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Objectives, large, H. Grubb on the test- | Phené (J. S.) on relics of Totemism in ings of, 36.

Scotland in historic times, 169; *on Oceanic deposits, J. Murray on the geo- the Arthurian apple and the serpent logical distribution of, 183.

of the ancients, 169. -- and their origin, notes on, *Phoenicians, C.'0. Groom Napier on based on observations made on board the, 165.

II.M.S. Challenger,' by J. Murray, 147. "Phosphorite deposits of the south of Old Red Sandstone, E. A. Wünsch on the France, J. E. Taylor on the age,

junction of granite and, at Corrie and fauna, and mode of occurrence of the, Glen Sannox, Arran, 98.

96. Optical glass, the defects in, arising from Phosphorus, the difference in the

a want of homogeneity, H. Grubb on poisonous activity of, in ortho-, meta-, a method of photographing, 37.

and pyro-phosphoric acids, Prof. Gam*Original research, Dr. M'Cann on the gee, * John Priestley, and Leopold organization of, 207.

Larmuth on, 151. *Overcrowding in Liverpool, R. W. *Photography, solar, with reference to Pitcher on, 208.

the history of the solar surface, Dr. Oxidation of terpenes, the limited, C. J. Janssen on, 40. T. Kingzett on, 64.

*Photometric measurements of the mag*Oxygen, G. J. Stoney on the atomicity neto-electric light, by Capt. Abney, of, 69.


Physemarien (Haliphysema und GastroPandaneæ of the Mascarene and Sey physema), E. Haeckel über die, 153.

chelles Islands, I. B. Balfour on the, Physical structure of the Ilighlands, 142.

the Duke of Argyll on the, in conParallel motion, W. Hayden on, 16. nexion with their geological history,81. * Parallel roads of Glen Roy, J. Macfad- | *Physiological action of pyro-, meta-, zean on the, 93.

and ortho-phosphoric acids, Prof. Gam---, D. Milne-HIome on the, 93. gee on the, 64. * Passage of fluids through capillary and * -- of sight, recent additional

other tubes, Prof. F. Guthrie and Dr. observations on the, by Prof. Dewar, F. Guthrie on the, 31.

151. Patent legislation, St. J. V. Day on Physiology, Dr. J. G. M'Kendrick's recent attempts at, 198.

Address to the Department of Ana*Paterson (Rev. J.) on a journey across tomy and, 126.

Finland, from Ellenborg to Arch- Picoline and its derivatives, Dr. W. angel Kemi, 183.

Ramsay on, 67. *Paton (Dr.) on the action and sounds *Pitcher (R. W.) on overcrowding in of the heart, 155.

Liverpool, 208. *Patterson (T. L.) on sugar, 67.

* Placenta, Prof. W. Turner on the Peach (C. W.) on circinnate vernation structure of the, in relation to the

of Sphenopteris affinis from the earliest theory of Evolution, 163. stage to completion, and on the dis- | Plane cubics of the third class with a covery of Staphylopteris, a genus new double and a single focus, H. M. Jefto British rocks, 94, 144.

fery on, 17. Pendulum-vibrations, the conditions of Plants of the Coal-measures, Prof. W.

the transformation of, R. II. M. Bo C. Williamson on some of the physisanquet on, 45.

ological and morphological features Pengelly (W.) on an urn from Chud seen in the, 145. leigh, Devon, 169.

Playfair (Col. R. L.) on travels in * Pentachloride of phosphorus, the action Tunis in the footsteps of Bruce, 183.

of, on turpentine, Prof. Crum Brown | *Pneumatic tramway-car, W. D. Scotton, 62.

Moncreiff on a, 233. *Perak and Salangore, W. D'Almeida Polarization, rotation of the plane of, on, 182.

by reflection from a magnetic pole, Perkin (W. H.), Address by, to the ' Dr. J. Kerr on, 40.

Chemical Section, 55; on some new | *Pollution of rivers, Rev. R. Thomson anthracene compounds, 67.

on the prevention of, 70. *Perry (Prof.) and Prof. Ayrton on the Poor law, the Scottish, A. MʻN. Caird

contact theory of voltaic action, 42. I on some special evils of, 197.

Porter (Prof.) on some points of interest | *Reboul's paper on pyro-tartaric acid, W.

in the physical conformation and an Dittmar on, 63.

tiquities of the Jordan valley, 184. *Red soil of India, Dr. Gilchrist on the, Portstewart, additional remarks on the 90.

finding of prehistoric objects at, by Residual gas, the influence of the, on the W. J. Knowles, 166.

movement of the radiometer, W. Pre-carboniferous and metamorphosed Crookes on, 30.

trap-dykes, and the associated rocks *Reuleaux's treatment of mechanisms, of North Mayo, Ireland, W. Traill on Prof. A. B. W. Kennedy on, 226. certain, 97.

*Revolver photographique en astronomie Precessional motion of a liquid, Sir W. et en biologie, Dr. J. Janssen sur les Thomson on the, 33.

usages du, 40. Priestley (J.) on the physiological action *Reynolds (Dr. J. E.) on glucinum, its

of vanadium, 155; on the physiolo atomic weight and specific heat, 68. gical action of chromium, 158.

- (Prof. O.) on the resistance en- Prof. Gamgee, and L. Larmuth countered by vortex rings, and the on the difference in the poisonous ac relation between the vortex ring and tivity of phosphorus in ortho-, meta-, stream-lines of a disk, 31; on the inand pyrophosphoric acids, 151 ; on the vestigation of the steering qualities of action of pyrophosphoric acid on the ships, 229. circulation, 152. .

*Right-handedness, J. Shaw on, 169. Primitive agriculture, A. W. Buckland | *Rivers, Rev. R. Thomson on the preon, 164.

vention of the pollution of, 210. Pritchard (Dr. U.) on the termination Romanes (G. J.), physiology of the

of the nerves in the vestibule and nervous system of Medusæ, 158. semicircular canals of Mammals, 156 ; *Römer (Dr. F.) on the mountain lime*on a microscope adapted for showing stone of the west coast of Sumatra, the circulation in the human subject, 158.

Ross (Rev. W.) on the educational value *Purser (Prof. J.) on the modification of their native language to the Gaelic

of the motion of waves produced by speaking population of Scotland, 208. fluid friction, 31.

Rowan (F. J.) on boiler incrustation *Putumayo or Içá, the river, South and corrosion, 229. America, A. Simson on, 184.

Russell (F.) on Sheriff courts and relaPyrophosphoric acid, the action of, on tive judicial statistics, 208.

the circulation, Prof. Gamgee, J. - (R.) and J. V. Holmes on the

Priestley, and L. Larmuth on, 152 raised beach on the Cumberland coast, *Pyrotartaric acid, remarks, by W. between Whitehaven and Bowness,

Dittmar, on Reboul's paper on, 63. I



on, 223.

Radiometer, W. Crookes on the in- | *Sabine's, Mr., method of measuring

fluence of the residual gas on the small intervals of time, W. H. Walenn movement of the, 30.

on, 52. *Railway appliances, R. R. Harper on Safety-apparatus, improved, for mineimprovements in, 225.

hoists and warehouse-lifts, T. Dobson trains, W. Stroudley on com on, 222. munications between passengers and | *- lock for facing-points, M. Evans

guards in, 233. Railways on three-foot gauge in the - valve, a spherical pendulous, J.

United States, Capt. D. Galton on, Nasmyth on, 229. 224.

Sage, essential oil of, M. M. P. Muir on, Raised beach on the Cumberland coast,

between Whitehaven and Bowness, *Salangore, Perak and, W. B.D'Almeida R. Russell and J. V. Holmes on the, on, 182. 95.

Saline solutions, dilute, the action of, Ramsay (Dr. W.) on picoline and its upon lead, M. M. P. Muir on, 66. derivatives, 67.

*Samoan Archipelago, Dr. L. Forbes on *Rayleigh (Lord) on the forces ex- the, 183.

perienced by a lamina immersed ob- | * Sand-bars, M. Bergeron on the removal liquely in a fluid stream, 31.

1 of, from harbour-mouths, 219.


*Sanderson (Prof. Burdon), new re- | *Skull, Sooloo, Prof. Cleland on a, 165.

searches on the electrical phenomena *Skulls, Bosjes, Dr. Knox on, 166. consequent on irritation of the leaves * two, from the Andaman Islands, of the fly-trap (Dionæa muscipula), Dr. Allen Thomson on, 169. 163.

Slavery and the slave trade, Rev. A. Savings Banks as a State function deve Busacott on the present extent of,

loped by charity organization, Dr. W. 196. N. Hancock on, 199.

*Slimon (Dr. R.) on the upper Silurian * Scientific Museum, a permanent, J. rocks of Lesmahagow, 96.

Heywood on the memorial of eminent *Smith (A.) on sodium, 68.

scientific gentlemen in favour of, 199. *Soaring of birds, mechanical theory of *Scotland, Dr. J. Bryce on the earth- the, by W. Froude, 31. quake districts of, 88.

*Soda manufacture, Í. Mactear on, 65. Scottish poor law, A. M'N. Caird on *Sodium, A. Smith on, 68. some special evils of the, 197.

*Solid water, Prof. Guthrie on, 64. *Scott-Moncreiff (W. D.) on a pneu *Spanish mining, Don A. de Marcoartu matic tramway-car, 233.

on, 207. *Serpent of the ancients and the Arthu- | Sphenopteris affinis, C. W. Peach on cirrian apple, J. S. Phené on, 169.

cinnate vernation of, from the earliest *Sewage, W. C. Sillar on the utilization stage to completion, 94, 144. of, 68.

Spherical class-cubics with double foci * — purification and utilization, J. and double cyclic arcs, H. M. Jeffery Banks on, 62.

on, 19. Sewell (Rev. E.) on the drifts and *Spottiswoode's pocket polarizing appaboulders of the upper part of the ratus, a description of, by W. Ladd, 41.

valley of the Wharfe, Yorkshire, 95. *Sprengel pump, C. H. Gimingham on *Shaw (J.) on right-handedness, 169; a modification of the, 49.

on the mental progress of animals *Spring fenders, M. Evans on the appliduring the human period, 169.

cation of, to pier-heads, 223. Sheriff courts and relative judicial sta- *Standards of measure and weight, new, tistics, F. Russell on, 208.

Prof. Hennessy on, 49. *Siemens (Dr. C. W.), description of Stanford (E. C. Č.) on the manufacture the bathometer, 31.

of iodine, 68. *Silica cells, artificial, experiments on | Staphylopteris, a genus new to British

the formation and growth of, by Prof. rocks, C. W. Peach on the discovery Cohn, 146.

of, 94, 144. Siliceous sponges from the Carboniferous | Steam ferry, an elevating, W. Simons

limestone near Glasgow, J. Young on, on, 233. 99.

*- ship resistance, J. E. Williams *Sillar (W. C.) on the utilization of I on, 233. sewage, 68.

- vessels, R. Mansel on the direct *Silva (R. D.) on the action of hydriodic motion of, 227.

acid on mixed ethers of the general *Steel (J.) on the brake problem, 233. formula C,H,nt, +0.CH,, 68.

*Steel plates for boiler purposes, A. B. Silver, the inconvenience of a rapid de Brown on a flanging-iron and, 219.

preciation of, in India, Dr. W. N. Steering qualities of ships, Prof. O. Hancock on the importance of extend Reynolds on the investigation of the, ing the British gold standard to India, 229. as a remedy for, 198.

*Stephenson (Mr.) on the civilization of -, the depreciation of, and a gold | South-eastern Africa, 208. standard for India, S. Mason on, 207. *Stirling (Dr. N.) on the nervous ap- dilemma, J. Matheson, jun., on paratus of the lungs, 163. the, 207.

Stobcross Docks, description of, by J. Simons (W.) on an elevating steam ferry, Deas, 220. 233.

*Stoddart (J. E.) on lead desilverizing *Simson (A.) notes on the River Putu- ! by the zinc process, 69.

mayo or Içá, South America, 184. | Stokes (Prof. G. G.) on a phenomenon * Skuil, a hydrocephalic, Prof. Cleland of metallic reflection, 41.

on, and on the duplicity of the tem- Stone (Octavius) on his recent journeys poral ridge, 149.

in New Guinea, 184,



*Stoney (G. J.) on the amplitude of British Islands, Prof. Hennessy on,

waves of light and heat, 31; *on acoustic analogues to motions in the Terpenes, C. T. Kingzett on the limited molecules of gases, 31; "on the 1 oxidation of, 64. atomicity of oxygen and on the con- | * , Dr. W. A. Tilden on the nitroso stitution of basic salts, 69.

derivatives of the, 70. Strath-Errick, Lough Ness, Dr. J. Bryce | *Tertiary basalt-rock dykes in Scotland, on the granite of, 87.

R. L. Jack on, 92. *Stroudley (W.) on communications Testings of large objectives, H. Grubb,

between passengers and guards in on the, 36. railway trains, 233.

Theory of functions, elementary demon*Struthers (Prof.), an account of finger stration of a fundamental principle of muscles found in the Greenland right the, by Prof. P. Mansion, 26. whale, 163; *an account of dissec Thermoelectric phenomena, 0. J. Lodge tions of the supposed rudimentary on a mechanical illustration of, 43. hind limb of the Greenland right *Thermometer, a new deep-sea, J. Y. whale, 163.

Buchanan on, 81. *Subaqueous rocks, Major Beaumont --- for observing earth temperature,

on the reinoval of, by the diamond a new form of, G. J. Symons on, rock-borer, 219.

49. *Sub-Wealden exploration, Major Beau- | Theta function as a definite integral, J. mont on the, 87.

W. L. Glaisher on a series summa--- , H. Willett on the, 97.

tion leading to an expression for the, *Sugar, T.'L. Patterson on, 07. * l'efining, J. A. R. Newlands on . Thomson (Dr. Allen) on two skulls the alum process in, 66.

from the Andaman Islands, 169. *Sun, the eclipse of the, observed at -- (Prof. J.) on a theorem in the

Siam in April 1875, Dr. J. Janssen mensuration of certain solids, 30; exon, 40.

perimental illustration of the origin of * Surface-water of the ocean, on the windings of rivers in alluvial plains,

specific gravity of the, as observed 31 ; on metric units of force, energy, during the cruise of H.M.S. Challen and power, larger than those on the ger,' by J. Y. Buchanan, 181.

centimetre-gram-second system, 32; Surnames, the Anglicizing and Gaelici *on ridgy structure in coal, with sugzing of, H. MacLean on, 167.

gestions for accounting for its origin, *Swan (D).) on zinc, 69.

96; *further illustrations of the jointed *Symons (G. J.) on a new form of prismatic structure in basalts and other

thermometer for observing earth tem igneous rocks, 96. perature, 49; on an unmistakable *---- (Rev. R.) on the prevention of true north compass, 49.

the pollution of rivers, 70, 210. Systèmes de points matériels, V. Cerruti - (Prof. Sir W.), Address by, to the

sur les mouvements apériodiques des, Mathematical and Physical Section, 1; 12.

on the precessional motion of a liquid, - de sphères et les systèmes de 33; *secular illustration of the laws droites, Prof. L. Cremona sur les, 12. of the diffusion of liquids, 35; *on a

new case of instability of steady Tait (Prof. P. G.), general theorems motion, 35; *on the nutation of a relating to closed curves, 29.

solid shell containing liquid, 35; *on (P. M.) on the theory and practice compass correction in iron ships, 45; of accident insurance by sea and land, *effects of stress on the magnetization 208.

of iron, 45 ; *on contact electricity, * Taylor (J. E.) on the age, fauna, and 45; *on a practical method of tuning

mode of occurrence of the phosphorite a major third, 48; on a new form of

deposits of the South of France, 96. astronomical clock with free pendulum Telescopes, equatorial, II. Grubb on and independently governed uniform recent improvements in, 37.

motion for escapement-wheel, 49; Temperature, the decrease of, with *physical explanation of the mackerel

height on the earth's surface, Prof. sky, 54; *on navigational deep-sea Hennessy on, 39.

soundings in a ship moving at high --, the distribution of, over the speed, 54; *on naval signalling, 233.


Thomson (W.) on the growth of mildew ** Valorous' expedition, the arenaceous in grey cloth, 70.

Foraminifera collected in the, Dr. Tidal operations in the Gulf of Cutch, W. B. Carpenter on, 146. Capt. A. W. Baird on, 52.

Valuation of property in Ireland, H. - retardation argument for the age Jephson on the, 206.

of the earth, J. Croll on the, 88. i Vanadium, J. Priestley on the physio*Tilden (Dr. W. A.) on the nitroso logical action of, 155.

derivatives of the terpenes, 70; *pre --, L. Larmuth on the poisonous liminary note on a new iso-purpurine, activity of, in ortho-, meta-, and pyro

vanadic acids, 155. *Time, S. Fleming on the conventional Variation in thickness of the middle

division of, now in use, and on the Coal-measures of the Wigan coal-field, desirability of adopting common time C. E. De Rance on the, 89. over the globe for railways and steam- i *Vénus, photographies du passage de, ships, 182.

à Kobé, by Dr. J. Janssen, 40. Tizard (Staff Commander) on the tem *Voltaic action, Profs. Ayrton and Perry

perature obtained in the Atlantic on the contact theory of, 42. Ocean during the cruise of H.M.S. *- battery, a new, H. W. Biggs on, • Challenger, 185.

62. Tortoises, gigantic land, and a freshwater *Vortex rings, the resistance encoun

species from the Maltese caverns, tered by, and the relation between with observations on their fossil fauna, the vortex ring and stream-lines of a by Prof. A. Leith Adams, 145.

disk, Prof. O. Reynolds on, 31. *Totemism in Scotland in historic times, relics of, J. S. Phené on, 169.

Walenn (W.H.) on division-remainders Traill (W. A.) on certain pre-carboni in arithmetic, 30; *on Mr. Sabine's

ferous and metamorphosed trap-dykes, method of measuring small intervals and the associated rocks of North of time, 52. Mayo, Ireland, 97.

Wallace (A. R.), Address by, to the * Tramway car, a pneumatic, W. D. Biological Section, 100. Scott-Moncreiff on, 233.

*Wanklyn (J. A.) on the effects of the *Transformation of gravity, J. Croll on mineral substances in drinking-water · the, 30.

on the health of the community, 163. --- of pendulum-vibrations, R. H. M. *Ward (F.) on the prevention of frau

Bosanquet on the conditions of the, dulent alterations in cheques, &c., 70. 45.

* Water, drinking-, Prof. Wanklyn on the True intonation, illustrated by the voice effects of mineral substances in, on harmonium with natural finger-board,

the health of the community, 163. 46.

*Waves, the modification of the motion Tullack (W.) on the boarding-out of of, produced by fluid friction, Prof. J. pauper children in England, 209.

Purser on, 31. Tunis, travels in, in the footsteps of — of light and heat, G. J. Stoney

Bruce, Colonel R. L. Playfair on, on the amplitude of, 31. 183.

*Weldon (W.) on the means of supTurner (Rev. F. S.) on the statistics of pressing alkali waste, 70. the Indian opium revenue, 210.

*Whale, the Greenland right, an account - (Prof. W.) on the structure of of dissections of the supposed rudithe placenta in relation to the theory I mentary hind limb of, by Prof. Struof evolution, 163.

thers, 163. *Turpentine, the action of pentachloride | --, --, an account of finger

of phosphorus on, Prof. Orum Brown muscles found in, by Prof. Struthers, on, 62.


Wharfe, the valley of the, Yorkshire, *Upper Silurian rocks of Lesmahagow, ! Rev. E. Sewell on the drifts and Dr. R. Slimon on the, 96.

boulders of the upper part of the, 95. Urn from Chudleigh, Devon, W. Pen- ! *White-lead, J. Fergusson on, 63. gelly on an, 169.

*White Nile between Gondokoro and

Appuddo, observations on the, by * Vacuum-tap, C. II. Gimingham on a. Lieut. W. H. Chippendall, 182. new form of, 49.

Wigan coal-field, C. E. De Rance on 1876.


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