerk, but not as receiver. The governors


Endowed School at Moulton.

may pay or allow to the clerk and receiver respectively, out of the income of the charity, such reasonable salary or remuneration as they may from time to time appoint. Any one of the governors may be appointed to execute the offices of clerk and receiver, or either of them, gratuitously. The receiver shall, unless he be one of the governors, give such security, before entering upon his office, as the governors shall direct.

11. The duties of the clerk shall be to attend the governors at Duties of clerk. their meetings, to attend and give information to any committees appointed by the governors, to enter the minutes of the proceedings at meetings of the governors, to keep the accounts of the charity, and to prepare and send such statements thereof as the governors are bound to furnish under "The Charitable Trusts Act, 1853," or otherwise; to preserve, subject to the directions of the governors, all vouchers for payments on behalf of the charity; to make out annually a detailed account and statement of the receipts and payments in respect of the charity, and of its assets and liabilities (if any), which shall be vouched and passed before the governors at their first general meeting after Christmas Day; and to perform all such duties in respect of the charity and to the management thereof as the governors shall direct.

12. The receiver, subject to the control and direction of the Duties of governors, shall exercise a general supervision over the charity receiver. property and the lessees thereof, and shall collect and receive the rents and income, and shall submit to the governors annually a report showing the state and condition of the charity estate, and shall perform all such other duties and acts appertaining to the office of receiver in respect of the charity and its property, and the management thereof, as the governors shall direct.

13. Notice in writing of every meeting, whether general, special, Notice of or adjourned, shall be delivered or sent by the clerk to each meetings. governor at his residence three clear days at the least previously

to such meeting; and such notice shall specify the place and the

day and hour for holding the meeting.

14. The governors shall hold not less than four general meet- General ings in each year for transacting the business of the charity. And meetings. such meetings shall be held on the Thursday fortnight after Lady Day, Midsummer Day, Michaelmas Day, and Christmas Day respectively. But the governors shall have power from time to time to appoint some other day within thirty days next after any of the respective quarter days aforesaid for holding the then next quarterly meeting. The meetings shall be held in the schoolhouse, or in some other convenient place in the parish of Moulton, to be determined from time to time by the governors.

15. If circumstances require it, any two or more of the governors Special for the time being may send a requisition to the clerk calling a meetings. special meeting; and the clerk shall, upon the receipt of such requisition, give notice in writing to each of the governors of the time, place, and object of such meeting; and no business shall be transacted at any special meeting which shall not be specified or sufficiently indicated in the notice. Q 3

16. Five

Quorum of meetings.

Majority of votes to be binding.

Adjournment of meetings.

Appointment of committee.

Application of income.

1. Interest on existing mortgage debt.

2. Interest on money to be

raised for purpose of scheme.

3. Retiring pension to late master.

4. Salary of master of Upper School;

Endowed School at Moulton.

16. Five governors shall form a quorum at any meeting, and so soon after the time fixed for the holding of any meeting as a sufficient number of governors shall be present to form a quorum, they shall proceed to elect a chairman from amongst the governors then present, and in the event of an equality of votes on the election of chairman the choice between the two persons proposed shall be determined by lot. The act and proceedings of a majority of governors present at any meeting properly held shall be binding on the whole body, but such acts and proceedings or any of them may be revoked or altered from time to time, wholly or partially, by the governors, or the majority of them, at any subsequent meeting. The chairman of every meeting shall, in the event of an equality of votes, have, in addition to his original vote, a second or casting vote.

17. If after the space of one hour from the time appointed for holding any meeting a sufficient number of governors shall not be in attendance to form a quorum, the governors, or any one or more of them present, or the clerk, if no governor be present, may adjourn the meeting to a subsequent day. Any meeting may also be adjourned at any time by the chairman upon a resolution for adjournment being adopted at such meeting.

18. The governors may at any meeting appoint three or more of their body as a committee for the purpose of making any inquiry, or superintending or performing any specific act or duty which in the judgment of the governors may be more conveniently referred to such committee; but the acts and proceedings of such committee shall be reported to the governors from time to time at the then next general meeting.

19. The governors shall apply the clear yearly income of the charity (which shall remain after providing for and defraying thercout the expense of repairing and keeping insured the houses and buildings belonging to the charity, the salaries of the clerk and receiver, and the other current and proper expenses of management, and of executing the trust in pursuance of this scheme,) in manner following:

Firstly, In providing for the interest payable in respect of the principal mortgage debt with which the charity property now stands charged.

Secondly, In providing for the interest or annuity, and the instalments of principal in respect of the sum or sums (if any) to be raised for providing, building, altering, and fitting up the school buildings and premises as herein-after mentioned. Thirdly, In paying to the Reverend Charles Moore, late master of the school, (who has consented to retire upon the annuity herein-after mentioned being secured to him,) an annuity of one hundred pounds during his natural life, by half-yearly payments, on the sixth day of April and the eleventh day of October in each year, the first of such half-yearly. payments to be made on the eleventh day of October one thousand eight hundred and fifty-six.

Fourthly, In paying to the master of the Upper School the annual stipend herein-after mentioned.


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