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Registration of Voters (Scotland).

XII. Every Person who shall wilfully mutilate or remove any Penalty for inDocument so affixed during such Period shall for every such juring Lists put Offence forfeit a Sum not exceeding Forty Shillings, nor less than up. Ten Shillings, to any Person who will sue for the same, to be recovered in a summary Manner before the Sheriff of the County, or any Two Justices of the Peace.


XIII. No List shall be invalidated by reason that it shall not Lists not invahave been advertised pursuant to this Act, or shall not have been lidated by affixed in the Place, and for the full Time, herein required for deficient PubPublication thereof; and the Sheriff shall proceed to revise and adjudicate upon every such List, though not advertised or affixed as aforesaid: Provided always, that nothing herein contained shall be construed to exempt any Assessor or other Person acting in wilful or culpable Neglect of any Duty imposed upon him by this or the first-recited Act from any Penalties thereby incurred.

XIV. No Claim or Objection to any Claim shall be affected by any Mistake, Error, or Omission committed by any Public Officer to whom Claims or Objections are appointed to be given in or transmitted.

XV. Where in any Burgh any Office upon the Holder whereof Duties are imposed by this Act shall become vacant, it shall be competent for the Sheriff of the County, and he is hereby authorized and required, in the event it shall appear to him to be necessary or expedient in order to the carrying out of the Purposes of this Act, to appoint a Person to perform ad interim the Duties of such Office, in so far as imposed by or necessary for the Purposes of this Act; and the Person so to be appointed shall be charged with and perform such Duties until such Office be duly filled up, and shall be entitled to such reasonable Remuneration therefor as may be fixed by such Sheriff, with the Approbation of the Lord Advocate, and such Remuneration shall be payable in the like Manner and out of the like Funds as the Salary or Allowances of the Office become vacant as aforesaid.

XVI. Any Person whose Name shall be on any List of Voters for the Time being for any Burgh, or who shall have claimed to have his Name inserted in any such List, may at any Time between the Hours of Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon and Four o'Clock in the Afternoon of each Day, except Sunday, between the Sixteenth Day of August and the Twenty-first Day of October, inspect any Valuation Roll, and make Extracts therefrom for any Purpose relating to any Claim or Objection made or intended to be made by or against such Person; and every Officer having the Custody thereof is hereby required to permit such Inspection, and the making of such Extracts, without Payment of any Fee.

Errors of Offi

cers not to affect Claims.

Provision for filling up ad interim Offices

on which Duties are imposed by this Act.

Valuation Rolls to be open to Inspection for

the Purposes of this Act.

of Matters stated therein.

XVII. In all Questions and Proceedings under this or the recited Valuation Roll Act, the Valuation Roll made up by the Assessor in Terms of the to be prima Fourth Section of the Act passed in the Seventeenth and facie Evidence Eighteenth Years of Her present Majesty, Chapter Ninety-one, shall, from and after the Fifteenth Day of August in the Year in which such Roll shall be made up, and subject always to such Alterations as may be afterwards made thereon in Terms of said last-mentioned Act, be received and taken as prima facie Proof


Town Clerks to transmit Ab

stracts of Lists to Sheriffs.

Sheriffs to hold Courts for revising Lists.

Registration of Voters (Scotland).

that the gross yearly Rent or Value of any Subjects specified in such Valuation Roll is, and has been for the Year from the Fifteenth Day of May in such Year, of the Amount set forth for the Time in such Valuation Roll, and also as prima facie Proof that the Persons therein set forth as Froprietors, Tenants, and Occupants respectively have, for the Period to which such Valuation applies, been such Proprietors, Tenants, and Occupants respectively, as therein stated: Provided always, that it shall be competent to prove to the Satisfaction of any Sheriff or Court of Appeal under this or the said first-recited Act, that any such Subjects are or have been of a greater or of a less annual Value than the Value stated in such Valuation Roll: Provided further, that it shall be competent, in any Appeal under this or the firstrecited Act from any Court of Registration to any Court of Appeal, to refer to and found upon any Valuation Roll, notwithstanding that such Valuation Roll may not have been produced in such Court of Registration.

XVIII. Each Town Clerk shall, on the First Day of September in cach Year, or as soon thereafter as possible, transmit an Abstract of the said several Lists of Claimants and Lists of Persons objected to in his Burgh to the Sheriff of the County, indicating the Number of Claims and Objections to be disposed of by him in such Burgh.

XIX. Every Sheriff shall, between the First Day of September and the First Day of October in each Year, revise the Register of Voters of the County and the Lists of the several Burghs thereof, and for this Purpose shall hold open Courts during the said Period as prescribed in the said recited Act; and shall, on or before the First Day of September in each Year, or as soon thereafter as possible, deliver to the Sheriff Clerk of the County and to the Town Clerk of each such Burgh a written Notice of the Days, within the Period above mentioned, on which he is to hold such Courts ; and such Town Clerk shall forthwith cause public Notice of such Burgh Registration Courts to be given by Advertisement in One or more Newspapers circulating within such Burgh, and shall cause a Copy of such Notice, written or printed, to be delivered to the Assessors of such Burgh, and shall require them to attend at the Courts therein appointed for the Revision of such Lists of Voters.

Town Clerks, XX. The Town Clerk of every Burgh, and all Assessors of the &c. to attend same, shall attend the Courts to be holden by the Sheriff for such Burgh RegisBurgh; and the Town Clerk shall, at the First Court, deliver to tration Courts, and produce the Sheriff the List of Voters; that is to say, the List first made Lists, Valuation out by such Assessor, and the Lists of Claimants and of Persons Rolls, &c. objected to in the then current Year, relating to such Burgh, and also, from and after the Year One thousand eight hundred and fiftysix, One or more printed Copies of the Register of Voters then in force; and the said Assessors shall deliver to the Sheriff the original Notices of Claim and Objection; and the Person having the Custody of the Valuation Roll then in force shall have the same on the Table of the Registration Court; and the Town Clerk and Assessors respectively shall produce all Documents,


Registration of Voters (Scotland).

Papers, and Writings in their Power touching any Matter necessary for revising any List of Voters; and every such Sheriff shall have the Power to require any Person having the Custody of any Valuation Roll to attend before him, and to produce the Valuation Roll, and he shall attend and produce accordingly.

XXI. If any Person who shall have given to the Assessor due Notice of his Claim to have his Name inserted in the List of Persons entitled to vote in the Election of a Member to serve in Parliament for such Burgh shall have been omitted by such Assessor from such List, the Sheriff shall, on the Revision of such List, insert therein the Name of the Person so omitted, in case it shall be proved to the Satisfaction of such Sheriff that such Person is, and was on the last Day of July last preceding, entitled to be inserted therein, in respect of the Qualification described in such Notice of Claim.


XXII. It shall be lawful for any Person whose Name shall be on any List of Voters for any Burgh to oppose the Claim of Person to have his Name inserted in the List of Voters for the same Burgh; and such Person intending to oppose any such Claim shall, in the Court to be holden as aforesaid for the Revision of such List, and before the Hearing of the said Claim, give Notice in Writing to the Sheriff of his Intention to oppose the said Claim, and shall thereupon be admitted to oppose the same, by Evidence or otherwise, without any previous or other Notice, and shall have the same Rights, Powers, and Liabilities, as to Costs, Appeals, and other Matters relating to the Hearing and Determination of the said Claim, as any Person who shall have duly objected to the Name of any other Person being retained on any List of Voters, and who shall appear and prove the requisite Notices in Terms of this Act.


omitted in Lists may be enrolled by Sheriff.

But Claims omitted may be objected to.


XXIII. The Sheriff shall correct any Mistake which shall be Sheriffs to reproved to him to have been made in any List, and shall expunge vise and correct the Name of every Person whose Qualification, as stated in any List, shall be insufficient in Law to entitle such Person to vote, and also the Name of every Person who shall be proved to him to be dead; and if in entering the Name and Qualification of any Voter anything requiring to be specified be omitted, or if any Description be insufficient for Identification, such Sheriff shall expunge the Name of every Person so entered, unless the Matter so omitted or insufficiently described be supplied to his Satisfaction before he shall have completed the Revision of the List; and such Sheriff shall in open Court write his Initials against the Names respectively expunged or inserted, and against any Part of the said Lists in which any Mistake shall have been corrected, or any Omission supplied, or any Insertion made by him.

to cite Parties,

XXIV. It shall at all Times be competent to any Sheriff or to Sheriffs may any Sheriff Substitute acting under the first-recited Act or this grant Warrant Act, upon ex parte Application made to him to that Effect, by any Claimant, Objector, or Appellant, to grant Warrant to cite Parties, Witnesses, and Havers, and to grant Diligence for the Recovery of Writings with reference to any Claim, Objection, or Appeal to be discussed before any Registration Court to be holden Writings.


Witnesses, and
Havers, and

Diligence for
Recovery of

Registration of Voters (Scotland).

by such Sheriff, or his Substitute, or before any Court of Appeal of which such Sheriff may be entitled to be a Member; and such Warrants of Citation and Diligence shall be equally valid as if granted by such Sheriff or Sheriff Substitute in the Course of any ordinary or summary Process or Procedure before him; and shall be valid notwithstanding that the Appeal Court to which such Citation or Diligence refers be holden without the Limits of the ordinary Jurisdiction of such Sheriff.

Sheriffs may XXV. Every Sheriff holding any Court under this or the firstadjourn Regis recited Act shall have Power to adjourn the same from Time to tration Courts, but to conclude Time, but so that no such adjourned Court shall be holden after Business by the Thirtieth Day of September in any Year; and, at all Courts, 30th September whether of Registration or Appeal, any Sheriff holding such Court, annually. or sitting as a Member thereof, shall have Power to administer an Oath to all Persons examined before such Court; and all Parties, whether claiming or objecting or objected to, and all Persons whatsoever, may be examined upon Oath touching the Matters in question; and every Person taking any Oath under this or the first-recited Act, who shall wilfully swear falsely, shall be deemed guilty of Perjury, and shall be liable to be punished accordingly.

Lists of Voters

to be delivered to Town Clerk

for Production at Appeal Courts.

Persons dissatisfied may appeal, and all Appeals in Burghs to be disposed of by

21st and in Counties by 31st October.

Town Clerks, &c. to attend

XXVI. On the Revision of the Lists of Voters for any Burgh in any Year being completed by the Sheriff in Terms of this Act, such Sheriff shall forthwith, and at latest on the First Day of October in such Year, deliver the same to the Town Clerk of such Burgh; and such Town Clerk shall retain the same in his Possession, and produce the same to the Court of Appeal established with reference to such Sheriff by the said first-recited Act.

XXVII. It shall be competent to any Party dissatisfied with the Judgment of the Sheriff, under this or the first-recited Act, to appeal against the same to the Court of Appeal established with reference to such Sheriff by the said recited Act, and in the Manner by the said Act prescribed; and it shall be competent to the said Court of Appeal to hold its Court, and to review all such Judgments of the said Sheriff, and to dispose of such Appeals, as provided by the said Act: Provided always, that the said Courts of Appeal shall begin to hold their Courts on some Day between the Thirtieth Day of September and Eighth Day of October in each Year, and shall finally determine all such Appeals in Burghs on or before the Twenty-first Day of October thereafter, and in Counties on or before the Thirty-first Day of October thereafter; provided also, that in Burghs, in place of the Mode of pronouncing Judgment or Sentence by the said Court of Appeal prescribed by the said recited Act, One of the Judges of the said Court of Appeal shall make upon the Lists or Registers themselves the Alterations or Corrections which may be necessary to give Effect to their Judgments, and the said Judges shall sign the same with their Initials respectively.

XXVIII. All Town Clerks, Assessors, and other Persons bound to give Attendance or make Productions before any Sheriff in Appeal Courts. Terms of this Act shall be bound to give the like Attendance, and to make the like Productions, in each Year, before the Court


Registration of Voters (Scotland).

of Appeal reviewing the Judgments of such Sheriff under this and the first-recited Act.


XXIX. The Town Clerk of every Burgh shall forthwith, after Town Clerks to the Thirtieth Day of September in each Year, or sooner if the cause Burgh Registration Court shall be earlier concluded, cause the Lists of Lists to be Voters for such Burgh, signed as aforesaid, to be copied and printed, and to printed in a Book, arranged in Wards (where the Burgh is divided them. into Wards) and in Polling Districts; each Ward or Polling District being arranged, as far as conveniently may be, in the alphabetical Order of the Surnames of the Persons registered as Voters, or otherwise, as far as conveniently may be, in the alphabetical Order of Streets, Squares, Lanes, and other Places in which Houses are distinguished by Numbers, and in which the Subjects of Qualification are situated; and each such Street, Square, Lane, and other Place being arranged according to the Numbers of the Houses; and the Arrangement in all Places in which the Houses are not distinguished by Numbers being according to the alphabetical Order of the Surnames of Persons registered as Voters ; and the said Book shall be so arranged and printed, that the List of Voters of and for each and every separate Ward, and each and every separate Polling District, may be cut out or detached, and ready for the Purposes of this Act, or for Sale as aforesaid; and the said Town Clerk shall forthwith after the Twenty-first Day of October in each Year make all such Corrections and Alterations on the said Book as may be necessary to give Effect to all Decisions of the Court of Appeal, and shall prefix to every Name in the said Register Book its proper Number, beginning the Numbers from the first Name, and continuing them in a regular Series down to the last Name; and shall cause the said Book to be printed off as so corrected; and the said Town Clerk shall sign the said Book so completed, and deliver the same, on or before the Thirty-first Day of October, to the Sheriff of the County, to be by him kept for the Purposes herein-after and in the said first-recited Act mentioned.


XXX. The said printed Book or Books so signed as aforesaid Lists so printed by the Town Clerk of any Burgh and delivered to the Sheriff to be the shall be the Register of Persons entitled to vote at any Election Register of of a Member to serve in Parliament which shall take place in and for the same Burgh between the Thirty-first Day of October in the Year wherein such Register shall have been made and the First Day of November in the succeeding Year; and the Town Clerk of every Burgh shall keep printed Copies of such Register for such Burgh, and shall deliver Copies thereof or of any Part thereof to any Person applying for the same, upon Payment of a Price after the Rate contained in the Table Number 2. of the Schedule B. hereunto annexed: Provided always, that no Person shall be entitled to a Copy of any Part of any Register relating to any Ward, or Polling District of a Burgh, without taking or paying for the whole that relates to such Ward or Polling District respectively; provided also, that the Register of Electors now existing shall be the Register in force for Elections of Members of Parliament until the First Day of November in the Year One


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