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County for providing an Asylum.

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Cambridge University.

as aforesaid, or where such Committee has been already appointed, shall, at the General or Quarter Sessions next after the passing of this Act, appoint Two Justices of such Borough to be Members of such Committee.

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An Act to make further Provision for the good Government
and Extension of the University of Cambridge, of the
Colleges therein, and of the College of King Henry the
Sixth at Eton.
[29th July 1856.]

WHEREAS it is expedient, for the Advancement of Religion and Learning, to enlarge the Powers of making and altering Statutes, Ordinances, and Regulations now possessed by the University of Cambridge and the Colleges thereof, and to make and enable to be made further Provision for the Government and for the Extension of the said University, and for the Abrogation of Oaths now taken therein, and otherwise for maintaining and improving the Discipline and Studies and the good 'Government of the said University of Cambridge and the Colleges thereof:' Be it enacted by the Queen's most Excellent Majesty, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the Authority of the same, as follows: Appointment of I. The several Persons herein-after named, (that is to say,) the Commissioners. Right Reverend John Lord Bishop of Lichfield, the Right Reverend John Lord Bishop of Chester, the Right Honourable Edward Henry Stanley, commonly called Lord Stanley, the Right Honourable Matthew Talbot Baines, Vice-Chancellor Sir William Page Wood Knight, the Right Honourable Sir Laurence Peel Knight, the Very Reverend George Peacock Dean of Ely, and the Reverend Charles John Vaughan Doctor in Divinity, shall be Commissioners for the Purposes of this Act, and shall have a Common Seal, and Three of the said Commissioners shall be a Quorum, and the Commissioner appointed or acting as Chairman shall have a Second or Casting Vote when the Votes of the said Commissioners shall be equally divided.

Duration of
Powers of

II. The Powers hereby conferred on the Commissioners shall be in force until the First Day of January One thousand eight Commissioners. hundred and fifty-nine, and it shall be lawful for Her Majesty, if She shall think fit, by and with the Advice of Her Privy Council, to continue the same until the First Day of January One thousand eight hundred and sixty, and no longer.

Death, &c. of

III. If any Vacancy occurs in the Number of such CommisCommissioners. sioners, by means of Death, Resignation, or Incapacity to act, Her Majesty may fill up such Vacancy.

Commissioners may require Production of

IV. In the Exercise of the Authorities hereby vested in the Commissioners they shall have Power to require from any Officer of the University of Cambridge or of any College therein the ProDocuments, &c. duction of any Documents or Accounts relating to such University or College, and any Information relating to the Revenues, Statutes, Usages, or Practice thereof respectively; and no Oath which may

Cambridge University.

have been taken by any such Officer shall be a Bar to any Authorities of the Commissioners.


of the

University. Establishment

V. Upon the Sixth Day of November One thousand eight hundred and fifty-six, all Powers, Privileges, and Functions now possessed or exercised by the Caput Senatus of the said University shall cease, and upon the Seventh Day of the said Month of November One thousand eight hundred and fifty-six there shall be of Council of elected in manner herein-after mentioned a Council, which shall the Senate. be called the Council of the Senate, and which shall consider and prepare all Graces to be offered to the Senate, whether proceeding from individual Members of the Senate or from Syndicates, and no Grace shall be offered to the Senate without the Sanction of the major Part of those voting upon it in the Council.

VI. The Council of the Senate shall consist of the Chancellor, Composition of the Vice-Chancellor, Four Heads of Colleges, Four Professors of Council. the University, and Eight other Members of the Senate, such Eight Members to be chosen from the Electoral Roll herein-after mentioned, and such Heads of Colleges, Professors, and Members of the Senate to be elected by the Persons whose Names shall be on such Electoral Roll: Provided always, that there shall never be more than Two Members of the same College among such Eight elected Members.

VII. The Vice-Chancellor shall on or before Monday the Thir- Vice-Chanteenth Day of October One thousand eight hundred and fifty-six, cellor to proand also on or before the Second Monday in October in every of Members of mulgate Lists Year, cause to be promulgated, in such Way as may to him seem Senate. expedient for the Purpose of giving Publicity thereto, a List of the Members of the Senate, whom he shall ascertain to have resided within One Mile and a Half of Great Saint Mary's Church for Fourteen Weeks at the least between the First Day of the preceding Michaelmas Term and the First Day of the said Month of October; and such List, together with the following Persons, (that is to say,) all Officers of the University, being Members of the Senate, the Heads of Houses, the Professors, and the Public Examiners, shall be the Electoral Roll of the University for the Purposes of this Act.

VIII. The Vice-Chancellor shall at the same Time fix some Lists may be convenient Time and Place, not more than Fourteen nor less than objected to and Seven Days from the Time of such Promulgation, for publicly amended. hearing Objections to the said List, which any Member of the Senate may make on the Ground of any Person being improperly placed on or omitted from the said List; and if any such Objections shall appear to the Vice Chancellor to be well founded, he shall correct the said List accordingly, and he shall thereupon sign and promulgate the said List, which shall thenceforth be the Electoral Roll for the Year thence next ensuing, and until a new Roll shall in like Manner have been promulgated.

IX. Two of the Heads of Colleges, Two of the Professors, and As to vacating Four of the other Members of the Council to be elected on the of Seats of Seventh Day of November One thousand eight hundred and fifty- Members of six, shall be elected to hold Office for Two Years only, and shall Council. vacate their Seats at the End of Two Years, and the other Mem


For Supply of
Vacancies in

Members vacating may be re-elected.

As to filling up of casual Vacancies.

Votes of

Absence to cre

Cambridge University.

bers of the Council to be then elected shall hold Office for Four Years, and shall vacate their Seats at the End of Four Years; and the Election of the Two Heads of Colleges, Two Professors, and Four other Members of the Council, who are to hold Office for Two Years only, shall be made separately from the Election of the other Heads of Colleges and Professors and other Members of the Council.

X. The Places of the Members of the Council vacating their Seats shall be supplied by a new Election, to be made on the Seventh of November, or in case the Seventh of November should be Sunday, on the Eighth of November in every other Year, in the same Manner as is herein-before prescribed as to the Election to take place on the Seventh Day of November One thousand eight hundred and fifty-six, save only that all Members of the Council to be then elected shall be elected to hold Office for Four Years; and all Members so vacating their Seats shall (if otherwise eligible) be capable of Re-election.

XI. Any casual Vacancy occurring by Death, Resignation, or otherwise among the Members of the Council shall be filled by the Election of a qualified Person, according to the Directions of this Act, upon a Day not later than Twenty-one Days or sooner than Seven Days after such Occurrence, to be fixed by the ViceChancellor and publicly notified by him; but if such Vacancy shall occur during Vacation the Occurrence shall be deemed for the Purpose of such Notice to have taken place on the First Day of the ensuing Term; and the Person so elected shall be subject to the same Rules and Conditions as to the Tenure of Office, and in all other respects, as the Person to whose Place he succeeds would have been subject to if no such Vacancy had taken place.

XII. In all Elections of Members of the Council every Elector may vote for any Number of Persons, being Heads of Colleges, Professors, or Members of the Senate as aforesaid respectively, not exceeding the Number of Heads of Colleges, Professors, or Members of the Senate respectively to be then chosen; and in case of an Equality of Votes for any Two or more of such Heads of Colleges, Professors, or Members of the Senate respectively, the Vice-Chancellor shall name from amongst those Persons for whom the Number of Votes shall be equal as many as shall be requisite to complete the Number of Heads of Colleges, Professors, or Members of the Senate to be then chosen.

XIII. If any Member of the Council, other than the Chancellor ate a Vacancy. or the Vice-Chancellor, shall have been absent from all the Meetings of the Council during the whole of One Term, his Seat shall at the Close of such Term become and shall be declared by the Vice-Chancellor to be vacant.

Member of
Council be-

XIV. If any Member of the Council shall become Vice-Chancellor his Seat shall not thereby become vacant, nor shall the Seat of any Member of the Council become vacant by reason that after Chancellor not his Election he may have become or may have ceased to be a Pro

coming Vice

to vacate Seat.

fessor or a Head of a College: Provided always, that if any of the Eight Members of the Senate chosen from the Electoral Roll as


Cambridge University.

aforesaid shall afterwards cease to be on the Electoral Roll, his Seat shall thereupon become and be declared to be vacant.



XV. No Professor shall be ineligible for the Council by reason Professors of anything contained in the Statutes of his Foundation. eligible. XVI. The Vice-Chancellor shall, before the Tenth Day of Vice-ChanOctober One thousand eight hundred and fifty-six, make and cellor to make promulgate all such Regulations as to the voting for, Election, Regulations Resignation, and Return of Members of the Council, as may respecting necessary for the Election and assembling of the Council according to this Act, and for keeping the Number of such Council complete, and shall appoint the Time and Place at which they shall assemble; and if the Vice-Chancellor fails to comply with the Provisions of this Section, the Commissioners shall thereupon make such Regulations in respect of the Matters aforesaid as they may think fit.

Power to Council to make lation of its own Rules for ReguProceedings.

XVII. Subject to the Provisions of this Act, and without Prejudice to the Rights of the Senate in the making of Statutes, Regulations, and Ordinances for the University of Cambridge, the Council shall have Power from Time to Time to make Rules for the Regulation of its own Proceedings, and to revise or alter the Regulations herein-before directed to be made by the ViceChancellor, or, in the Case of his failing to do so, by the Commissioners, and also to appoint Committees for the Purpose of examining all Questions referred to them by the said Council. XVIII. The Council shall meet for the Despatch of Business Date of on the Eighth Day of November One thousand eight hundred and Meeting. fifty-six.

XIX. The President of the Council shall be the Chancellor, or in his Absence the Vice-Chancellor, or a Member of the Council appointed by the Vice-Chancellor to act as his Deputy, or if at any Council duly convened and assembled neither the Chancellor nor the Vice-Chancellor nor any Deputy so appointed shall be present, then some Member to be chosen by the Members of the Council then assembled.

Who shall be President of the Council.

XX. No Business shall be transacted in the Council unless Quorum of Five Members at least be present; and all Questions in the Council. Council shall be decided by the Majority of the Votes of the Questions in Members present, and the President shall have a Second or the Council to Casting Vote when the Votes are equally divided: Provided be decided by the Majority. always, that in case of a Difference of Opinion between the Chancellor, or the Vice-Chancellor or his Deputy, and the Majority of the Members present at any Meeting of the Council, the Question as to which such Difference may exist shall not be deemed to be carried by such Majority unless the same shall constitute a Majority of the whole Council, but in such Case the Question shall be adjourned to the next Meeting of the Council, and such adjourned Question shall be finally decided by the Majority of the Members of Council then present.

XXI. The Council shall nominate Two qualified Persons to the Senate, of whom the Senate shall choose One, in the Manner heretofore accustomed, to fill every vacant Office in the University to which the Heads of Colleges have heretofore nominated Two Per19 & 20 VICT.

G g


Council to nominate to Offices.

Certain Oaths deemed illegal

and not to be administered.

Vice-Chancellor may license Members of University to receive Students.


Power of Uni

Cambridge University.

sons to the Senate; provided always, that the Persons nominated as aforesaid to the Office of Vice-Chancellor shall be Heads of Colleges.

XXII. Every Oath directly or indirectly binding the Juror-
Not to disclose any Matter or Thing relating to his College,
although required so to do by lawful Authority;

To resist or not concur in any Change in the Statutes of the
University or College;

To do or forbear from doing anything the. doing or the not
doing of which would tend to any such Concealment, Resis-
tance, or Non-concurrence,

shall from the Time of the passing of this Act be an illegal Oath in the said University and the Colleges thereof, and no such Oath shall hereafter be administered or taken.

XXIII. Any Member of the University, of such Standing and Qualifications as may be provided by any Statute hereafter to be made, may obtain a Licence from the Vice-Chancellor to open his Residence, if situate within One Mile and a Half of Great Saint Mary's Church, for the Reception of Students, who shall be matriculated and admitted to all the Privileges of the University, without being of necessity entered as Members of any College; but no such Licence as aforesaid shall be granted by the ViceChancellor until such Regulations as are herein-after mentioned have come into operation.

XXIV. Every Person to whom such Licence is granted shall be called a Principal, and his Residence so opened as aforesaid shall be called a Hostel.

XXV. The University, before the First Day of January One versity to make thousand eight hundred and fifty-eight, may proceed to frame 'Statutes

Statutes as to Hostels.

Commissioners to frame Statutes, &c. if University

omit to do so.

For regulating the Terms and Conditions of granting Licences
to Principals, and the Qualifications of such Principals:
For the Government of Hostels, the Discipline of the Students
therein, and their Status in the event of the Death or Re-
moval of any such Principal, or of the Withdrawal or Sus-
pension of his Licence:

For punishing Neglect or Breach of Regulation on the Part of
a Principal by the Withdrawal or Suspension of his Licence,
and on the Part of any Students by such reasonable Penalties
or other Punishments as the University may think fit:
But no such Statute shall be of any Force or Effect unless and
until it shall have been approved in the Manner herein-after

XXVI. If the said University shall not, on or before the First Day of January One thousand eight hundred and fifty-eight, have framed, and submitted for the Approval of the Commissioners, such Statutes as may in the Opinion of the Commissioners be sufficient for carrying into effect the Objects of this Act with respect to the Establishment and Regulation of Hostels, the Commissioners shall forthwith proceed to frame Statutes in that Behalf.


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