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Inspır’d; where moral wisdom mildly ihone See bow at once the bright effulgent sun, 635
Without the toil of art; and virtue glow'd, Rifing direct, swist chaces from the dry
In all her smiles, without forbidien pride, 575 | The short-liv'd twilight; and with ardent blaze
But, Oh thou beft of parents! wipe thy tears ; Looks gaily fierce through all the dazzling air :
Or rather to parental Nature pay

He mounts his throne; but kind before him The tears of grateful joy, who for a while

sends, Lent thee this younger self, this opening bloom, Illuing froin out the portals of the morn, 640 Of thy enlighten'd mind and gentle worth. 580 The general Breeze, to mitigate his fire, Believe the Mufe; the wintry blaft of death And breathe refreshment on a fainting world. Kills not the buds of virtue ; no, they spread, Great are the scenes, with dreadful beauty Beneath the heavenly beams of brighter sans,

crown'd Through eodels ages, into higher powers,

And barbarous wealth, that see each circling year, Thus up the mount, in aëry vifon wrapt, 585 Returning funs and double seasons pass; 645 I aray, regardless whither, till the found Rocks rich in gems, and mountains big with of a near fall of water, every sense

mines, Wakes froin the charm of thought; swift fhrink. That on the high equator ridgy rise, ing back,

Whonce many a bursting stream auriferous plays; I check my steps, and view the broken scene, Niajestic woods, of every vigorous green,

Smooth to the thelving brink a copious food Stage above stage, high waving o'er the hills; 650 Rolls fair and placid; where collected all, 591

Or to the far horizon wide diffus'd,
In or impetuous torrent, down the steep A boundless deep immensity of shade.
It tbund'ring shoots, and makes the country Here lofty trees, to ancient soug unknown,

The noble fons of potent heat and flood's
At first, an azure Theet, it rutes broad;

Prone rushing from the clouds, 'rear high to heaThen whitning by degrees, as prone it falls, 595 And from the loud-resounding rocks below Their thorny ftems, and broad around them Dath'd in a cloud of foam, it sends aloft

! throw A hoary mift, and forms a ccafelefs Thower, 1 Meridian gloom. Here, in eternal priine, Nor can the tortur'd wave here find repose ; Unnumber'd fruits, of keen delicious tafte But, raging still amid the shaggy rocks, 600 And vital spirit, drink amid the cliffs, Now fines o'er the scatter'd fragments, now And burning fands, that bank the shrubby vales, Anant the hollow channel rapid darts ;

Redoubled day, yet in their rugged coats 661 And, falling fast from gradual nope to Nope, A friendly juice to cool its rage contain. With wild infracted course, and lefsen'd roar,

Bcar me, Pomona! to thy citron groves; It gains a safer bed, and steals, at laft, 605 To where the lemon and the piercing lime, Along the mazes of the quiet vale,

With the deap orange, glowing through the Invited from the cliit, to w bose dark brow


665 He clings, the frecp-afcending eagle foars Their lighter glories blend. Lay me reclin'd With upward pivions through the tiood of day ; Beneath the spreading tamarind, that snakes, . And, giving full his bofom to the bluze, 610 Fann'd by the breeze, its fever-cooling fruit. Gains on the fun; while all the tuneful race, Deep in the night the maffy locuit iheds 669 Smit by adictive noon, disorderd droop, Quench my lot limbs : or lead me through the Deep in the thicket; or, from bower to bower

maze, Responíve, force an interrupted strain.

Embowering endless, of the Indian fig; The ftock-dove only through the forest coos, 615 Or, thrown at gayer ease, on some fair brow, Mournfully hoarfe; oft cealing rom his plaint, Let me behold, by breezy murmurs cool), Short interval of weary woe! again

Broad o'er ny head the verdant cedar wave, The fad idea of his murder'd mate,

And hig! palmetos lift their graceful nade. 675 Struck from his fide by savage fowler's guile, Or, ftretelid arnid these orchards of the sun, Across his fancy comes; and then refounds 620 Give me to drain the cocoa's milky bowl, A louder song of sorrow through the grove.

And from the palm to draw its fre?''ning wine! Beside the dewy border let nie fit,

More bounteous far than all the fractic juice All in the freshness of the bumid air ;

Which Bacchus pours. Nor, on its slender twigs There in that hollow'd rock, grotesque and wild, Low-bendilig, be the full pomegranate scorn'l; An ample chair, moss-lin'd, and over head 625 Nor, crecping through the wools, the gelid race By Howering umbrage faded, where the bee Of berries. Citin huml;le station dwells. Strays diligent, and with th' extracted balm Unboasted worth, above fastidious pomp, Of fragrant-woodbine loads his little thigh. Witness, thou beii anana, thou the pride

Now, while I taste the sweetness of the shade, Of vegetable life, beyond whate'er
While Nature lies around decp-lulp'U in Noon, 630 | The poets imag' in the golden age !
Now co:ne, bold Fancy, spread a daring flight, Quick let me ítrip thee of thy tuity coat,
And view the wonders of the torrid Zone : Spread thy ambrosial ftores, and feaft with Jove!
Cimes unrelenting! with whole rage compar'd, From these the prospect varies. Plains in-
Yon blaze is feeble, and you skies are cool,

Lie ftretch'd below, interminable meads


er's ;

And vast savannals, where the wand'ring eye,

And, fwister than the toiling caravan, Unfixt, is in a verdant ocean lost.

Shooto'er the vale of Sennar; ardent climb 750 Another Flora there, of bolder hues,

The Nubian mountains, and the secret bounds And richer sweets, leyond our garden's pride, Of jealous Abyslinia boldly pierce, Flays o'er the fields, and showers with sudden Thou art no ruffian, who, beneath the mark band

690 | Of social commerce, com'it to rob their wealth ; Exuberant spring; for oft these valleys Shift No boly Fury thou, blaspheming Heaven, 755 Their greev-embroider'd robe to hery brown, With confecrated steel to ftab their peace, And iwiit to green again, as scorching funs, And through the land, yet red from civil Cr streaming dews and torrent rains, prevail

. 700 wounds, Along there lonely regions, where, retir'd To fpread the purple tyranny of Rome. From little scenes of art, great Nature dwells Thon, like the harmless bee, may'st freely range, In awiul folitude, and volig!it is scen

From mead to mead, bright with exalted flowBut the wild herds that own no master's stall,

760 Prodigious rivers roll their fattening seas: 705 From jasmine grove to grove, may't wander On whose luxurious herlage, hal conceal’d,

gay, Like a falt' cedar, far difus'l his trail),

Though palthy shades and aromatic woods, Cand in green scales, the crocodile extends. That

grace the plains, invest the peopled hills, The flood disparts : behold! in plaited mail, And up the more than Alpine mountains wave, * Behenioth rears his head. Glanc'd from his fide, There on the breezy summit, spreading fair, 765 The darted steel in idle shivers flies :

711 For many a league ; or on Itupendous rocks, He fearlets walks the plain, or seeks the hills; That from the sup-redoubling vailey lift, Where, as lie crops his varied fare, the herols, Cool to the middle air, their lawny tops; In widening circle round, forget their food, Where palaces, and fanes, and villas rise ; 769 And at the harmkss stranger wondering gaze. 715 And gardens smile around, and culturd fields ;

Peace'ul, beneath primæral trees, that cast And fountains gush; and careless herds and Their ample i ade o'er Niger's yellow stream,

Hocks And where the Ganges rolls his sacred ware, Securely Aray; a world within itself, Or mid the central depth of blackening woods, Dild dining all assault : there let me draw High-raiz'd in solemn theatre around, 720 Ethereal foul, there drink reviving gales, Las the huge elephant, wisert of brutes ! Profusely breathing from the fpicy groves, 775 O truly wife! with gentle might endow'd; And vales of fragrance; there at diliance bear 'Though powerful, not destructivi! Here he sees The roaring floods and cataracts, that sweep Revolving ages fwecp the changeful earth, From disemboweld carth the virgin gold; And empires rise and fall; regarillefs he 725

And o'er the varied laprikip, rettlefs, rove, Of what the never-refting race of men

Fervent with liie of every fairer kind : 730 Project : thrice happy! could he 'scape their A land of wonders! which the sun ftill eyes guile,

With ray direct, as of the lovely realm Wlio mine, from cruel avarice, his steps; Enamour'd, and delighting there to dwell. Or with his towery grandeur swell their state, How chang'd the icene! In blazing height of The pride of kings ! or else his itrength pervert, And bid bin rage amid the mortal fray, 731 | The sun, oppress'd, is plung'd in thickest gloom. Aftonith'd at the inadness of mankind.

Still horror reigos, a dreary twilight round, 786 Wide oʻer the winding umbrage of the floods, Of lirugiing night and day malignant mix'd. Like vivid blotoms glowing froin afar,

For to the hot equator crowding fait, 'Thick fwarm the brighier birds. For Nature's Where, liighly rarefy'd, the yielding air hand,

Aduits their fiream, inceffant vapours roll, 790 That with a sportive vanity lias deck'd 736 Amazing clouds on clouds continual heap'd! The plumy nations, there her gayes hues Or whiri'd tempestuous by the guíty wind, Frofufely pours. Put, if he Lidls them tine, Or 1lent borne along, heavy and low, Arrayud in all the beauteous beams of day, With the big stores of steaming oceans charg'd. Yet, frugaliiill, me humbles them in * song. Meantime, amid these upper seas, condens'd 795 Norenvy we t’se gaucy robes they lent

Around the cold aërial mountain's brow, Proud Montezuma's reaim, whose lzgions caít And by conflicting winds together daf'd, A houndless radiance waving on the fun,

The Thunder holds his black tremendous 'While Philomel is ours; while in our thades,

throne: Through the foft flence of the littering night, From cloud to cloud the rending Lightnings The fober-suited fongstress thrills her lay.

rage; But come, iny Mufe, the defart-barrier burst, Till, in the furinus elemental war

800 A wild expanse of litclefs sand and ky;

Diffolv'd the whole precipitated mass

Unbroken floods and folid torrents pours. * Tre li popotamus, or river-herse.

The treasures these hid from the bounded * In all the regions of the terrid zone, the birds, search though more beawwiful in their plunoge, are oba of ancient knowledge; whence, with annual farved to be less meiedicus ti an ours.






Rich king of floods ! o'erflows the swelling Nile. , This gay profufion of luxurious bliss ?
From his two springs, in Gojam's funny realm, | This pomp of Nature? what their balmy meads.
Pure-swelling out, he through the lucid lake Their powerful herbs, and Ceres void of pain ?
Of fair Dambea rolls his infant stream.

By vagrant birds dispers'd, and wafting winds,
There, by the Naiads nurs'd, he sports away What their unplanted fruits? what the cool
His playful youth, amid the fragrant ines, 810 draughts,
That with unfading verdure smile around. . Thainbrofial food, rich gums and spicy health,
Ambitious, thence the manly river breaks ; Their forests yield ? their toiling insects, what
And, gathering many a flood, and copious fed Their filky pride, and vegetable robes ?
With all the mellow'd treasures of the sky,

Ah! what avail their fatal treasures, hid Winds in progresive majesty along : 815 Deep in the bowels of the pitying earth, Through splendid kingdoins now devolves his Golconda’s gems, and fad Potoñ's mines,

Where dwelt the gentleft children of the sun ? Now wanders wild o'er folitary tracts

What all that Afric's golden rivers roll, Of liia-deserted fand; till, glad to quit

Her odorous woods, and Mining ivory stores ? The joyless defart, down the Nubian rocks, Ill-fated race ! the softning arts of Peace, From thundering Peep to steep, he pourz bis urn, Whate'er the humanizing Muses teach; And Egypt joys beneatli the spreading wave. 821 The god-like wisdom of the temper'd breast;

His brother Niger, too, and all the floods Progreslive truth, the patient force of thought; In wliich the full.form'd maids of Afric lave Investigation calır, whose filent powers

879 Their jetty limbs ; and all that from the tract 825 Command the world; the Light tiiat leads to Of woody mountains ftretch'd through gorgeous


Kind equal rule, the government of laws,
Fall on Cormandel's coast, or Malabar;

And all-protecting Freedom, which alone From * Menam's orient stream, that nightly Sustains the name and dignity of man: Mines

These are not theirs. The parent-sun himself. With insect lamps, to where Aurora Meds Seem o'er this world of slaves to tyrannize ; 885 On Indus' smiling banks the rofy shower; And, with oppressive ray, the roseat bloom All, at this bounteous season, ope their urns, 830 Of beauty blasting, gives the gloomy hue, And pour unto:ling liarveft o'er the land. And feature gross: or worse ; to ruthless deeds,

Nor less thy world, Columlus, drinks, refreth'd, Mad jealousy, blind rage, and fell revenge, The lavish moisture of the melting year.

Their fervid spirit fires. Love dwells not there, Wide o'er his ifles the branching Oronoque The soft regards, the tenderness of life, 890 Rolls a brown deluge ; and the native drives 835 | The heart-shed tear, th' ineffable deliglit To dwell aloft on life-fufficing trees,

Of sweet humanity ; these court the bearn at once his dome, bis robe, his food, and arms. Of milder climes; in felfish fierce defre, Swell'ů by a thousand streams, impetuous hurl'd And the wild fury of voluptuous fense, From all the roaring Avdes, buge descends There lost. The very brute creation there The mighty + Orellana. Scarce the Muse 840 This rage partakes, and burns with horrid fire, Dares stretcla her wing o'er this enormous mass Lo! the green ferpent, from his dark abode, Of rufhing water ; scarce the dares attempt Which e'en imagination fears to tread, The fea-like Plata ; to whose dread expanse, At noon forth-i Muing, gathers up his train 900 Continuous depth, and wondrous length of In orbs immense, the:1, darting out anew, course,

Seeks the refreising fount; by which diffus'd, Our floods are rills. With unabated force, 845 He throws his folds; and while, with threatning In filent dignity they sweep along,

tongue, And traverse realms unknown, and blooming And deathful jaws erect, the monster curls wilds, His fiaining creít, all other thirst appall'd,

905 And fruitful defarts, worlds of folitude,

Or-fhivering Hizs, or check'd at distance ftands, Where the sun siniles, and seasons tecin in vain, Nor dares approach. But still more direful he, Unseen, and unenjoy'd. Foriaking these, 830 | The small ciose-lurking minister of fate, O'er peopled plains they fair diffutive Low, Whose high-concocted venom through the veins And many a nation feed, and circle fafe,

A rapid lightning darts, arresting swift 918 In their fort bofoin, many a happy ifle ;

The vital current. Form'd to humble man, The feat of blameless Pan, yet undifturb'd This child of vengeful Nature! There, sublim'd By Christian crimes and Europe's cruel fons. 855 To fearless luft of blood, the favage race Thus pouring on they proudly seek the deep, Roam, licens'd by the shading hour of guilt, Whose vanquish'd tide, recoiling from the shock, And foul misdeed, when the pure day has shut Yields to the liquid weight of half the globe ; his facred eye. The tiger darting fierce 915 And Ocean trembles for his green domain. Impetuous on the prey his glance has dooin'd; But avails this wondrous waite of wealth ? 360 | The lively-fhining leopard, speckled o'er

With many a spot, the beauty of the walte ; * The river that rune through Siam; on whose And, fcorning all the ta ming arts of Man, 920 banks a vast multitude of those insects, called fire- The keen hyena, fellest of the fell. ties, make a beautiful appearance in the night. These, runing from th' in hospitable woods † The river of the Amazons.

Of Mauritania, or the tasty iles


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That verdant rise amid the Libyan wild,

The circling Typlion *, whirpd from point to Innumerous glare around their fagsy king, 925 point, Maieftie, falling o'er the frioted food;

Exhausung all the rage of all the ky, gas And, with imperious and repeated roars,

And dire Eenephia * reign. Amid the heavens, Demand their faite food. The fearful flocks Fallely ferente, deep in a cloudy fpeck Crowd near the guardian swain ; the nobler herois, Compref'd, the miglyty rem per brooding dwe Ds, Where round their lordly bull, in rural cafe, 936 Of ro regard fave to the f:i!ful eye: They ruminating lie, with horror bear

Fiery and foul, the 'mal' prognostic hargs 990 Tik coming rage. Tirawalenied village starts, Aloft, or on the promontory's brow And to her fluttering brcalt the mother strains Mutters its rorce : a faint deceitfel cum, Her thoughtless infant. From the pirate's den, A futtering gale, the demon fends before, Or stern Morocco's tyrant-fang escap'ı, 935 To tempt the fireading fail; then down at once, The wretch half-wishes for his bonds again ; Precisitani, !efcends a mingled mass 995 While,

?, uproar all, the wilderness resounds, Of roaring winds, and fame, ard ruthing foods. From Atlas ea tward to the frighted Nile.

Io wild amazement fix'd the sailor ftands. Unbarry he! who from the frit of joys,

Art is too flow : by rapid Fate oppress’d, Society, cut off, is left alone

His broad-wingid vesel drinks the 'whelming

940 And this world of death. Day, after day,

tide, Sad on the jutting eininence he sits,

Hid in the Lofom of the black abyss. And views-the main that ever toils below,

With such mad feas the daring Gama I fought Still fondly forming in the farthest verge,

For inany a day and many a dreadful night, Where the round ætler mixes with the wave, 945 By bold ambition led, and belder thirft

Inceffait lab'ring round the stormy Cape, Ships, dim-discover'd, dropping from the clouds :

Of gold : for then from ancient gloom emerg'd At evening, to the setting fun he turns

The rifing world of trade ; the Genius then 1000 A mournful eye, and down bis dying heart

Of Navigation, that in hopeless noch Sinks helpless, while the wonted roar is up,

Had flumber'd on the vast Atlantic deep And hiss continual thro' the tedious night.

For idle ages, starting, beard, at laft,

9.50 Yet here, e'en herc, into these black abodes

The Lufitanian Prince*, who, Heaved-inspird, Of monsters, unappall'd, froın ftooping Rome,

To love of useful glory rous'd mankind,

And in unbounded commerce mix'd the world, And guilty Cæsar, Liberty retird, Her Cato following thro’Numidian wilds,

Increasing fill the terrors of the ttorms, Didainful of Campania's gentle plains,

His jaws horriñc arm’d with threefold fate,

955 And all the green delights Ausonia pours,

Here dwells the direful Thark. Lurd by the

fcent When for them the muft bend the servile knee,

1015 And fawning take the splendid robber's boon.

Of steaming crowds, of rank difease, and

cieath, Nor fop the terrors of tliese regions here. Behold! he rushing cuts the briny fool, Comminion'd demons ost', angels of wrath, 960 Swift as the gale can bear the ship along, let loose the raging elements. Breath'd hot And from the partners of that cruel trade, From all the boundless furnace of the fly, Which Ipoils tinhappy Guinea of har fors, to 20 Ainiile widc-glittering walle of burning sand,

Demands his fare of prey; demands themA fuffocating wind the pilgrim smites

selves V'sh in lart death. Patient of thirt and toil, 965 The f'orny Fates descend: one death involves Son of the desert! e'en the camel feels,

Tyrants and saves ; when straight aheir mmgled Shot thro' his wither'd heart, the ficry blast:

limbs Orfroin the blac':-red thşr, bursting !voad,

Crating at orce, he does the purple feas Salifies the sudden whirlwind, Straight the

With gors, and riots in the vengeful meal. 1e25 fands,

When o’er this world, by equinoctial rains Comuovrtaround, in gıtlıcring eddies play: 970 Flooded immense, locks out the joyless fun, Nearer and nearer ftill they darkning come,

And draws the copious fteam from swampy fens, Till with ibc general all-involving storn

Where pr.trefaction into life ferments, Swept up, the whole continuous wilds arile, And breathes deftructive myriads; or from And by thcir noon-day fount dejected thrown,

woods, Crunk at night in farl difas?rous feep, 975

Impenetrable fades, reccfics foul, 1031 Bercail descending hills the caravan Is buried dep. lix Cairo's crowded firects

* Tipisnard Ecret hia, names of particular forers Thio impatient merchant, wondering,, waits in

criurricures, knoturit only between the tropics.

op Galled by failors the Ox-eye, beirg in anfearance, vaia, And Mecca facidens at the long delay.

ai fr/', no bigger.

Vifco de Gama, the frp who failed roxrd Africa, But chief at sea, whose every flexile wave 980 by the Cafe of Cod Hope, to the East-Indies, Obeys the blast, the zërial tuinnilt fwells.

* Lon Henry, third fan to John I. kirg of Pore In the diread ccean, undulating wide,

tugal. His prong gemus to the discovery of me Beneath the radiant line that girds the globe, cruntries was the chief fource of all the modern

improvemerits in navigation,

In vapours rank and blue, corruption wrapt, And give the flying wreich a better (leath.
Whose glomy horrors yet no desperate foot Much yet remains unfung : the rage intense
Has ever card to pierce, then, wasteful, forth Of brazen-vauhd2.ies, of iron fields,
Walks the dire Power of peftilent disease., 1035 | Where drought and famine tarve the blafted
A thousand hideous fiends her course attend,

ycar ;
Sick Nature blasting, and to heartless woe, Fird by the torch of Noou to tenfold rage, 100g
And fecble desolation, cafting down

The infuriate hill, that shoots the pillard
The towering hopes and all the pride of Man:

fia me ;
Such as, of late, at Carthagena quench'd 1040 | And, rous'd within the subterranean worid,
The Britih fire, You, gallant Vernon ! faw Th’expan:ling earthquake, that reitills Thikes
The miserable scene ; you, pitying, saw Aspirmg cities from their folid base,
Tointant-weakness sunk the warrior's arin ; And buries mountains in the flaming guluh, ! 100
Saw the deep-racking pang, the ghantly form, But 'tis erough : return, my vagrant Muse ;
The lip pale-quivering, and the beanilefs eye, A nearer scene of horror calls three home.
No inore with arduur bright; you heard the Bencld! Row-settling o'er the lurid grove,

1046 | Unusual darkness broods, and, growing, gaius Of agonizing Tips from fore to shore ;

The full pole lion of the sky, surcharg'd 1195
Heard nightly plung'd amid the fullen wave: With wrathful vapout, from the secret bevis
The frequent corse, while on each other fix d, Where Aleep the mineral gencrations draw 1).
In fad presage, the blank afiidants fee i'i, 1050 Thence nitre, fulphur, and the fiery spume
Silent, to all whom Fate would next demand. Of fat bitumen, ficarping on the day,

What need I mention those inclement kics, With various-tiuctur'd trains or latert fame 11.10
Where, frequert or the sickening city, Flague, Pollute the hy; and in yon' bal.ful cloud
'The fiercelt child of Nemesis divine,

Å reddening ghom, a magazine of fate,
Descends ? From-Ei binpia's poison'd woods:f, Ferment, till by:he touch ethereal rous'!,
From stilled Cairo's filth, and fctid fields, 1056 | The daño of clouds, or irritating war
W:+1 locuit-armies putrzíying heap'd,

Of fghting winds, while all is calın below, 1115
This great deftroyer?prung. Fer awful rage They furious spring. A bodiig lilence reigns
The brutes escape ; mar is her deftin'u prey, Dread thro' the dun expanse, save the dull Sound
Intemperate man and o'er luis guilty doines That from tlie niountaiü, previous to the storin,
Sie draws a close incumbent cloud of death, 1960 Rolls o'er the muttering earth, disturbs the
Uninterrupted by the living winds,.

Forhid to blow a whol fome breeze, and Main'd, And shakes the foreti-leaf without a breath. 11-20
With may a mixture by the sun, fuffus’d, Prone to the lowest vale the aërial tribes
Of angry aspett. Princely. Wisdom, they, 196$ Deiceud: the tempeft-loving raven scarce
Dejeets his watchful eye; and from the hand Dares wing the dubious duk.

In ruetul gaze
Of" feeble Justice, ineflectual, drop

The catile stand, and on the scowling heavens The sword and balance : mute the voice of Joy, Cat a deplaring eye, by man forlook,

And huth'd the clamour of the busy worll: Who to the crowded cottage lijes him faft,
Empty the freets, with uncouth verdure clad; Or seeks the belter of the downward cave,
Into the worit of deterts fuddien turn'd 1071 'Tis lif’ning fear and dumb amazement all:
The chearful haunt of men ; unless escap'd When to the itartled eye the sudden glance
From the doom'd house where matchleis Horror Appears far fouth, eruptive thro’the cloud, 1730

And following fower, in explofion vast,
Shut up by barbarous Fear, the smitten wretch, The thunder raises his tremendous voice.
With pürenly wild, breaks loose, and, loud to At first, leird solemn o'er the verge of heaven,

1075 The tempest growls ; but as it nearer comes, Screaming, the dreadrul policy arraigns,

And rols its awful burden on the wiad, Inhuman, and unwiic. The fullen door, The lightning; fafh a larger curve, and more Yet uninfected, on its cautious hinge

The noise astounds, till over-head a sheet
Fearing to turn, abhors society.

Of livid fiame discloses wide, then shuts,
Dependents, friendi, relations, Love himself, And opənis wider; fizis and opens still
Savag'd by woe, forget the tender tie,
1081 | Expansive, wrapping ather in a blaze :

The Twect engagement of the feeling heart. Follows the looled'i aggravated roar,
But vain their selfish care ; the circling sky. Enlarging, deepening, mingling; peal on peal
The wide enlivening air, is full of fate ;

Cruih'd horrible, convulang heaven and earth,
And, ftruck by turns, in folitary pangs 1085

Down concs a t?uluge of Conorous hail,
They fall, unblest, untended, and unimourn'd. Or prone-descending rain. Wide-rent, the
Thus o'er the proftrate city black Despair


U 45 Extends her raven wing, while, to complete Pour a whole food; and yet, its flame unT'he scene of desolation, stretch'd around

quenchid, The grim guards ftand, denying all retrcat, 1090 The unconquerable lightning struggles thro',

Ragged and fierce, or in red whirling balls, * These are tie coules fug pojed se be the fir And fres the mouctains with redoubled rage. origin of the plage, in Dr. Niead's cezarit took i Eliek froin the firoke, above, the smouldering on ihn Tubject.



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