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Copies of Applotment Book to be furnished when required.

Grand Jury to present Amount of Expenses of Applotment.

Grand Jury

may re-present

Sums uncol

lected by reason of Change of Boundaries, &c.

Grand Juries (Ireland).

Applotment or collecting Book a Copy of such Applotment Book, or of so much thereof as shall relate to the Assessment in question, certified by the Treasurer, shall be in like Manner received and taken as prima facie Evidence of the several Matters aforesaid; and each Treasurer with whom such Applotment Book shall be deposited shall furnish certified Copies thereof or Extracts therefrom to any Person requiring the same, upon being paid One Shilling for the first Seventy-two Words, and Three Halfpence for every succeeding Seventy-two Words contained in such Copy or Extract.

V. When the Treasurer or other Officer of any County, with the Sanction of the Grand Jury, shall have incurred or shall incur any necessary and proper Expenses in making such Applotments, for Payment of which no Provision is made by Law, it shall be lawful for the Grand Jury, without previous Application to Presentment Sessions, to present, to be raised off and paid by such County, all such necessary and proper Expenses as aforesaid, including the Expense of providing and preparing such Books and Copies as aforesaid, as such Grand Jury may deem reasonable.

VI. Where Sums have been or shall hereafter be presented by any Grand Jury in Ireland, and applotted on any Houses, Tencments, or Hereditaments, and where, owing to the Alteration of Boundaries or other Causes, it has been or may be found impossible to collect the Sums applotted on any such Houses, Tenements, or Hereditaments respectively, or the Occupiers thereof, it shall be lawful for the Grand Jury, without any previous Application to Presentment Sessions, to re-present all such Sums so remaining unpaid to be paid by the several and respective Town. lands, Baronies, or Half Baronies within which the Houses, Tenements, or Hereditaments on which or in respect whereof the Sums remaining unpaid have been or shall hereafter be so applotted as aforesaid shall be situate: Provided always, that in all Cases where the Houses, Tenements, or Hereditaments so charged as aforesaid can be traced out or identified, such Sums so remaining due on such Houses, Tenements, or Hereditaments shall be re-presented thereon: Provided also, that no such Re-presentment shall in any Case be made by the said Grand Jury without previous Examination on Oath (which Oath may be administered by the Foreman of the said Grand Jury, or any Member thereof, in the Presence of the said Grand Jury,) as to the Inability of the Collector to levy same, owing to the Insolvency of the Parties chargeable therewith, or to the Difficulty of tracing out or identifying such Houses, Tenements, or Hereditaments, or other sufficient Cause, notwithstanding all reasonable Exertions having been made by the Collector of such Arrears to enforce Payment thereof, and also that a List or Schedule of such Arrears, and of the Houses, Tenements, or Hereditaments upon which or in respect whereof the Sums remaining unpaid have been applotted, and of the Names of the Parties chargeable therewith, has been duly posted by such Collector at the usual Place for posting Notices for Presentments within the Barony, Division, or other District within

Grand Juries (Ireland).

which such Collector shall be authorized to collect Grand Jury or County Cess Ten Days at least previous to the First Day of the Assizes at which the said Sums are intended to be re-presented; and it shall be competent for any Parties interested to object to the Re-presentment of such Sums, or any Part thereof, and the Grand Jury shall hear the Objections of such Parties upon their applying to be heard before the Re-presentment is made. VII. With reference to any Sums of Grand Jury Cess to be Proceedings presented after the passing of this Act, it shall not be lawful to against certain commence any Proceeding for the Recovery of any Sum in arrear or unpaid against any Person not primarily liable to pay the same after the Expiration of Two Years from the Date of the original Presentment thereof, anything in this or any former Act to the contrary notwithstanding.

VIII. In any Casc in which from the Extent or other Circumstances of a Barony it may appear expedient to divide the same for the Purpose of Collection, it shall and may be lawful for the Grand Jury to make a Presentment for the Purpose of effecting such Division, setting forth in such Presentment the Parishes or Townlands constituting such Divisions or Portions of the Barony, and when such Presentment shall be fiated by the Court the Parishes or Townlands set forth therein shall, for all Purposes belonging to the Duties or Functions of the Collector, be taken to be separate Portions of the Barony; and it shall be lawful for the Grand Jury, if they shall think fit, to appoint One Collector for every such Portion of a Barony, and the Collector so appointed for a Portion of a Barony shall be subject to all the Provisions and have all the Powers in force by Law with regard to the Collector of any Barony.

IX. Whereas Difficulties have of late attended the levying and • Collection of Grand Jury Cess in the County of Dublin: Be it enacted, That the Provisions of an Act passed in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Years of Her present Majesty's Reign, intituled An Act to extend the Remedies for the Collection of Grand Jury Cess in Ireland, be extended to the said County of Dublin. X. It shall and may be lawful for the Grand Jury of any County from Time to Time to present to be paid to each or any of the Collectors of Grand Jury Cess in such County such Rates of Poundage for the Collection of Grand Jury Cess as they shall think fit, not exceeding One Shilling in the Pound on the Amount of the Collection, anything in any Act or Acts limiting such Poundage to a less Sum than One Shilling in the Pound to the contrary notwithstanding.

XI. It shall and may be lawful for the Grand Jury, if they shall so think fit, to accept of Two or more than Two sufficient Sureties, joining any Collector in a Bond as Securities for such Collector in the Manner and under the Terms now by Law provided, anything in the Acts relating to the giving of such Security limiting the Number of such Sureties to the contrary notwithstanding.

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Persons not to be commenced

after Two Years.

Grand Juries

may divide Baronies for Pur

poses of Collec


Provisions of

13 & 14 Vict. c. 82. extended to County of Dublin.

Grand Jury may allow Poundage Rate

for Collection.

As to Securities for Cess Collec


XII. Whereas under the Thirty-second Section of the "Rath- Section 32 of 'mines Improvement Act, 1847," the Finance Committee of the 10 & 11 Vict.

County cccliii. re

Grand Juries (Ireland).

pealed, and Grand Jury Cess to be henceforward levied in Rathmines District on General Valuation.

Rates not to be
affected by
Errors, &c. in

Ridings of
Counties to be
deemed separate

Personal Service of Notice

requiring Pay

ment to be deemed good Service.

Vacancies in

Office of Sur

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County of Dublin, in apportioning the Sum payable by the 'Rathmines District, are required to adopt the Valuation furnished by the Rathmines Improvement Commissioners to said Finance Committee under the said before-mentioned Section: And whereas the General Valuation of rateable Property on the said District is now completed under the several Acts relating thereto, and it is desirable to repeal said Clause: Be it enacted, That from and after the passing of this Act said Thirtysecond Section of the Rathmines Improvement Act be and the same is hereby repealed; and it shall and may be lawful for the Finance Committee of the County of Dublin to apportion on said Rathmines District all future Sums assessable therefrom under the Grand Jury Presentments upon the General Valuation of rateable Property so completed as aforesaid.

XIII. No Rate or Assessment made or hereafter to be made shall be in any Matter affected by reason of any Omission of the Clerk of any Board of Guardians, or other Person appointed in his Place, to give or post the Notices of the making of such Valuation or Revision required to be posted or given by said several recited Statutes or any of them, or by reason of any Error, Omission, Misdescription, or Variance in the making of such Valuation or Revision, and it shall not be necessary in any Suit or other Proceeding for Recovery of or in relation to any such Rate or Assessment or any Part thereof, or in relation to such Valuation or Revision thereof, to give Evidence of the Performance of any of the Preliminaries required in the making of such Valuation or Revision.

XIV. Where any County in Ireland has been or shall be divided into Ridings under the Act of the Sixth and Seventh William the Fourth, Chapter One hundred and sixteen, or any subsequent Act, each such Riding shall, for the Purposes of this Act, be deemed a separate County.

XV. Whereas Difficulties have of late presented themselves in 'Proceedings before Magistrates for Recovery of Grand Jury Cess, by reason of the Residences of Parties liable to the Pay'ment thereof not being sufficiently known or capable of Proof: Be it enacted, That in addition and without Prejudice to the Remedies provided by Law for Recovery of Grand Jury Cess, that Personal Service of Notice requiring Payment on the Party so liable shall be deemed and considered to be good and sufficient Service, anything to the contrary in anywise notwithstanding.

XVI. Whenever the Office of Surveyor for any Road District in the County of Dublin shall become vacant between any Two veyor in County Presenting Terms, it shall be lawful for the Finance Committee, of Dublin may if it shall appear to them necessary so to do, to appoint from be filled up by Finance Com- amongst the Persons duly qualified in that Behalf a Surveyor for mittee in certain such District, and the Surveyor so appointed shall hold and exer


cise the said Office in all respects as if he had been appointed thereto under the Act of the Seventh and Eighth Victoria, Chapter One hundred and six, and the Acts amending the same, until a new Appointment shall have been made under said Acts.


Grand Juries (Ireland).


XVII. If, in the Opinion of the County Surveyor, the Con- If Contractor tractor for the Repair of any Road shall be guilty of Neglect or for Repair of Inattention in the Performance of his Contract, it shall be lawful Roads be guilty of Neglect Jusfor such Surveyor to summon the said Contractor and his Sureties tices may make before the Justices at Petty Sessions of the District in which such an Order for Work may be situate; and if such Charge of Neglect or Inat- Contract to be tention be established before such Justices, it shall be lawful for executed within a certain them to make an Order directing the said Contractor and his Sureties to execute his Contract within a Period to be stated in such Order; and if at the Expiration of such Order the County Surveyor shall still see reason for being dissatisfied with the Manner in which such Work has been executed, it shall be lawful for him again to summon the Contractor and his Sureties before the Justices at Petty Sessions, and the Justices thereupon shall proceed to inquire into and finally adjudicate upon the Complaint; and if it shall appear that such Work has been insufficiently exe- Penalty for cuted, or contrary to the Terms of the Contract, it shall be lawful Neglect. for such Justices, having ascertained the Amount which it may require for the Completion of such Work according to the Contract, to authorize such Surveyor to complete the same, and to levy such Amount by Warrant of Distress upon the Goods of such Contractor or his Sureties, not exceeding the Amount of the Recognizance or Bond of such Sureties.

XVIII. Whereas by the Summary Jurisdiction (Ireland) Penalty on 'Act, 1851, Provision is made for the Punishment of Offences on Road Contracor relating to public Roads in Ireland: And whereas it is expe- tor, &c. cutting 'dient to make further Provision for the Protection of such Roads Sods, &c. to Injury of pubfrom Injury: Be it enacted, That any Road Contractor or other lie Roads. Person who, without the Authority of a Presentment, or the Consent of the County Surveyor, shall cut any Sods or Turf on the Sides, Fences, or any other Part of any public Road, or dig, raise, or carry away any Sods, Turf, Earth, Clay, Stones, Gravel, or other Material from the Sides or Fences or any other Part of any public Road, Bridge, or Wall, shall be liable to a Fine not exceeding Forty Shillings, anything in Section Nine of the said Summary Jurisdiction (Ireland) Act, 1851, to the contrary notwithstanding. XIX. In the Construction and for the Purposes of this Act, if Interpretation not inconsistent with the Context or Subject Matter, the following of certain Expressions shall have the Meanings herein-after assigned to them: The Word "Assizes" shall include Presenting Term ; "applot" and "Applotment" shall include "assess" and "Assessment;" and the Word "Treasurer" shall include the Finance Committee and the Secretary of the Grand Jury for the County of Dublin; and the Word "County" shall extend to and include all Counties, Counties of Cities and Counties of Towns in Ireland (except the County of the City of Dublin); and all the Acts and Duties by this Act required to be performed by Grand Juries and Treasurers of Counties shall and may, in the County of Dublin, be performed at the Presenting Terms by the Grand Jury of the said County and by their Secretary; and the Expression "Grand Jury Assessments" shall mean all County, Baronial, Parochial, Town Land, and other Rates and Assessments to be made or col



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Grand Juries (Ireland).

Statutes not in use Repeal.

lected in any County by the Grand Jury thereof, or by the Rathmines Improvement Commissioners, or any Officers of such Grand Jury.

XX. The Act of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Victoria, Chapter Seventy-four, is hereby repealed, save as to any Right acquired or Thing done under the said Act.

XXI. This Act shall not extend to the County of the City of Dublin.


An Act to repeal certain Statutes which are not in use. [21st July 1856.]


E it enacted and declared by the Queen's most Excellent Majesty, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the Authority of the same, That the Acts hereinafter mentioned, together with all Enactments (if any) confirming, continuing, or perpetuating the same or any of them, are hereby repealed: Provided always, that such Repeal shall not affect any legal Proceeding commenced under any of the said Acts before the passing of this Act.

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