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That pois’d, impels, and rules the fteady wbole,

Whep bow no more th' alternate Twica are THE ARGUMENT,


And Cascer reddens with the folar blaze, THE subject proposed. Invocation. Address to Mr. Short is the doubtful capire of the night ; 45 Doldingten.

An Introduétery refeatin' on the And soon, observant of approaching day, motion of the heavenly bodies ; whence the succes. The meek-ey'd Morn appears, mother of dews, Jien of the seasons. Ar the face of Nature in this

At firâ faint-gleaming in the dappled east: season is almost uniform, the progress of the poem Till far o'er æther spreads the widening glow; is a description of a summer's day. The dawni And, from before the luftre of ber face, 50 Sun-rising. Hymn to the fun. Forenoon. Sum- wbite break the clouds away. With quicken'd mer insects described. Hiy-making. Sheep fear.

step, ing. Noon-day. A woodlord retreut. Groupe Brown Night retires : Young Day pours in of herd's and Alocks. A folemn grove : how it

a pace, affeet! a contemplative mind. A catarael, and And opens all the lawny prospect wide. rude scene. View of Summer in the terrid zore, | The dripping rock, the mountain's mily top. Storm of thureer and lightning. A tale. The swell on the right, and brighten with the dawn. frorm over, a serere after noon. Buthing. Howy Blue through the duk, the smoasing currentz of walking. Trar sition to the proltee of a rich

fhine ; well-cultivated country, which intro’uces a pa. And from the bladed field the fearful harc negyric on Great Britair. Sun-fet. Evening: Limps aukward ; while along the forelt glad? Night. Summer meteors, A comet. The whole | The wild deer trip, and often turning gaze concluding with the praise of philosophy.

At carly passenger. Music awakes

co "ROM brightning fields of æther fair disclos’d, The native voice of undissembled 'joy ; la pride of youth, and felt through Nature's Rous’d by the cock, the soon-clad thepherd leaves depth :

His molly cottage, wbere with Peace he dwells; He comes attended by the sultry hours,

And from the crouded fold, in order, drives. 65 And ever-fanning breezes, on his way;

His flock, to taste the verdure of the morn. While from his ardent look the turning Spring Falsely luxurious, will not Man awake ; Avertz her bluthful face ; and earth, and skies, And, springing from the bed of floth, erjuy All-liniling, to his hot dominion leaves.

The cool, the fragrant, and the Ilent hour,
Hence let me hafte into the mid-wood shade, To meditation due and sacred long?
Where scarce a fun-beam wanders through the For is there aught in fleep can charm the wife?

To lie in dead oblivion, lufing half
And on the dark-green grafs, beside the brink II The fleeting moments of too short a life ;
Of haunted stream, that by the roots of oak Total extinction of th' enlighten'd soul !
Rolls o'er the rocky channel, lie at large,

Or else to feverith vanity alive,

75 And fing the glories of the circling year. Wilder'd, and tosing throughdistemper'd dreams?

Come, Inspiration! from thy hermit-seat, 15 Who would in such a gloomy itate remain By mortals fellom found: may Fancy dare, Longer than Nature craves : when every Muse From thy fix'd serious eye, and raptural glance And every blooming pleasure wait without, Shot on surrounding Heaven, to steal one look To bless the wildly devious morning walk? So Creative of the Poet, every power

But yonder conies the powerful King of Day, Exalting to an ecstasy of soul.

20 Rejoicing is the east. The leílening cloud, And thou, my youthful Muse's carly friend, Tlie kindling azure, and the mountain's brow In whom the youthful graces all unite ;

Illum'd with Auid gold, his near approach Pure light of mind, and tenderness of heart; Betoken glad. Lo, now, apparent all, Genius and wisdom; the gay social senie, Anant the dew-bright earth, and colour'd air, By decency chastis'd; goodness and wit, 25 He looks in boundles majefty abroad, In feldom-mecting harmony combin'd;

And feds the thining day, that burnih'd plays Unblemih'd honour, and an ad ive zeal

On rocks, and hills, and towers, and wandering For Britain's glory, Liberty, and Man:

streams, 0, Doddington! attend my rural song,

High-gleaming from afar. Pri:ne cheerer, Light! Stoop to my theme, infpirit every line, 30 Of all material beings first, ani bert!

90 And teach me to deserve thy just applause, EMux divine ! Nature's resplendent robe ! With what an awful world-revolving power

Without whose vesting beanty all were wrapt Were first th' unwieldy planets launch'd long In unessential gloom; and thou, O Sun! Th’illimitable void! Thus to remain,

Soul of surrounding worlls ! in whom beft seen Amid the Hux of many thousand years, 35

Shines out thy Maker! may I sing of thee? 96 That oft has swept the toiling race of men,

'Tis by thy secret, strong, attractive force, And all their labour d monuments, away.

As with a chain indissoluble bound, Firm, unremitting, matchless, in their course; Thy syftem rolls entire; from the far bourne To the hind-temper'd change of night and day, Of utmost Saturn, wheeling wide his round 100 And of the seasons ever stealing round, 40 of thirty years, to Mercury, whose dilk Minutely faithful , Such th' all-perfect Hard !



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Can foarce be caught hy philosophic eye, In brighter mazes the relucent stream
Lott in the near effulgence of thy blaze.

Plays o'er the mead. The precipice abrupt, Joformer of the planetary train!

Projecting horror on the blackend food, Without whole quick’ning glance their cumb. Softens at thy return. The desart joys rous orbs

Wildly through all his melancholy bounds. Wer brute unlovely mass, inert and dead, 106 Rude ruins glitter; and the briny deep, And not, as now, the green abodes of life!

Seen from some pointed promontory's top, How many forins of being wait on thee !

Far to the blue horizon's utmost verge, Inhaling spirit! from th' unfetter'd miod, Restless, reflects a floating gleam. But this, 170 By thee fublim'd, down to the daily racé, And all the much-tranfported Mufe can fing, The mixing myriads of thy setting beam. Are to thy beauty, dignity, and use, The vegetable world is also thine,

Unequal far; great delegated source Piront of Seafons ! who the poinp precede Of light, and lite, and grace, and joy below! That waits thy throne, as through thy vast do How Thall I thiên attempt to fing of Him! 175 main,

Who, Light Himseli, in uncreated light Annual, along the bright ecliptic road, 195, Invested deep, dwells awfully retir'd In world-rejricing frate, it moves fublime. From mortal eye, or angel's purer ken; Mean-time th' expecting nations, circled gay Whose fingle smile bas, from the first of time, With all the various tribes of foodful earth, Fill'd, o'erHowing, all those lamps of Heaven, Implore thy bounty, or send grateful'up That beam for ever through the boundlefs sky: A common hymns, while, round thy Beaining But, hould he hide his face, thoáfonish'd fun,

120 And all the cxtinguiti'd stars, would loosening reel High-feen, the Seasons lead, in fpriglitly dance ! Wide from their spheres, and Chaos come again. Harinonious' knit; the rosy-fingerd Hours, And yet was every faultering tongue of Man, The Zephyrs fioating loose, the time!y Rains; Almighty Father ! silent in thy praise, 186 Of bloon ethereal,

Thy works themselves would raisela general voice, the furly

125 E'en in the depth of folitary woods Thefe, in fuccellive turn, with lavith hand, By human foot untrod; proclaim tliy power, Shower every beauty, every fragrance shower, And to the choir celestial Thee resound, 190 Herbs, flowers, and fruits ; till, kindling at thy Th’etersial cause, support, anil end of all! touch,

To me be Nature's volume broad-display'd ; From land to land is flufh'd the vernal year, And to peruse its all-inftrueting page,

Nor to the surface of enliven'd earth, 130 Or, haply catching inspiration thence, Graceful with hills, and dales, and leafy woods, Some caly passage, rapturd; to translate,

195 Her liberal trelles, is thy force confin'd; My fole delight; 'as througli the falling glooms But to the bowel'd cavert darting deep,

Pensive I ftray, or with the rising dawn The mineral kinds confess thy mighty power. On Fancy's eagle-wing excursive foar. Efulgent hence the veiny marble shines;


Now, faning up the heavens, the potent fun Hence Labour draws his tools ; hence burnith'd Melts into liinpid air the high-rais'd clouds, 200 War

And morning fogs, that hoverd round the hills Gleams on the day, the noble works of Peace In party colour'd hands, till widé unveild Hence bless mankind, and generous Commerce The face of Nature fines, from where carth biods

seems, The round of nations in a golden cháin.. Far: 'ftretch'd around, to meet the bending

Th’unfruitful rock itself, impregn'd by thee, fphère. In clark retirement foring the lucid Hone.

Half in a blush of clutering roses loft, 205 The lively diamond drinks thy purest rays, Dew-dropping Coolness to the shade retires : Coilected light, compact; that, polim'd bright, There, on the verslant turf, or flowery bed, And all its pative luftre let abroad,

By gelid founts and careless rills to muse ; Dares, as it sparkles on the fair-one's breast, 145 While tyrant Heat, dispreading through the With vain ambition emulate her eyes. At thee the ruby lights its deep'ning glow, Witli rapid sway, bis burning influence darts 210 And with a waving radiance inward flames. On nan, and beaft, and herb, and tepid Atream. From thee the fapphire, solid zether, takes Who can unpitying see the flowery race, Its hue cerulean ; and, of evening tinct, 150 Shed by the morn, their new-flush'd bioom The purple ftreaming amethyst is thine,

resign, With thy own fmile the yellow topaz burns : Before the parching beam? So fade the fair, Nor deeper verdure diss the robe of Spring, When fevers revel through their azure veins. 215 When firft she gives it to the southern gale, 154 But one, the lofty follower of the fun, Than the green emrald hows. But, all combin'd, Sad when he sets, shuts up her yellow leaves, Thick through the whitening'opal play thy beains; | Drooping all night; and, when he warm returns, Or, tiying several from its furface, forın Points her enamourød bosom to his ray. A trembling variance of revolving hues,

Home, from his morning task, the fwain As the site varies in the gažer's hand.

retreats; The very dead creation, from thy touch,' 160 His flock before him stepping to the fold : Alumes a minic lise, By thee refin'd,

While the full-udder'd mother lows around

ky, ,


The chcarful cottage, then expecting food, Or drowsy thepherd, as he lies reclin'd,
The food of innocence and health! The daw, With half-thut eyes, beneath the floating fhada
The rook, and magpie, to the grey-grown oaks, Of willows grey, close-crowding o'er the bron!.
That the calm village in their verdant arms 226

Gradual from these what numerous kinds Shelt’ring embrace, direct their lazy fight;

descend, Where on the mingling boughs they hit embow. Evading een the microscopic eye! er'd,

Full Nature swarms with life;, opo wondrous All the hot noon, till cooler hours arise.

mass Faint, underneath, the houshold fowls convene ; Of animals, or atoms organiz'd,

290 And, in a corner of the buzzing Made, 23! | Waiting the vital Broath, when Parent-Fleaveu The house-dog, with the vacant grey hound, lies, Shall bid his fpirit blow. The hoary fen, Out- tretch'd and decpy, In his numbers one In putrid streams, emits the living cloud Attacks the nightly thief, and one exults. * Of peftilence. Through subterranean cells, Ver hill and dale; till, wakeu?d by the walp: 235 Where, searching, sun-beams scarce can find a They starting inap. Nor shall the Mufe disdain way, To let the liitle noisy suinmer-race

Earth animated beaves. The flowery leaf 295 Live in her lay, and flutter thro' her song: Wants not its foft inhabitants. Secure Not mean, though fimple ; to the fun ally'd, Within its winding citadel the flone From him they draw their animating fire. ' 240 Holds multitudes. But chief the forest boughs,

Wak'd by his warm ray, the reptile young "That dance unnumber'd to the playful breeze, Come wing'd abroad; by the light air upborne, The downy orchard, and the melting pulp 31 Lighter, and full of soul. From every chink Of mellow fruit, the nameless nations feed And secret corner, where they lept away. of evanescent insects. Where the pool The wintry storms, or rifmg from their tombs Stands mantled o'er with green, invihhle, To higher life, by myriads, forth at once, 246 Amid the floating verdure millions ftray. 305 Swarming they pour; of all the vary'd lues Each liquid too, whether it pierces, fogths, T'heir beauty-beaming parent can disclose. Inflames, retreshes, or exalts the taste, Ten thousand forms! ten thousand different With various forms abounds, Nor is the stream tribes!

Of pure crystal,

), nor the lucid air, People the blaze, To funny waters fome 250. Though one transparent vacancy, it seems 310 By fatal instinct fly; where on the pool Void of their unseen people. These, concealed They, sportive, wheel; or, sailing down the By the kind art of forming Heaven, escape ftream,

The grosser eye of Man : for, if the worlds Are swatch'd inimediatę

, by the quick-ey'd trout, In worlds inclos'd should on his senses burit, Or darting salmon. Through the green wood, From catešjambrofal, and the nectar'd bow), 3151 glade

He would abhorrent turn, and in dead night, Some love to stray; there lodg’d, amus'd, and fest, When lilence Aceps o’er all, be stunnd with In the fresh leaf. Luxurious, others make 256 noise, The meads their choice, and vifit every flower, Let 29, presuming inpioys rajler And every latent herb: for the sweet talk, Creative Wisdom, as if aught was form'd To propagate their kinds, and where to wrap, In vain, or not for admirable ends.

320 In what soft beds, their young, yet undisclos’d, Shall little haughty ignorance pronounce Einploys their tender care. Some to the house, 261 His works unwise, of which the smallest part The fold, and dairy, hungry, bend their flight ; Exceeds the narrow vition of her mind? Sip round the pail, or tafte tie curdling cheele : As if upon a full-proportiond dome, Oit, inadvertept, from the inilky stream

Or swelling columns heav'd, the pride of art! 325 They meet their fate; or, weltering in the bowl, A critic-4y, whose feeble ray scarce spreads With pow'rless wings around them wrapt, expire, An inch around, with blind presumption bold,

But chief to beediefs fies the window proves Should dare to tax the structure of the whole, A conftant death; where, gloomily retir'd, And

lives the man, whose univerfal eye,

329 The villain fpider lives, cunning and fierce, Haš swept at once th? unbounded scheme of Mixture abhorr'd! Amid a. mangled heap. 270 things; Of carcafes, in eager watch he fits,

Mark'd their dependence so, and firm accord, C'erlooking all his waving frares around. As with unfaltering accent to conclude Near the dire cell the dreadless wanderer oft That ihir availeth pought? Has any feen. Palies, as oft the ruffian Mhows bis front; The mighty chain of beings le viening down The prey at lait ensnar'd, he dreadful darts, 275. From infinite Perfection to the brink 335 With rapid glide, along the leaning line; Of cireary mothing, defolate abyss ! And, fixing in the wretch his crucl fangs, From which aftonith'd thought recoiling turns ? Strikes backward, grimly pleas’d : the fluttering Till then alone let zealous praise ascend, wing

And hymns of holy wonder, to bat Power And thriller found declare extreme ditrefs, Whore wisdom Mhines as lovely on our minds, 340 And ask the helping hospitable band. 280 As on our smiling eyes his servant son.

Resounds the living surface of the ground: | Thick in yon ftream of light, a thousand Nor undelightful is the ceaseless hum,

ways, To him who muses through the woods at noon :





Upward and downward, thwarting and con- Her smiles, sweet-beaming, on her shepherdvolv'l,

king; The quivering nations sport; tiil, tempell. While the glad circle round them yield their souls wing'd,

To festive noirth, and wit that krows no gall. Fierce Winter sweeps them from the face of Meantime, their joyous task goes on apace: 405 day,


Some mingling stir the melted tar, and some, E'en so luxurious men, vnheeding, pass Deep on the new-thorn vagrant's heaving fide, An idle summer life in fortune's fine,

To stamp their mafter's cypher ready stand; A seato!l's glitter! Thus they flutter on

Others th' unwilling wether drag along; From toy to toy, from vanity to vice;

And, glorying in his might, the furdy boy 410 Till, blown away by death, oblivion comes 350 Holds by the twisted horns th’indignaut ram. Behind, and trikes them from the book of life. Behold where bound, and of its robes bereit, Now (warms the village o'er the jovial mead; By needy man, that all-depending lord, The rulric youth, brown with meridian toil, How meek, how patient, the mild creature lies ! Healibrul and strong; juli as the summer rose,

What softness in its melancholy face, 415 Blown by prevailing luns, the ruddy maid, 355 What dumb complaining innocence appears! Half-.akcd, swelling on the fight, and all Fear not, ye gentle tribes, 'tis not the knife Her kindled graces burcing o'er her cheek. Of horrid Laughter that is o'er you wav'}; E’en ftuoping age is here ; and intant-hands No, 'uis the tender swail's well guided Mears, Trail the long ruke, or with the fragrant load Who having now, to pay his annual care, O'ercharg'd, amid the kiod opprellion roll, 360 Borrow'd your fleece, to you a cumbrous load, Wide flies the tedded grain; all in a row

Will send you bourding to your hills again. Advancing broad, or wheeling round the field, A Smple scene ! yet hence Britannia fees They spread their breathing harvest to the sun, Her solid grandeur rise : bence the commands That throws refreshful round a rural smell: Th'exalted itores of every brighter clime,

425 Or, as they rake the green-appearing ground,

The treasures of the fun without bis rage : And drive the dusky wave along the mead, 366 Hence, fervent all, with culture, toil, and arts, The ruslet hay-cock riles thick behind,

Wide glows her land: her dreadful thunder In order gay. While, heard from dale to dale, hence Waking the breeze, resounds the blended voice Rides o'er. the waves sublime, and now, e'en Of happy labour, love, and social glee. 370

Or rushing thieuce, in one diftulive band, Impending hangs o'er Gallia's humbled coaft; They drive the troubled flocks, by many a dog

Hence rules the circling deep, and awes the Compellid, to where the mazy-running brook

Forms a deep pool; this bank abrupt and high, 'Tis raging noon; and vertical the fun
And that fair-spreading in a pebblad More. 395 Darts on the head direct his forcefuu rays.
Urg'd to the giddy brink, much is the toil,

O'er heaven and earth, far as the ranging eye 43S The clamour much, of men, and boys, and can sweep, a dazzling deluge reigns; and all dogs,

From pole to pole is undistinguisn'd biaze, Ere the foft fearful people to the food

In vain the fight, dejected, to the ground Commit their woolly fides And oft the swain, Stoops for relief; thence hot-ascending steains On some impatient seizing, burls them in:


And leen reflection pain. Deep to the root En bolden'd then, nor hel.tating more,

Of vegetation parclid, the cleaving fields 440
Falt, fast, they plunge amid the Hafhing wave,

And Nippery lawn an arid hue disclose,
And panting labour to the farthest shore.

Blast Fancy's bloom, and withere'en the foul.
Repeated this, till deep the well-wa?n'il Heece Echo no more returns the chearful found
Has drunk the food, and from his lively haunt

Of Marpening scythe ; the mower linking, heaps
The trout is vanil'd by the sordid stream;

O'er him the humid hay, with flowers períum'd:
Heavy, and dripping, to the breezy brow And scarce a chirping grass-hopper is heard
Slow move the harmless race; where, as they Through the dumb mead. Distressful nature

Tixir fwelling treasures to the sunnes ray, The very streams look languid from alar;
Inly difturb'], and wondering what this wild 390

Or thro' the urishelter'd glade, impatient seçm
Outrageous tumult means, their loud complaints

To hurl into the covert of the greve.

4.50 The country sll; and toss'd from rock to rock, All-conquering Heat,' oh, intermitthy wrath! Incefant bleatiogs run around the hilli.

And on my tlırobbing temples potent tlius
At lalt, of snowy white, the gatiier'd flocks

Beam not fo fierce! Incessant fill you tlow,
Are in the wattled pen innuinerous press’d, 395

And still another fervent food succeeds,
Head above head : and,'d i.1 luty rows,

Pour'd on the head profuse. In vain. I figh, 455
The thepherds fit, and whet the founding shears,

And restless turn, and look around for night:
Tie sousewife waits to roll lzer Hercy ttores, Night is far off, and hotter hours approach.
With all her gar-dreft maids attending round.

Thrice happy he! who on the sunless hide
One, chief in gracious dignity enthrou’d,

Of a romantic mountain, foreit-crown'd,
Shines o'er the rett, the pacioral queen, and rays

Beneath the whole collected made reclines:


Cr in the gclid carerns, woodline-wrought, VOL. VIII.

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.3 K

And fresh bedew'd with ever-spouting streams, Of yonder grove, of wildeft, largest growth, Sits coolly calm ; while all the world without, That, forming high in air a woodland choir, Unfatisar'd and fick, toffes in noon :

Nods o'er the mount beneath. At every fiep Emblom inftruclive of the virtuous man, 465 Solemn and now the 1 adows blacker fail, Who keeps his temper'd inind serene and pure, And all is awful listening gloom around, And every passion aptly harmoniz'd,

These are the haunts of Meditation, thefe Amid a jarring world with vice inflam'd. The scenes where ancient bards th' inspiring Welcome, ye tades! ye bowery thickets, breath lail!

Ecstatic felt; and, from this world rctir'd, Ye lofty pines! ye vencrable oak3 !

470 Convers'd with angels and in mortal form, 525 Ye aihes wild, resounding w'er the steep! On gracious errands bent ; to save the fall Delicious is your frelter to the soul,

Of virtue ftruggling on the brink of vice; As to the hunted hart the sallying spring, In waking whispers, and repeated drzains, Or itrcam full-flowing, that his swelling fees To hint pure thought, and warn the favour'd Laves as he fioats along the herbag'd brint. 475 soul, Cool through the nerves your pleaiing comfort For future trials fated to prepare;

530 glides;

To prompt the poet, who devoted gives The heart beats glad ; the frein expanded eye His Mufe to better themcs; to foothie the paugs And ear resound their watch ; the linews knit; Of dying worth, and from the patriot's breast And life hocts swift through all the lightend (Backward to miogle in detefted war, limbs.

But foremost when engag'd) to turn the death; Around th' adjoining brook, that puris along And runiberless such otces of love, The vocal grove, now fretting o'er a rock, Daily and nightly, zealous to perform. Now scarcely moving through a recdy pool, Shook sudden from the bosom of the liy, Now farting to a suckien stream, and now A thousand Ihapes or glide athwart the dulki, Gently diffus’d into a limpid plain,

Or italk majestic on Deep-rou'd I feel 549 A various groupe the herds and focks compose; A sacred terror, a severe delight, Rural confusion! On the grassy bank 486 Creep through my mortal frame; and thus, me. Soine ruminating lie; while others stand

thinks, Half in the food, and, often bending, sp A voice, than human more, th' abstracted ear Ths circling surface. In the middle droops Of fancy strikes, « Be not of us afraid, The strong laborious ox, of honest front, 490 “ Poor kindred man! thy fellow-creatures, we Which incompos'd be takes ; and from his « From the same Parent-Power our beings drewi fides

« The same our Lord, and laws, and great purThe troublous insects.lashes with his tail,

suit. Returning still. Amid his subjects safe,

« Once some of us, like thee, through stormy Slumbers the monarch-iwain ; his careless arm life, Thrown round his head, on downy mofs fuf- " Toil'd, tempeft-beaten, ere we could attain tain'd;

495 « This holy calm, this harmony of mind, 550 Here laid his scrip, with wholome viands fil'd; « Where purity and peace immingle charnis. There, litning every noise, his watclisul dog. " Then fear not us; but with responíve sung,

Light fiy his numbers, if perchance a fight vi Amid these dim recefiei, undifiurb'd Cf angry gall-fies faten on the berri,

" By noisy folly and discordant vice, That ttartling scatters from the fallow brook, « Of Nature fing with us, and Nature's God, In search.of lavih strean. Tosing the fram, 496 " Here frequent, at the vifionary hour, They scorn the keeper's voice, and scour the “ When musing midnight rcigos or filent noon, plain,

« Angelic harps are in full concert heard, Through all the bright severity of noon ;

“ And voices chaunting froin the wood-crown'd While from their labouring breaits a hollow hill,

504 " The deepening dale, or innost sylvan glade ; Proceeding, runs low-bellowing round the hills.

A privilege bełtow'd by us alone Oft in this season too the horse, provok'd, « On Coriemplation, or the hallowed ear While his big finews full of spirits (well, « Of Poet, iwelling to seraphic ítrain." Trembling with vigour, in the heat of blood, And art thou, Stanley, of that sacred band? Springs the high fence; and, o’er the field ef. Alas, for us too soon! though rais'd above 565 fus'd,

The reach of human pain, above the fight Darts on the gloomy food, with stedfalt eye, 510 Of human joy; yet, with a mingled ray And heart efirang'd to fear: his nervous chest, of fadly-pleas'd remembrance, must thou feel Luxuriant and erect, the seat of strength! A mother's love, a mother's tender woe ; Bears down t'opposing stream : quenchless his who seeks thee Atill in many a former fcrne i 570

Seeks thy fair form, thy lovely leaming eyes, He takes the river at redoubled draughts; Thy pleasing converse, by gay lively fenfe And with wide nostrils, snorting, ikims the


* 1 young lady, well knosur 10 the author, who Still let me pierce into the midnight depth died at the age of eighiein, in the year 1733.


thirft ;


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