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F the geography of Homer un ir map done by

the author. The State of the times: the

fiege of Barcelona, the Queen's death, the con-
:êdition of the English Roman Catholics :: Wishes
for the peace of the

II. From: Mr. Blount. Answer tho the former.

. His temper in religion and politics. ... ;)

III. From Mr. Blount. His disposition to quiet, Tea

1. flexions on the affair of Preston: An invitation

into the country

Vol. VIII.

the va-

IV. An Account of the death of Mr. Wycherley.
V. Contemplations on the pleasures of separate spi-

rits. on the narrow conceptions of men,
nity of human knowledge, the variety of opinions

ill religion, and the great duty' of charity,
VI. Consolations under persecution: The duty of

mutual assistance: Universal Charity. The au-
zhor leaving Windfor foreft

VII. From Mr. Blount.
VIII. After the affair of Preston. The author's re-

moval, change of life. and resignation to it,
IX. Tu Mr. Blount after his retirment into Flan.

ders. On the history of Jeffery of Moirmouth, s.
X. On the death of the author's father.
XI.: Tho, Mr. Blount.
XII. On: Mr. Blount's recovery from an illness:

Advice to fell his. estate.
XIN. Of his manner of life in the country, and

of the author's near the town.
XIV. A Description of a grotto.
XV. On the appropch of winter , hospitality, and

a cheerful family.

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