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Ditton Priors District and the Cleobury Mortimer District of Turnpike Roads, in the Counties of Salop and Worcester. cv. An Act for authorizing a Lease of the Wimbledon and Croydon Railway, and for authorizing the Purchase of additional Lands and the raising of additional Capital by the Wimbledon and Croydon Railway Company; and for other Purposes. cvi. An Act to enable the Stirling and Dunfermline Railway Company to create additional Shares in their Undertaking; and for other Purposes.

cvii. An Act to amend the Constitution of "The London Printing and Publishing Company, Limited."

cviii. An Act to amend certain Acts relating to the Luton District Turnpike Road, and make other Provisions in lieu thereof. cix. An Act to extend the Times limited for certain Purposes by the Acts relating to the Metropolitan Railway, and to enable the Metropolitan Railway Company to form a Junction with the Great Northern Railway, and for other Purposes.

cx. An Act for making a Railway from the Town of Nairn to the Town of Keith.

cxi. An Act for authorizing Deviations from the authorized Line of the Severn Valley Railway, and for making further Provision with respect to Shares in the Capital of the Severn Valley Railway Company, and for facilitating the Completion of their Undertaking, and for other Purposes.

cxii. An Act for establishing and maintaining a Ferry and Floating Bridge between Stokes Bay and Ryde in the County of Southampton, with Landing Places and Approaches thereto.

cxiii. An Act for making a Railway from the Scottish Central Railway at Dunblane by Doune to Callander, to be called "The Dunblane, Doune, and Callander Railway."

cxiv. An Act for making a Railway from Castle Douglas, by Dalbeattie, to the Glasgow and South-western Railway at Dumfries, and for other Purposes.

cxv. An Act for granting further Powers for lighting, cleansing, sewering, and improving the Borough of Leeds, and for other Purposes.

cxvi. An Act for regulating the Rates and Charges to be taken by the Grand Junction Waterworks Company for a Supply of Water to Parts of the Parish of Paddington, and for other Purposes. exvii. An Act to grant further Powers to the Crystal Palace Company for the raising of Capital, for the internal Management of their Undertaking, and with respect to Dulwich Wood. cxviii. An Act to consolidate the Powers of the Gloucester Gaslight Company, to enable them to raise Money, and for other Purposes.

exix. An Act for the making of a Dock and Works at Thames Haven, and for other Purposes.

cxx. An Act for the making by the London and South-western Railway Company of a Railway from Yeovil to Exeter, to be called "The Exeter Extension Railway;" and for other Purposes. cxxi. An Act to amend the Acts relating to the East Indian Railway Company.

cxxii. An Act for making a Railway from the Taff Vale Railway to the River Ely in the County of Glamorgan, for converting Part of the said River into a tidal Harbour and regulating the Access thereto, for authorizing Arrangements with the Taff Vale Railway Company; and for other Purposes.

cxxiii. An Act for altering the Crewe and Shrewsbury Line of the London and North-western Railway, for making Provision with respect to Station Accommodation at Shrewsbury, and for other Purposes.

cxxiv. An Act to enable the Londonderry and Enniskillen Railway Company to create Preference Shares with Priority of Dividend over all the existing Shares of the Company, and for other Purposes.

cxxv. An Act for making a Railway from the authorized Line of the West End of London and Crystal Palace Railway (Extension to Bromley and Farnborough) at Shortlands in the Parish of Beckenham in the County of Kent to Saint Mary Cray in the same County.

exxvi. An Act to enable the Oxford, Worcester, and Wolverhampton Railway Company to raise further Money for the Completion of the Broad Gauge, and for other Purposes; and to convert their Mortgage Debt into Stock.

exxvii. An Act to repeal an Act passed in the Fourth Year of the Reign of His late Majesty King George the Fourth, intituled An Act for more effectually amending and keeping in repair the Roads from the Town of Uttoxeter to the Town of Newcastleunder-Lyme in the County of Stafford, so far as relates to the Uttoxeter District of the said Roads, and for making certain new Pieces of Road to communicate therewith, all in the said County of Stafford, and to confer larger and additional Powers and Provisions in lieu of those therein contained; and for other Purposes.

cxxviii. An Act to amend An Act for draining, embanking, and improving the Fen Lands and Low Grounds within the Parishes, Hamlets, Townships, or Places of Bardney, Southrow otherwise Southry, Tupholme, Bucknall, Horsington, Stixwould Edlington, and Thimbleby, in the County of Lincoln, and to confer further Powers on the Commissioners under such Act; and for other Purposes.

cxxix. An Act to revive and extend certain of the Powers of the Waveney Valley Railway Company with relation to their Railway.

cxxx. An Act for authorizing the Abandonment of Parts of the authorized Lines of the Westminster Terminus Railway, and the making of other Lines of Railway in lieu thereof, and for reducing the Capital of the Westminster Terminus Railway Company; and for other Purposes.

cxxxi. An Act to render more effectual the Powers of raising Money given by "The Severn Navigation Act, 1853," and for other Purposes.

cxxxii. An Act for making a Railway from the Oswestry and Newtown Railway in the Parish of Buttington in the County of Montgomery to Shrewsbury, with a Branch thereout to Minsterley in the County of Salop, and for other Purposes. b

19 & 20 VICT.

cxxxiii. An Act for extending the Operations of the Society for the Discharge and Relief of Persons imprisoned for small Debts throughout Engiand and Wales.

cxxxiv. An Act to unite and amalgamate the Undertaking of the Scottish Midland Junction Railway Company with the Undertaking of the Aberdeen Railway Company, to be thenceforth called "The Scottish North-eastern Railway Company," and to regulate the Management of and confer additional Powers on the united Company, and for other Purposes. CXXXV. An Act for making a Railway from the Southampton and Dorchester Railway to Blandford Saint Mary in the County of Dorset, and for other Purposes.

cxxxvi. An Act for making a Railway from the Scottish Midland Junction Railway, near the Dunkeld Road Bridge, to Methven, in the County of Perth.

cxxxvii. An Act to extend the Time limited for completing the Oxford, Worcester, and Wolverhampton Railway, and for adapting the same to the Broad Gauge, and for other Purposes. cxxxviii. An Act to provide for the Arrangement of the Financial Affairs of the City of Perth, for the Maintenance of the Port and Harbour; and for other Purposes therewith connected. cxxxix. An Act to enable the Scottish Central Railway Company to make Branch Railways to the Town of Denny in the County of Stirling.






ΑΝ N Act to amend an Act made and passed in the Tenth Year of the Reign of Her present Majesty, intituled An Act to divide the Parish and Rectory of Doddington otherwise Dornington into Three separate and distinct Parishes and Rectories, and to endow the same out of the Revenues of that Rectory, and to make Provisions for the further Division of such Rectories and Parishes, and for other Purposes connected therewith. 2. An Act for continuing in force, during the Minority of Mrs. Clara Clarke Thornhill, the Wife of William Capel Clarke Thornhill, of Swakeleys in the County of Middlesex, Esquire, the Powers conferred by "Thornhill's Estate Act, 1852,” and "Thornhill's Estate Act, 1854," and for other Purposes. 3. An Act for authorizing the Trustees under the Will of William Wainman Esquire, deceased, to grant Leases, and to make Sales, Exchanges, and Partition of the Real Estates devised by or subject to the Trusts of the same Will; and for other Purposes. 4. An Act for giving effect to a Compromise relating to the Estate of the Most Noble George Fourth Duke of Marlborough, deceased, and, with a view thereto, for extinguishing the de


misable Quality of certain Copyhold Hereditaments, Parcels of the Manors comprised in the Estates and Hereditaments settled on the Dukedom, and for creating a Term of Years in a Portion of the said Copyhold Hereditaments.

5. An Act to authorize Sir Lionel Milborne Swinnerton Baronet and his Issue to assume and bear the Surname of Pilkington jointly with the Surnames of Milborne and Swinnerton, and to be called by the Surnames of Milborne Swinnerton Pilkington. 6. An Act for vesting in Trustees the undivided Parts, subject to the Limitations of the Wills of Benjamin Ingham deceased and Joshua Ingham deceased respectively, of Estates in the West Riding of the County of York, and for authorizing Partitions of Parts of those Estates, and for authorizing Leases and Sales of Parts of those Estates, and for other Purposes.

7. An Act to authorize the granting of Leases of Parts of the Freehold, Copyhold, and Leasehold Estates of the late Leonard Lewen Wheatley Esquire, situate in the several Parishes of Saint Lawrence and Saint Peter the Apostle in the Isle of Thanet, of Meopham near Gravesend, and Ash next Sandwich, and elsewhere in the County of Kent, and within the Manor of Stepney otherwise Stebunheath Ratcliffe in the Parish of Saint Dunstan Stepney, and elsewhere in the County of Middlesex. 8. An Act to enable the Trustees of the Will of Matthew Butterwick Esquire to sell the Rectory and Tithes of Thirsk, held by Lease for Lives under the Archbishop of York, and certain Policies of Assurance, and for the Investment of the Proceeds, and for other Purposes; of which the Short Title is "Butterwick's Estate Act, 1856."

9. An Act for enabling Leases for Mining, Agricultural, and Building Purposes to be made of the Estates of John Walmesley Esquire, deceased, and Sales of Portions thereof, and for other Purposes; the Short Title of which is " Walmesley's Estate Act, 1856."

10. An Act for enabling Leases and Sales to be made of Lands and Hereditaments in the Counties of Northumberland and Durham belonging to the Families of Thoroton and Croft, and for other Purposes; called "The Thoroton and Croft Estate Act, 1856."

11. An Act for vesting in Trustees the Estates of the late Sarah Reddall, deceased, situate in the County Northampton, known as the Dallington Estate, for the Purpose of enabling Leases, Sales, Exchanges, and Partitions to be made of the same; and for other Purposes.

12. An Act to enable the Trustees of the Will of John Bell Esquire to sell a Leasehold Estate for Lives in the County of York, known as " Wildon Grange," held of the Archbishop of York, and for the Re-investment of the Proceeds in the Purchase of Real Estates of Inheritance; of which the Short Title is "Bell's Estate Act, 1856."

13. An Act to amend and enlarge the Powers of an Act passed in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Years of the Reign of Her present Majesty Queen Victoria, intituled An Act for authorizing the Trustees of the late Thomas Gordon to sell his Estates of Cairness and others in the County of Aberdeen, and to apply the

Price thereof in Payment of the Debts and Burdens affecting the same, and for laying out the Residue of the Price in the Purchase of other Lands to be entailed, in Terms of the Trust Deed of Settlement by the said Thomas Gordon; and for other Purposes. 14. An Act for enabling Partitions, Sales, Exchanges, and Leases to be made of certain Parts of the Estates devised by the Will of Sir John William Head Brydges, deceased, and for other Purposes.




15. An Act to enable George Shipton Clerk to exercise his Office of Priest, and to hold any Benefice or Preferment in the United Church of England and Ireland.

16. An Act to dissolve the Marriage of John Talbot Esquire with Marianne his now Wife, and to enable him to marry again; and for other Purposes.

17. An Act to dissolve the Marriage of Madgwick Spicer Davidson Gentleman with Katharine Anne his now Wife, and to enable the said Madgwick Spicer Davidson to marry again; and for other Purposes therein mentioned.

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