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12. Philosophical Transactions (on Magnetism). Lieut.-

Colonel Sabine. 1843-47.

13. Directions for Use of Apparatus to determine Changing

Point of Deviation. Lieut.-Colonel Sabine, R.A.


14. A Short Treatise on the Deviations of the Compass.

Captain Sir J. Ross, R.N. 1849.

15. Instructions for Computation of Table of Deviations.

Archibald Smith. 1850.

16. Practical Illustrations on Deviations of Compass.

Captain E. J. Johnson, R.A., F.R.S. 1852.

17. Magnetical Investigations. Rev. W. Scoresby.


18. The Magnetism of Ships. William Walker, Com-

mander R.N. 1853.

19. The Compass in Iron Ships. Rev. W. Scoresby. 1854.

20. Discussion of Deviation in Wood-built and Iron-

built Ships. G. B. Airy. Phil. Trans. 1855.

21. Practical Rules for ascertaining the Deviation of the

Compass. 1841-55.

22. Illustrations of the Magnetism of Iron Ships. Rev.

W. Scoresby, D.D. 1855.

23. Voyage of the ‘Royal Charter.' Archibald Smith.

24. Instructions for Correcting Deviations of Compass.

Published by Board of Trade. Archibald Smith. 1857.

25. Notes on the Magnetism of Iron Ships. United

Service Institution Journal. F.J. Evans, R.N. 1858.

26. Swinging Ships for Deviation. Board of Trade.

Admiral Fitzroy. 1859.

27. Variation and Deviation of Compass Rectified.

P. Cameron, 1859.

28. On the Connection between Building of Iron Ships

and the Correction of their Compasses. G. B. Airy.

Trans. of Inst. of Naval Architects. 1860.

29. Reduction of Deviations of Iron Ships of H.M. Navy

and of S.S. Great Eastern. F. J. Evans, R.N. Phil.

Trans. 1860.

30. Reports of Liverpool Compass Committee. 1857-61.

31. On the Effect produced on Deviations by the Length

and Arrangement of Compass-Needles, &c. Archi-

bald Smith and F. J. Evans. Phil. Trans. 1861.

32. Rapport relatif à la Régulation des Compas.

Barondeau. Paris, 1861.

33. Papers on the Deviation of the Compass. F. J. Evans,

R.N., and Archibald Smith. Trans. of Inst. of Naval

Architects. 1861 and 1862,

31. Practical Information on Deviatii n of Compass. By

J. F. Towson. Board of Trade. 1863.



35. Abridgments of Specifications. Printed by Order of

Commissioners of Patents.

36. Syllabus of Lectures on Magnetical Errors, Compensa-

tions, and Corrections, with Special Reference to

Iron Ships and their Compasses. G. B. Airy. 1864.

37. On the Magnetic Character of the Armour-plated

Ships of the Royal Navy, &c. Phil. Trans. F. J.

Evans and Archibald Smith.

38. Communication from the President and Council of

the Royal Society to the Board of Trade, on the

subject of the Magnetism of Ships. Proc. Royal

Society. 1865


III.-1. Calendario Generale del Regno d'Italia. Torino,


2. Movimento Commerciale del Regno d'Italia. Torino,


3. Reale Comitato dell' Esposisione Internazionale del

1862. Torino, 1865.

4. Brigand Life in Italy. By Count Maffei. London,


5. Report of the Italian Irrigation Canal Company

(Canal Cavour). London, 1865.

6. İtalian Irrigation. A Report, &c. By R. Baird

Smith, F.G.S., Captain Bengal Engineers. London,


7. The Marshes of South Italy. By J. Bailey Denton,

C.E. 1865.

8. Italy under Victor Emmanuel. By Count Charles

Arrivabene. London, 1864.

9. The Finances of Italy. By Count Charles Arrivabene.

London, 1865.

10. Murray's Handbooks for Italy.

11. Reports by Her Majesty's Secretaries of Embassy

and Legation on Manufactures, Commerce, &c. 1864 371

IV.-1. The Poems of Winthrop Mackworth Praed: with a

Memoir. By the Rev. Derwent Coleridge. Second

edition. London, 1864.

2. Selections from the Poetical Works of Richard

Monckton Milnes, Lord Houghton. London, 1863 - 403

V.-1. The Twenty-Second Annual Report of the Pennsyl-

vania Institution for the Blind. Philadelphia, 1855.

2. Wilson's Biography of the Blind. 1838. Fourth


3. An Essay on the Instruction, &c., of the Blind. By

Dr. Guillié, &c., &c. London, 1819.

4. The Thirty-Second Annual Report of the Penn-

sylvanian Schools. Philadelphia, 1865.



5. The Sense Denied and Lost. By Thomas Bull, M.D.

London, 1859.

6. Essays and Historical Sketches. By Viscount Cran-

borne. London, 1862.

7. Report of the Bath Blind School. 1865.

8. Diderot's Letter on Blindness. London, 1780.

9. Huber on Ants and Bees. London, 1820.

10. The Report of the School for the Indigent Blind,

St. George's Fields. London, 1864.

11. The Census of England and Wales. 1861

- 430

VI.-1. Xenophontis Opuscula Equestria et Venatica cum

Arriani Libello de Venatione, &c. Vol. VI. J. G.

Schneider. Lipsiæ, 1815.

2. Pindari Epinicia. Lipsiæ, 1815.

3. Pausaniæ Græciæ Descriptio. Lib. V. et VI. in

Vol. II. Lipsiæ, 1829.

4. Ovidii Halieuticon Fragmentum.

5. Gratii Falisci et Olympii Nemesiani Carmina Vena-

tica, &c. Edidit Reinhard Stern. 1832.

6. Oppiani Poetæ Cilicis de Venatione, Libri IV., &c.,

curavit J. G. Schneider. Argent, 1776.

7. Arrian on Coursing; the Cynegeticus of the Younger

Xenophon. Translated from the Greek, &c. By a

Graduate of Medicine. London, 1831.

8. Prose Halieutics, or Ancient and Modern Fish Tattle.

By the Rev. C. D. Badham, M.D. London, 1854.

9. An Encyclopædia of Rural Sports. By D. P. Blaine,

Esq. London, 1858

- 468

VII.-1. Le Maudit. Par L'Abbé Cinquième Edition.

Paris, 1864.

2. La Réligeuse. Par L'Abbé *** Dixième Edition.

Paris, 1864.

3. Le Jésuite. Par L'Abbé *** Paris, 1865 - 498

VIII.--1. A Narrative of the Russian Military Expedition to

Khiva under General Perofski in 1839. Translated

from the Russian by J. Michell. 1865.

2. The Russians in Central Asia. Translated from the

Russian by John and Robert Michell. London, 1865.

3. Invalide Russe, 1865

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1.-1. Natural History and Sport in Moray. Edinburgh,


2. Forest Sketches. Edinburgh, 1865.

3. Encyclopædia of Rural Sports. By Delabere P. Blaine,

Esq. London, 1858.

4. Manual of British Rural Sports. Stonehenge. London,


5. The Shooter's Handbook. Edinburgh, 1842.

6. The Moor and the Loch. By John Colquhoun, Esq.

Edinburgh, 1851.

7. Wild Sports and Natural History of the Highlands.

London, 1846


II.-1. Via Appia dalla Porta Capena a Boville. Descritta

dal Commendatore L. Canina. 2 vols. Roma. 1853.


2. La Roma Sotteranea Christiana. Descritta ed illus-

trata dal. Cav. G. B. de' Rossi, Roma. 1864.

3. Imagine Scelte della B. Vergine Maria, tratte Dalle

Catacombe Romane. Roma. 1863


III.-1. Dramatis Personæ. London, 1864.

2. Robert Browning's Poems. 3 Vols. London, 1863 77

IV.-1. Exodus of the Western Nations. By Lord Bury.

London, 1865.

2. Colonel Fletcher's History of the American War.

London, 1865.

3. Campaigns in Virginia, Maryland, &c. &c. Ву

Captain C. C. Chesney, R.E., &c. Vol. II. London,



V.-1. On the Exploration of the North Polar Region. By

Captain Sherard Osborn, R.N., C.B. January 23rd,


2. On the Origin and Migrations of the Greenland

Esquimaux. By Clements R. Markham, Secretary


3. On the Proposed Expedition to the North Pole : a

Letter addressed to Sir Roderick Murchison, K.C.B.

By Dr. Augustus Petermann.

4. Second Letter to Sir Roderick Murchison. By Dr. A.


5. On the best Route for North Polar Exploration. By

Clements R. Markham, Secretary, R.G.S. April 10th,

1865.. -

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