History and Antiquities of Kilkenny (County and City): With Illustrations and Appendix, Compiled from Inquisitions, Deeds, Wills, Funeral Entries, Family Records, and Other Historical and Authentic Sources. Vol. 1, 1. köide

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Egan, 1893 - 576 pages

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Page 102 - Out of every corner of the woods and glens they came creeping forth upon their hands, for their legs could not bear them; they looked like anatomies of death, they spake like ghosts crying out of their graves...
Page 281 - God, for above my deserts, to bestow upon me, I do order, give and dispose the same in Manner and Form following; (that is to say) First, I will that all those Debts and...
Page 376 - Rous for life, and after his decease to the use of his first and other sons in tail male, with divers remainders over.
Page 97 - Kinsale, and from thence to the uttermost bounds of it towards Limerick, like as I never was in a more pleasant country in all my life, so never saw I a more waste and desolate land...
Page 48 - ... openly and humbly kneeling, being ungirt, uncovered, *and holding up his hands both together between those of the lord, who sate before him ; and there professing, that " he did become his man, from that day forth, of life and limb and earthly honour :" and then he received a kiss from his lord.
Page 435 - Go, tell your master, I despise his offer : tell him that honour and conscience are dearer to a gentleman than all the wealth and titles a prince can bestow...
Page 22 - Indeed, it is injustice to the Vandals to equal them with the English of 1652, for the Vandals came as strangers and conquerors in an age of force and barbarism, nor did they banish the people, though they seized and divided their lands by lot...
Page 103 - Leland, a Protestant clergyman, and dignitary of the Irish church) 'of the Irish Government and the English Parliament, was the utter extermination of all the Catholic inhabitants of Ireland.
Page 22 - The captains and men of war of the Irish, amounting to 40,000 men and upwards, they banished into Spain, where they took service under that king ; others of them, with a crowd of orphan boys and girls, were transported to serve the English planters in the West Indies ; and the remnant of the nation not banished or transported, were to be transplanted into Connaught, while the conquering army divided the ancient inheritances of the Irish amongst them by lot.
Page 331 - God and his saints and angels, that I will, during my life, bear true faith and allegiance to my sovereign lord, Charles, by the grace of God, King of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, and to his heirs and lawful successors...

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