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H. Price, and Mr. J. R. Mortimer be a Committee for the purpose of the Exploration of Ancient Earthworks and other Prehistoric Remains ; that Colonel Lane Fox be the Secretary, and that the unexpended balance of £25 be placed at their disposal for the purpose.

That Dr. Farr, Dr. Beddoe, Mr. Brabrook, Sir George Campbell, the Earl of Ducie, Mr. F. P. Fellows, Colonel Lane Fox, Mr. F. Galton, Mr. Park Harrison, Mr. J. Heywood, Mr. P. Hallett, Professor Leone Levi, Sir Rawson Rawson, and Professor Rolleston be a Committee for the purpose of continuing the collection of observations on the Systematic Examination of Heights, Weights, &c. of Human beings in the British Empire, and the publication of Photographs of the typical races of the Empire; that Colonel Lane Fox be the Secretary, and that the sum of £100 be placed at their disposal for the purpose.

That the Right Hon. J. G. Hubbard, M.P., Mr. Chadwick, M.P., Mr. Morley, M.P., Dr. Farr, Sir George Campbell, M.P., Mr. Hallett, Professor Jevons, Mr. Newmarch, Mr. Shaen, and Mr. Macneel Caird (with power to add to their number) be continued as a Committee for the purpose of further developing the investigations into a Common Measure of Value in Direct Taxation; that Mr. Hallett be the Secretary, and that the sum of £10 be placed at their disposal for the purpose of defraying expenses incurred and to be incurred in the inquiry.

That the Committee on instruments for measuring the speed of ships be reappointed ; that it consist of the following Members :--Mr. W. Froude, Mr. F. J. Bramwell, Mr. A. E. Fletcher, Kev. E. L. Berthon, Mr. James R. Napier, Mr. C. W. Merrifield, Dr. C. W. Siemens, Mr. H. M. Brunel, Mr. W. Smith, Sir William Thomson, Mr. J. N. Shoolbred, and Professor James Thomson ; that Mr. J. N. Shoolbred be the Secretary, and that the sum of £50 be placed at their disposal for the purpose.

That Professor Sir W. Thomson, Professor Clerk Maxwell, Professor Tait, Dr. C. W. Siemens, Mr. F. J. Bramwell, Mr. W. Froude, and Mr. J. T. Bottomley be a Committee for the purpose of commencing secular experiments on the Elasticity of Wires; that Mr. Bottomley be the Secretary, and that the sum of £100 be placed at their disposal for the purpose.

Applications for Reports and Researches not involving Grants of

Money. That the Committee, consisting of Professor Cayley, Mr. J. W. L. Glaisher, Dr. W. Pole, Mr. C. W. Merrifield, Professor Fuller, Mr. H. M. Brunel, and Professor W. K. Clifford, be reappointed to estimate the cost of constructing Mr. Babbage's Analytical Engine, and to consider the advisability of printing tables by its means; and that Professor W. K. Clifford be the Secretary.

That Dr. W. Huggins, Mr. J. N. Lockyer, Professor J. Emerson Reynolds, Mr. G. J. Stoney, Mr. Spottiswoode, Dr. De La Rue, and Dr. W. M. Watts be a Committee for the purpose of preparing and printing Tables of Wavefrequency (Inverse Wave-lengths); and that Mr. G. J. Stoney be the Secretary.

That the Committee, consisting of Professor Sylvester, Professor Cayley, Professor Hirst, Professor Bartholomew Price, Professor H. J. S. Smith, Dr. Spottiswoode, Mr. R. B. Hayward, Dr. Salmon, Professor R. Townsend, Professor Fuller, Professor Keland, Mr. J. M. Wilson, Professor Henrici, Mr. J. W. L. Glaisher, and Professor Clifford, for considering the possibility

of improving the methods of instruction in elementary geometry, be reappointed.

That Mr. Spottiswoode, Professor G. G. Stokes, Professor Cayley, Professor H.J. S. Smith, Professor Sir W. Thomson, Professor Henrici, Lord Rayleigh, Mr. C. Brooke, and Mr. J. W. L. Glaisher be appointed a Committee to report upon Mathematical Notation and Printing.

That the Committee on the Magnetization of Iron, Nickel, and Cobalt, consisting of Professor Balfour Stewart, Professor Clerk Maxwell, Mr. H. A. Rowland, and Professor W. F. Barrett, be reappointed.

That Professor Prestwich, Professor Harkness, Professor Hughes, Professor W. Boyd Dawkins, Rev. H. W. Crosskey, Messrs. L. C. Miall, G. H. Morton, D. Mackintosh, R. H. Tiddeman, J. E. Lee, T. Plant, W. Pengelly, and Dr. Deane be a Committee for the purpose of recording the position, height above the sea, lithological characters, size, and origin of the Erratic Blocks of England, Wales, and Ireland, reporting other matters of interest connected with the same, and taking measures for their preservation; that the Rev. H. W. Crosskey be the Secretary.

That the Rev. H. F. Barnes, Mr. C. Spence Bate, Mr. H. E. Dresser, Dr. Günther, Mr. J. E. Harting, Dr. J. Gwyn Jeffreys, Professor Newton, and Rev. Canon Tristram be a Committee for the purpose of inquiring into the possibility of establishing a “close time” for the protection of indigenous animals.

That Mr. Spence Bate be requested to continue his Report “On the present state of our knowledge of the Crustacea."

That Mr. R. Bruce Bell, Mr. J. Wolfe Barry, Mr. James Brownlee. Mr. Henry Brunel, Mr. St. John V. Day, Mr. Edward Easton, Mr. William Froude, Sir John Hawkshaw, Professor A. B. W. Kennedy, Dr. W. Pole, Mr. Hazelton Robson, Mr. David Rowan, and Mr. William Smith be a Committee for the purpose of reporting on the different kinds of Safetyvalves used or designed for marine and other engines.

That the Committee for the purpose of making experiments and of reporting on the effc ct of the Propeller on the turning of Steam-vessels be reappointed (with power to communicate with the Government), consisting of Mr. James R. Napier, Sir William Thomson, Mr. William Froude, and Professor Osborne Reynolds ; that Mr. J. T. Bottomley be added to the Committee, and that Professor Osborne Reynolds be the Secretary.

That the Committee, consisting of Professor Sir William Thomson, MajorGeneral Strachey, Captain Douglas Galton, Mr. G. F. Deacon, Mr. Rogers Field, Mr. E. Roberts, and Mr. James N. Shoolbred, for the purpose of considering the Datum-level of the Ordnance Survey of Great Britain, with a view to its establishment on a surer foundation than hitherto, with power to communicate with the Government if necessary, be reappointed ; that Mr. James N. Shoolbred be the Secretary.

That the Committee, consisting of Mr. W. H: Barlow, Mr. H. Bessemer, Mr. F. J. Bramwell, Captain Douglas Galton, Sir John Hawkshaw, Dr. C. W. Siemens, Professor Abel, and Mr. E. H. Carbutt, for the purpose of considering the use of steel for structural purposes, be reappointed; that Mr. E. H. Carbutt be the Secretary

That Dr. A. W. Williamson, Professor Sir W. Thomson, Mr. Vincent Day, Dr. Siemens, Mr. Merrifield, Mr. Nelson Hancock, Professor Abel, Mr. R. Napier, Captain Galton, Mr. Newmarch, Mr. Carbutt, and Mr. Macrory be a Committee for the purpose of watching and reporting to the Council on Patent Legislation ; that Mr. Bramwell be the Secretary.

Resolution referred to the Council for consideration and action if it seem


That the Council be requested to consider, and to take steps if they think it desirable, to urge upon H.M. Government the advisability of forming a Museum of Scientific Instruments and Chemical Products, as suggested in the Memorial presented in June last to the Lord President of H.M. Council.

That the arrangement of the Journal of Sectional Proceedings be altered, and that the list of the papers to be read on the day of issue be placed beforo the list of papers read on the previous day.

That in future the Presidents-elect of the various Sections be invited to confer with the General Secretary, preparatory to the issuing of the first number of the Journal, to arrange the order in which the Sectional Addresses should be delivered, so as to afford opportunity to the Members of the Association to attend the several Addresses in those subjects in which they may be interested, and that the order in which the Addresses are to be read bo announced in the first number of the Journal.

Communications ordered to be printed in extenso in the Annual Report of

the Association. That Professor James Thomson's paper, “ Improved Investigations on the Flow of Water through Orifices, with objections to the Modes of Treatment commonly adopted,” be printed in extenso in the Reports of the Association.

That Mr. W. J. Janssen's paper, “Nitrous Oxide in the Gaseous and Liquid States,” be printed in extenso in the Reports of the Association..

That the paper by Mr. G. Chrystal and Mr. S. A. Saunder, “ On a Comparison of the B.A. Standards of Electrical Resistance," be printed in extenso among the Reports.

That the paper by Professor Osborne Reynolds, “On the Investigation of the Steering-qualities of Ships,” be printed in extenso in the Reports of the Association together with the necessary Plates.

Synopsis of Grants of Money appropriated to Scientific Purposes by

the General Committee at the Bristol Meeting in September 1876. The names of the Members who would be entitled to call on the General Treasurer for the respective Grants are prefixed.

Mathematics and Physics. *Everett, Professor.--Underground Temperature............ £50 0 0 *Stokes, Professor.-Reflective Power of Silver and other

Substances (renewed) .............................. 20 0 0 Thomson, Sir William.—Measurement of the Lunar Disturbance of Gravity ...................................

50 0 0 *Tait, Professor.-- Thermo-Electricity (renewed) .......... 50 0 0 *Cayley, Professor.–Publication of Tables of Elliptic Functions 250 0 0 *Joule, Dr.-Determination of the Mechanical Equivalent of

Heat............................................ 100 0 0 *Glaisher, Mr. J.--Luminous Meteors ...

3000 Forbes, Prof. G.--Observation of Atmospheric Electricity in

India .......................................... 15 0 0

15 0

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Chemistry. * Allen, Mr.—Estimation of Potash and Phosphoric Acid ....

Wallace, Dr. W.-Light from Coal Gas .................. *Clowes, Dr. F.-Action of Ethyl Bromo-butyrate on Ethyl

Sodaceto-acetate (renewed) ....... * Armstrong, Dr.-Isomeric Cresols and the Law of Substitution

in the Phenol Series (renewed) ...................... Hartley, Mr. W. N.-Double Compounds of Cobalt and Nickel Brown, Prof. Crum.-Quantitative Estimation of Atmospheric

Ozone ..........
Hartley, W. N.-Liquid Carbonic Acid in Minerals ........

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Geology. *Evans, Mr. J.-Kent's Cavern Exploration .............. 100 0 * Lubbock, Sir J., Bart.—Exploration of Victoria Cave, Settle.. 100 0 *Evans, Mr. J.-Record of the Progress of Geology .......... 100 0 *Hull, Professor.—Underground Waters in the New Red Sand

stone............................................ 10 0 * Herschel, Professor.—Thermal Conductivities of Rocks...... 10 0 *Bryce, Dr.—Earthquakes in Scotland ..

10 0 Topley, Mr.-Sub-Wealden Epxloration ................ 100 0 Carried forward..

.........£1100 0 * Reappointed.

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Brought forward ......

........£1100 0 0 Gamgee, Prof.-Physiological Action of Ortho-, Pyro-, and Meta-phosphoric Acids .......

.......... 15 0 0 Hooker, Dr.- Report on the Family of the Dipterocarpeæ .. 2000 *Stainton, Mr.-Record of Zoological Literature............ 100 0 0 *Huxley, Professor.—Table at the Zoological Station at Naples 75 0 0 *Fox, Col. Lane.--Exploration of Ancient Earthworks (renewed) 25 0 0 * Fox, Col. Lane.--Instructions for the use of Travellers...... 25 0 0

Statistics and Economic Science. *Farr, Dr.-Anthropometric Committee (partly renewed) .... *Hubbard, Right Hon. J. G.-Common Measure of Value in Direct Taxation .........................


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Mechanics. * Froude, Mr. W.—Instruments for Measuring the Speed of Ships (partly renewed) ...............

.: 50 00 Thomson, Sir William.-Secular Experiments on the Elasticity of Wires ......

...... 100 0 0 Total. ...£1620 0 0

* Reappointed,

The Annual Meeting in 1877. The Meeting at Plymouth will commence on Wednesday, August 15, 1877.

Place of Meeting in 1878. The Annual Meeting of the Association in 1878 will be held at Dublin.

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