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thou findeit thy Hellish Heart loath to lei them go, think with thy self in this manner: Shall I have my Sins, and lose iny Soul? Will they do me'any good when Christ comes? Would not Heaven be better to me than my Sins?. And the Company of God, Christ, Saints, and Angels, be berter than the Company of Cain, yudas, Balaam, with the Devils in the Furnace of Fire. Canst thou now that readest or hearest there Lines, turn thy Back, and go on in thy Sins ? Canit thou set to light of Heaven, of God, of Christ, and the Salvation of thy poor, yet precious Soul? Canft thou hear of Christ, his bloody Sweat and Death, and not be taken with it, and not be grieved for it, and also converted by it? If so, I might lay down several Confide. rations to stir thee up to mend thy Pace towards Heaven ; but I shall not, there is enough written already to Icave thy Soul without Excuse, and to bring thee down with a Vengeance into Hell-fire, devouring Fire, the Lake of Firë, eternal, everlasting Fire; O! to make thee swim and roul up and down in the Flames of the Furnace of Fire.


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THE Words of the Text opened, and the
· Doctrines laid down,

Page 1. 2. W: the Covenant of Works is, and when was given,


P. 6, 3. What

A Catalogue of Book, Printed for, and Sold

by John CLARKE, at the Golden-Ball in Duck-lane.


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1. Will Pray with the Spirit, and I will Pray

with the Undertanding also. Or, A Dis. course touching Prayer, from 1 Cor. 14. 15. Wherein is briefly discovered, 1. What Prayer is. II. What it is to pray with the Spirit. III. What it is to pray with the Spirit, and with the Under. standing allo. By John Bunyan. The Fifth Edition.

2. The Pilgrim's Progress, from this world to that which is to come: Delivered under the Smilitude of a Dream; wherein is discovered, the manner of his setting out, bis dangerous Journey, . and safe Arrival at the desired Country. By Fobn Bunyan. The Twentifith Edition, with Ad. dicions of new Cuts.

3. The Pilgrini's Progresș, from this world to that which is to come: The Second Part. Delivered under the Similitude of a Dream. Whercia is set forth the Manner of the setti g out of Chri. ftian's wife and Children; their dangerous Journey, and safe Arrival at the desired Country. By Fobn Bunyan. The Fifteenth Edition, with an Ado dition of five Cuts.

Note, the 3d Part fuggefted to be his, is an Impoftor.

4. The Holy War, made by Shaddai upon Di. abolus; for the Regaining of the Metropolis of the World: 0, the loting aod taking again of the Town of Maofiul. By Fobn Bungan, Author of the Pilgrim's Progress, Fift and Second Part. 5 Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners: A Brief and Faichful Pelation of the excee.

ding Mercy of God in Christ to his poor Servant Fobn Bungan: Namely, in his taking him out of the Dunghil, and Converting of him to the Faith of his Blelled Son, Jesus Christ. Here is also par. ticularly showed, what Sight of, and what Trou. bled he had for Sin ; and also, what various Temp. talians he hath met with, and how God bath car. r.ed him through them, Corre&ed, and much Enlarged now by che - Author, for the Benefit of the empted and Deje&ted Chriftian. The Ele. venth Edition, Corrected, with the Romainder of his Life and Chara&er; by a Friend lince his Death.

6. The Progress of Sin; or, The Travels of Ungodliness. Wherein the Pedigree, Rife, (or Original) Antiquity, Subtilty, Evil Nature, and prevailing Power of Sin is fully dscovered ; in an ape and pleasant Allegory : Together with the great Vi&tories he hath obtained, and abominable Evils he hath done to Maokind by the help of che Devil in all bis Travels, from the beginning of the World, to this very Day. As also, the manner of his Apprehension, Arrainment, Tryal, Condemnation, and Execution. By Benjamin Keach, Author of the Travels of True Godliness. War with the Devil. And Sion in Diftress. The Fifth Edicion, Corrected. With Tomc Additions by the Author..

7 The Travels of True Godliness, from the Beginning inf the World to this present Day, in an a pt and pleasant Allegory. Shewing what True Godliness is ; also the Troubles, Oppolitions, Reproaches, and Persecutions te hath met with in cuery Age. Together with the Danger and sad di clining State he is in at this present Time, by Errors, Hereties, and Ungodliness, or open Pró. phaneness. The Niath Edition Correctel, and with the Addition of one whole Chapter. By

Benjamin Benjamin Keach, Author of a Book called, Was with the Devil, and Sion in DiAress.

8. War with the Devil: Or, The Youog Man's Conflict with the powers of Darkness. In a Dia. logue : Discovering the Corruption and Vanity of Youth ; che horrible Nature of Sin, and deplorablc Condition of Fallen Man. Allo a Definition, Power, and Rule of Conscience, and the Natüre to oi true Convertion. To which is added, An Apo pendix; containing a Dialogue becween an old Apoftate and a young Profeffor. Worthy the Perural of all, but chic hy intended for the Inftru&ti: on of the Younger Sort. The Nineteenth Im. pretsion. By B. Reaib, Author of Sion in Diftress, or the Groads of the Proteitant Church,

9. The Gentleman's New Jockey: Or, Farri. er's approved. Guide. Coata ining the exa&eft Rules and Methods for Breeding and Managing Horses, in order to bring them up in the best Manner for Profie, Pleasure, Service or Recreation; especially in what relates to Racing or Run. ning, Courfing, Travel, and War'; with Dire&ions for Heats, Dieting, Dresling, and the several Paces requifite on any of the like Occasions. Also approved Receipts and Remedies for all manner of Diseases, Sortances, Hurts, or Grievances in. cident to Horses, accordiog to che Opinions of the best Farriers of all Ages. With Dire&tions for preventing Sicknesses and Griefs, and the Symp toms whereby they are known. To which is ad ded, a Second Part; con:aining many rare and new Secrets, relating as well to Management as Cure, and what else may contribute to the Advantage of Buying or Selling; and many ccher Things and Matters, Irig bly neceffary to be known by all Lovers of goud Horses. With a Treatise for curing Diseases in Cattle, added this Impression, ant divers other' rare Experiments. Illustrated ith fundry curious and nece tary Cuts. The venth Edition, with large Additions.

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