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Nihil operi Dei præponere licet. Strenue igitur et reverenter laudibus quæ Deo in oratorio quotidie persolvuntur insistamus necesse est, non somnolenti, non oscitantes, non vocibus parcentes, non dimidia verba præcidentes, non integra transilientes, denique nil aliud cogitantes.

S. Bernard. Serm. 47. sup. Cant.

Ratisbon. Printed by F. Pustet, printer of the

Holy Apostolic See.


AT WAKING IN THE MORNING. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. (50 days Indulgence.)

I have slept and have taken my rest; and I have risen up because the Lord hath protected me. Ps.III.6.

O my God, I most humbly thank Thee for having preserved me this night past from sudden and unprovided death; and I make Thee the offering of this day, which Thou has granted to me, that I may labour therein for Thy honour and glory, and for the salvation of my own soul.

The Angelus see pp. 6 and 44.



The Lord's Prayer.
Ater noster, qui es in Our Father, who art in

coelis, sanctificétur Heaven, hallowed be Thy nomen tuum; advéniat re- Name; Thy kingdom gnum tuum; fiat volúntas come; Thy will be done tua, sicut in cælo, et in on earth, as it is in heayen. terra. Panem nostrum Give us this day our daily quotidiánum da nobis hó- bread. And forgive us our die: et dimitte nobis dé- trespasses, as we forgive bita nostra, sicut et nos them that trespass against dimittimus debitoribus no- us. And lead us not into stris: et ne nos indúcas temptation, but deliver us in tentatiónem: sed libe- from evil. Amen. ra nos a malo. Amen.

The Angelical salutation. A wa Maríminus tiecule;

Hail, Mary, full of grace, na: Dóminus tecum, the Lord is with thee. benedicta tu in mulieribus, Blessed art thou amongst et benedictus fructus ven- women, and blessed is tris tui Jesus. Sancta Ma- the fruit of thy womb, Joria, Mater Dei, ora pro sus. Holy Mary, Mother nobis peccatóribus nunc, of God, pray for us sinet in hora mortis nostræ. ners now and at the hour Amen.

of our death. Amen.

The Apostles' Creed. YRedo in Deum , I believe in God the

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tórem coeli et terræ. Et tor of heaven and earth. in Jesum Christum Fili- And in Jesus Christ, His um ejus unicum, Dómi- only Son, our Lord; who num nostrum: qui concé- was conceived by the ptus est de Spiritu san- Holy Ghost, born of the cto, natus ex Maria vir- Virgin Mary, suffered ungine, passus sub Póntio der Pontius Pilate, was Piláto, crucifixus, mór- crucified, dead, and butuus, et sepultus: descén- ried: He descended into dit ad inferos: tertia die hell, the third day He resurrexit a mórtuis: a- rose again from the dead, scéndit ad cælos, sedet He ascended into heaven ad dexteram Dei Patris sitteth at the right hand omnipotentis; inde ven- of God the Father Altúrus est judicáre vivos mighty; from thence He et mórtuos. Credo in Spi- shall come to judge the ritum sanctum, sanctam living and the dead. I Ecclésiam Catholicam, believe in the Holy Ghost, Sanctórum communió- the Holy Catholic Church, nem, remissionem pecca- the communion of Saints, tórum, carnis resurre- the forgiveness of sins, ctiónem, vitam ætérnam. the resurrection of the Amen.

body, and the life ever

lasting. Amen.

The Confiteor. YOnfiteor Deo omnipo- I confess to Almighty

ténti, beatæ Mariæ God, to blessed Mary

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semper Virgini, beáto Mi- | ever Virgin, to blessed chaeli Archångelo, beáto Michael the Archangel, to Joánni Baptistæ, sanctis blessed John the Baptist, Apóstolis Petro et Paulo, to the holy apostles Peter omnibus Sanctis, et vobis and Paul, and to all the fratres: quia peccávi ni- Saints, that I have sinned mis cogitātióne, verbo, et exceedingly, in thought, ópere: mea culpa, mea word, and deed, through culpa, mea máxima cul- my fault, through my pa. Ideo precor beátam fault, through my most Mariam semper virginem, grievous fault. Therefore beátum Michaelem Ar- I beseech the blessed Machángelum, beátum Jo- ry ever Virgin, the blessed ánnem Baptistam, san- Michael the Archangel, ctos Apóstolos Petrum et the blessed John the BapPaulum, omnes Sanctos, tist, the holy apostles Peet vos fratres, oráre pro ter and Paul, and all the me ad Dóminum Deum Saints, to pray to the nostrum.

Lord our God for me. Mnipotens perstietoa: meray Almighty God heure missis peccatis nostris, give us our sins, and perducat nos ad vitam æ- bring us to life everlasttérnam. B. Amen. ing. Amen. I

Ndulgentiam , absolu- May the Almighty and peccatórum nostrórum pardon, absolution, and tribuat nobis omnipotens remission of our sins. et miséricors Dóminus. Amen.

R. Amen.

V Fejle Sancrampicorus fulCome heartsly Spirit


MEDITATION at 6. 30. Eni, Sancte Spiritus, Come, O Holy fidélium, et tui amoris in faithful, and kindle in eis ignem accénde. them the fire of Thy love. W. Emitte Spiritum tuum Send forth Thy Spirit, et creabúntur.

and they shall be created. R. Et renovábis fáciem And Thou shalt renew terræ.

the face of the earth.

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