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The genial uproar of those shades who fall

A while my spirit flept; the land a while, In desperate light, or by some brave attempt; Affrigheed, droop'd beneath despotic rage. And thro' more polish diimes the martial creed Instead of Edward's equal gentie laws, Disown, yet Aill inc fearless habit lives.

The furious viclor's partial will prevail'd. Nor were the furiy gifts of war their ali : 685 All protrate lay; and in the secret thacie,

730 Wisdom was likewile theirs, indulgent Laws, Deep stang, but fearful, Sodignation gnafh'd The calm gradations of art-nurling Peaco,

His teeth. Of freedom, property, despoiled, And matchless Orders, the deep balis ftill

And of their bulwark, arms; with calles crushid,
On which ascends My Britih reign. Untama With ruffians quarter'd o'er the bridled land,
To the refining fubecliies of flaves, 690 The shivering wretches, at the curseu sound, 755
They brought an happy government along, Dejected shrunk into their fordid beds,
Forni'd hy that Freedom which, with secret voice, and thro' the mournful gloom of ancient times
Impartial Nature teaches all her sons,

Mus'd fad, or dreamt of better. E'en to feed
And which of old thro' the whole Scythian mass A cyrart's idle sport the peasant farv'd:
I ftrong inspir'd. Monarchical their Itace, 695 To the wild herd the patture of the tame,

But prudently confin’d, and mingled wife The cheerful hamict, fpiry town, was given,
Of each harmonious power, only too much And the brown forelt roughened wide around.
Imperious War into their rule insus'd,

But this so dead, so vile submillion, long
Prevail d the General-king, and Chieftain-thanes. Endur's not. Gathering force, My gradul flame
In many a field, by civil sury fain'd, 700

Chook of the mountain of tyrannic fway. 705 Bled the discordant Heptarchy, and long

Unusid to bend, impatient of controul, (Educing good from ill) the battle groan'd, Tyrants themselves the common cyrant check'd. Ere, blood-cemented, Anglo-Saxons saw

The Church, by kings intractable and fierce, Egbert and Peace on one united throne.

Deny'd her portion of the plunder'd state, No sooner dawn'd the fair-discloâng calm 705 Or tempted by the timorous and weak,

772 of brighter days, when, lo! the North ancw,

To gain new ground, firki taught their rapine law. With Atormy nations black, on England four'd

The Barons next a nobler league began; Woes the severelt e'er a people felt.

Both those of Luglish and of Notman race, The Daniih Raven, lur'd by annual

In one fraternal nation blended now,

Hung o'er the land incessant. Fleet on fleet 710 of patriots, ardent as the summer's acon,

The nation of the Free! press'il by a band 775
Of barbarous pirates unremitting core
The miscrable coast. Before them falk'd,

That looks delighted on, the tyrant see!
Far seen, the Demon of devouring Flame,

Mark! how with feign'd alacrity he bears Rapine and Murder, all with 'lood besmear'd,

His Arong reluctance down, his dark revenge, Without or ear, or eye, or feeling heart ;

and gives the Charter by which life, indeed, 780

715 While close behind them march'd the fallow Power

Becomes of price, a glory to be man. Of defolating Famine, who delights

Thro' this aud thro' succeeding reigns affirm'd In grass-growing cities, and in defert fields;

These long-conteated rights, the wholesome winds And purple-spotted Pestilence, by whom

of Opposition hence begun to blow, E'en friendship scard, in sickening horror sinks

And often face have left the country life. 75 Each social sense and tenderness of life.

Before cheir breath Corruption s infect-blights,

721 Fixing at lait, the finginary race

The darkening clouds of evil council, fly; Spread from the Humber's lovd-resounding fhore, Os hould they founding swell, a putrid court, zo where the Thames devolves his gentle maze,

A pestilential ministry, they purge,

And yenilated states renew their bloom. And with superior arm the Saxon aw'd.

725 But superstition first, and Monkish dreams,

Tho' with the temper'd monarchy here mix'd And Mouk-directed cloifter-seeking kings,

Aristocratic sway, the people still,
Had ate away his vigour, ate away

Flatter'd by this or that, as interest lean'd,
His edge of courage, and depress'd the soul No full protection knew. For Me reserv'd,
Of conquering Freedom, which he cnce respir'd. And for my Commons, was that glorious turn,
Thus cruel ages pass'd, and rare appear'd 731 They crown'd my first attempt, in senates role
White-mantled Peace, exulting o'er the vale,

The fort of Freedom ! Slow, tili then alone,
As wher, with silfred, from the wilds she canic Had work'd that general Liberty, that soul
To polic'd cities and protected plains.

Which generous Nature breathes, and whith, Thus by degrees the saxon Empire funk, 735

when left Then let enire in Hallings' bloody field.

By Me to bondage was corrupted Rome, 800
Compendious war! (on Britain's glory bent, I thro' the Northern nations wide diffus d :
So Fale ordain’d, in that decisive day

Hence many a people, fierce with Preciom,
The haughty Norman fesz?dat once an ide,

Tor which thro' niany a century, in vain, 740 Erom the rude iron regions of the North,
de Ruman, Saxon, Dane, had coil'd and bled. Tu Lybian deserts, swarm protruding swarm,
QI Gothic nations this the anal burst;

And pour'd new spirits thro'a llavish world. 805
Alid, mix'd the genius of these people all, Yeco'er these Gothic states the king and chiefs
Their virtues mix'd in one exalteu ftream, Retain'd the high prerogative of war,
Here the rich ride of Englila blood grew (u!l. 745 | And with enormous property engrossd

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The ming!cd power. But on Britannia's fore, My quivering flame: but in the next, behold !-
Now present, I to raise My reign began

A cautious tyrant lend it oil anew.
By raising the democracy, the third

Proud, dark, fufpicious, brooding o'er his gold
And broadest bulwark of the guarded state. As how to fix his throue he jealous cast 875
Then was the full, the perfect plan disclos'd His crafty views around, pierc'd with a ray,
of Britain's match'ess Constitucion, mixt Which on his timid mind i darted full,
Of mutual checking and supporting powers, 815 He mark'd the Barons of exccflive sway,
King, Lords, and Commons; nor the name of At pleasure making and unmaking kings;

And hence, to crush these petty tyrants, plann'd
Deserving while the Vassal many droop'd : A law that let them, by the silent waste 881
For since the monient of the whole they form, Of luxury, their landed wealth diffufc,
So, as depress'd as rais'd, the balance they And with that wealth their implicated power,
of public welfare and of glory cast, 820 By soft degrees a mighty change ensu'd,
Mark from this period the continual proof. E'en working to this day. With streams deduc'd

When kings of narrow genius, minion rid, From these diminifl'd foods the country foild :
Neglecting faithful worth for fawning laves, As when, impctuous from the snow-keap'd Alps,
Proudly regardless of their peoples' plaints, To vernal funs relenting, pours the Rhine ;
And poorly passive of infulting foes;

While undivided, oft' with wasteful sweep,
Double, not prudent ; obstinace, not firm ; He foams along ; but thro' Batavian meads, 890
Their mercy fear, neceffity their faith ;

Branch'd into fair canais, indulgent flows,
Inkead of genercus fire, presumptuous, hot;

Waters a thousand fields; and culture, trade,
Rash to resolve, and slothsul to perform ; Towns, mcadows, gliding fhips, and villas mix'd,
Tyrants at once, and Naves; imperious, mean ; A rich, a wondrous landscape, rises round.
To want rapacious joining shameful waste, 331 His furious fon the soul-enslaving chain, 895
By counsels weak and wicked, easy rous'd Which many a doting venerable age
To paltry schemes of absolute coniniand,

Had link hy link strong-twisted round the land,
To seek their splendour in the'r fare disgrace, Shook off. No longer could be borne a power,
And in a broken ruin'd people wealth; 83; From Heaven pretended, to deceive, to void
When such o'ercast the state, no bond of love, Each folemn tie, to plunder without bounds,.900
No heart, no sonl, no unity, no nerve,
Combin'd the loose disjointed public, loft

To curb the generous soul, to fool mankind !

and, wild at last, to plunge into a sea To fame abroad, to happiness at horie.

of blond and horror.' The returning light,
But when an Edward and an Henry breath'd That first thro' Wickliff streak'd the priestly
Thro' the charm'd whole one all-exerting soul,

Drawn sympathetic from his dark retrcat, Now burst in open day. Barr'd to the blaze,
When wide attracted Merit round them glow'di Forth from the haunts of Superstition ccawl?d
When counse's juil, extensive, generous, firm, Her motly fons, fantastic figures all,
Amid the maze of state, determin'd kept And, wide-dupers'd, their ufeless ferid wealth
Some ruling point in view; when, on the stock In graceful labour bloom'd, and fruits of peace.
Of public good and glory grafted, spread

Trade join'd to these, on every sea display'd Their palms, their laurels ; or, if thence they A daring canvass, pour'd with every tide ftray'd,

d go'den flood. From other worlds were rollid
Swift to return, and patient of restraint ; The guilty glittering stores, whose fatal charms
When regal state, pre-eminence of place, 850 By, rlic plain Indian happily despis'd
They scorn'd to deem pre-eminence of ease,

Yet work'd his woe ; and to the blissful groves,
To be luxurious drones, that only rob

Where Nature liv'd herself aniong her sons, 916 The busy hive, as in distinction, power,

And Innocence and Joy for ever dwelt,
Indulgence, honour, and advantage, first; Drew rage unknown to Pagan climes before,
When they, coo, claim'd in virtue, danger, toil, The worlt the zeal-infam’d Barbarian drew.
Superior rank, with equal hand prepar'd

Be no such horrid commerce, Britain ! thine, 920
To guard the subject and to quell the foe ; But want for want, with mutual aid, supply.
When such with Me their vital influence shed, The Commons, thus enrich'd, and powerfal
No mutter'd grievance, hopeless figh, was heard ; grown,
No foui diftruit thro' wary sunares ran,

Against the Barons weigh'd. Eliza chen,
Confind their bounty, and their ar 'our quench'd ; | Amid these doubeful motious, steady gave
On aid, unquestion'd, liberal aid was given ;. The beam to fix. She ! like the Secret Eye 925
Safe in their conduct, by their valour fir d, That never closes on a guarded world,
Fond where they led victorious armies rush'd ; So fought, so mark’d, lo feiz'd the public good,
And Cressy, Poiteurs, Agincourt proclain 865 That, felf-supported, without one ally,
What kings, supported by almighty Love, She aw'd her inward, quell'd her circling foes,
And people, fir'd with Liberty, can do.

Inspir'd by Me, beneath her fheltering arm, 930
Be veil'd the favage reigns, when kindred rage in spite of raging universal sway,,
The numerous once Plantagenet devour'd, And raging feas repress'd, the Belgic states,
A race to vengeance vow'ci! and when, oppreis'd My bulwark on the continent, arole,
By private feuds, almolt extinguish'd lay Matchless in all the spirit of her days !



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With confidence unbounded, fearless love

93.5 Th' illegal imposition follow't harna, Elate, her fervert peopl waited gay,

With execration given, or ruthless (queez'd
Chcarful demanded the long-chreatened Fleet, From an infiiled people, by a band
And dash's the price of Spaiu around their ifle. Of the worst ruffi ins, those of tyrant power.
Nor ceas'd the British thunder here to rage : Oppresion walk d ac farge, and pour d abroad
The deep, reclaim'd, obey'd its awful call; 940 Hler unrelenting train, informers, spies,
In fire and smoak lhrrian ports involvid,

Bloodhounds, that sturdy freedom to the grove
The trembling foc e'en to the centre thnok Pursue ; projectors of aggrieving schenics,
of their new conquer'd world, and scuiking Role Commerce to load for unprotected fcas,
Iy vecring winds, their Indian treasure home. To sell the starving many to the few,
Mean time, peace, plenty, justice, science, arts, And drain a thousand ways th' exhaused land.
With softer laurels crown'd her happy reign 946 E'co from that place whence healing peace should


1006 As yet uncircumscribid the regal power,

And gospel truth, inhuman bigots thed And wild and vague Prerogative remain'd,

Their poison round; and on the venal bench, A wide voracious gulf, where swallow'd off'

Instead of Jutlice, Party held the scale, The helpleis lay. This to reduce 910

And Violence the sword. Afflicted years, 1010 To the just limit was my great effort.

Too patient, feit at lait their vengeance full.
By means that evil seems to narrow man,

Mid the low murmurs of fubmiffive fear
Superior beings work their mystic will:
F om storni and trouble thus a settled calmı And mingled rage, My Hampden rais'd his
At laft, effulgent, oʻer Britannia finil'd. 955


And to the laws appeald; the laws no more The gathering tempest, Heaven-commission'd

In judgment sate, behov'd some other ear ; 1015 Came in the Prince who, drunk with Battery, By long oppression, by religion rous'd,

When instant from the keen resentive North, dreamt

The guardian army came.

Benuath its wing His vain pacifi: counse's ruld the world ;

Was callid, tho' meant to furnith hostile aid, Tho' scori'd abroad, bewilder'd in a maze

The more than Roman fenate. There a flame Of fruitless treaties, while at home enflay'd, 960 Broke out, that clear’d, confum'd, senew'd the Anilly a worthless crew insatiate, drain'd,

land. He loit his peoples' confidence and love :

In deep emotion hurid, nor Greece, nor Rone, Irreparable loss! whence crowns become in anxious burden. Years inglorious pressid ;

Indignant bursting from a tyrani's chain,

While, full of Me, each agitared loul Triumphant Spain the vengclul draughe enjoy'd ; Strung every nove, and fand in every cyc, 1025 abandon'd Frederick piu'd, and Raleigh bled :

Had e'er beheld such light and heat combin'!
But nothing thut to these internal broils.

Such heads and hearts ! such dreadful zeal, led on
That rancour, he began ; that lawless Sway
He, with his flavifh Doctors, try'd to rear,

By calm maje&ic Hiljom, tauglie its courte

What nuisance to devour; fucir wisdom fir'd On meatphysic, on enchanted ground,

970 With unabating zeal, and aim'd fincere And all the many quibbles of the schools !

To clear the weedy ftate, restore the laws,
Asif for one, and fonctimes for the worst,

And for the future to secure their way.
Heaven had mankind in vengeance only made.
Vain ele pretence ! not so the dire effect,

This, then, the purpose of My mildest fons:
'I he fierce, the foolish, discord thence deriv'd, But man is blind. A nation once infanı'd
That tears the country ftill, by party-sage (Chief should the breath of factions Fury blow,
And ministerial claniour kept alive.

With the wild rage of mad enthuliast fwell'd) Ju adion weak, and for the wordy war

Not easy cools again. from breast to breast, Ber fitted, faint this prince pursu'd his claim : From eye to eye, the kinaling paffions mix Content to teach the fulject-herd how great, In heighten'd blaze, and, ever wife and jull, How sacred he! how despicable they ! 911 High Heaven to gracious ensis directs the Atorm, But his unyielding fon thefe doctrines drank

Thus in one conflagration Britain wrapr, 1041 With all a higot's rage, (who never damps

And hy. Consufion's lawless fons despoii'd, By reasoning his fire,) and what they taught,

Kings, Lords, and Commons, thundering to the Warm and tenacious, into practice puh'a. 985

ground, Senares, in vain, their kind restraint apply'd :

Successive, ruih’d. -Lo! from their alhes rose, The more they struggled to support the laws,

Gay-beaming radicnt youth, the Phænix-date. His justice-dreading niinifters the more

The grievous yoke of vaffalage, the yoke 1046 Drove him beyond their bound. Tir'd with the lofprivate lire, ne ay by those flames diffolvid, check

And Itom the wasteful, the luxurious king,
Of faithful Love, and with the flattery pleas'd Was purchas'd that which caught the young to
Of fa!fe defiyning Guilt, the fountain he 991

bend. Of publie Wisdom and of Justice Brut.

Stronger restor'd, the Commons tax'd the whole, Wide mourn'd the land. Straight to the voted | And built on that cternal rock their power. 1038 aid,

The crown, of its hereditary wealth
Kite, cordial, large, of never failing fource, Despoild, on Scnatcs more dependant grew.

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And they more frequent, more affur'd. Yet livid, ! To save Britannia, lo! my darling fon, 1116
And in full vigour spread that better ront, 1055 | Than hero more! the patriot of mankind!
The pasive doctrines, by their patrons first Immortal Nailsu came. I huih'u the deep,
Oppos'd ferocious, when they touch themselves. By demons rouz'd, and bade the lifted winds,
This wild delusive cant, the rash cabal

Still thilting as behov'd, with various breath, 1120
Of hungry courtiers, ravenous for prey,

Waft the Deliverer to the longing thore
The bigot, reitless in a double chain 1060 | See! wide alive, the foining channel bright
To hind 3-new the land, che conllant need With swelling fails, and all the pride of War.
Of finding faithlefs means, of thifting forms,

Deligheful view! when Justice draws the sword:
And flattering senates to supply his waste;

And mark! diffofing ardent foui around, 1125 Thise tore fome nioments from the careless Prince, and sweep contempt of death, My streaming itag, And in his breast awak'd the kindred plan. yoks

E'en adverse navics blessid the binding gule, By dangerous softness long he mind his way;

Kept down the glad acclaim, and silent joyl By subele açıs, difümulation deep;

Arriv'd, the pomp, and not the waste of arms, By sharing what Corruption shower'd profuse;

His progress mark’d. The faint opposing hortBy breathing wide the gay licentious plague,

for once, in yielding their best victory sound, 1138 And pleasing manners, Sited to deceive.


And by defertion prov'd exalted faith;

While his, the bloodlefs conquest of the heart,
At last fübfided the delirious joy,

Shouts without groan, and triumph without ware
On whose high billow, from the faintly reign,
The nation drove too far. A pension's king, Then dawnd the period destin': to confine
Against his country brib'd by Gallic gold, The surge of wild Prcrogative, to raise

1136 The port pernicious fold, the Scylla lince,

1075 A mound reftraining its imperious rage,
And tell Charybdis, of the British seas;

And bid the raving deep ro farther flow;
Freedom atcack'd abroad, with surer blow Nur were, without that fence, the swallow'd state
To cut it off at home; the Saviour League Better than Belgian plains without their dykes,
Of Europe broke; the progresse'un advanc'd Sustaining weighty sers. This often sav'd 1141
Of universal Sway, which to reduce 1080 Ry more than human hand, the Public faw,
Such seas of blood and treasure Britain colt; And seiz'd the white-wing'd monient. Pleas'do
The millions by a generous people given,

Os Iguander'd vile, or to corrupt, disgrace, Dittrudive power, a wise heroic prince
And awe the land with forces not their own, Een len: his zid.-Thrice happy! did they know
Employ'd; the darling Church herself betrayd : Their happiness, Britannia's bounded kings. i 146
All these, broad glaring, op'd the general eye,

What tho' not theirs the boast, in dungeon glooms s.nd wak'd My Spirit, the relilling soul.

To plunge bold Freedom? or to chearless w.ilds
Mild was, at fiilt, and half-atham'd, the check, To drive him from the cordial face of friends ?
Of lenates: took from the fantastic dream Or fierce to ftrike him at the midnight hour,
Of absolute submillio!), tencts vile! 1090 Lymandate blind, pot Justice, that delights
Which llaves would bluth to own, and which To dare the keenelt eye of open day?

What tho' no glory to controul the laws,
To practice, always honest Nature lock... And make injurious will their only rule, -
Noc e'en the mark renov'd, and the fierce front They deem it? what tho', tools of wanton power,
'Of Tyranny disclos'd, nor crampled laws, Peltiferous arinies swarm not at their call? 1156
Nor leiz d each badge of freedom thro’the land, !!liai tho' they give not a relentless crew
Nor Sidney bleeding for th' unpublish'd page,

Of Civil l'urics proud Oppression's fangs?
Nor on the benchi avow'd Corruption piac d, 1097 To tear at pleasure the dejected land,
And murderous Rage itself, iu Jefferies' form, With starving Labour pampering ille Waste?
Nur endless acts or abitrary power,

To clothe the naked, fced the hungry, wipe
Cruel and false, could raise the public arm, 1100 The guilills tear from lone Affition's eye!
Diltruftfui, scatter'd, of combining chiefs To raise hid ivicrit, set the alluring light
Devoid, and drcading blind sapacivus War,

Of Virtue high to view ; to nourish art,
The patient Public turns not, till impelidi Dirce che ihunder of au injur'd Rate, 1165
To che near verge of ruin. Hence I rous d Make a whole glorious people ting for joy,
The bigot king, and hurry'd lated on IICS Bless huma! kind, and thro' the downward depth
His measures immature. But chief his zeal, Of sucure times to spread that better fun
Our flaming Ronic herself, portentous scar'd Which lights up Britiih fouls: lor deeds like thefe
The troubled nation: Ma horrid days

The dazzling fair career unbou:ded lics
To faucy bleeding role, ani the dire glare While (flill fupcrior bliss!) the dark abrupt
of Smithfield lighten'd in ics eyes anew.

Is kindly barr'd, the precipice of ill.
Yet silence reign d. Each on anothers scowl'd Oh ! luxury divine! Oh! poor to this,
Rocíul amazement, prefüvg down his räge ; Ye giddy glories of defpotic Thrones!
As, multcrin: vengeance, the deep thunder i By this, by this indeed, is inay'd Heaven, 1175

By boundless good, without the power of ill.
Awfully till, waiting the high command
To spring. Straight from his country, Europe And now, behold! exalted as ebe cope

That swells immeníc o'er many peopled carth,



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And like it free, My fabric ftands complete,
The Palace of the Laws to the four heavens, 1180
Four gates impartial thrown, upceafing crowds,
With kings themselves the hearty peasant mix'd,
Pour urgent in; and tho' to different ranks
Responlive place belongs, yet equal fpreads
The Shelt'ring roof o'er all; while Plenty flows,
And glad Contentment echoes round the whole.
Ye Vloods! descend; ye winds! confirming, blow;
Nor ourward tempeit, nor corrosive time,
Nought but ihe selon undermining hand
Of dark Corruption, can its frame dissolve, 1190
And lay the coil of ages into dust.

“ Deep in her bowels her own ruin breed
" The yellow traitor, that her bliss berray'd; 25
Unequall'd bliss ! and to unequalld rage!
“ Ye: nor the gorgeous Last, nor golden South,
“ Nor, in full prime, that new discover'd

“ Where flames the falling day in wealth and

“ Shali with Britannia vie, while, Goddess! The
" Derives her praise from Thee, her matchless

" Her hearty fruits the hand of Freedom own ;
“ And, warm with culture, her thick clust'ring

« Prolific teeni. Bternal verdure crowns
" Her meads; her gardens smile eternal spring:
“ She gives the hunter-horse, unquelled by toil,
" Ardent, to rush into the rapid chase:
. She, whitening o'er her downs, diffusive, pours
“ Unnumber'd flocks: fhe weaves the fleecy robe
" That wraps the nations: she to lusty droves 40
“« The richest pasture spreads; and her's deep-







« Autumnal seas of pleasing plenty round.
" These her delights; and by ro baneful herb,
" No darting riger, no grim lions glare,

" No fierce-defcending wolf, no ferpent, roll'd
THI. Author addresses the Goddess of Liberty; “In spires immense progreffive o'er the land, 40
marking the happinets and grandeur of Great Bri- * Diftorb'd Enlivening there, add cities full
tain, as arising from her influence, to ver. 88. “ of wealth, of trade, of chear!ul coiling crowds;
She resumes her discourse, and points out the Add thriving towns; add villages and farms,
chief virtues which are necesiary to maintain her “ Innumerous sow'd along the lively vale, so
citablishment there, to ver. 374. Recommends, " Where bold uurivallo peasants happy dwell:
as its last ornament and finithing, Sciences, fine · Add ancient seats, with venerable oaks
Arts, and public Works. The encouragement of " I'mbolom'd high, while kindred foods below
these urg'a from the example of France, though " Wind thro'the mead; and those of modern hand
under a despotic govern.nent, to ver. 549. The " More pomipous, add, that splendid shine afar.
whole concludes with a prospect of future times, “ Need I her limpid lakes, her rivers, name, so
given by the Goddess of Li erty; this described “ Where (warm’d the finny race ? ? hee, chief,
by the Author, as it passes in Vilion before him.

0 Thames!

“ On whole cach tide, glad with returning Tails, HER

ERE interposing, as the goddess pausid, " Flow's in the mingled harvest of mankind? " oh! blést Britannia ! in tiny presence bler.

5. And thee, thou Severn!, whose prodigious “ Thou guardian of mankind! whence spring,

fwell, alone,

" And waves, resounding, imitate the main? " All human grandeur, happiness, and fame: “ Why need l name her deep capacious ports, " For Toil, by the protected, feels no pain ;

6 That point around the world! and why her « The poor man's lot with milk and honey flows;

seas? • And, gilded with thy rays, e'en death looks gay. " All ocean is her own, and every land “ Let other lands the potent bleflings boast “ To whom her ruling thunder ocean bears. 65 " of more exalting fuis: let Afia's woods, “ Shè, too, the mineral feeds: th' obedient lead, " Untended, yield the vegetable fleece ;

“ The warlike iron, nor the peaceful less, " And let the little inte&t artii) form,

“ forming of life art-civiliz'd the hend; " On higher life intent, its filken tonb :

And that the 'Tyrian micrchant fought of old, " Let wondering rocks, in radiant birth, disclose " Not dreaming then of Bricain's brighter fame. " The various tinctur'd children of the Sun. " She rears to Freedom an undaunted race: " Fiom the prone beam let more delicious fruits " Compatriot zealous, hospitable, kind, " A flavour drink, that in one piercing tafte 15

" Her's the warm Cambrian: her's the losty Set, " Bids each combine ; let Gallic vineyards burst " To hardship tam'd, active in arts and arms, " With floods of joy;" with mild balsamic juice “ Fir'd with a reftleis an impatient fame, 75 “ The l'uscan olive: let Arabia breathe

" That leads him raptur'd where Ambition calls: Her fpicy gales, her vital yums distil: 19

" And English Merit her?s, where meet, comTurbid with gold, let fouthern rivers flow,

bin'd, “And orient fiouds draw - jutt o'er pearls, their " Whate'er high fancy, found judicious thought,

“ An ample generous heart, undrooping loul, " Let Afric vaunt her treasures: iet Peru " And tirm tcnacious valour, can below. 80




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