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Members 115. During the Recess of Parliament, Books.

s no Member of either House, not residing at

the Seat of Government, shall be at liberty to borrow or have in his possession at any one time more than three works from the Library; or to retain the same for a longer

period than one month. Other 116. No other persons who may be persons.

privileged by card from the Speaker of either House to borrow books from the Library, shall be allowed to have in their possession more than two works at any one time, or to retain the same longer than three weeks, and all such persons shall return the

books sotaken when required by the Librarian. Certain 117. No Books of Reference, or Books of DOORS no special cost and value, may be removed from the city. the Seat of Government under any circum

stances. Infraction , 118. At the first meeting of the Joint of these

be Library Committee at every Session of Parreported. liament, the Librarian shall report a list of

the books absent at the commencement of the Session, specifying the naines of any. persons who have retained the same, in con

travention of either of the foregoing Rules. Periodicals 119. The Clerk of this House is authorand Newspersized to subscribe for the newspapers pub

lished in the Dominion, and for such other papers, British and Foreign, as may from time to time be directed by The Speaker.


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120. In all unprovided cases, the Rules, UnprovidUsages and Forms of the House of Com-ed ca mons of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, shall be followed.


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Resolved, That if anything shall come in Members question touching the Return or Election hora of any Member, he is to withdraw during certain the time the matter is in debate; and all cases. Members returned upon double Returns are to withdraw until their Returns are determined.

Resolved, That if it shall appear that any Bribery. person hath been elected and returned a Member of this House, or endeavored so to be, by bribery, or any other corrupt practices, this House will proceed with the utmost severity against all such persons as shall have been wilfully concerned in such bribery or other corrupt practices.

Resolved, That the offer of any money or Offer of other advantage to any Member of this man

01 is any MemHouse, for the promoting of any matter ber. whatsoever depending or to be transacted in Parliament, is a high crime and misdemeanor, and tends to the subversion of the Constitution.

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Absence of Members. Not permitted without leave, Rule. 18.

Adjournment of the House. For want of a quorum, Rule

1- Without disposing of Orders, 26-Òr of Motion under discussion, 27.

Adjournment of the House, or Debate. Motions for, always

in order, Rule 30.--May be made without giving Notice, 31.

Agreements. Bills for confirming, Rule 57.
Aid and Supply. See Supply,

Amendments of the Senate to Bills. Rules 23, 69.

Amendments to Private Bills. Notice to be given of any important amendment proposed in Committee, or at Third Reading, Rules 61, 68— Amendments of the Senate to be referred, 69.

Annual Reports to the Legislature. List of, to be prepared

by the Clerk, Rule 106.


Precedence in daily Routine, regulated, Rules 19-23— Rules as to introduction of, and proceedings upon, 39–48 - To be printed before Second Reading, with certain exceptions, 93.

See also, Private Bills.

Bribery Practices. Sessional Order relative to, Page 37.


Business of the House. Ordinary daily routine, Rule 19

- How disposed of 20-28.

Casting Vote. To be given by the Speaker on an equal

Division, Rule 9- By the Chairman, in Private Bill
Committees, 63.


To certify readings of Bills, Rule 44— To publish Rules
respecting applications for Private Bills before every Ses-
sion, 50— To set up lists of Committees appointed, 75-
To pay Witnesses before Select Committees, 82.

His responsibility and jurisdiction, Rule 104— Certain
duties required of him, 105, 106 T o employ Extra
Writers, as required, 110— His authority with respect to
the News-room, 119.

Commitment, Motion of. Precludes amendment of Main
Question, Rule 36.

Committees of the Whole House. How formed and regu-

lated, Rules 76-78—-On Bills reported from Select
Committees, 22_ Proceedings in Committee on Bills,
46— Proceedings on Report, 47.

Committees, Select. How appointed, Rule 79— Quorum,
80— Reports from, 81 — Payment of Witnesses, 82

Lists of Committees to be hung up, 75.

Committees (Standing) on Private Bills and Standing Orders.

Their duties, Rules 53-56, 59-67-Must report on every
Bill referred, 65.

Conferences with the Senate. How appointed, Rule 99.


Rules regulating, 9-15—-No Member to speak twice
except in certain cases, 15— To cease, after Members
called in for Division, 83— Accommodation for Senators
attending Debates, 100.

Divisions. Rules concerning, 83, 84.


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