Allen's Indian Mail and Register of Intelligence for British & Foreign India, China, & All Parts of the East, 2. köide

Front Cover
William H. Allen, 1845

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Page 268 - Therefore shall Zion for your sake be plowed as a field, and Jerusalem shall become heaps, and the mountain of the house as the high places of the forest.
Page 27 - Other Romans shall arise Heedless of a soldier's name; Sounds, not arms, shall win the prize, Harmony the path to fame. Then the progeny that springs From the forests of our land, Armed with thunder, clad with wings, Shall a wider world command. Regions Caesar never knew Thy posterity shall sway; Where his eagles never flew, None invincible as they.
Page 102 - Thomson's Lunar and Horary Tables. For New and Concise Methods of Performing the Calculations necessary for ascertaining the Longitude by Lunar Observations, or Chronometers ; with directions for acquiring a knowledge of the Principal Fixed Stars and finding the Latitude of them.
Page 79 - Time was when it was praise and boast enough In every clime, and travel where we might, That we were born her children ; praise enough To fill the ambition of a private man, That Chatham's language was his mother tongue, And Wolfe's great name compatriot with his own.
Page 275 - (2dbat. 2nd do. . . 3rd do.. . . 4th do. . . 5th do. . . 6th do. . . 7th do. ... 8th do. . . 9th do. . . . 10th do. . . llth do. . . . 12th do. . . 13th do. . . . 14th do. . . 15th do. ... 16th do. . . 17th do.
Page 38 - MTJSTACHIOS, it is unfailing in its stimulative operation. For CHILDREN it is especially recommended as forming the basis of A BEAUTIFUL HEAD OF HAIR. Price 3s.
Page 174 - This publication embraces, in a condensed form, complete and accurate information respecting the Topography, Climate, Government, Commerce, Laws, Institutions, and Products of India ; the Manners and Customs of the Inhabitants ; the method of travelling throughout the Empire and the expense attendant thereon ; the condition of the European (English) Society; the Rules and Regulations of the various branches of the Executive ; the cost and manner of proceeding to India ; the Sports, Ceremonies, and...
Page 21 - Government, your Majesty may be assured that every demonstration of respect and every degree of attention which can contribute to the ease and comfort of your Majesty and the royal family, will be manifested on the part of the British Government, and that adequate provision will be made for the support of your Majesty and of your family and household.
Page 123 - That the demanding or receiving any sum of money or other •valuable thing as a gift or present, or under colour thereof, whether it be for the use of the party receiving the same, or for, or pretended to be for, the use of the...
Page 14 - Vietnam if ordered to do so was both "unbecoming an officer and a gentleman," and "to the prejudice of good order and discipline in the armed forces," in violation of the provisions of Art.

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