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syllabus drawn up by the Association tension, improvement, and harmonic for the improvement of geometrical analysis of, 275. teaching, 8.

Tiddeman (R. H.) on the exploration of Steering of vessels, report on the effect the Settle Caves, 115. of propellers on the, 66.

Tomlinson (C.) on the rainfall of the qualities of ships, Prof. O. Rey British Isles for the years 1875–76, nolds on the investigation of the, 70. 172. Stewart (Prof. Balfour) on the mecha- Townsend (Rev. Prof.) on instruction nical equivalent of heat, 275.

in elementary geometry, and on the Sun-spot periodicity, C. Meldrum on syllabus drawn up by the Association

cyclone and rainfall periodicities in for the improvement of geometrical connexion with the, 267.

teaching, 8. Sylvester (Prof.) on instruction in ele Treatment and utilization of sewage,

mentary geometry, and on the sylla- | eighth report on the, 225. bus drawn up by the Association for Tristram (Rev. Canon) on the possibility the improvement of geometrical of establishing a « close time" for teaching, 8.

the protection of indigenous animals, Symons (G. J.) on the rainfall of the 63,

British Isles for the years 1875–76, 172; on underground temperature, Underground temperature, ninth report 204.

on the rate of increase of, downwards

in various localities of dry land and Tait (Prof.) on the mechanical equi under water, 204. valent of heat, 275.

- waters in the New Red Sandstone Taxation, direct, local and imperial, re and Permian formations of England,

port on the practicability of adopting the circulation of the, and the quanà common measure of value in the tity and character of the water supassessment of, 27.

plied to various towns and districts Temperature, underground, ninth report from these formations, second report

on the rate of increase of, downwards on, 95. in various localities of dry land and Utilization of sewage, eighth report on under water, 204.

the treatment and, 225. Thermal conductivities of certain rocks,

third report on experiments to deter Vivian (E.) on the exploration of Kent's mine the, showing especially the geo Cavern, 1. logical aspects of the investigation, 19.

Whitaker (W.) on the circulation of Thomson (Prof. J.) improved investiga | underground waters, 95. tions on the flow of water through | Williamson (Prof. A. W.) on the treatorifices, with objections to the modes ment and utilization of sewage, 225. of treatment commonly adopted, 243. | Wilson (J. M.) on instruction in ele

(Prof. Sir W.) on the effect of mentary geometry, and on the syllapropellers on the steering of vessels, bus drawn up by the Association for 66; on earthquakes in Scotland, 74; the improvement of geometrical on underground temperature, 204 ; on, teaching, 8. the mechanical equivalent of heat, Woodward (C. J.) on the erratic blocks 275 ; on tidal observations, 275.

of England and Wales, 110. Tidal observations, report of the com Wynne (A. B.) on underground tem

mittee appointed to promote the ex- ! perature, 204.





[An asterisk (*) signifies that no abstract of the communication is given.]

* Abies, the structure of the leaf in ! *Alkali waste, W. Weldon on the means

different species of, Prof. M'Nab on, of suppressing, 70. 144.

Alkaloids of the aconites, Dr. C. R. A. •Abney (Capt.), photometric measure- ! Wright on the, 71.

ments of the ningneto-electric light, | Allan (F. H. T.) on a safe and rapid 36.

evaporating-pan, 61. Accident insurance by sea and land, P. * Alum process in sugar-refining, J. A.

M. Tait on the theory and practice of, R, Newlands on the, 66. 208.

*Ammonic seleniocyanide, Dr. Cameron Aconites, the alkaloids of the, Dr. C. R. on, 63. A. Wright on, 71.

Anatomy and Physiology, Dr. J. G. *Acoustic analogues to motions in the ! M:Kendrick's Address to the Departmolecules of gases, G. J. Stoney on, ment of, 126. 31.

* Andaman Islands, two skulls from the, Adams (Prof. A. Leith) on gigantic Dr. Allen Thomson on, 169.

land-tortoises and a freshwater species | *Aniline, the transformation of chinoline · from the Maltese caverns, with obser into, Prof. Dewar on, 63.

vations on their fossil fauna, 145. *Animals, J. Shaw on the mental proAfrica, Equatorial, Commander Cameron gress of, during the human period, on his journey through, 181.

169. * _-, South-Eastern, Mr. Stephenson * Antedon rosaceus (Comatula rosacea, on the civilization of, 208.

Lamk.), the nervous system of, Dr. Age of the Earth, J. Croll on the tidal W. B. Carpenter on, 146. retardation argument for the, 88.

- - Dr. W. B. Carpenter on the Agricultural statistics, W. Botly on, 194. morphology and histology of, 148. Agriculture, primitive, A. W. Buckland Anthracene compounds, some new, W. on, 164.

H. Perkin on, 67. *Akem, and its people, West Africa, testing, J. T. Brown on, 62. Capt. J. S. Hay on, 183.

* Arenaceous Foraminifera collected in *Akkem, West Africa, Capt. J. S. Hay the “Valorous' expedition, Dr. W. B.

and Commander Cameron on horned Carpenter on the, 146. men of, 165.

Argyll (the Duke of) on the physical Alcohol, the action of, on the brain, C. structure of the Highlands in connexion Kingzett on, 154.

with their geological history, 81. * Alexander (General Sir J.) on the Arithmetic, W. H. Walenn on divisionoldest woman in Scotland, 164.

remainders in, 30.

Arrow-heads, W. J. Knowles on the Valorous' to Davis Strait in 1875, classification of, 166.

J. Gwyn Jeffreys on the, 147. *Arthurian apple and the serpent of the Biological Section, A. R. Wallace's Ad

ancients, J. S. Phené on the, 109. dress to the, 100. * Articulate speech, a hypothesis of the Bismuth, certain compounds of, M. M.

perception of, Dr. Cassells on, 148. P. Muir on, 66. Astronomical clock, a new form of, with Boarding-out of pauper children in Eng

free pendulum and independently land, W. Tullack on the, 209. governed uniform motion for escape Boiler incrustation and corrosion, F. J.

ment-wheel, Sir W. Thomson on, 49. Rowan on, 229. Atlantic Ocean, the temperature obtained *Borrowdaile series of the Coniston flags in the, during the cruise of H.M.S. of the north of England, Profs. Hark

Challenger,' Staff-Commander Ti ness and H. A. Nicholson on the zard on, 185.

strata and fossils between the, 90. *Atmosphere, an apparatus for the Bosanquet (R. H. M.) on the conditions

analysis of impurities in the, E. M. of the transformation of pendulumDixon on, 63.

vibrations, with an experimental illus*Atomic weights of the elements, J.A.R. tration, 45.

Newlands on relations among the, 66. | *Bosjes skulls, Dr. Knox on, 166. *Ayrton (Prof.) and Prof. Perry on the Botany and Zoology, Prof. A. Newton's contact theory of voltaic action, 42. Address to the Department of, 119.

Botly (W.) on agricultural statistics, *Bagshot peat-beds, W. S. Mitchell on | 194. the, 94.

"Bottomley (J. T.), determination of Baird (Capt. A. W.) on tidal operations the conductivity of heat by water, 36.

in the Gulf of Cutch by the Great Boulger (G. S.) on the evolution of sex

Trigonometrical Survey of India, 52. in the vegetable kingdom, 142. Balfour (F. M.) on the development of the *Bowden (A.) on a new route to the

proto-vertebræ in Elasmobranchs, 147. source of the Niger, 181. - (J. B.) on the Pandaneæ of the Brake-problem, J. Steel on the, 233.

Mascarene and Seychelles Islands, 142. | *British Guiana, W. Harper on the *Banks (J.) on sewage purification and natives of, 165. utilization, 62.

Brooke (H. G.) and E. (). Hopwood on *Barrett (Prof.) on a form of gashol the changes of the circulation which

der giving a uniform flow of gas, 48; are induced when the blood is ex*diagrams and description of the new pelled from the limbs by Esmarch's lecture-table for physical demonstra- || method, 147. tion in the Royal College of Science * Brown (A. B.) on a flanging-iron and for Ireland, 48; *two new forms of steel plates for boiler purposes, 219; apparatus for the experimental illus on an engine for starting and revertration of the expansion of solids by sing large marine engines, 219. heat, 48; *on some phenomena asso - (Colin), true intonation, illusciated with abnormal conditions of trated by the voice-harmonium with mind, 164.

natural finger-board, 46. *Basic salts, G. J. Stoney on the consti | *— (Prof. Crum) on the action of tution of, 69,

pentachloride of phosphorus on tur*Bathometer, description of the, by Dr. / pentine, 62. C. W. Siemens, 31.

- (J. T.) on anthracene-testing, 62. *Beaumont (Major)on the Sub-Wealden Bryce (Dr. J.) on the granite of Strath

exploration, 87; *on the removal of Errick, Lough Ness, 87. subaqueous rocks by the diamond *Buchanan (J. Y.) on some instruments rock-borer, 219.

used in the Challenger,' 63 ; *on the "Bergeron (M.) on the removal of sand specific gravity of the surface-water bars from harbour mouths, 219.

of the ocean as observed duriug the "Beynon (J. B.) on a hand-machine for cruise of H.M.S. "Challenger,' 181;

shaping and finishing metal surfaces, *on a new deep-sea thermometer, 181. 219.

Buckland (A. W.) on primitive agricul*Biggs (II. W.) on a new voltaic battery, 62.

Burt (Rev. J. S.) on the economy of Biological results of a cruise in H.M.S.

logical results of a cruise in II,M.S. | penalties, 195.

ture, 164.


Busacott (Rev. A.) on the present ex- | Cerruti (G. E.) on his recent explora

tent of slavery and the slave trade, tions in N.W. New Guinea, 182. with a reference to the progress of - (V.) sur les mouvements a périoabolition since the American war, diques des systèmes de points matériels, 196.


Cetacea, Dr. D. J. Cunningham on the Caird (A. M‘N.) on some special evils spinal nervous system of the, 149. of the Scottish poor-law, 197.

*Ceylon, B. F. Hartshorne on the Cameron (Commander V. L.) on his Rodiyas of, 165.

journey through equatorial Africa, | *Challenger,' some instruments used in 181; "and Capt J. S. Ilay on horned the, J. Y. Buchanan on, 63. men of Akkem, in Africa, 165.

Changes affecting the southern exten– (Dr.) on ammonic seleniocyanide, sion of the lowest Carboniferous rocks,

G. A. Lebour on the, 93. _ (Rev. Mr.) on relation of Gaelic Chemical Section, W. H. Perkin's Adand English, 164.

dress to the, 55. Canidæ, the brain of the, R. Garner on, *Cheques, &c., F. Ward on the preven152.

tion of fraudulent alterations in, 70. Capital, Hyde Clarke on the part in the "Chinoline, the transformation of, into

operation of, due to fixed or limited aniline, Prof. Dewar on, 63.

amounts invested in trade, 198. *Chippendall (Lieut. W. H.), observa*Carbonic acid, liquid, in minerals, W. tions on the White Nile between

N. Hartley on the critical point of, Gondokoro and Appuddo, 182. 64.

* Choreocholax polysiphonie, Reinsch, Carboniferous system of the British Prof. MNab on, 144.

Isles. Prof. É. Hull on the upper Chromium, J. Priestley on the physiolimit of the essentially marine beds of logical action of, 156. the, and the necessity of the establish | Circulation, H. G. Brooke and E. 0. ment of a middle Carboniferous group, Hopwood on the changes in the, which 90.

are induced when the blood is expelled *Carmichael (Dr. N.) on spontaneous from the limbs by Esmarch's method,

evolution and the germ theory, 146. *Carpenter (P. H.), remarks on the Clarke (Hyde) on the prehistoric names anatomy of the arms of the Crinoids, for man, monkey, lizard, &c., 165; on 146.

Hittite, Khita, Hamath, Canaanite, Ly- (Dr. W. B.) on the Arenaceous dian, Etruscan, Peruvian, Mexican, &c., Foraminifera collected in the Valor 165; on the part in the operation of ous' expedition, 146; "further re capital due to fixed or limited amounts searches on the nervous system of invested in trade, 198. Antedon rosaceus (Comatula rosacea, Cleland (Prof.) on the morphological Lamk.), 146; *on the morphology relations of the lower end of the huand histology of the nervous system merus, 148; *on a hydrocephalic of Antedon rosaceus (Comatula rosa skull, and on the duplicity of the cea, Lamk.), 148.

temporal ridge, 149; *on a Sooloo Carron valley, county of Linlithgow, skull, 165.

D. Milne-Holme on high-level terraces Closed curves, general theorems relating in, 94.

to, by Prof. P. G. Tait, 29. *Cassells (Dr.) on a hypothesis of the *Clyde, Col. Hope on the purification of

perception of articulate speech, 148. the, 64. Cast iron, W. J. Millar on the strength Coal, Prof. E. Hull on a deep boring for, and fracture of, 227.

at Scarle, near Lincoln, 9). *Cement, G. F. Deacon on the form of *--, Prof. J. Thomson on ridgy strucblocks for testing, 220.

ture in, with suggestions for accountCentral nucleus of a plane section, Prof. ing for its origin, 96.

G. Jung on a new construction for — gas, the proximate analysis of, the, 25.

W. Dittmar on, 63. *Centroids and their application to - measures, recent researches into

some mechanical problems, Prof. A. the organization of some of the plants B. W. Kennedy on, 26.

of the, by Prof. W. C. Williamson, 98.


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*Cohn (Prof.), experiments on the for- | Day (St. J. V.) on recent attempts at

mation and growth of artificial silica patent legislation, 198. cells, 146.

*Deacon (G. F.) on the form of blocks Coleman (J. J.) on a gas-condensing for testing cement, 220; "on the

machine for the liquefaction of gases strength of cement as affected by deby combined cold and pressure, re lay between mixing and placing in cently employed in the manufacture situ, 220. of volatile liquid hydrocarbons, 63; Deas (J.), description of Stobcross Docks, *experimental researches on the che- | 220. mical treatment of town excretion, 63; *Deep-sea soundings, navigational, in a on a machine for the liquefaction of ship moving at high speed, Sir W. gases by combined cold and pressure, Thomson on, 54. 220.

* Delphinus albirostris, Dr. D. J. Cun*Communications between passengers ningham on, 146.

and guards in railway trains, 233. De Rance (C. E.) on the variation in Compass, an unmistakable true north, G. thickness of the middle coal-measures J. Symons on, 49.

of the Wigan coal-field, 89. - correction in iron ships, Sir W. | Determinants, J. W. L. Glaisher on Thomson on, 45.

certain, 13. *Concrete, G. F. Deacon on the strength *Determination of the conductivity of

of, as affected by delay between heat by water, by J. T. Bottomley, mixing and placing in situ, 220.

36. *Conductivity of heat, determination of *Dewar (Prof. J.) on a new form of

the, by water, by J.T. Bottomley, 36. electrometer, 42; *on the transforma*Contact electricity, Sir W. Thomson tion of chinoline into aniline, 63; on, 45.

#recent additional observations on the Convergents, T. Muir on, 27.

physiological action of sight, 151. Copper extraction by the wet way, the Dickson (Prof. A.) on two monstrosities

history of, by W. Ilenderson, 64. of Matricaria inodora, 143; on latici*- -zinc couple, Prof. Gladstone on ferous canals in fruit of Limnocharis

the influence of the condition and 1 Plumieri, 144. quantity of the negative element on * Diet, the racial, in India, Surgeonthe action of the, 64.

Major Johnston on the dynamics of, Coral Sea, explorations in the islands of 154. the, by K. Nichols, 167, 183.

* Diffusion of liquids, secular illustration Cotarnine derivatives, new, Dr. C. R. A. | of the laws of the, 35. Wright on, 70.

* Dionea muscipula (fly-trap), new reCremona (Prof. L.) sur les systèmes de searches on the electrical phenomena

sphères et les systèmes de droites, consequent on irritation of the leaves 12.

of the, by Prof. Burdon Sanderson, "Crinoids, remarks on the anatomy of 163.

the arms of, by P. H. Carpenter, 146. *Dittmar (W.) on the proximate ana*Croll (J.) on the transformation of lysis of coal-gas: remarks on Re

gravity, 30; on the tidal-retardation boul's paper on pyro-tartaric acid, 63.

argument for the age of the earth, 88. | Division-remainders in arithmetic, by Crookes (W.) on the influence of the W. II. Walenn on, 30.

residual gas on the movement of the *Dixon (E. M.) on an apparatus for the radiometer, 30.

analysis of impurities in the atmoCrum-Ewing (A.) on drainage outlets sphere, 63. through slob lands, 220.

Dobson (T.) on improved safety-appa*Cunningham (Dr. D. J.) on Delphinus ratus for mine-hoists and warehouse

albirostris, 146; on the spinal nervous lifts, 222. system of the Cetacea, 149.

Dock- and quay-walls, foundations, &c.,

T. S. Hunter on, 225. *D'Almeida (W. B.) on Perak and Sa Drainage outlets through slob lands, A. langore, 182.

Crum-Ewing on, 220. Darwin (G. H.) on graphical interpola- Drifts and boulders of the upper part of tion and integration, 13.

the valley of the Wharfe, Rey. E. *Darwinism, Rev. F. O. Morris on a Sewell on the, 95. double dilemma in, 147.

| *Dunnachie (J.) on fire-brick, 63.

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