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Decorum 13. No Member shall speak disrespectful. in Debate.

ly of Her Majesty, nor of any of the Royal Family, nor of the Governor or Person administering the Government of Canada; nor shall he use offensive words against either House, or against any Member thereof; nor shall he speak beside the Question in Debate. No Member may reflect upon any Vote of The House, except for the purpose of moving

that such vote be rescinded. Reading 14. Any Member may require the Questhe Ques- tion under discussion to be read at tion.


any of the Debate, but not so as to interrupt a

Member while speaking. No Mem- 15. No Member may speak twice to a Sneak

Question, except in explanation of a material twice, part of his speech, in which he may have

been misconceived, but then he is not to introduce new matter. A reply is allowed to a Member who has made a substantive motion to The House, but not to any Member who has moved an Order of the Day, an Amendment, the Previous Question, or an Instruction to a Committee.

ber to



Not to vote 16. No Member is entitled to vote upon if personally inter any question in which he has a direct pecuested.

niary interest, and the vote of any Member so interested will be dissallowed.

17. When The Speaker is putting a Ques- Decorum

in the tion, no Member shall walk out of, or across House. The House, or make any noise or disturbance; and when a Member is speaking, no Member shall interrupt him, except to Order, nor pass between him and the Chair; and no Member may pass between the Chair and the Table; nor between the Chair and the Mace, when the Mace has been taken off the Table by the Sergeant.

18. Every Member is bound to attend the Attend service of The House, unless leave of absence ance of

Members, has been given him by The House,


Routine Business.

19. The ordinary Daily Routine of Busi- Routine

Business, ness in The House shall be as follows :

Presenting Petitions.
Reading and Receiving Petitions.
Presenting Reports by Standing and

Select Committees.

The Order of Business for the consideration of The House, day by day, after the above Daily Routine, shall be as follows:


[blocks in formation]

(From half-past seven o'clock, p.m.) Public Bills and Orders.



Government Notices of Motions.
Government Orders.
Public Bills and Orders.
Questions put by Members.
Other Notices of Motions.

(From half-past seven o'clock, p.m.) Private Bills, for the first hour.

tees of the

20. Orders of the Day for the Third Third Reading of Bills shall take precedence of all

Readings. other Orders for the same day, except Orders to which The House has previously given priority.

21. Bills reported from Committees of Bills from the Whole House, with Amendment, shall be Commitplaced on the Orders of the Day for con- Whole. sideration by The House next after Third Readiugs.

22. Bills reported after Second Reading, Bills from from any Standing or Select Committee, Commitshall be placed on the Orders of the Day fol- tees. lowing the reception of the Report, for reference to a Committee of the Whole House, in their proper order, next after Bills reported from Committees of the Whole House. And Bills ordered by The House for reference to


a Committee of the Whole House shall be placed, for such reference, on the Orders of the Day following the Order of Reference, in their proper order, next after Bills reported from any Standing or Select Committee.

23. Amendments made by the Senate to by Senate.

Bills originating in this House, shall be placed on the Orders of the Day next after Bills reported on by Select Committees.

Bills amended

Orders of 24. All items standing on the Orders of the Day; the Day shall be taken up according to the ernment precedence assigned to each on the Order Orders.

Book; the right being reserved to the Administration of placing Government Orders at the Head of the List, in the rotation in which they are to be taken on the days on which Government Bills have precedence.

Dropped Orders.

25. Items not taken

up when called shall be dropped. Dropped Orders shall be set down, in the Order Book, after the Orders of the Day for the next day on which the House shall sit.

Orders un- 26. All Orders undisposed of at the addisposed of. journment of The House shall be postponed

until the next Sitting Day, without a motion to that effect.


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Notices 27. If at the hour of Six, p.m., on a Wedundisposed of. nesday or Thursday, or at the time of the

adjournment of The House, a motion on the Notice Paper be under consideration, that


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