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Group (X) of Railways, (The London and York, &c.), and that on Group (A), (The North Kent, South-Eastern, &c.) These reports, it may be proper to remark, are not intended to give a detailed history of each day's proceedings, but to explain the general nature of the proceedings before Committees, and the principal points of parliamentary law or practice, which are likely to arise in the course of them. In addition to this, there has been introduced into the Appendix a Summary of Parliamentary Practice, including the new Resolutions of the two Houses, the Suggestions recently issued by the Chairmen of Committees for their guidance, a view of the question what constitutes a locus standi to be heard before a Railway Committee against a bill, and the grounds of opposition that may be taken by opponents. Forms of Railway Deeds have also been added, and a brief account of the present functions of the Board of Trade in regard of Railway Bills before Parliament. The Appendix concludes with some unreported cases relative to the liabilities of Provisional Directors, and the important case of Reg. v. The Great Western Railway Company, touching the rating of Railways, just reported.


April, 1846.

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