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English only, unless otherwise required by the House; or Bills merely continuing Acts, or other short Bills of minor importance, with the Printing of which The Speaker or the House may dispense. 94. On motion for Printing any Paper Printing

of other being offered, the same shall be first submitted Docuto the Standing Committee on Printing, for ments. Report, before the question is put thereon.

V.—INTERCOURSE BETWEEN THE TWO HOUSES. 95. A Master in Chancery attending the Messages

from" Senate shall be received as their Messenger Senate. at the Clerk's Table, where he shall deliver the Message wherewith he is charged. 96. Messages from this House to the Messages

Momo fth to Senate. Senate may be sent by a Member of this House, to be appointed by the Speaker.

97. A Clerk of either House may also be or the bearer of Messages from one to the other, between and Messages so sent may be received at the the tw() Bar by a Clerk of the House to which they are sent, at any time whilst it is sitting, or in Committee, without interrupting the business then proceeding. 98. Messages from the Senate shall be Messages

to be rereceived by The House as soon as announced ceived by the Sergeant-at-Arms.

when an


Ordinary Messages



Conferen 99. When The House shall request a

Conference with the Senate, the Reasons to be given by this House at the same shall be prepared and agreed to by The House before

a Message shall be sent therewith. Senators 100. Senators desirous of hearing the attending Debates in this House may have seats withDebates.

out the Bar, in a space to be set apart for that purpose, withdrawing when The House is cleared.


Hours of 101. The hours of attendance of the reAttensiance.

spective Officers of this House, and the Extra Clerks employed during the Session, shall be

fixed from time to time by Mr. Speaker. Vacancies. 102. Before filling any vacancy in the

service of The House by the Speaker, enquiry shall be made touching the necessity for the continuance of such Office; and the amount of Salary to be attached to the same shall be fixed by the Speaker subject to the

approval of The House. t'omple 103. It shall be the duty of the Officers tion of

of this House (including the Clerk and Clerks
Assistant) to complete and finish the work
remaining at the close of the Session.
104. The Clerk of The House shall be



responsible for the safe keeping of all the Clerk of Papers and Records of The House, and shall The House. have the direction and control over all the Officers and Clerks employed in the offices, subject to such orders as he may from time to time receive from Mr. Speaker, or The House.

es to be

105. The Clerk of The House shall place Certain du on The Speaker's table, every morning, pre- performed vious to the Meeting of The House, the by him. Order of the Proceedings for the day.

106. It shall be the duty of the Clerk Other duto make and cause to be printed, and de- ties. livered to each Member, at the commencement of every Session of Parliament, a List of the Reports or other periodical Statements which it is the duty of any Officer or Department of the Government, or any Bank or other Corporate Body, to make to The House, referring to the Act or Resolution, and page of the volume of the Laws or Journals wherein the same may be ordered ; and placing under the name of each Officer or Corporation a List of Reports or Returns required of him or it to be made, and the time when the Report or periodical Statement may be expected.

107. The Sergeant-at-Arms attending Sergeantthis House shall be responsible for the safe- atkeeping of the Mace, Furniture and fittings



thereof, and for the conduct of the Messengers and inferior Servants of the House.

Sergeant's 108. No Stranger who shall have been Fee.

committed by Order of the House, to the custody of the Sergeant-at-Arms, shall be released from such custody until he has paid a Fee of Four Dollars to the Sergeantat-Arms.

No allow- . 109. No allowance shall in future be ance for me travelling

eing made to any person in the employ of this expenses. House who may not reside at the Seat of

Government, for travelling expenses in coming to attend his duties.


110. The Clerk shall employ, at the outset of a Session, with the approbation of The Speaker, such Extra Writers as may be necessary; engaging others as the Public Business may require.

VII.-LIBRARY. Librarian. 111. A proper Catalogue of the Books

belonging to the Library shall be kept by the Librarian, in whom the custody and responsibility thereof shall be vested: and who shall be required to report to The House, through Mr. Speaker, at the opening of each Session, the actual state of the Library


112. No person shall be entitled to resort Access to to the Library during a Session of Parlia- durinky ment, except the Governor General, the Session. Members of the Privy Council and of the two Houses of Parliament, and the Officers of both Houses, and such other persons as may receive a written order of admission from The Speaker of either House. Members may personally introduce Strangers to the Library during the daytime, but not after the hour of seven o'clock, p.m. 113. During a Session of Parliament, no Loan of

Books durBooks belonging to the Library shall be ing Sess taken out of the Building, except by the authority of The Speaker, or upon receipts given by a Member of either House.

114. During the Recess of Parliament, Access to the Library and Reading Room shall be ab


&c., during open every day in each week, Sundays and Recess. Holidays excepted, from the hour of ten in the morning until three in the afternoon; and access to the Library shall be permitted to persons introduced by a Member of either House, or admitted at the discretion of the Clerk or Librarian ; subject to such regulations as may be deemed necessary for the security and preservation of the collection ; but no one shall be allowed to take any Book out of the Library, except Members of either House, and such others as may be authorized by The Speaker of either House.

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